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She who is a glimpse of eternalalised image
She who gardens new faces from realised damage

She who is saviour and love and harbinger:

She diademmed my head with cool palm She rose the dead child and fortified man
She is a son of God
And spreads life with thys touch

'Worship me but hate me like a sister all the same,
Take blame
and look skyward praising as we fall
calling out in his name:

we who bleed blood we are unworthy of bleeding
we heretics lost and dumbfounded ever-needing
our bodies of glass stained rubicund thru your shining."

She who watches over me as I am sickened and healed
She who reads Geneva scribe and
patches scabs peeled
She She She
Is sinner enlightened
She She She
Is darkness made brightened.

Lord I reach out for you with my tiny hands knowing I can never reach,
Lord I hear your whispers and wear your teachings although I cannot teach,

Lamb wash me in your blood
Strip me rain from your flood
So that I may learn to drink over drowning
And bless me with your eternal mercy crownless
And dusted like an exiled shadow
Vanquish the dead of yesterday
Reep love eternal from the sorrow
That follows them and let only love stay.

I am yours alone and myselfs to save
I'll sing your name from now to the grave.


In the vast expanse of existence, we humbly stand before you, Almighty Gad. Your divine presence echoes through the cosmos, shaping the universe with your boundless wisdom. As the sun rises and sets, so does our gratitude for the gift of life bestowed upon us.

In the tapestry of time, your love weaves through the threads of our journey, a constant source of solace and inspiration. Through trials and triumphs, we find refuge in your eternal embrace, knowing that your grace is an unwavering beacon guiding us through the storm.

Majestic Gad, the orchestrator of galaxies and the whisperer in the wind, we sing praises to your name. Your mercy rains down like gentle dew, refreshing the soil of our souls. In moments of darkness, your light illuminates our path, dispelling shadows and instilling hope.

In the symphony of creation, every note resonates with your divine melody. The mountains declare your grandeur, and the rivers sing of your endless flow of compassion. The intricacies of nature reflect the artistry of your hands, a masterpiece that testifies to your infinite majesty.

Oh Gad, our Rock and Redeemer, we offer our gratitude for the gift of salvation. As we navigate the complexities of life, may your word be a lamp unto our feet, guiding us towards righteousness and love. Let the echoes of our praises rise like incense, reaching the heavens in a harmonious symphony of devotion.

In unity, we gather to honor you, Almighty Gad, recognizing the sacred bond that unites us as your children. With hearts overflowing with
reverence, we surrender to your divine will, knowing that in your presence, we find everlasting peace.

In the stillness of our souls, we seek you, Almighty Gad, as a sanctuary in the midst of life's tumultuous seas. Your presence, like a gentle breeze, calms the storms within, and your love, an anchor, steadies our fragile vessels.

Through the vast expanse of time, your eternal wisdom unfolds like the pages of a sacred manuscript, revealing the intricate tapestry of our existence. In the chapters of joy and sorrow, we find solace in the narrative of your unending grace, a narrative that transcends the limits of mortal understanding.

Oh, Divine Gardener, tend to the gardens of our hearts. Cultivate the seeds of compassion and kindness, that they may bloom into flowers of love that fragrance the world around us. Water our spirits with the dew of understanding, that empathy may grow as a mighty oak, sheltering those in need.

As dawn paints the canvas of the sky, we acknowledge the beauty of creation, a masterpiece woven by your hands. The sun, a radiant symbol of your enduring light, dispels the shadows of doubt, and the moon, a gentle reminder of your constant presence, guides us through the night.

In the symphony of life, we are instruments of your divine harmony. May our actions resonate with the melody of justice, kindness, and humility. Let our words be notes of encouragement, lifting the spirits of those who traverse the winding paths of existence.

Almighty Gad, in times of adversity, be our fortress; in times of joy, be our celebration. Bind us together as a community of souls, interconnected by the threads of faith, love, and shared humanity. We stand before you, our hearts open, seeking the whispers of your guidance in the gentle breeze of existence. Amen!!!🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏

Kindly share to as many page & group, help people learn of their Creator. Create HIS awareness. & comment
grow the kingdom of the ALMIGHTY.

May the echoes of our shared prayers resonate in the sacred spaces of your heart.
Amen! 🙏
When I stood awe, looking the world and the wonders surrounding it.
Oh Almighty
Gad mercifully
strengthen me
to do Valliantly,
before my enemies.
Put to shame
those who
contend with me.
Many are those
who rise up
against me.
They hate me
without cause,
because I depend
on thee, for thy
glory oh Lord,  
let them be cloth
with adversities,
and dishonor
and let their own
evil devices come
to their *****.
Set thy servant's
feet on high and
uphold me for
Thee art the
rock of my
salvation. My
Gad in whom I
put my trust.
And I will sing
praises to Thee
through the whole
world, Gad my
father, and Lord.
Millions of people
shall praise Thee
on my cause, Thy
Holy Name be
glorified, people
shall praise Thee
oh Lord. Lest the
wicked rejoice and say
YE Lord is no
more. But because
existence, oh Lord YE
shall subdue below  
me my  adversities.
And all my enemies
shall be confounded
and condemned.
In the Mighty
name of Jesus!
AMEN, Selah!

This was inspired through revelations.
Oh Lord never
forsake thy
servant, never
leave those who
cast their trust on
you in distress.
Take hold and
shield and buckler,
be their defence
and cast their
enemies off before
them, make their
enemies a footstool
for Thee are Gad
who keeps your
people under the
wings of thee shadow.
Let those who
wait on Thee
receive according
as their hopes in
Thee. Amen!
The Psalm was ignited by my emotions, through pain and agony. Life so hard, felt lonely.
Zywa Jan 2023
Quiet as a child

in his mother's arms, quite so --

even is my soul.
Psalm 131:2

Collection "The sweet curve"

#C9fm ~~
1 Make holy his glorious name and adore His powerful word.

2 Sing praises unto thee. And let every breathing creatures tremble at His footstool.

3 The Earth and everythang found therein. Lift on high His glorification and sing adoration unto the supreme Spirit of thy Lord.

4 Hallelujah! Thy Lord reingth  till eternal.

5 From all entities through entities.

6 For He has magnified Himself and manifested Himself through every wondrous works of His hands.

7 Ruler of the universe, His glorious crafts exists even beyond the miltiverse.

8 Underneath Earth and above the skies may thy Almighty God be adored.

∆¶∆9 His right hand through seas His breathe roared the waters.

10 His voice quake the Earth and the foundation of the universe wary.

He looked and lightening from His eyes revealed the secret place of the wicked.

12 Let thy Lord be praised. He has smitten the jaws of His enemies.

13 Even Lucifer and his angels.

14 Thy Lord  reignth till eternal.

15 Blessed be thy Lord our Gad; with psalms and doxologies thy Lord be worshipped. Selah!
When I think of all His awesome doings all  around, my heart does praise . And may it be count worthy before the Almighty
Out of the depths I cry
To You, Father of Lights!
My God, who reigns on high,
Out of the highest heights,
Please, God, look down on me
And turn to me an ear,
That You a son may see,
His supplications hear.

Were You each sin to count,
To weigh, and make us bear,
Lord, who could stand th'amount
To shoulder where'er they err?
No one.  But God forgives.
Fearsome, the Lord God reigns.
With sovereign pow'r He lives,
The pow'r to whiten stains.

I wait for You, O Lord:
O Lord, my soul will wait.
My hope is in the Word,
And so my hope is great.
And more, O more than they
Who watch and wait for morn,
My soul awaits, I say,
Awaits You, unforlorn.  

Israel, trust in Him:
Redemption plenteous
For guilty sinners grim
He offers in overplus.
Israel, hope in God,
For God is merciful:
He will not spare the rod,
But covers it with wool.
Odd Odyssey Poet Nov 2021
May you echo
smiles of love,
to brighten days
of others.

Love all,
be kind
let go,
move forward.

Let your dreams
be like the
mountain tops.

As we don't
hide behind clouds
we show ourselves
for them to know,
                  who we are.
Ivan Brooks Sr Jan 2021
In times like these,
When troubles surround us.
and death hangs in the breeze,
ready to plunge with sudden chaos....
In lull, I say this psalm of trouble.
"Oh Jah, to you alone I look,
Help me to swim this sea of struggle,
Save me from this tidal hook".

Troubles may come on the double,
and pop me like a bubble.
They may Knock Me down,
Push me out of town,
Nudge me to the brim,
or prompt my glow to go dim...
still in Yahweh, I believe,
like a fig tree, I will survive.

In troubled times
My faith in Jah will double.
Though I lack dimes
and my limbs begin to wobble,
to Jah, I look and trust,
In him lies my power.
This, from dawn to dusk I'll boast,
Every day, every minute and hour.

In times like these, this Psalm I scribble for thee.
Filomena Jan 2021
(1) Nun Izraelo diru tiun ĉi:
Se l'Eternulo kun ni ne estus
(2) Se l'Eternulo fore nin lasus
Kiam leviĝis homoj kontraŭ ni
Nian animon provantaj ĉasi

(3) Tiam vorintus certe ili nin,
Kaj tuj glutintus laŭ timo nia;
Tiel estis kolero ilia -
(4) Ĉion dronanta, kiel inundo;
ili nin trenus suben al morto.

(5) Akvo fiera, kun ondoj tiaj -
Tute la teron superfluantaj
Animojn niajn detrukovrantaj.
(6) Benu la Eternulon nun ĉiuj;
Li nin ne donis al iliaj dentoj.

(7) Kiel ĉasbirdo el la kaptilo;
La retoj estas nun disŝiritaj,
Kaj nune estas ni liberitaj.
(8) Helpas nin nur la Nom' de l'Eternul',
Kreinto de la tero kaj ĉiel'.
Esperante kaj Verse
Laŭ la melodio de '124 Antikva'
(Psalmo 124a de la Psalmaro de Ĝeneva)
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