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Bruce Demos Apr 8
No wrongs to right, no lost love to mourn,
I must concoct an awful lot of falsified accounts.
But why should I neglect my life,
For self-burnt homes and hidden doubts?
a dust of the moon wipes my face and my crystal edges,
hiding from the evil eye of the world,
it was a spell without a clue,
with the shadow in the thought the death angels called,
a twilight under the eyes of the holy ghost,
the death of the long-time world,
under my eyes of cold shadows,
red arrows and dry shadows.
I cry the moon and night for you,
with all my heart I crave for you,
and roses cry along the freezing bed,
it’s nothing left and you seem dead.
Zara Turner Mar 13
There's magic in her eyes,
you're just blind to it.
Her magic unravels your lies,
you better get used to it.
Just a poem that I wrote about how I wish that I could be
Lieke Jan 28
You can't back down now
Now is happening
Gather all your fear
Sprinkle it all over you
Take a shower in the darkness
Dive in the sorrow
Because drowning
will teach you how to swim.
August 2017
Lost Soul Dec 2018
you say your hands are cold,that you forgot your gloves
i look down at my hands
i take my only pair off and give them to you
i feel the cold air on my bare hands
i tell myself its not too bad and you'll give them back if i need them
hours go by
you still have my gloves
the muscles in my fingers become ridged from the cold
but i love to see you warm so i don't ask for them back
another hour goes by
you still have my gloves
i cant feel or move my fingers now
the tips are starting to burn...
i know this is the start of frost bite
but i don't want to take the warmth from you so i wait a little longer to ask you for them back

i finally gather the courage to approach you ...
under my breath, i ask if i can borrow them for a bit?
just to get the blood back in my veins?
you stare at me for what seems like forever...then you start to laugh
you say: i'm fine
you say: i don't really need them
you say: i'm dramatic
i say, i feel numb
i say: i just need them for a little bit
you say: i'm selfish
you say: i don't love you....that i want you to be cold like i am
you say: i'm a coward and say that instead of asking you
i should just learn to deal with it

i stood there not knowing what to say ... maybe you right?
so i decide to bare it , i bare it while my hands start to sting
i watch you with our friends as i sit on the side-lines
the love i have for you is the only warmth left in my body
i look down and my hands are turning blue now
i cant let me do this to myself
i realize i need to find help ...but that means i have to leave you
i never want to leave you
but you refuse to go with

after much consideration, i do what is best for no one else but me
i leave..
i leave while you still hold a bit of me
leaving was the one of the hardest decisions i have ever made
This is my 2018. Interpret this however you want. To me this is a metaphor for my year. I gave alot of myself to people,to the point were my mental and physical health got really bad. Unfortunately the people I thought would be there, left me.
Six months ago I started a journey
One to win you over
Twice you called me by my size
Left me crying, made me feel worthless

Six months ago I started a journey
One to help you fall in love with me
My body has evaporated to half it’s size
Do you see me now, I done this for you

Six months ago I started a journey
One to capture your heart
I’m still traveling to reach my goal
Your eyes glinting, you’re falling for me now

Six months ago I started a journey
One for there to be an us
Don’t wait for me at the finish line
You didn’t see me as a person then
I’m too good for you now
Laura Nov 2018
And there will be times
when the façade starts to crumble,
when your hands start to shake
and your voice starts to tremble,
when it feels like
all the memories are coming back,
burying you alive.
Right in this moment, do me a favour.
Pick yourself up and carry yourself.
Don’t find comfort in grief.
Take care of your body and mind
and allow it to heal.
Give space to all those negative thoughts
but know that it’s not
supposed to be this way.
That there should be
laughter instead of tears and
lightweight thoughts instead of heavy sorrows.
It’s okay to crumble,
but never forget to build
yourself back up again.
Bear that in mind.
Klara Aug 2018
And in the early mornings
that I kept all for myself,
jealously holding them hidden
in the back of my mind,
I found myself,
the woman in me.
The serenity of the village
that's just started to wake up,
still sleepy.
And nobody saw me
dancing ***** and barefoot
without any music,
nobody saw me smiling
or writing a new poem,
it was all my little secret,
the little life i lived
when I needed to find my strength again.
Nobody saw the moments
I felt the most alive,
nobody saw my soul rising above
the whole world,
singing to itself,
being free.
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