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Zack Ripley Nov 2023
My clothes
My body
My identity
These are not reflections of me
They're extensions of me
evolove Nov 2021
The simplicity of this  will blow your mind.

Nothing leaves this plane/t.
When you die your body decomposes and becomes soil. The gasses and liquids in your body evaporate and become air wich goes back up into the clouds.
From conception every drop of water your mother drank and every fruit or vegetable she ate, came from the clouds and soil that nourished her.
From birth you are made up of these cells from those cycles that will forever recycle until the end of time. You drink the same water that fell on this earth at the beginning of its life.

I do believe in a soul and spirit.
But you can now see.
Poetry truth knowledge empowering
Tuffy Mutombo Apr 2021
Early morning birds chirping
Singing melody’s of peace
Looking out into the forest
I see beauty in your face
Africa has a smell that no one can erase
A smell that echos love into your soul  
Life so simple, life so inspiring and incredible
Don’t believe what the discovery channel told you about a land that existed before any other
Africa the mother of the earth
Birthing billions of souls
who left it but still live in it
It’s blood runs deep in our souls
Skin shades might change
but our roots are deep Within
When Africa cries we feel it’s pain  
When Africa smiles we rejoice with pure joy
Colonizers tried to change it but it changed them
They stole its music, passion, material good, it’s minerals, traditions, and norms
Taking even its greatest queens and kings
Tribal men and women
They tried to **** its joy but it still smiled through the pain
Enslaving it’s people still couldn’t **** it existence
Birthed in resistance and molded by resilience, inspired by diligence, fueled by consistence
We are strong, powerful, and courageous  
Africa the birthplace of the human race
With our palms pressed let’s say Grace
As we pray for peace
Talia Jan 2021
Empress won’t impress
just to please

With a vendetta against aggression
she brings violence to its knees

Tiger striped thighs tantalise
though single handedly she
plays tonight

on a mission, led by zebra striped eyes
she rides the northern lights

Peace and presence, her only weapon
an Empress needn’t corruption to threaten
A version of me reading this is on instagram @talneedsapenname if anybody is interested!
Ashley Goel Dec 2020
See I never understood
The kind of humor they posses,
They make jokes about hate crimes
And call a man gay for wearing a dress,
And I never would have thought
That these people could make such a mess
And then tell us
To clean it up
Like it wasn't them.

Always falling for the bad guy
Because he never got a chance,
And ignoring what's wrong with him
Until we’ve got blood on our hands,
And I never would have thought
That he could make such a mess
And then tell me
To clean it up
Like it wasn't him.

They always ask us to smile
But they never understood,
They tell us we belong in the kitchen
But if they were us they never could,
They say “go wash the dishes”
Just like a woman “should”.

See I just don't understand
The kind of humor they posses,
They make jokes about ****
And shame the sizes of our chests,
And yet we continue to praise the bad
Over and again,
These girls’ minds were stolen at the age of ten.

They’ve taught us to close our mouths
And they tell us to shut up,
We were raised by the same women
Who would never give up,
We painted signs,
We said our speeches,
But I guess it's just bad luck,
We can't change people who refuse
To grow up

And I never would have thought
That these people would make such a mess,
Just because she's drunk
It doesn't mean its a yes,
Why has it been so hard to get this through their heads,
“Your overreacting”
Let's all invalidate her feelings instead.
AuEcologica Aug 2020
Work the bread and the butter to the bone,
Let it penetrate your pores,
Become your very blood,
A part of your soul,
Emerge a hero of your own.

Because if you’re not then who?
Who, who will be your own?

A true part of your heart.

Work the bread and butter to the bone,
Be the magic you speak of so,
Have it become your flesh and core,
The vital part of your all,
Emerge victorious on your own.

Because if you’re not then who?
Who, who will be your own but you,
Who will be the fuel but you,
Who will have the power but you?

Don’t lie to the single being who is a must for you to have a life,
for you to have it all,
Emerge a…
Emerge vic..
Emerge a…
Emerge vic…

You know thyself too well to lie.
mothwasher Jul 2020
you are not an impostor

**** those bastardly sons of ******* you are not an impostor

i know that you curl your toes under your shoes

hold your breath before you speak

check your laces twice before you step

out on tightrope 8 miles above ground

when you swallow a sentence and chase it with whiskey

trying not to choke on the sharp edges of “not enough”

your stomach bile will vault through your esophagus

in perfect lingual trapeze

stick the landing with ease and say ta da

say everything except what you need

when you rise from your knees

those itchy words will drop

into the soul of your shoes

with which you curl your toes

hold your breath

and check your laces twice before you remember

that you are not an impostor

in front of you are jesters and clowns

and a circus of whistles, bells, and frozen sounds

your shoes will grow three ******* sizes

because a) the grinch ain’t got **** on you and

b) you can do the Charlie Brown to space funk and

see(c) that you have all the room in the world to move your feet

tumble from your tight rope

let the people around you string together bridges and safety nets

go out to the carnival and win some bottle caps

take the stuffed version of you from the prize rack

and sleep well with it at night
kaehaniya Jul 2020
you say you're broken
you say you’re a monster
you say you don’t deserve love
what you don’t see
is the beauty in you
you may be broken
it doesn’t make you any less of a person
it doesn’t make you any less beautiful
kaehaniya Jul 2020
i am me
and i
that's it
that's all i need
just me
and i.

i don't need love
i don't need anybody
just me
and i.
i've got me
for life,
just me
and i.
"it's just me, myself and i, solder right on till i die, cause i've got me for life."
- bebe rexha // me, myself and i
Luna Wrenn Jul 2020
the person that reflected back in the mirror
wasn’t the same person she used recognize
she turned into a stranger
when she spoke the voice that came out
was different
the clothes that she wore didn’t rest right on
her bones.
though she was unfamiliar with figure she saw
everyone around her could see the transformation she made.

questioning how she got this way.
but knowing that she could only grow from there.
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