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J Royal Aug 9
In time with the pulse
My heart responds
Enslaved to the occasion
Spectrum of pleasure
Clear against dim light
Electronic conductor
Orchestrating the mood
I'm drawn to the edge of focus
Where demons are tamed
And sedation resonates

Dead grey soil
Purple blossomed buds
Fire ignites a fragrance that sticks
And lifts me from stone dreams
Senses are alive again
Silent smoke
Keeps the slugs sleeping in steel chambers
And the daisies starved

Lost in waterfalls
Guided by the angel on my neck
Rhythmic enthusiasm
Sensual entrainment
Nightlight wishes
Are granted over black sheets
The universe is in my lap
The moon and earth
On my chest


Stephen Moore Jul 18
In your Dad’s Wolsley Saloon,
Leather blue seats warm in Summer Sun,
Sticking to our near naked skin,
Scorching our young bodies.

We gasp as the rays of a day bleach the body of his car,
In tin and leather,
We gasp as our young eyes awaken,
Our first Summer of love.

In just some flimsy Bikini,
You slither in the sand,
Legs like a Mermaids tail,
You writhe before my primitve eyes.

Sand plays across your browning skin,
As I inhale your unique smell,
Umber wood tinged with vanilla,
Your blond hair alight under sun.

You tease this shy boy till he runs away,
No courage to make any kind of pass,
You slip into the grass of a dune,
I stroll behind lost in want.
Sumairupoetry Jun 20
She guided my fingers and told me to paint on her canvas.

Her moans were pleasantly loud as were they vibrant.

Fiery reds, deep blues, blinding whites and never ending blacks were just the tip of her color palette that night.
I was lonely
and you were greedy.
But even if all you wanted
from me was my body,
It felt so good
to be wanted.
the senses.
Quiet silence of the mountains. Tells me more than laud scream.
In bird's whisper I'll see.
More emoutions and sensuality.
Than your arms can give me.
In cold morning dew.
I'll find more peace.
Than inside your heat and eyes.
I'll listen silence.
In that haos I'll find the true.
About which you don't know, at all.
I'll follow my spirit.
By heart calling me.
Stone road fork over for me.
Only there my heart will find the peace.
Only cold rocks will cover me fully.
And open the sun for my eyes.
Which was hidden before.
I wear dark veil,
dark is my soul with all my thoughts,
darken by mystery,
I am fragile and full of power,
I burst into sensuality with softly kisses red in fire,
but you won’t see my bleeding lips winding behind a dark veil,
silky and rain,
touch me if you can,
save my kiss, embrace the dark,
don’t be afraid to love me hard,
with your strength and courtesy,
a sunless storm, kiss under veil,
let’s rule the world, conquer the land.
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Luna Apr 8
I'm feeling pretty *****.
Or maybe I'm just desperate for an intimate relationship
And I fantasize about sensuality
because I crave the passionate love between two human beings
And I fantasize about skin rubbing skin
the sweat dripping between them
The mixing of two souls and the conjunction of two bodies
The beautiful slopes and curves of her figure
slowly caressing mine
The soft whispers of love that brush against my ear
And trail kisses down my neck
Her soft gasp as I trail my fingers up her thigh
my other hand grasping the back of her head, threading my fingers through her hair
Pulling her closer, ever closer
Her nails digging into my back
Leaving stinging red marks to remind me of her
when I leave for work in the morning
touching the scratches, I'll remember her
In the afterglow
Her arm around me, our legs tangled together
Her hair curled wild around her face
"I love you"
she whispers
Giving me a tender peck on the lips
Before blissfully surrendering to exhaustion
I watch her chest rise and fall
Her soft breathing lulls me to sleep
I'll smile when I think of her
Because I'll remember her words
"I love you"
They'll ring through my mind
"I love you"
Following me wherever I go
"I love you"
Lighting the candle in my heart
The flame growing brighter and brighter with each hushed word
"I love you"

or maybe I'm just *****.
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