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Lilith Oct 11
I have found God on my knees,
read scriptures along your lifelines.
I sang your praises into my hardwood floor,
memorizing every note as they fell from my lips.
Hold me close and make me believe in a deity I can only see by starlight.

Our bible is not written in ink.
It is a roadmap of purples and blues scattered along my collarbones,
parables of passion bruised into my hips.
I will give you this body
if you will show me divinity until the glints of morning touch this church of hollow promises and hot breath.

I will murmur my sins into your skin
until the morning makes us mortal again.
But for tonight
make me your disciple,
let me drink you in like sweet ambrosia
until I am sure that the stars spell your name.
For tonight,
make me absolute.
Take me
From behind
Into to my ***
As as I tease
My shelf
With the AK
Let me grind against your
As I play with
He gun
Just Grace Aug 18
take sips sip sips
tumble down the flowers
bundled in white towels at
my rose hips
from raised graves
velvet hearse
sandstone paves
push away stones along way

change patterns
break the consonance
act-like defiance
it's harder than we thought
get back to the tower
don't choke on the powder
before I get there

complex lush
doesn't need any soldiers
off horse, of course
only I reside in these gardens
part my own lawns to my great gates
a dosed beast waits
and I must return
I want to scale your every inch
From head to toe, mouth to chin
Your arms against my heart as they clinch
Sending shivers down under your skin

To grasp your neck & take you whole
Ravish your senses as you endlessly moan
As I explore your body & take my leisurely stroll
I take you down an alley alone

Raw passions threaten to explode
An insatiable feast
You scream out our safe code
Piercing warmth  
As our bodies sin
You finish, before I even begin.
Kitten Yvad Jul 27
i act like these words you hear
were actually words in my head
they were inarticulate untranslatable thoughts
and feelings, before all that i’ve said

and they weren’t words
and i couldn’t say them
and i talked slowly

and you listened slowly
though you know me
i am just me, I want it badly

take me ,
gently, but not
i want it badly
Jess Jul 19
I want to trace
 your edges
 feel your concaves
where skin hugs the 
 boarders of your physicality 
Collapsing into this warm embrace 
 I Am here, and nothing else matters 
This moment cannot be refabricated
So I cherish
 as this texture 
 engulfes my very being 
Sliding through me, 
 wave after wave 
 Soft tremors radiating my core
 quivering as my valleys
 press tightly against your crest
Penetrating deep beneath the surface 
 my sea has no bottom. 
Building creative tension 
 Gripping the remaining foundation 
 Ceaseless crescendo
All boundaries crumble;
  Where do you end, 
  Where do I begin?
Jul 19, 2020
Jess Jul 15
Cockroaches in corners
Concrete slabs
Clutching, cloaking, choking

Confined and
Constrained of a
Counterfeit life, I was the perfect
Charlatan of my encompassing separation.

Compelled into Self, oh yet
Cumbersome conditioning
Cultivating awareness within
Concentrated compression. I,

Capitulation. Cannot withstand these
Currents of clouded

Comfortable in this
Chaos, as I've finally
Concluded: It comprises all of me.
Completely void

Containing nothing,
Clear from attached perceptions
Captivating Silence.

Come through me
Crawl into my
Crash unto my shore

Caressing sensuality
Cascading        down, down, down
Composing my entirety.
Jul 11, 2020
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