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"I've come on a few years from my Hollywood Highs
The best of the last, the cleanest star they ever had
I'm stiff on my legend, the films that I made
Forget that I'm fifty 'cause you just got paid

Crack, baby, crack,

show me you're real..

Smack, baby, smack,

is that all that you feel..?

****, baby, ****,

give me your head..

Before you start professing
that you're knocking me dead

    (Oh, stay..
    Please stay..
    Please stay.)

You caught yourself a trick down on Sunset and Vine
But since he pinned you, baby, you're a porcupine
You sold me illusions for a sack full of checks
You've made a bad connection 'cause I just want your ***

Crack, baby, crack,
(show me you're real)
Smack, baby, smack,
(is that all that you feel?)
****, baby, ****,
Give me your head..
before you start professing
that you're knocking me dead

Oh yeah
Ooh, stay for a day
Ooh yeah
Don't you dare
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.."

~Davie B

th' **** over here
Anais Vionet Jul 2021
Fashion’s symbolic sensuality draws eyes, stir passions and maybe even resentments!  =]

Of course, maybe you’re above worldly conceits, above fashion. YOU, go through life as unaware as sinless Adam and you’re excessively handsome, or pretty, obviously.

But for the rest of us - fashion is the medium of our beauty and God created Paris for fashion.

We’re pretending we’ve come to Paris (our immediate, pandemic safety-pod-family) for a family reunion - but REALLY, we’re on safari - a freshmen, college-wear, “back to school,” ensemble hunt (for meeeeeeeeeeee!).

Step 1 (there’s only 1 step) - go to the Rue Saint-Honoré.

This year, I like-like Anna Molinari - most of the ready-to-wear daily-trash I snapped-up is hers - all hers. It didn’t start out that way - but she sould me on an uncharted course at first sight.

Other designers seem to be pushing old-lady-looking floral prints this season. Eeuw! Why?? DIAF.

My gran-mère (grandmother) told me - 6 days ago - as she attempted to tame my run-away hair: “You need to be unpredictable, petite beauté, not some comely young automaton. Then everyone will find you interesting and watch to see what you do next.”

Thank you, gran-mère - I’ll settle for looking interesting any time.
It was wonderful to be able to go and see beautiful things again.
Leone Lamp Apr 2021
Last night, I was exploring sensuality
******* an inkling at the basis of reality
Nibbling the earlobe of the next global catastrophe
Can you smell the Earth as she moans in total ecstasy?
The Universe reciprocates and ******* a galaxy
We're all in this together
And not inconsequentially
Today I learned that consensually is not a word, and I think I'm better off for it. The last line had been "And I hope it is consensual(ly). As my love just reminded me, none of us are here because we wanted to be. That was someone else's decision.
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Closer to one another, we take a stride,
our hearts & bodies about to collide.
Leaning in taking in each others scent,
delicately our lips meet, so present.

Heat builds between us, we’re on fire,
so much passion ignited, I feel your desire.
Licking your neck as you moan with pleasure,
now I know I want to taste your treasure

Together we undress, lay down, I am your Goddess,
My love for you translates to ecstasy, that I promise.
Tantalising & teasing you with my tongue
I move up & down your body, now my lips are clung.

I look up at you, my blue eyes meet yours,
all of you in my mouth tasting your divine flavour.
I feel you throbbing & hear the delight of your moans,
moving up & down, slowly, so deep, harder you grow.
Benita Dalby Feb 2021
Beautiful lover,
where are you?
I need
your sweet lips.

Beautiful lover,
please come to me,
suckle gently
on my soft ****.

Beautiful lover,
I crave you
inside of this.

Beautiful lover,
I know you’re there,
our souls connected
they transmit.

Beautiful lover,
one of my favourite
sounds is when you fill me
as together we finish.

Beautiful lover,
your beating heart
love inside for me
that doesn’t quit.

Beautiful lover,
when we share our love
it is
the ultimate bliss.
Just Grace Oct 2020
I’d like to think that your ways
are the air, the winds.
I am the water you can move, and carry mists of me with you,
though brief and fleeting
though you can’t see me there sometimes,
I am felt in you. I am breathed through you.
When you’re heavy with me, you are the fog.
When I’m heavy with you, I am the breaks of surf
smeared out on the sands.
we make a rip curl,
burrowing under me
by some unearthly gravitational force.
I swell and mix with you.
We fight for the top till
we must fall over the apex
and break over the earth,
crashing down
again and again.
Until there is no more moon
there is no separating us,
as much as they try.
The sea of our stories
will be played in by the ages
of Children and their children.
From our ritual they may find sanctuary
So long as our ritual exists
preston Nov 2020
Stephan W

The key turns,
and each tumbler falls into its
pre-honed slot

There is an infinite magic
in  her world of words--
her heart finds them
through special agreement,

as the door opens wide;  no
resistance at the hinge,
and it is at that very moment  that she
everything that she has.

Her relationship with eternity--  it
calls me to her.
I want to be near her--

    be her friend..

And with both hands,  brazenly
touch the hem of her garment--
slide  it  off  of  her;

      share..   in the eternal.

in her eternal
Manfred Kriger Nov 2020
I have some bomb *** nudes
that I didn't send to you

Its such a liberating feeling
knowing how much I wanted to
but I chose not too

Letting go has been an
extremely slow process and I
have been my own worst enemy by allowing you free access to come
back to me any time

But this time
I took some bomb *** nudes
and I seduced myself with them
Lilith Oct 2020
I have found God on my knees,
read scriptures along your lifelines.
I sang your praises into my hardwood floor,
memorizing every note as they fell from my lips.
Hold me close and make me believe in a deity I can only see by starlight.

Our bible is not written in ink.
It is a roadmap of purples and blues scattered along my collarbones,
parables of passion bruised into my hips.
I will give you this body
if you will show me divinity until the glints of morning touch this church of hollow promises and hot breath.

I will murmur my sins into your skin
until the morning makes us mortal again.
But for tonight
make me your disciple,
let me drink you in like sweet ambrosia
until I am sure that the stars spell your name.
For tonight,
make me absolute.
Marina Al Hassan Sep 2020
Take me
From behind
Into to my ***
As as I tease
My shelf
With the AK
Let me grind against your
As I play with
He gun
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