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Derrick Jones Nov 2020
Duality is not reality
Illusory fractality
All is one in actuality
Merely flow, factually

We spew distinctions and categories
Reinforced with teachings and allegories
Form begets function and hides the true junctions
Structures simplify our senses so we do not swiftly die

To live as one, connected to all
Is oddly not compatible with life
When peace is necessary for strife
The rise just a part of the fall
There’s no reason to avoid the knife

For survival we must throttle this expanse of information
Categorize and segment
Love, despise, and fragment
Place labels of good and bad
To navigate the moral landscape
To function as one in the part of the whole
But in doing so, we split our soul
These labels surely take their toll
They hide the unity of you and me
Strangle the beauty to simply be
They keep us from being free

There is no light without  dark
No flame without spark
There is no cold without heat
No slow without fleet
No better without worse
No life without the hearse

Death and life two sides of the same coin
You and I seem separate but are in fact joined
These invisible lines divide and try to hide
That we are all beautifully, inevitably, intertwined

To see past these illusions
We must accept flowing fusions
Every cause has an effect
We are spiraling specks
Coalescing and creating
Forming and making
Finally breaking
The cycle continues
Eternally, infernally
Or ceaselessly, peacefully
For me
This connection is a gift
A resurrection from the rift

The void is void when we don’t avoid it
If you are me and I am you
There is truly nothing left to do
I float and live and love and die
I find little interest in finding out why
Instead I just seek to live in truth

Realizing control takes a toll
Surrendering control is the goal
We are all just a part of the whole
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Martin Dove Mar 2020
I see myself through the eyes of a flying raven
walking down a labyrinth of nature's structures
taking a turn
then turning back to take the
only to take the "Right One" again a few moments later.
walking with my fellow prisoners
trapped in the same human race
how lost!
we only see our narrow view...

we advance through the streets
hoping to quench our hurting hope
can you see? we never will!
not forever
not even for long
the pleasant feeling will last for a bit :)
then, soon after, that moment will come
to change everything
so that everything new can become.

until the day there is no
until the day there is
no more
Will we ever get it Right?
my rose petal lips vanished in the sky,
hazel eyes to stare at moon until they die,
soft skin and a world of consciousness,
my soul keeps breathing,
a light of sunless whims and wishes,
melting disease of tears drowned in euphoria.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
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Cushier near
The pillion
In tatterdemalion
By the hitchhiking
Laying fire to
The streets of admirers
Carrying a man in need
Expecting to be in a radio station
Before next week
It's gonna make really weak contention
There must be people who remember World War 2 and Holocaust who can get us out of this rut"-Martin Scorcese
Katelyn Billat Feb 2018
My first kiss,
Was a rush of equanimity,
A realization,
It was not the thing
Of fairy tales
But the tranquility of the moment,
Had made it perfect.
I knew exactly what to do.
I was not dumb founded at all.
The way our lips locked
And locked again. . .
And again. . .
Was like the world had stopped
Nothing else mattered but you
And me
And you
And you.
leave    me    be

every guidance
a misguidance

growth is all I need

my inner law is strong enough
i won’t need any lawyers

no one to judge me but
two blue eyes in my mirror
ancient present from grandma

the first step - the highest -
was acceptance

what follows
should be equanimity
Ken Feb 2016
You are my coral sky
and all that lies beneath it
Roughness, softness,
pain and ease
I hear the bitter winds
and the birdsongs both
Rain on me
or bathe me in sun
You are my coral sky
bright or diffuse
you light me

I don't want
to rescue you
I just want to be
the cleft, the cut
in the rocky *****
ready for your hand
or a foothold
simply there
at the moment
when you need
to centre
You are my earth
how could I be less
Rest on me while
you catch your breath
when you look up
and out
to that coral sky
I just want to be
there with you
to share the view

copyright © 2016 Ken Rush

Chill electronics

Fervours me forth

From the frost mornings
Over crushed relations
Over the lost margins

Across the horisons
Ending heated desserts

Alienated from lonsome cries
We travel on the cloud called ninth

Of a everydays man turmoils
Turning into naught

Becoming a hoop
Around allured
Swell membrane

Top to bottom
Willing to


Works with

the lucrative


My elation
Our abdomination
Each pace on the drum

Is  a hollow awareness

Is  a primal bite

Into a predestined

Prerogative ~ the
Love's ethnicity

Till ambushed silk

Start to jingle

Floral essences



Dark curls

Azam Magnetic Magma

Charming one thousand
And one
Free from misery
Mystery Nights



Ambiental Ali

Opened space


Sounds Alluring Affirmity

The woman's
Darkling alto
Swims into me

Dear saphir's lean
Permeates into me

K Balachandran Jan 2016
I ventured deep in to the mysteries of mother forest alone,
when I was free from fears of every kind and sweet delusions,
ancient trees recognized me instantly, from some other life past,
and sung me songs when I sat exhausted,their fruits tasted sweet
made me realize how aftermath of every karma returns to one
at a time unexpected; fruits either sweet or bitter they bring.

Under the shades, of trees,hearing the  lullabies they sung
I slept forgetting the wars won or lost in the past, immaterial
all that now seemed
                                Those trees in their love reminded my mother.
I didn't care when I lost the path,in fact, is there a path in the forest?
All paths lead to one destination, there isn't any other,nothing to worry.

Forest with her thousand hands embraced me and said:
"Every king one day, has to take his heavy crown from his head
put down and walk this path wearing dress made of leaves"

There weren't any footsteps fallowing me here, I didn't expect any.
*Vanaprastha,(in Sanskrit) literally means retiring in to forest, the third of the four stages (Ashramas)of life envisioned in the Hindu tradition.
Begining  with "Brahmacharya"--(celebate student seeking the ultimate truth through knowledge)"Garhastya"--(married house holder carrying out family responsibilities)Vanaprastha(contemplative forest life) and" Sannyasa"(Renaunciation, ascetic life till the end)
Monika Dec 2015
Enslaved by the Mind
slaves of its cravings
Likes and Dislikes
chained with tangled strings
Enslaved to the world
Repeating circles endlessly
Networking and Socialising
What are we trying to sustain?
Enslaved to our misery
Nature's calling in evolution
Selection and Elimination
A thousand folders to maintain
Let's think about something else
Something made of love and light
Pause and Rethink
God's most precious gift is- free will
Let's embrace the random
A blessing in disguise
Willingly take a step towards freedom
Know what it's like being
A Free Being
Let's acquit ourselves of the guilt
Annihilation of all that carried since
that's not truly you
All it takes is a moment's will
A decision to break on through
Let's think about something else
something made of light and dark
know that dark too has its part
embrace them both alike
Let's familiarise with ourselves
in our aloneness
the Unclouded being
that's not static but shall forever flow
for if it wasn't for the Sun and Moon
we wouldn't know
Know what it is being
A Free-Being

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