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Eloisa Aug 27
You calmed my heart with your words that sound like angelic hymns
Your unconditional love took me out of my own labyrinth
Thank you for your miracle of love
You have healed my broken wings
Nathalie Jun 20
Hope is the spark
from which dreams
are lit and brought
to life from a heart
that comes alive

It is the shimmer
that brightens the
dark in someone
that feels lost
and whose path
is no longer clear

It is the breath
of warmth
that shoulders
the grieving soul
and bathes them
in the glow
of heavens hymns

the sprouting wedding oceans burns,
trembling hymns of ****** appeal,
plumes to spread like butterflies eaten in flames,
prayer churches spawn the light,
web of magical design,
hive sheltered in the sublime Universe.
Poem from my upcoming book.
Buy my first book 'The Allure Of Time' on amazon.
Arianna Oct 2018
Scarlet Maiden, the roses smold'ring
To ashes in your wake
As you draw phoenix-like nearer the altar!

Let fall thy shroud before the mourners, fair Lover,
As the flick'ring lamps unveil the shadows,
And with them: the face of thy Beloved.
"Prayers and Musings in the Temple of Fire, No. IV"
Arianna Oct 2018
O Muse!
Celestial spectre from heaven descend
With star-lit lantern and guiding eyes
Of night to pierce
The insatiable Abyss
Where sleepless eyes lose all sight,
Where the soul knows not whether it passes the hours
Or whether 'tis the hours plodding stonily by.
"Prayers and Musings in the Temple of Fire, No. III"
Arianna Oct 2018
O Muse!
Torch-bearing phantom from heaven descend,
And taking the lyre,
Tell us of this wond'rous labyrinth
And the wand'rers therein.
"Prayers and Musings in the Temple of Fire, No. I"
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
Let hymns of thanksgiving and cries of sorrow
have mercy on me.
Make perfect imperfect.

Joy in my heart
is doomed to die
in your kingdom.

You have chosen
your protection of
your wings
to shelter weakness
for there is no good.

Let my words be understood
as they are meant.
Ordeezy Apr 2018
Beneath the tattered roof with rays of disquietude peeping is where you will find me
My feet swollen because I have no sandals
My clothes are torn and you can see my flesh
Tightly attached to my bones like leggings.

I am a cave man. I search only for food and a place to sleep
At night the cold cuddles and I can barely sleep
The mosquitoes sing restless hymns in my ears and my blood is the price for their service.
I go from street to street with an unwashed body
Begging, then stealing becomes the only option.

I come from a world where pain and suffering is no visitor
A world where hymns of death are sung daily
Begging to leave this world, hoping to find joy at the other side.
What if we continue this
journey at the other side?
Singing hymns of agony for eternity
emme m Apr 2017
church sunday morning
i met a guy like him
i said that he was beautiful
he told me to go to hell

and i sat down on my seat
a hundred hymns in my hand
oh i thought he was a god
but he was dying like a man

and the priest blessed us all
but i don’t need to be blessed
if only he was there
i wouldn’t be so obsessed

and we sung for the lord
our words turned into gold
religion is a masterpiece
it saves our souls

and when the ritual was done
i quitely went home
to talk about faith and belief
to him i worship the most

and on the way home to him
i couldn’t wait to arrive
and i prayed to god for him to still
be alive

but when i saw him laying there
bleeding on the floor
i just knew that god was dead
it didn’t matter anymore
it's a song, that's why it dosen't rime that perfect. hope you'll find the deeper meaning.
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