Funny how after all these years
I can still smell you on my sleeves
The scent lingers
It's like you never left.
I know you're long gone, but i still got the same old jumper on, the one i wore all those nights you held me close.

p.s. today would've been our 1 year anniversary if we were still together.
I can wash off
the dirt stuck on me
on the way home.
I can wash off
the sweat
caused by the fear
and I can make
all the memories

But fingerprints can't
be washed away.
And your scent
I'm sure it could leave
but I've been making
it stay.
Blaire Jun 10
the scent of your aftershave
mingled with
cologne and coffee,
your radiant laughter
was a new spring flower
blossoming out of the barren winter
Stain the skin with lips!
From the base of the neck,
May lie the scent of sweet cherry sweat,
Come a little closer,
Tenderly kiss, nibble, slow motion upward,
Reach waiting lips,
Patiently awaiting tender kisses.
a friendship is like
taking a bath

I don't want to get in
but there are bubbles
gently touching my
skin, scent of flowers
and peach

then the water slowly
gets cold, bubbles start
popping, pinching my
skin with every tiny

I'm not strong enough
to get out and I am
not even sure I want to
the scent of the one
we fall for

in reality

is simply
and shampoo
Lyrics sink into my memory
Beat, into my heart,
Music, into my soul.
They stay with me uninvited
They mock me when I’m scared,
And torture me when I’m confused
Blocking out my worries
No matter how important they seems
They scream at the top of their voice
Without missing any dime of the track

Lyrics lures my mind into a lazy reputation
Sinking me deep, deep down into its ocean of scented water
Beats compels me to listen to the rhythmical sound behind the beat
Transporting me far beyond what I behold
Music dazzles the image in my mind causing them to multiply in tons
Thereby overcrowding my brain with maze of mystical ideas
Making it hard to marge up the mystical master piece.

Lyric steals my breath away
Music makes me lose my sanity
lyrics, Beats and Music makes me stop in my track,
And listen over and over again!...
Ah!... how I wish Al-Fruqon  will have the same wonderful eff
to the wonderful effect music gives me...
Thomas EG May 29
I've got your scent stuck in my head
And my lips crave yours
White chocolate burns, but you,
You melt me
Red, yellow, red, yellow
Sticky scent arouses my head
Through my spine and down my neck
In my chest is where it goes next
This stickiness is now everywhere

A poem based on my horrific incident as a young child with a jar of honey.
Jo Barber May 23
Lacy blue bra
strewn across the floor
of an empty apartment.
All is still -
only dust particles
float through the air,
undisturbed by human troubles.

Shades hang open,
streams of sunlight filter in.
The rainy dew
of yesterday's downfall
lingers still.

The scent of waffles
wafts up the stairs.
Visions of
blueberries and strawberries and whipped cream
fill the eyes, nose, and mouth -
salivating for more.

Eyes snap open.
A day begins once more.
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