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Ayeshah Oct 8
I smell him in my hair ;  
his scent
lingers on my skin ;  
on my sheets too.

The thought of us ;
our bodies

merged into one.

leaves a
within me;
causing my body to crave
him all over again.

His scent

is everywhere in this room.

images of our
love play.

My soul
needs him

Even if it's

I want to
need to
have more than just


© 2015-2077 by Ayeshah K.C.L.N.
All rights reserved.®
No part of this may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means,without prior written permission of Ayeshah K.C.L.N
B D Caissie Sep 27
Phlox in a field leave a lovely smell in the air. Yet, the fragrance of them cannot compare to the scent on my pillow when last you were there...

the scent of incense
hangs heavy in the air
the constant murmer of voices
comes crashing like waves
but your eyes meet mine
and the faces disappear
the voices die,
all that remains
is an unspoken invitation
from my lips
willing yours to kiss them
and yours happily
meet their request
leaving our love tasting
like oranges
tenderly plucked
from moonlight lips.
Trout Sep 2
Mushrooms fill her eyelids
Covered with the scent of broomsticks, bruises, glue sticks.
I feel it moving, with one inside
Talk to Japan
One’s still inside
One’s still inside
The feeling sticks
In me of me
Anastasia Aug 7
I've been thinking
About the moon
Her sweet scent
Of jasmine and rose
She glances
Upon the night blossoms
And smiles
Her beaming light
It dances
Upon my skin
And her reflection
Is just as beautiful
As her star-children
Guden Jul 17
Eyes followed by some hair
She was introduced to me
By a friend
On my birthday.
He loved her,
I didn’t care,
She looked exotic,
Freckles and a body,
Painted by gods.
Laughter and madness.
We used to make love,
Hidden while skipping school.
She was lovely and *****.
I said goodbye
And gave a last Christmas gift.
Her parents were monsters
Who hated each other
And everything else.
An omen,
A promise,
Some tears in the end
And a horrible scent
That scared me for years
Oleander blooms
bear a sweet lingering scent
e'er to remember
Joyce Jul 6
you unfurl my petals for me
though my thorns *****
you rest on my leaves
and bathe in my scent
i didn't know i was a flower
until the bee came to me
Alice Wilde Jun 25

Into sticky
Summer night.

The nape of my neck
Tickled by passing breath
Of flower scent.

Laughing with moon mother,
Was I mingling with constellations or

Surely I was dreaming.
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