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rig May 13
it was watermelon air; but not real
               jennifer aniston will never know my name.
watermelon, no; that fake, chewinggum
               just a fact, and i only mean it, nothing
watermelon, bright and punchy, like
               hidden in the words (a movie of hers was
an ammonia shot to your happy place…
               playing during my lunch break. i wasn’t
i don’t remember the face. i don’t want to.
               paying attention; i was reading hamnet.)
a doublepoem
Emilie Vang May 4
you smell like home.
i didn’t realize the phrase “home is where the heart is” until i met you.
anywhere you are, any place you’ll be.
my heart follows you.
i’ve never yearned to be home so badly before,
but when i’m apart from you.
you’re all i can think about.
i miss your sweet smell of home.

i wrote the words of home and placed you in with it without knowing what home truly meant.
my nose was clogged by the smell of lust and confused you with home.
i didn’t realize that till after i smelled the same detergent that you used, on someone else.
i yearned for you, because i confided in you to be someone i’d feel safe and secure.
but i let a strangers in.
i do not know you, and you showed me the parts only you wanted me to see.
you filled my ears up with soft lullaby lies.
pretended that you were my home,
and i realized too late that i already had a home in myself.
all you did was barge in without knocking.
invaded my safe place.
trashed it all up, took whatever you could, and then left.
oh, i’m glad you left, but please give me back the things you took.
i don’t regret you though, you were a lesson to teach me not to take other peoples ****.
no matter how much you hurt me, i wanted us to work.
my eyes were blinded covered by glass.
i saw all the red flags and chose to ignore the doorbell ringing.
oh how it ***** to be me.
*the second part was a splurge in the moment type of poem so if it sounds bad, sorry ):*
selina Mar 23
we hold our breaths watching
shadows dance around violet candles
the air is hot and humid and
filled with unspoken confessions

the flames flicker with visions
of all the stories we could create
under a cloak of sweat and fire
dreams of love become one with desire

                                let me light another candle
                                the purple one, for its scent
                                even thousands of miles away
                                if there is one thing I know, it is this:
                                lavender will always remind me of you
Mark Wanless Mar 7
dear god i am but
a nose wafting in the scent
of your effluence
Shofi Ahmed Jan 4
I sniffed a smell of your rose.
Oh, you know what?
It’s enough to thrill the bone.
Just leave a scent in the air
and pop in, take your turn
into a new buzzing centre!
Paul Idiaghe Dec 2020
There’s a holocaust
sweeping through my body
but i call it

strap myself to its stake
as a sacrifice, relish
how its fire

dignifies me,
how the tongue-like torso  
of my scent
rolls out to taste

You, with the hot air
for hair, you
with the sparking skin,
feed my flames,

hearteater, the mouths
on your cheeks
open wide
& I enter, as if to join
the rest of me; see

how all that is left
circulating in my veins
is your voice; my body,
now inanimate,

an instrument for your
its cinders sing like

is the sequel to your stones
thrice striked.
eleanor prince Dec 2020
in the wisps of mist
stroking the curves
of a sleeping mountain
I hear a call

husky tones
siphoned off
by a cold wind

I see you still
as a filtered moon
drifts over my lashes

like the scent of you
as we dance
skin to skin
v Nov 2020
love in the air
i sniff it all up
get high off the drugs
its love in the air

love in the air
can you feel that tension?
getting high off your sweetness
you're finally showing you care

love in the air

the smell of tenderness sweethearts
lavender and roses
alarmingly strong it stays in my mind

love in the air
passion and open
respectable love
im sniffing it up
breathing it all
oh my
the love is in the air.
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