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I never liked the
smell of tea tree until I
smelt it in her hair

8:32 PM
the pursuit
of life

thru thought

is like following
a scent

to find
your nose
What’s left lingers on me,
your smell on my fingers,
my hair, my chafed skin,
my well washed shirts

and I could wash
I could
I know

I never knew essential
meant impossible to be without
until the scent began to fade
Joshua Boyd Sep 9
Eau de parfum

Top notes include

Remembering yourself
Feeling whole
Noose exchanged for
New sensations
Comfortable silence

Weather-able storms
Midnight cuddles
Dances to favorite songs

Middle Notes Include

Questioning your judgement
Tracking location
Locating peace of mind through
Password checks
Controlling the way you dress
Block them next
They're flirting.
Not your friend.

Base is comprised of

Walls closing in
Toxic environment
Bruised chins
Lighting gas
Destruction of property
Verbal and mental anguish

This scent lasts 6 months to a lifetime
Dream Sep 1
I came across your scent today....

I unintentionally put it on myself.

It's still my favorite smell.

To smell like you.

From now on. I will use this scent until It doesn't remind me of you.
rk Aug 31
even now
my memories
torment me
your ghost
travelling the halls
it's sweet song
denying me of sleep
your scent
fresh pine sap
and crisp salt water
lingers in my dreams
like a thorn
around my ribcage
holding me close
each breath deadly.
- i'm always thinking i could love you more.
Mark Wanless Aug 21
cigarette smell room
the scent of *** pounds the air
essence of journey
Mrs Timetable Aug 16
I love that
Aromatic field
We run in
Coming back

Scented like
Each other
Before today, I’d never bite the cigarette
You dangled in front of my lips;
But the smoke is the scent of ‘regret’
All over you and our relationship.
The smoke is dense, greying with each puff;
It is poisonous and carcinogenic.
I’ll accept your tease today
Because perhaps our memories with each other will fade away
As the smoke does once it is inhaled and released,
Lifted with the winds.
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