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I wore an old perfume today
so I could remember who I was
when I felt my first love
the scent overpowered me just like you did
and as I drove home
the scent filled my car
as the first rain of winter spotted my windshield
and for the first time since I stopped wearing this perfume
I smiled when I thought of you.
suddenly all of the pens i own
are either gone,
or left alone
no amount of penniless pettiness
came from my mouth,
no mutters,
nor silence left
to give,
forgive the narratives,
which lingers
the tip
of thy fingers,
that holds restless
to scab and release
what remains
in scars
the pus which ferments
on hatred and
the scent
burning cocoa beans and smoke
that knocks on my eyes
a blurry vision
rose-tainted glasses,
the taste
of bitterness
in farewell.
here i lie, between the frustrations of every transition in life.

I like how your scent became irresistible to my senses.

Even when I was walking right next to you, that fresh kind of aroma from your clean shirt and minty breath when you speak slowly strummed the strings of my heart.

It made a beat with a roaring sound.
It was loud that it pounded against my chest.
You became a song of love to my racing heartbeat.
Lana Oct 4
Your soft kisses on my forehead give me butterflies
Your smile leaves me breathless
Your kisses leave me senseless
Soft traces of your fingertips
And firm hands hold on to my grip

Your scent lingers for hours
Your hugs leave me weightless
Your love leaves me ageless
Soft kisses on my neck
And firm embraces hold me tight
LadyM Oct 4
I just wanted to say
that the sound of your voice
wakes up my senses

When you speak
I'm melting away,
giving in to the consequences

You're a room
full of candles,
I inhale without a choice

I scent cherry blossom
and vanilla flames,
you sound like roses and apricots

The sweet aroma
of your melody
smells like candles of passion fruit

I'm drawn in
by your tone,
for me, you are an absolute

I'm enveloped
in daffodils
as your words glow in yellow

Your voice
is so hypnotising,
euphonious and mellow.
Being in love is like being surrounded by a million flickering candle flames, giving out the most precious aromas, mixing up all your senses and awakening them at the same time. <3
I'm trying to be born again.
I'm going to conquer the world.
I'll fight against the time.
I'm going to live my dream.
I'm going to get up early in the morning.
I'm going up to the sky to have a hug of yours.
I'll dream you're here.
I'm going to draw your smile on the stars.
I'm going to get all the money in the world.
I'm going to win prizes and collect merit.
I'm going to buy a compass.
I'll wear the best clothes
I'm going to create ties.
I'm going to climb the highest mountain
But father ...
You're not here anymore.
No moment will have meaning without you.
No compass can guide me, only you.
Only you could tame all my hurricanes.
Only your good-night kiss on my cheek kept me safe.
Only your scent made me feel alive.
Now you've decided to leave me papers and pictures as souvenirs.
Now I only have your legacy as a bible.
I no longer have your hand to hold when I'm afraid.
Scent dad  father mountain compass prizes
Anya Sep 30
A rather melancholic scent
Enters its way
Into my nostrils
Loads of them
Straight from the printer
The ruffling
The shuffling
They studying
Cherisse May Sep 24
drown me.
drown me in your scent, like waves crashing,
the sea that used to be calm made a tsunami,
and left marks of yourself.

you make me feel whole.
addicting, intoxicating, like alcohol;
like drugs, drowning in ecstasy,
let me drown in you.
for my friend, whose girlfriend smells like heaven in a bottle,
whose scent becomes addicting.

Mabango na jacket mo, J.
TEnocho Sep 24
We have traveled through
many lifetimes in many forms.
Your scent familiar in each, reminding of the first time we met.

Anya Sep 14
The acrid, rather salty aroma surrounds
me, cloud of it invading my nostrils and tongue as the salty
liquid drips past my parched, cracked, lightly parted
lips as my throat is made hoarse by screaming
with all my might as we score the winning
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