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is it not this morning
a breathe of captivating
yet unsettling air,
my dear?

as thoughts convince me,
the unjust impossibility
of knowing how the air
would smell different,

if only i know the scent
you have. quite aching
to realize. but it does
the heart good.

to think about this,
i mean. to think
about you.
i mean.
now it reminds me of you
that lingering scent,
I knew it all too well
the soothing fragrance
that lulls me to sleep
here's to another day
trying to get over it
I S A A C Jun 2022
earthquakes, heart breaks, slow like a turtle
trying to birth my new era but i am not fertile
all in divine timing i guess
what is holding me back, my stress, my ex, is my best not good enough
what is holding back my blessings, my lessons, is it that my heart is scuffed
what do i even want, been way too long
since i asked myself to be honest, everything has been a performance
who would i be if i was fearless
what would i be like if i was endearing
wonder what the core essence of me is, my scent riding the breezes
people are recognizing me, my anxiety recognizes me
a recipe for brain-fog, get up for a morning jog
to sweat out all of my venom, to restart my system
cultivate and reinstate my Wisdom
Dave Robertson May 2022
loose moral blossom
flaunting for all comers
throbbingly defying
to let life thrum
Mrs Timetable Apr 2022
The vibe of you makes me melt
But not so I can sleep
Puddle of emotions
Cannot be explained
You let me inhale
A trace of that vibe
And it's all I need
Just knowing you are there
N Feb 2022
Can I pour this love I hold
for you into your open mouth?

Can I write you endless
love letters as long as I live?

Can I drown my sorrows
between your thighs?

Can I devour your scent till
you suffocate with pleasure?
Kimberly Jan 2022
You're like a coffee
Sometimes sweet and bitter
Taking me higher

A strong scent
That rest and resent
Stimulating; Addicting
In my head: clinging
Coleen Mzarriz Jan 2022
It was as if her old shirt has tightened its grip unto her — slowly spreading crumbs of itch and scars from her last night's episode.

And sometimes, she would often wear her old clothes to feel its tightness and grip her unbalanced body, so she would look at herself and roll her eyes in disgust. And often, she would toss around her big shirts and compare the two, while her wounds slowly turning into scars, she would see to it and add another collection,
and she would call it a day. Eat a lot more than yesterday and hide in her memories, until someone finds her, but she's never found.

Sometimes, she will serenade someone but no one can hear her. Give some pieces of her and turn it into songs, but no one listens.

And she would call it a day, spend a lot more than yesterday, and hide in the present realm of her new found friend, her favorite scent from her old shirt.
January 2022!! Starting this year with a poem like this that I wrote last December. Reminiscing some emotions I felt last year.

Thank you for continuously reading my works. I hope you have a great month. :)
Hussein Dekmak Oct 2021
Sweet thoughts, a loving heart, and kind deeds radiate happiness like the scent of a flower.

Hussein Dekmak
J Lobo Oct 2021
Heady is its scent
this here Bulgarian rose
Dazed men walk drowning
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