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This love is sanctifying me,
wines of ecstasy are pouring on my lips, injuring my soul with moaning,
I desire you only,
I desire the sweetness of our heavenly flavours from which the sun is melting and turning its gaze towards bottomless oceans,
let me drown my being in your absolute existence,
this shy soul of mine is giving fresh buds,
my tears are holy churches springing on Earth, where humble pilgrims search in quest for your graces and succour.
Chris Saitta Aug 26
Love has become less and less than the loneliness that abides,
Shaped by death after death into morphological surmise,
A sense of evolution without atavistic ties,
(Like her lips forever disjoined from mine).
For my Mom’s Journey on the  Camino de Santiago


In our dreams
The world is more perfect then it seems
The pieces to the puzzle fit just right
Love works out when you hold on tight.

Picture perfect a world all our own
Tales and wishes to most unknown
Dreams are like magic when they come true
And when I dream I dream of you.

Dreams make the impossible come to life
A knight with a sword dreamed the boy with a knife
Dreams take us far from here
To where the rain tastes sweet and the sky is clear.

Dreams can take us from candied mountains to dragons & fire
Through our dreams we fulfill our desires
Dream a dream just for me
Hold my hand so I can see
Just what it is you’re dreaming of
I give you my heart I give my love.

In a dream this all exists
And dare I ask but of one kiss
In a dream it could all be true
What in reality I dare not do.

What is secret what I keep hidden
In my dreams are not forbidden
Dreams come from the heart and fill the soul
Dreams are the things that make us whole.

Whether real or pure imagination
Dreams are our own personal creation
Dreams will make us laugh and make us cry
Dreams will make us come alive
Knowing one day if we work hard through
That maybe one day they will come true.

Whatever your dream whatever it maybe
Look at it in the light and you will see
Whatever it is you want to be
Close your eyes and dream with me.

The wonderful feeling waking up from a dream
Even though it wasn’t what it seemed
Knowing that you can go back again
In the snow or in the rain.

Close your eyes and you are there
You can leave behind thoughts of despair
All you need is an open mind
And have a dream of any kind.

Dream a knight riding the mist
Dream of true love’s first real kiss
Fall asleep then you feel
Waking up to the world unreal.

Daemons and sorcerers sent from hell
A beautiful princess fallen down a well
Face a monsters grueling stare
Dreams have the power to take you there.

Come with me to a place our own
Go to where reality is unknown
Come my love, come and see
Dream a little dream with me.

To Mary Pat MacDonald with all my LOVE
Mom plans on completing the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago, the Camino Frances from St. Jean Pied de Port in France to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, the walk should take her about 30 to 35 days. In order to achieve this time, she would need to walk between 23 and 27 kilometers per day (14 to 16 miles). The Camino de Santiago is known in English as the Way of Saint James.
Ylzm May 7
My chariot rode the wind.
I saw the land, a familiar land,
Just as I knew it, seeking and
filling in the details, as I looked.

Only when I returned ,
did I know I was away.
For home is unfamiliar and strange.
I had been away, a long time.
eng jin Apr 2018
The ancient Chedi stands eternal
in the gated town of the golden land
among thousand peaks, this is primary
pilgrims take refuge and tourists wow
can one has desire and not suffer?
therein the omniscient one answers
A Simillacrum May 2018
Would you let me give you an offering?
I will stand at the feet of your shrine
Smile shy and present my open palms
I will with hand silk & lip
Push open the heavy doors
Which keep my heart from yours
For both your touching knees, I'll wait
Would you let me give you an offering?
I'd love to take a deep breath in tune with you
Then slowly exhale as we embrace
Write giggles and wild squirms into the silence
Explicit words won't tell the tale
Echoes of laughter, dark lines of sweat
Our sweet moistures mixed in bed
Alchemy unmasked
Eye to eye, forehead to forehead
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
I’m a none,
Escaped from myself
Just to be an anonymous

A nameless face
Harboring a soul,
Inspiring reflection,
In a finite of time
Travelling in a circle
Over crosses and lines,
Budding path of life
Sacrificing all the senses
Truth is one, perceived it in a different way
Genre: Spiritual
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Star BG Feb 2018
On my eternal quest for love
I meander along
releasing layer after layer
of armor.

Some forged in past lives,
that harbored loneliness and abandonment.
Others in this life where spirits orchestration
gives challengers.

My quest for eternal light continues
as I hike along
releasing old mind-pattens
for new beginnings.

Sometimes dancing in sunshine,
where birds sing gracefully.
Other times crying to water
seedings of dreams buried.

Seeds, that now can sprout
in fields as I continue my quest.
Inspired by Valsa George. Many thanks
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