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I am the flower of untouched perceptibility, the unique breed nobody could ever find in any imposing gardens. Do not chase to haunt me and the richness of my petals’ sap if you are not a holy breed of spirit as I might wither and get my seeds of knowledge scratched in your unjust volition. I am the pearl, the mermaid chain of blushing moon tides.
Randy Ray Price Feb 2019
Roses are red.
Violets are, violet .
But blue is what they said
And I just don’t know why yet.

Roses are red.
Violets are still violet.
And don’t ever forget
That I love your, eye lid.

Roses are still red.
Oops I guess violets ARE blue ;)
(Insert something cheesy)
Cuz baby I LOVE you!
Meg Howell Mar 2018
I took a walk down a sloping path
Trees and brambles, nature’s bloodbath

My hands, a guide
My eyes, a map
My mouth, drooling and drawn to that amber sap

The ground below finally led me there
A trusted fort, a quiet town square
A lonely whistle serenading the unsoiled air

A symmetrical tree sat waiting like a snare
For me to take its’ paragon
But, oh, do I even dare?
Reflecting on times spent as a child adventuring through my nana’s backyard.
Neuvalence Mar 2018
If only I had
Basked in all your legacy
Before you were slain,
Gushing sap from your thick skin,
I would have cherished you more.

A tanka I wrote today after mourning the death of an old tree taken down in my yard.
she is
     the sap of the rarest tree
     forever watched

the slow descent
     to swallow everything
     leaves her encased
     sprouting spores of dust on a shelf

into a clockwork flower
     plucked and plumed
     sanitized in all the right places
     harlequin smile for the stage
     nipped and tucked for viewing pleasure
Owen Carter Sep 2017
I love it when she wears my hat,
I fell for her right off the bat.
She towers in height,
A few inches more.
When I hear her voice I'm as high as a kite,
If love were a currency I'd never go poor.
All I want is for you to love me too,
And hope your heart has the same plan I do.
Erin Suurkoivu Sep 2016
What are these bodies, these
limbs, giving up their sap
and heat? Who decides
who dies, who lives?

What is cut down is
cut down, and
bereft children
grow in their place.
E Townsend Jan 2016
I'm the sappiest tree ever grown.
My fear, though, is that one day someone will
cut me down, take all of my treasured
products and leave me with nothing
but the scar from their jagged saw.
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