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Last night was first time In while that I managed to sleep all night before going
to bed I'd sprayed my pillow with my wife's favourite perfume

It felt as If she was still with me Estee ladder youth dew she loved that
Perfume every Christmas that's all she asked a nice gift set

I guess when I run out I shall buy some more then to sleep at night I'll go with perfume filling the air sweet thoughts of my darling as I fall gently to sleep
Helens favourite perfume Estee Laurder youth drew
I spray my pillow at night
mes Jan 31
My heart
Falls into foolishness
Your sweet smile
I wear it like perfume
I touch you like poetry
As you set ourselves on fire
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Every time I close my eyes  It of heaven I go
with sweet Helen laid In my arms
I smell her wonderful perfume Estee Lauder Youth Dew she'd spray It on her lovely
It to there I could happily stay for the rest of my life
what a lucky man I was to have had such a beautiful
Still smell her perfume Estee Lauder Youth Dew beautiful
Johnny walker Jan 15
If I were granted just one chance to relive again a brief moment In time I'd
go back the first time ever
I laid eyes on her the girl who become my
This girl who could say so much with the look In her eye far more than words could ever say she'd tell I love you with just a  squeeze of her
3 squeezes I love you my reply 4 squeezes I love you too so many things about her I miss so
Just to lay awake at night to watch her sleeping to help dress her In the morning to run a brush through her
The smell of the beautiful perfume she wore Estee Lauder Youth Dew to rest my head on the gentle rise and fall of her
whilst taking all that beautiful perfume In all that and more I shall forever miss any one of those I've mentioned
here I'd be more than happy with
If I we're given a chance to
to relive a brief moment of my previous time for she was so beautiful and loving to
If given a chance to live a brief moment of my previous life over again. It would probably be as simple as brushing her hair
Poetic T Jan 6
You walked away from me,
           but I wouldn't move.
Never one to stop,
           every footstep took you
further from my grasp.

From my sight I couldn't see,
               but I could smell your perfume
in the wind.
You said that if I wanted you,
         that Id have to follow.

But I kept my ground,
            I waited
                  as day and night fell.
You kept on walking but I stayed still.
            When the moon rose and sank
solemnly that final time.

I turned around and you
                where there behind me,
tears in eyes you said that you walked
               to find me.

But I hadn't taken a step,
                   for if we were meant to be
no matter the footsteps.
        If you stand in the same place
                that person will eventually walk back to you.
French rose Dec 2018
I thought about what scent you would be if you were a perfume
Would you smell like ****
With a hint of arousal
Or would you smell naive
With a touch if innocene
Maybe a maiden
One called ******
Or an obsession
Basked in pleasure
Bel B Dec 2018
A flood of memories gushed through my brain as i came across the smell of your perfume

Your scent was all that kept me going
D A W N Dec 2018
as you went home,
the faint scent of your
wafted around the room.
hoping i would notice
the remnants you left
in hopes
that the entrails
of memories  of you
would keep me company
through the night.
people with great taste in perfume are a kink
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Just a spray of Helen's
perfume upon my
before I fall to
Bring so many memories that I can see to send me gently of to
In beautiful dreams of our days together come dancing through my
Whilst I sleep, creating Illusion visions of how we
loved each
Together forever and always that how It'll be for we had It
Spay my pillow with Helen's perfume before I fall to sleep
Illuminating dreams
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