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The amorous scent of my French perfume

Will eternally haunt you like a ghost

The fragrance will possess your smell receptors

To commemorate the sweetness of my love

Joshua Boyd Sep 9
Eau de parfum

Top notes include

Remembering yourself
Feeling whole
Noose exchanged for
New sensations
Comfortable silence

Weather-able storms
Midnight cuddles
Dances to favorite songs

Middle Notes Include

Questioning your judgement
Tracking location
Locating peace of mind through
Password checks
Controlling the way you dress
Block them next
They're flirting.
Not your friend.

Base is comprised of

Walls closing in
Toxic environment
Bruised chins
Lighting gas
Destruction of property
Verbal and mental anguish

This scent lasts 6 months to a lifetime
-elixir- Aug 20
The gardens of perfumed bliss
make me stop and stare as the
fumes run through me,
igniting the odes of passion
that once died in the drought
of the wilted roses in my dreams.
the perfumed musk wraps me as I stop in my tracks
Lane O Aug 9
white jasmine petals
like the finest silk so pure
nature's sweet perfume
Mother brings a lot off memories
The first perfume I smelt was hers as I snuggled in her arms.
Years later when Angels needed her more than me I realized that she wore no perfume all her life, what I smelt was her love for me.
Now I know why angels look so beautiful it's because you and many a mother is there to braid their hair just right.
I wore
an oceanic perfume
the warm heart notes
make me think
of you

every time I breathe
the smell of a soft
ambergris breeze
I think of what it would be
to visit your office,
return to the beach

I'd like to feel
salt water heal me
no more tears
no more sweat
the sea
and a friend's
peaceful company

that's all I need
For my HP friend, Cloudydaze
who writes beautiful poems at the beach
and always supports me
Lorena Jun 11
what is a mum but a wall?
walked on, on tippy toes and
knees scraped on and
picked up off.  
What is a mum,
but a hand to hold
and an arm to lean on
and a perfume to smell forever even without her.  
What life would it be without you, stubborn, caring, omnipresent and omni-understanding.
What world would it be without your forgiving?  
Not a world i would want regardless.
i love you. i live you.
L May 11
there is no aroma in my house
or none I've ever noticed
at least,
at least when she is not around.

i miss her scent,
her fragrance.
it's indescribable.

all I know that it's better than
the salty ocean breeze's
and fresher than
summer's red-ripe strawberries.
free as a bird I found myself out of the cage of love
a display of unrestrained delight
released from physical obstruction
only to realize freedom smelled like floral notes of sambac,
jasmine and tunisian orange blossom just like you
-elixir- Apr 24
Your perfume,
drowns me
in your

As you stare,
deep into my soul
and fire me up
with your scent

Burning it,
into my skin,
as I seek you
amidst the lingering
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