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maria Sep 20
In the ***** streets
I saw your face,
In the rough sea
I felt your body,
In the bus stations
I smelled your perfume,
In my cereal
I tasted your tears,
In the loud radios
I heard your absence.

On my pillow
I shouted my goodbyes.

I don't see you anymore.
My cereal bowl is full of your lies.
Trying to get over lies and the loneliness you caused.

Written on September 20, 2019
Steve Page Sep 18
I sit with you, mutually leaning comfortably as we tremble on the sofa with Adam ******* filling our evening with laughter and I breath in your aroma - that bouquet of shampoo that you prefer to all the other scents offered in the ad breaks.

I'm no good at remembering brands or labels and your bottle of choice doesn't appear on the screen anymore in any case, but I know the smell of you fresh from the shower,

and you fill my head with happiness.
Saw a shampoo advert and thought of this.
Anastasia Aug 17
You are bliss
Definition of euphoria
Taste of never-ending perfect
Oh, how I wish you were mine
A kiss from you
Melting me
Into a pool of warm ice
And honey blossoms
Drowning me in dopamine
Flashes of adrenaline
Pulsing through my veins
Laced with sugar
And your perfume
Absolute perfection ❤
Johnny walker Aug 15
And I still go to bed with Helen's perfume sprayed
on on my pillows as I fall to dreams of Her but In my dreams she's not old like me
young and so pretty just like when she was sixteen for
can't age her she walks young and pretty so free within my
save from this world that Is so full of hate that I now remain alone but she will not have have to go through the ageing process
that I'm now going through so when spray my pillows with her perfume then
drift off tonight to my dreams of my oh so young and pretty girl to whom I never want
to wake
Are you feel how walls is breathing?
Do you hear they sing?
Do ever knew this melody?
Do you ever smell perfume?
Do you ever smell perfume of melody?
Do you ever hear...?
Do you ever feel how walls is breathing?
Do ever seen?
Do you ever seen such whitten colour.
Which is disappearing in the air? Do you ever knew that colour covering me fully like a tippet.
Do you ever seen such whitten colour? Colour of my dreams.
Anastasia Jul 19
You love me
or you love me not
Pick a side
Tell me what you thought
What you thought when I cried
Almost died
Love me
Love me not

Running out of flowers
Petals falling
Making perfumed showers
I stand there
In the middle of the wind
Love me
Love me not
Darling have I sinned?

Tell me what to do
So you'll love me too
Love me
Love me not
9:30 p.m.
Anastasia Jul 15
Sometimes I run out of words
And I wanna walk somewhere
So I put on my hoodie
And smell my perfume
It smells like you
A sleepy musk
I walk to your place
And words flow through my head
And I can't help but smile
A real smile
Unlike the ones I've had for a while
And I tell myself
It won't hurt
If you only love him for a while
Just enough to get through
I messed up
And I loved you too much
When I get to your house
I hesitate
Should I go home?
But then I see you smile at me
At my fears fly away
But the butterflies in my stomach
And I hope you will too
I don't know. Just my thoughts ❤
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