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Sea Oct 10
You wanna heal,
Don’t you
But breaking the ingrained patterns of generations
Is hard
But you’ve grasped the idea
And now you just can’t let it go,
This notion that you could be stronger, healthier, more joyful— inviting all of life in through your senses
And just letting go
Of all the heavy burdens that have weighed you down for so long
You’ve spoken your burdens for years
But speaking never beget change
The change you ached for, the transformation you only theorized about
But what you didn’t know
Is that this idea of healing
Was a seed that was planted into your heart
And this kind of seed
Takes a long time to gestate
So even if you haven’t seen visible changes in yourself and in your life
Just know that the seed has cracked open
And is spreading deep roots,
Replacing the roots of your traumas
Your healing, when it is born and continues to grow in its visible manifestation
Will appear differently than how you imagined it
Yet you will be more overjoyed by its reality than by your limited fantasy of it
Your healing
Will be a revolution to yourself and to all those you have ties with
Some won’t understand your changes, neither will you at times
But just continue to listen to your heart, it’s simple, inviting song
And rest in all the beauty that is unfolding before you and within you.
Danny Oct 4
We could kindle the twigs and the fallen leaves
Dry as a dead dingo's donger
And make a fire which burns for a while
But betimes would flicker and out it goes sooner or later

We could even build a house skillfully like the cassican
Sight to a sore eyes on completion
A beautiful paradise and definitely talk of the town
But talks are like baby fat they always disappear

We could write in the sand as we stand on the shore
The tale of our union but the tides will come
Or even inscribe on a rock the symbol of our love
There for years until denudation knocks

So I think it's better if we dig the ground
Not to keep the dead but to grow a life
As we sow a seed which grows for life
Come the seasons under the sun

A saviour on a sunny day
With nectariferous flowers bearing fruit with seeds
A zoar for birds and other figures of life
Green that adds to the already colourful work of art

Come let's plant a tree today on the spot
Where our hearts melted like iron in a furnace
As the smith forges what he pleases
Where we met after days spent following the treasure trail

Where we first kissed and nothing else mattered
But the wrestle of two lit tongues
Right where love found us and we found love
The clouds bearing witness

Though a howling gale may rise
Bring it down like the leaves in autumn
But there's always a contingency plan
Seeds that will sprout in spring
Osiria Melody Sep 29
In silence's muse, not a single muscle stirred
My mind had wailed for my words to be heard
But my thirst for vengeance against them grew
Because death is simply not meant for you
So while my scant breaths rob oxygen in greed
Of the day that I planted anger with a seed,
Your final words that fluttered a subtle hue,
Your final wish sat upon a mantel—then I heard
The memories of you taking me under your wing
And I remembered how one day in spring
You found the human in me and said
“Silence! Listen to their motions spiraling!”
The grave is marked; your remains repose dead,
But you are dead, oh, you are dead

My mind's a grave. I'm buried in anger.
F A Pacelli Sep 26
just as the soft breeze
carries a falling seed 
of the maple tree
to a distant place 
with the sun's warmth 
and a gentle rain 
life sprouts anew
just as love's seed
opens in our hearts
KM Hanslik Sep 20
It's 9:20 and my money
is on the fact that you don't give a ****,
guess I saw it coming but I'm tired of running
from everything that passes your lips
Fight-or-flight keeping me awake half the night
pay up or get out,
living in a state of constant drought
& listening to whatever ******* you're on about
slow work, waiting for grass to sprout,
but I guess we've had it handed to us, gotta reap what our ancestors have planted for us,
even if the seed is bad
can't be much worse than the days I've had.
CC Sep 14
To sooth the mind with planted thoughts
That are in soil that let roots grow
Mighty aging healthy tree
Whose seeds which we continue to spread
On earth that mighty men do tread
Watching the archetypal parable filler sealing his fate with a seed,
and see the walls of the story blossoming off to the sky.

It seems to offer impossibility bottled and wreathed,
a leaf in season to whittle through to the blossom in time.

The time he took to fear it, board windows, ignoring the means,
and flailing crops are not to halt the work ,and question the why.

He finds a seed to bury deep within the walls of his dreams,
a kind of thief to be policing the light.

The hubris in a few ferocious branches,
accruing the subtle stances required, refusing visitor glances at the shrine
The thorns swallow a rich canopy buried beneath
and keep a perilous gift hanging for traveler thigh

Time echoes in hope of lending vestige's light, crying out
to see the breadth of the line.
To see the tangential nature of the leaf,
and know the grief elucidated and reaped
for a return on what we sow in the vine

Another garden enclosed.
A partial view of the sky.
A further longing for truth.
Assume a gruesome divide.
Aloof and hardened to bone.
A carving suited for pine.
A starving forest in use.
Abuse is moving inside.

Confusing and dried.

He's choosing his pride.

Refusing a guide.

Losing his mind.
Silverflame Sep 5
You do as you please.
I'm just a human,
in the form of a woman.
So of course, you can
do as you please.
How dare I speak up my mind?
I should just shut up.
My no means yes to you,
so why do I even bother?

But that ain't working,
not anymore at least.
This pushover has been
pushed too close to the edge.
Tornado meets volcano;
and destruction will lay upon you.
Let me erase your being,
so you can start anew.
And this time I'll help
by planting in your mind
a simple seed of common sense.

I'm a pretty calm person, I rarely ever get mad. But this one guy at the train pushed the wrong button when he decided to ***** me twice. I hope he learned his lesson when I snapped and told him off.
Jule Aug 11
A blessing comes soon
From this food we consume
From places around the world
Another feeds a small girl
With the same seed we eat
From your table to my teeth
What a delight we can share
Whilst spreading culture everywhere
had pizza with pineapple and mushrooms on it for the first time
Blake Aug 6
The seed of love,
can often blossom into the flower of hate,
making us just a world full of gardeners,
all dumbfounded over our peculiar creations.
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