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S Rose 2h
You say we are in love.
I say I disagree.

Perhaps the oldest eyes on the earth
Can tell you what love truly is.

I may not suffice to write
A complete explanation

But I can tell you what I know
And what I know that is not.

Love needs no reminders
Tricks or ruses.

It is always there.
Ever present and constant.

A part of who we are
An endless chapter in the book of life.

Less a burning passion, but more a steady seed,
planted within, sprouting roots and leaves.

You say that we are in love
But I find this not true.

One of us is in love.
And it is not you.
inside me
has always
a seed
of light
in dark
and fertile
I want
to know
of who
I'm meant
but it
the shadows
that find me
in my
inside me
has always
inspired by one of my all-time favorite characters in the Star Wars universe, Rey of Jakku :)
Özcan Sh Sep 11
Falls on the dirty ground
Weak ,small and have a open wound

She thinks she will not grow
She thinks she is not strong
She thinks she is alone

Sun shines on her
Rain pours over her

They wanna see
How the small seed
Rises into a beautiful flower
Lyn-Purcell Sep 11

The quill...
My weapon of choice,
my inner seed that gives
life to my inner fire,
all of my turmoils
is also, at times,
the root of my

Being a writer is both a blessing and a curse...
It's been there for me but also, it's tied to my emotional and mental pain,
so it is connected to my misery, my anxieties, my depression, my struggles with self-love, fighting my self-doubt, self-hatred and my fears...
At times, I don't even feel worthy of such a gift.
I only want to express myself - all of my loves, all of my pain.
No matter how raw it may seem.
I'm feeling alot better now, I just needed time to pick myself up.
I just did not have the energy to talk to anyone
Thank you so so much, everyone for being so patient and understanding!
Much love and hugs!
Lyn xxx
Sow a Good Seed
When you sow a good seed, you see a good harvest
You work hard every day and try to stay modest
You pray every day and try to live honest
You may have some problems but you own and then solve them.
Sow a Good Seed
Your harvest is plenty and hard work is not futile
The clouds grew dark and the winds were brutal
You just keep on plowing because your dedication is undisputable
Sow a Good Seed
When you sow good seeds, you reap a plentiful harvest
Don’t think it was easy because you didn’t see me through the darkness
No matter how many seeds are sown
No matter how many plants are grown
Know that if the harvest seems like its slow, it is not a blessing denied, but instead, a blessing postponed that's waiting to be bestowed!
The cardinal is pecking
in the bird feeder
making cardinal out of seed.

Here I am
looking for a small piece of the divine
Rainy days and dripping windows,
Once again, beside my pillow,
I lay upon my bed alone,
But in a place to me, unknown.

Day two, beyond the first “hello’s”,
Clouds still hover, and even billow,
They say goodbye to each of their own,
They thunder and sprinkle before heading on home.

After their hastened diminuendo,
Most clouds scatter among the fellow.
I compare to them to see how I’ve grown,
knowing rain brings a harvest from a seed that was sewn.
ayvan Jul 31
what was planted
was surely not a rock
but a seed
it sprouted
into something
I could not comprehend
for a long time
You can't plant seeds and then stray
Your seed is planted but I don't want to stay.
Amanda Jun 25
I am a dandelion swaying back and forth
A windswept soldier, started a seed
Stretched towards sun, looking like a beautiful flower
Inside I know I will always be a weed.
When you look at a dandelion it can be seen as a weed or a wish
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