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Señoras !
He lived in your presence in the flesh
Yet he reigns ancient in my heaven in my peaceful shore.
Spiritually his soul and mine are one.

Madame Z with RD Señora!
And Señora Smc wth PC,
When I learned the truth about your man.

It was already too late
he never wore your wedding ring
he wore mine and
he became me.

It was too late to retract my heart's steps ...Mrs Zaheera.
My mind's volcano
had blasted off in his embrace in the flesh and virtual.
with his sighs we lifted up in flight
No one can reach us up here
to harm or divide us.

Our love has deepened
our seed has blasted open
my love for my beloved Rdd and RD,
like popcorn germinated
thus our child love is born

Here in this higher spiritual plane
we are always one

My beloved had become my world
he was part of my life
and Into forever
my shadow RD became.

When I learned that you existed Mrs Z and SNC
my world was only him señoras.
By then I carried within me his essence his manly fraguance his thunderous
warm rain
I gave RD his sword
his sunshine had embraced
my every moon tide shore.

He told me he was free
like a dove, a dry gold leaf
free as a vagabond
and Madame Z, Señora smc,
I believed him!

Now it's too late Señora
no one
can ever take him away from me.
million men and women are born same exact birthdate who aren't twin souls
you had him wrapped in your finger
you touched his flesh Madame Z madame

But his spirit soul is only mine
since long before we were born.
we were forever one Señora.
I believed everything he told me.
Nocone can break us apart!!

I don't mind how
many times I'm
going to bid you
goodnight tonight.
But no matter
how many time,
I'd still keep
saying it, telling
you goodnight.
Because you'll
always have a
good night.
Darky starry
night leaning
on her
shoulder, singing
sweet songs
through the back
of thee ear
along with
the bird night.
Lullaby for
a princess. It's
me and you
tonight locked
in affection,
(departure) is
evil, wish it's
a lifetime
Pathos. In mine
heart I hold
you close. Thy love
grew a shield-tree
upon the surface
of mine heart,
under which I
abide and its
fruit indemnity
and gratify me.
Sometimes I
wonder how
beauty heaven
is having bestowed
His angel
unto the earth and
that angel I have found, and is
you my girl.
Loreah Apr 26
Breath, soil; breath and drink and bask in warmth
Slowly walk along the sentence that extends
The year before the year, the frozen and thawed,
Fruitless but alive with another day's growth
LC Feb 1
fear is a tiny seed
planted in my lower belly.
my thoughts fuel the seed
to sprout with gentle ease.
its roots are finally free,
wrapping around my feet,
never letting me flee.
it grows into a nimble tree
whose branches strangle me.
the tree wears prickly leaves
that sting my aching body
until my eyes succumb to sleep.
I revised one of my poems, and I really like how it turned out! I think I'll revise more of my poems and create a revision collection.
You carved trenches in my heart without even trying,
Reached the summits of my soul.
Mapped the rivers and oceans of my well-being.
All the heartaches and open wounds,
You managed to sew.
You ventured a bleak forest with no vegetation,
And left with only one thing to know.
That no matter what seed it was to be,
Because of you,
Anything would grow.
LC Jan 1
fear is a tiny seed
planted in my lower belly.
the seed sprouts suddenly,
its roots extending toward my feet.
my thoughts are consumed by the seed,
which grows into a strong, sturdy tree
whose branches wrap around me,
paralyzing my whole being.
JKirin Dec 2020
Meant to flower and blossom with power,
Seeds are planted with care (here, there).
But we’re lost in the shadows – we’re graceless.
Empty masks are around us – they’re faceless.

What becomes of us (empty and hollow)?

Not a flower with a powerful glow.
‘Cause a seed, as you know, doesn’t grow,
When it’s hidden so deep in the darkness.
Will the light and its warmth ever find us?

Setting a goal is like
showing seed the wider it grows

lunademiere Nov 2020
Thy lips like golden pages of a sacred book are shining.
Thou art resplendent in gold;
I am shy in waves of pink.
Soften my sweet sap, soften my love for thee and let it be planted like a seed in the grounds.
With thy light may thou water my heart.
For thee I die, for thee I die.
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