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Just inches below the ground
but must be behind the sight
sow the seed for a tree in return.

Deepening down the bottom of the sea
nor lying on the ground dropping off the sky
merely dipping into some foots long body  
the soul springs a life.

Take it on the run then should the sky
or earth bends giving a flatten lid.
Even then can it prevent
the soul when rebounds with a life indeed?

An inside scoop, a math, never surfaces
neither in sky nor on Earth, a measured deep,  
always behind the eyes but life maker indeed.
a seed
In the soil,
the seed
will grow
to have a
you give a
little gift,
you never
know how
your gift
can plant
a tree
Jaicob Jan 28
I ate some raspberries today
They were cold
And sweet
And soft

But their seeds get stuck in my teeth
They just sit
And ****
And poke

Until I get them out
Herena Rosas Aug 2021
I wonder
if you continuously grow deep within me
I kept watering you,

What will I get in the end,
a **** or a lovely flower?
Be in depth with my soul.
Hussein Dekmak Aug 2021
Feeling good is:
Greeting a stranger with a smile,
Chatting with your elderly neighbor's,
And treating them with care and compassion.

Soothing another's pain,
Feeding hungry stomachs,
Standing with the oppressed,
Rendering service to others for no return.

Exploring a new idea,
Enriching your knowledge,
Reflecting and pondering,
Planting the seeds of positive change.

Listening to the whispers of love,
Inspiring the next generation,
Being around intelligent people,
Enjoying the company of soft-hearted friends.

Restoring people's shattered dreams,
Be their candle and their lifeboat,
Listening to the cries of innocent souls,
And showing them the way to a new dawn.

Lifting the spirit of the broken-hearted,
Delivering them through a helping hand,
Dressing your soul in a garment of giving.
Lifting your voice to be the champion of the forgotten.

Counting your blessings,
Reciting your prayers,
Contemplating the universe,
Listening to nature’s songs with muted words.

Hussein Dekmak

I don't mind how
many times I'm
going to bid you
goodnight tonight.
But no matter
how many time,
I'd still keep
saying it, telling
you goodnight.
Because you'll
always have a
good night.
Darky starry
night leaning
on her
shoulder, singing
sweet songs
through the back
of thee ear
along with
the bird night.
Lullaby for
a princess. It's
me and you
tonight locked
in affection,
(departure) is
evil, wish it's
a lifetime
Pathos. In mine
heart I hold
you close. Thy love
grew a shield-tree
upon the surface
of mine heart,
under which I
abide and its
fruit indemnity
and gratify me.
Sometimes I
wonder how
beauty heaven
is having bestowed
His angel
unto the earth and
that angel I have found, and is
you my girl.
Loreah Apr 2021
Breath, soil; breath and drink and bask in warmth
Slowly walk along the sentence that extends
The year before the year, the frozen and thawed,
Fruitless but alive with another day's growth
LC Feb 2021
fear is a tiny seed
planted in my lower belly.
my thoughts fuel the seed
to sprout with gentle ease.
its roots are finally free,
wrapping around my feet,
never letting me flee.
it grows into a nimble tree
whose branches strangle me.
the tree wears prickly leaves
that sting my aching body
until my eyes succumb to sleep.
I revised one of my poems, and I really like how it turned out! I think I'll revise more of my poems and create a revision collection.
You carved trenches in my heart without even trying,
Reached the summits of my soul.
Mapped the rivers and oceans of my well-being.
All the heartaches and open wounds,
You managed to sew.
You ventured a bleak forest with no vegetation,
And left with only one thing to know.
That no matter what seed it was to be,
Because of you,
Anything would grow.
LC Jan 2021
fear is a tiny seed
planted in my lower belly.
the seed sprouts suddenly,
its roots extending toward my feet.
my thoughts are consumed by the seed,
which grows into a strong, sturdy tree
whose branches wrap around me,
paralyzing my whole being.
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