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Shattered dreams,
Splattered streams,
Souls lost forever,
Never have I ever,
Imagined that life was not held dear,
A mother and a wife’s rarest tear,
Chernobyl’s sweet children gone,
Borders crossed, never drawn,
9/11’s forgotten brothers and fathers,
Orphaned toddlers,
Roam NYC,
Here, I stand in solidarity,
Never forget Chernobyl and 9/11,
May the trees of heaven,
Bless the victims,
Peace be with you dear inflicted
Never forget the victims of Chernobyl and 9/11...RIP. Life is lost easily; please cherish it. Hannah Baker RIP too.
#The Jay Asher/Hannah Baker vibes
With love, Skylar 🤍
Psyche has moods
Sometime happy, others  gloomy
Psyche  has moods
Sometimes wise,  other times  fool

psyche has moods
Sometimes, I wander
Others, I surrender

Psyche has moods
Sometime melancholic,
Others sanguine
Psyche has moods
sometimes  choleric,
Others phlegmatic
jennie Aug 25
You took me when I was ripe
I didn’t know my innocence would have too be the price

You taste on me so fondly and
My heart use too think of you as someone so lovely
Then our time has come and passed

This isn’t love and I know your affection on me won’t last

You bitten me down to my core, do you really enjoy snacking on things that shouldn’t be yours?

Now that I’m dry, bitten, and trashed
Are gonna find another sweeter fruit that your taste buds haven’t kissed yet?
Just my thoughts
Summer Aug 19
When the old world came to an end,
we would slow dance in the kitchen
to the song of apocalypse,
hiding behind the bars of music notes,
and imagined a world anew.
Inspired by the song Apocalypse by Cigarettes After ***:)
chi Aug 13
I'll write for you
and drown you with my words
I'll strip down my affliction
and turn them into poetry

vulnerable and melancholic
my poems seem to be
they are for you
since you'll leave me eventually
—everybody does.
Alex Scaife Jul 9
Smoke rises from his lit cigarette,
The air heavy with ash ridden breath.
A lighter flash from across the bar
Left as soon as it came

He leaves a lonely figure
And greets the cold hugging his coat.
Under his feet the snow of past
Has turned to water once again

He hails a passing cab
As his feet mourns the snow
vadim z Jul 2
what a candy of a song
at times it's short
at times it's long
you see I cherish it a lot
to say the least, it's all one's got
to each his own
of course
with some regrets
and some remorse
but also love
of which one never has enough
and so I sing this song away
every morning
every day
years and months and weeks
unless I'm sick
or struck down by bad fortune
but even so
it finds its way back to this weary soul
and lifts one up
from bottom straight back to the top
oh what a song it is
it's often miss
it's often hit
and I shall only wish to keep it lit
a little longer
vadim z Jul 1
it's my genuine luck  
to often be out of stock for dinero
the engine of everything in our time
contextomy prime
and it's not that I have chosen this way of living
I just take it as a given, take it as it comes
see no point to grumble about it too long
here's a possible title for a possible song
where am I in comparison to King Kong
for the ground upon which I stand is not very solid
hereby I refer to that financial black hole in my wallet
a passing phase, cut to the chase
yeah right
try to deliver it to anyone that has ever cried
as for my spirit, I still can steer it
still got enough loving in me one better believe it
just getting old I suppose
hairline much thinner, soon to be bald
so what
for as long as this soup ain't too cold
I'll keep on floating in this brave new world
vadim z Jun 30
yes God
I'm lost
cannot see yet through my skin
but I sure feel that I will soon become a ghost

and what if I
stay trapped in here
forever wandering the Earth
would you agree if I to say
that living often is a curse?

yes God
please brighten everything
and everyone
with your everlasting light
let us not fight
when darkness takes it's toll
and you are out of sight

who's gonna save us then?
vadim z Jun 28
if you could show me that there is
a little more to this
with that, I then shall kindly follow
as if there will be no tomorrow
nor any other day
I'll change my whereabouts
will rest my head high in the clouds
no longer troubled by old doubt
on any given day
say, have you ever felt the way
heart feels when knows that has to go
but longs to stay
and is it right
to let go of many things that one might love
when the grip is tight
what do you say
if anything at all
is there a way for us to change
what we cannot control
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