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hyun Oct 2023
you walk this earth
with nothing but pain
and yet you blossom
so beautifully—
a lotus in winter,
defying all odds
and all of nature.

you are more than
who you think you are.
a king without a throne,
a lion without a pride—
you can be either
without anything else
to your name.

i am not who birthed me,
and i will not apologize
for this space i consume.

i am not their mistake
and i will not mistake
kinship for love
any longer.

i will own myself
once and for all.
Bardo Apr 2023
There's a Poet who dreams of a Gateway to Heaven
Not some cold austere Gate bolted and closed in your face
As if to say "Clear off! You're not wanted here anymore"
But instead a lovely warm welcoming Gate  
A brightly colourful Gate with lots of bunting and ribbons on it
And a big banner over the top announcing
"Welcome Great Poet"

It'd be a bit...a bit like Noddy in Toyland
And there'd be all these pretty young girls with bowls in their hands
Spreading rose petals on the ground for me to walk upon
A beautiful path laid out before me, a carpet of sweet scenting loveliness
And there'd be other boys and girls there too strumming lutes and harps
Like beautiful critics... singing my praises
Inside the Gate it'd be like this wonderful Park
With lovely flowers and shrubs and trees
With marble fountains and statues and quiet flowing streams
With radiant kids and beautiful people and  lovely marquees like as if you were attending some wonderful party or banquet,

And then you'd hear a bustle in the hedgerow
But it's only a bunch of publishers vying with one another
Trying to get my signature on a multi million dollar contract
Suddenly ahead of me there'd be this wonderful magnificent throne
It'd be offered to me... offered to me as my true place... my true home
And then a man would come and he'd humbly bow and kneel before me
He'd be offering something to me....
Why! It's the Nobel Prize for Literature
I'd smile and say "Ah shucks guys sure I was only doin' a few rhymes... and a few stories".
Aww now! LoL Gateway troubles.
I S A A C Jan 2022
I water myself daily, play my heartstrings like a ukulele
the music makes me smile, my art child
I can no longer blame me, for the times you were shady
cannot stay hostile, the negativity is vile
I move on and I move in, to my new skin
I got into my groove and I let myself in
to the world of violins that play for my smirk
I was ******, hurt, and overworked
but now as I rest in my throne of pillows
I realize true peace as I watch the wind bend the willows
KG Dec 2020
Under gaia, through brimstone and fire
I climb below the rocky crops to spot my autumn perch
It glows like my desires owned up to it
This nightly throne I casually moan too
Light this cancer upon my lips
Whisper across the river styx
Best wishes to the mistress Nyx
I knock the vase containing complacent behavior lately sating saintly savior traipsing take your aimless face and waive wasted tainted flavor away from me.
I've not a taste for thee,
KAE Nov 2020
I’m a queen
I’m strong
I’m independent
I don’t need of someone. I don’t need of anyone
I have confidence
I’m mature
I love myself
I don’t need a men. For nothing. Neither to protect me or love me
If someone tells me that I can’t do something, I’ll prove them wrong

I will raise to my throne like a dancing fire to take my crown to my top
I’ll make people respect me like they’d singing a chorus of song
I will be fear and I will be soft
But the most important of all
I will be a priority. I will be listened. I will take care of myself. I will love me like a king loves his queen.
I will raise from this hole of darkness to see the light again to take what is mine back
I’m the wolf that will never bow down to a men because I only bow down to this raising queen
Cassia Jackson Oct 2020
tear down their thrones;
take back your crown,
with blood upon your teeth.
oh darling, change your shape;
for within you there is a wolf.
you were born to howl,
and to serenade the moon.
you try to hurt me?
It is impossible to break me anymore.
and if you hurt me,
every scar of mine will build my throne,
and when i rule i will hold my scepter and
c r  u  sh  
                                                                                   y o  u r
             v e  r  y
Spriha Kant Jul 2020
Whirling in your charm
I crave for owning tiara
ornamented with your love.

No matter what you are ,
but a king throning on my heart.
Bardo Jul 2020
O! Bake me a cake of your lovely
   sweet ****
And I'll eat it, savouring every bite
How I'd love to collapse my face right
   into it....

Now some men they like to smell the
Others, they like the Roses
But me! I like my nose wedged up my
   Baby's bottom
So I can smell her deep sea breezes.

That throne upon which she sits
The sheer arrogance magnificence of

O! I've been up her hills
And down her valleys
But I ain't ever seen anything
Like her two cheeky Charlies.

O! I love their lazy swagger
Would love them served to me on a

Her wonderful pert and Queenly
Her splendid imperious behind.

So you can keep your views on
   Donald Trump
And fundamentalist religion
Me! All I want are thoughts of you
And your beautiful curvaceous
A girlfriend of mine send me a lovely photo of her bottom, trying to entice me LOL.
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