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Ylzm Apr 14
marrying and given in marriage
wickedness breeds greater wickedness
each generation stinkier than the last
and every child born a greater evil

the scattered righteous are few and hated
overwhelmed and drowning in deep sea
sparing the unborn from sorrows and griefs
gifted with the Comforter for courage and help

time is shortened for their sake
in half a time shall they be rescued
in three days and not a week
and in a week and not a year

buds have blossomed and harvest’s not delayed
we mined the Moon and harnessed the Sun
decay’s stench unmistakable but blindly persuaded
as freedom’s necessary aroma, even sacred

the wicked disintegrate where they stand
in utter terror and panic slay one another
earth terraformed in a day without end
and buying and selling cease
While walking
In husle and bustle
Of a busy market
Do cast your glance  
left and right on the ground
Selling goods
Below your status
They aren't beggars
But people who want
To live with dignity and honour
Buy something from them
If you can afford
To loosen your pocket
Gift to someone that something matters
For human honour and dignity
Not to be tattered
Jaxey Sep 2020
My broken heart
was in your hands
And yet you said
it came that way
As you stood there
And wanting
your money back
we both know it wasn't this broken when you bought it
lua May 2020
love doesn't cost much, to say the least. ive never bought love before but i know people who have. some say it costs an arm and a leg, some will say it's about a dollar and two cents. no refunds, as everything goes. sadness is an acquired taste, but it costs nothing more than the entirety of your youth. it has an interest rate too, so if you cant pay it all immediately, you're gonna be in debt for the rest of your life. sometimes you dont realise you bought sadness in the first place. sometimes you mix things up in your shopping cart and that's okay. it happens to the best of us. fear, on the other hand, is something you don't buy. it's just been there for as long as you can remember. some people have more of it, some people have less. sometimes people like to share their fear to other people, or even force it into a poor, unsuspecting fool's hands. everything else is a hand-me-down, opinions and what-not. kids these days like to take those opinions and cut them up and add new stuff to it, making it something new entirely. it's interesting, and it's become some sort of new trend nowadays — a trend i gladly participate in. but there's one thing i don't think i can buy, not for now atleast. happiness. happiness is something i see in a store shelf, a price tag with an ungodly amount of digits sticked on it. happiness is the item in the shop that i pick up and inspect with a longing in my heart, but never can buy. i don't have enough money for happiness. sometimes people drop their happiness as they go about their lives, and i would be the person behind them to see it. there would always be an inner debate within me whether to keep it for myself, or to return it to the owner. on most occasions i am a model citizen, and return it to the person who dropped it. but sometimes i place it inside my bag and bring it home, to where id take it out and feel the corners of my lips twitch into a smile. i know it wasn't mine, but the rich people who can afford it tend to be so careless, as if they don't want it. i know i took someone else's happiness away from them. so i'd place it back in my bag, go back to where i found it and place it there, hoping the owner comes back and finds it. then i'd go back home feeling accomplished, yet heavy inside. it was the right thing to do, i'd repeat to myself. one day i'll buy my own happiness. happiness to call my own.
Ylzm Apr 2020
Banished to wander the Earth
But rebelled to build a City
Babel was temporary, now COVID19
For worship of numbers makes Money, and Man, god.
Ylzm Apr 2020
When love grows cold, we buy and sell
For we rather ******* than despair
—the fighting spirit empowering the Beast—
But love waits, in pain, crying silently unseen
No exchange without the mark of the Beast
Driving to desperation and worship
Those who live by their wits and arms
COVID19 will expose who these are
Maja Mar 2020
Everything comes at a price,
but it’s not always the one buying
that will have to pay
People do bad things without having bad things done to them. Instead, other people suffer because of the actions of other people.
Life is fair, to some more than others.
Mark Toney Dec 2019
Walk by
Wok buy
6/27/2018 - Poetry form: Footle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Arcassin B Nov 2019
by Arcassin Burnham

Please me and tease me,
But don't say you will,
When we both know you won't and this love thing is wrong,
We've covered our hearts inside,
For just a quick fling and a **** in a bed of lies,
And some watered eyes,
For no room to dry,
I just feel My Heart is deep , buried alive, so why lie?
Fated love and a pair of keys in time,
I've smoked up my love,
We both know I'm not what you need at this time,
You keep everything inside...


Come live in the countryside with me,
Mend all your broken ties with me,
But you rather stand and fight with me,
The game that you play ,you can't buy me,
Can't get love like this in the valley,
Hoped I crushed for lusting and empathy,
But you rather put the knife to me,
This game that you play , you can't buy me.

Come live in the countryside with me,
Believed it when you said you loved me,
But I know those words don't mean a thing,
The game that you play , you can't buy me,
Was the one that gave you good memories,
Got the right herbs for your energy,
Used me for it all apparently,
I can't wait to leave you here crying.

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