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Godlink May 24
The moon and I wane

helplessly hoping

for a brighter day to come.
I'm not
looking forward
daisies and sunshine.
The only thing
I'm looking forward to
is the
of your
Goodfellow Jan 16
Wonderful music
Fills up the soul to the rim
Promises brightness
Jaxey Jan 16
You are the rose
that managed to grow
In my field of darkness
idk here's a poem
IncholPoem Jan 11
On  Saturday
people   go  to

  party  partly

not  give
as    people  said.

O­n  Thursday
people   do  not
  give   any
iron   object.

It  is    blind  belief

    or  blind's
two   eye   operation
to  have  new  

Daniel H Shulman Dec 2018
Floating away with stardust in my hand,
Pieces of sunshine with nowhere to land,
Basking in lightness I don’t understand,
Holding stardust is like love in my hand.

Carrying stardust wherever I go,
To hold with me a bit of cosmic glow,
How it shines so bright I will never know,
Sprinkling stardust is letting my love show.

Kissing the stardust around my head,
Sleeping with starlight beside me in bed,
Into the darkness it’s lit where I’ve led,
Following stardust to true love ahead.

Needing the stardust as much as I do,
Alive with glow of energy new,
Its glorious aura in all that’s true,
Loving stardust, my star, that stardust is you.
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As the Sun rises
Higher in the sky
I see her smiles fade
By the brightness of the morn
But the Dawn is not sad
She does not complain
She knows
After a long dusky set pause
Her return is certain
Her smiles will dispel darkness
And light up the entire world
Again and again
Danielle Oct 2018
I’m floating,
Just adrift in feeling,
Not fully one thing or another.
Except when I’m with you.
I get filled up with brightness,
So much, it overflows.
Spills out of me,
And  tries to fill the room.
Eventually maybe I'll stop being sappy, but I suppose one needs happy poems.
Mary Frances Oct 2018
I talked to the Moon,
in all Her brightness and light,
about you and I.
I whispered to Her all the words
I kept in my heart with the hope
that She will whisper those to you while you sleep.
I asked Her to keep you in Her embrace
while Her Stars give light in your darkness.
And I tied my desires to Her beam
as I promised my heart to you.
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