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Ali Hilout Apr 2020
Positivity is a shining light,
Like chaperone to accompany you,
Through the gloomy alley.
Thus, when life overcast its murky clouds,
And make your alley sunless,
May your light still enlighten your path.
lunademiere Apr 2019
I’m looking up to see the star,
a silver sky in sunless time,
the silver thought, in silver gown,
the star is shy, my lips are dry,
I’m looking up to see my gown,
a shyness storm in sunless time,
wait no more swallowed in delight,
dark, purple leaves, a kiss so bright.
Poem from my book 'The Allure Of Time' now available on amazon.
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Caroline Grace Jul 2015
You are the sunless sky,
The moonless night
I can't survive
Though I've tried to stray
Your hatred hovers above my head
Like a cloudy day I can't repress.

You're the tattoo etched on my soul
The tattoo that moans and groans
Aching to forget
The sunless sky who stole its ever burning light
That coldest night
Where our breaths entwined
For infinite moment in time
And though the moon never glowed
Our eyes shine in the starlight
We created with our toxic dreams
Of what never was and never will be.

— The End —