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lunademiere Dec 2020
Touch me Jesus lest I die,
Touch me once a thousand times.
Touch the perfume of my soul,
sanctify my every thought
and for thee I shall live an eternal dawn.
lunademiere Sep 2019
This love is sanctifying me,
wines of ecstasy are pouring on my lips, injuring my soul with moaning,
I desire you only,
I desire the sweetness of our heavenly flavours from which the sun is melting and turning its gaze towards bottomless oceans,
let me drown my being in your absolute existence,
this shy soul of mine is giving fresh buds,
my tears are holy churches springing on Earth, where humble pilgrims search in quest for your graces and succour.
md-writer Feb 2018
be not possessed
by any thing or passion


possess thyself in love and purity

for so he wills to dwell within his broken and beloved sheep

and ever gently leads them
and he shall be thy portion
Wolf Irwin May 2014

— The End —