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trf Mar 18
your violet candle vents
vanilla lilac scents
reminiscent of nights
spent beset by blankets
of silent flower fields
and blinks of fire flies
lighting our landscape love
Carmen Jane Sep 2019
Lovingly you say my name,
Waves in the ocean
Whispers linger in my ears,
Stirring a love potion

Holding tight in dizziness
You've spun a tornado
Eyes are closed by weariness
I'll dance with you, just  say so.

Never letting go, as we sway to and fro
Hold my heart in your hands
Never letting go, hold my hands just so
Let's spin and  see, where our love lands

Lovingly you say my name,
Waves in the ocean
Whispers linger in my ears,
Stirring a love potion
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2019
A treat for every eye
a potion for every cup
a room for everyone.
One day the sun
will drop into a lap on earth.
It looked red, red
the first day it shone
is still the same red rose!
Tsunami Jul 2019
My brain doesn’t understand how to get from
Point A to Point B
Without hitting Z, F, G, P
A symbiotic drum
Beating to our heartbeats

My mind doesn’t know
How to count from one to ten
Without bringing twelve and ninety
To bubble up in between
It is a potion gone wrong in all honesty

I don’t go from being friends to acquaintances
Its all or nothing
Love and hate
Lust and disgust
There is no middle ground

Thats the problem.
i dont know how to be normal
Nuha Fariha Jun 2019
Gather your books, your notebooks, your pages and pages
Barely legible Catholic school cursive, oil crusted papers
Coffee stains, cheese danish crumbs, ink marks on your thighs

Use your mother’s brain, your father’s tireless oxen energy
Your sister’s bravery, your grandmother’s mix of mango & tajin,
Your grandfather’s home grown guavas from the rooftop gardens
You come from a legacy, a star doesn’t explode in isolation

At my funeral play Jamila, play Nitty, NoName,
Rihanna, SZA, Mahlia, Kamaiyah, MIA, Nina,
Light a votive in the shape of Beyonce and baby Blue
Sing your blues, the chorus never sounded this good
my beauty is the most powerful potion on Earth,
drink it and get transformed,
growing tree of golden apples,
who dares to catch me?
who dares to climb?
My book will be released soon.
For the moment you can get a copy of my book 'The Allure Of Time' on amazon.
pa3que Feb 2019
“alice, drink the potion”
they said,
“we all think
you’re a little mad.”

oh, but truly,
can’t you see?
in most cases
madness is the key.

why be fragile?
don’t collapse,
rather take some
of my stash.

hidden goods,
with you i’ll share,
just to show,
i really care.

to Wonderland,
darlin’ now, come,
take my hand.

we’ll tap-dance
from outta here,
“stop resisting!”,
they’re too near.

you’re almost there,
but then you crack,
(“was it too much?”)
they lock you up
like a maniac.
Star BG Jan 2019
And I shall mix my own potion,
fighting the dark to integrate light.
It bubbles and tickles throat.
Warm and cools at same time
taunting senses.
It travels to heart
burning away old emotions
lodged that inhibit.

A grand concoction valuable but free.
Try it for a better tomorrow.

  One part love
One part forgiveness
One part trust mixed with dreams
and one part inner light.
Take as often as needed,
below full moon for best results.
inspired by chat with gabriella garcia  Thanks
EmperorMoth Nov 2018
Poured a potion into a glass
I must pause pain just for the day
Make breaking down a distant past
A few gulps in, lots less to say

Numbing the cold cumbersome wind
Feeling the nice, warm, sensation
Silent smiles, eyes rolling in
I've missed this lone meditation
I know I will wake up brought back from the potion
However, I didn't think I'd stay forever
I used it like it was just another session
A ritual of calm where I could be less altogether
Julian Caleb Nov 2018
'I've a pain in my head'
Said the suffering Beckford;
To her Doctor so dread.
'Oh! what shall I take for't?'

Said this Doctor so dread
Whose name it was Newnham.
'For this pain in your head
Ah! What can you do Ma'am?'

Said Miss Beckford, 'Suppose
If you think there's no risk,
I take a good Dose
Of calomel brisk.'--

'What a praise worthy Notion.'
Replied Mr. Newnham.
'You shall have such a potion
And so will I too Ma'am.'
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