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the sprouting wedding oceans burns,
trembling hymns of ****** appeal,
plumes to spread like butterflies eaten in flames,
prayer churches spawn the light,
web of magical design,
hive sheltered in the sublime Universe.
Poem from my upcoming book.
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i, the wild seed blew in my youth?
floating on the comfort of any wind
they carried me high for a broader view
to be a little closer to answers of truth.

no direction is sometimes a beautiful thing?
responsible for only what concerns you?
not landing long enough in soft sweet earth?
to put down roots that always longed to grow.

i had dreams of a constant love to put seed into?
but the high winds blowing outside roared like the sea?
enticing me to be carried on the easy breeze?
but the easy way is often a cold hard rain.??

the wild seed was called by the high winds?
blowing inside warming me with wanderlust
caught between two lovers was never a hard choice?
because the high wind was my first love.

i blew thousands of miles and light years away
landed in the soft sweet earth of a girl
a childhood sweetheart often remembered
partly the reason I blew in that direction.

the seed lingered too long in one place?
the roots got a foothold in the soft sweet earth?
the high winds tried to pull up the roots?
causing pain in me and the soft sweet earth.

the germination of the seed caused more pain
seed to maturity isn't the easy way
each stage causing new dimensions of pain?
though pain can also be the sweetness of love.

through decades and millions of light years
I have grown in that soft sweet earth?
two more seeds and deeper love stemmed from it
as I ignored the tempting lure of the high winds.

but I still listen as the high winds call?
sharing this pain with the ones I love
waiting to one day fly high as I once did
though it could never be the same as before.??

she too was a wild seed blowing with the winds?
now waiting with me to one day fly again
as we watch our children sail in their high winds?
both of us feeling the roots being pulled
and the winds starting to lift us to blow concordantly 
in a higher wind than we have ever known.?

--Daniel Irwin Tucker
So many are filled with hostility
hostile world, we're living in
in a place of constant volatility
volatile minds, never giving in

this world needs new possibilities
possibly, we can fix this place
place me in a world of viability
viable living for the human race

will we ever sow the seeds of fertility?
fertile growth for all of mankind
mankind needs a brand new civility
civil ways should be re-defined
this style has different rules than my usual quantum loops. Viable - capable of working successfully; feasible.
(of a seed or spore) able to germinate.
(of a plant, animal, or cell) capable of surviving or living successfully, especially under particular environmental conditions.

— The End —