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lila Feb 21
wished upon a shooting star
for any deity
to bring you back to me

turns out
my upstairs neighbor smokes cigarettes
and flicks the butts off the balcony
Steve Page Feb 14
The Son of Man came to seek
and to save the lost
to touch and to heal the hurt regardless of His personal cost

The Son of Man came to embrace
the human condition
without hesitation
He sat down in poverty
with those used to exclusion

He walked with the weak
and spoke with the ignorant,
putting up with derision,
He shared His wisdom
in the face of indifference.

The Son of Man came
to live and to give,
to love and to grieve,
to walk in scuffed sandles
to suffer blood blisters,
cuts and calluses.

The Son of Man suffered much
though He lived without fault,
He was a man well acquainted
with aches, tears, and snot,

with breaks and blood
and not a few bruises
and still He asked
with a death rattle gasp,

'Father, forgive my accusers.'
More than human.
Austin Draper Jan 26
Roll down the chair. Cut it up and sell it now. How much do you price an inch? A centimeter? Would you all give it away? For what, a stick?
For how do you price each strand?
Squeeze it and meld it, you only change the appeared shape and liquid absorbed. But it is what it is. For a light in brilliant colors whispers
“For better or worse, it is a rag.”
Out comes the stuffing. It made our cars go and now what? Should the rock come in and shout that each should be not unstuffed by introspection
Or is it theirs to introspect?
Made to know. But when does “The know” have enough to know itself and us? When does it’s eyes become eyes and read the words plastered on our face? When do we become “The know?”
Although making the container itself, we did and shouldn’t make the contents within. Be mindful of your portions and don’t spice
Because that’s the way it’s always been. ?
Talking about the nature of Objects, Are they always what they are? Do they intrinsically mean more than they are?
kevin hamilton Nov 2018
the truth is
i was writing poems about you
long before i knew your face
Clelia Albano Nov 2018
Blaise said "the heart has
its order". That's true.
Mine travels on a map in
progress. There are no
borders. Sometimes it faces
gigantic stairs and I have
to throw it up above to
prevent it from being
drained. Sometimes it
joyfully takes a ride high
and low between the
spaces of your thoughts.
I whisper "don't give up"
and it doesn't, because
you are its deity and it
is your summoner.
Because Love it's not only chemistry
Shame Oct 2018
Give me brushes and
something colorful
not tested on
a thing
with a heartbeat
and watch me go!
I love me.
I know how
I like      to look.
Think that this
face is
for you?
Think again.
Think that      This Face
is for you      and your. . .
Think again.
Think again.
aj Oct 2018
I prayed that you find hope inside disaster

I prayed that if disaster struck
at least maybe you learn from the inevidable

I prayed for the power to protect you
I prayed to forgiven; I failed

I prayed that I would stop worshiping you as if you hailed from the sky

I prayed to those unknown deities
I prayed they would stop taunting me with you

I prayed that maybe I would stop making wishes for you
I prayed that I would not care as much about you

I prayed that angles would stop playing tricks
I prayed their soft tongues and laughing frames would stop placing their creations upon my path like golden gifts on display

but I am on my knees and sitting still
praying that I would stop worshiping you

(you are a blessing
that I've been condemned to)

The harbinger of happiness comes when you least suspect.
When he's here you don't know what he'll affect.
You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll forget about pain.
That comes later, with his absence, and you'll need him again.
He fills you with joy, and ecstatically so.
You've been affected in ways you don't even know.
Your brain will turn to mush,
the thoughts in your head will all come to a hush.
None of that matters, because you're experiencing ecstasy.
It'll feel like you're on a cloud, so happy and carefree.
Tears of joy are common, your heart will feel as if it'll burst out your chest.
There's nothing in this world that will make you feel more blessed.
Pain will leave your life, when he's come for you.
You'll beg him not to leave, but he's only passing through.
It'll be the best day of your life, you'll never want him to leave.
But when he does, a whole day you'll need to grieve.
Praggya Joshi Sep 2018
I hallowed your name
Adored you
With every breath
That escaped
from my lips
In the dawning glow
That reflected
On your burnished skin
As well as
in my paradisaic dreams
And cherished thoughts
Every day
Carefully aligned
The chords of my heart
To the sonorous melodies
That resonated
Somewhere from your core
Weaved an intimately
vital connection
From my soul
For my existence
With my trembling hands
Tirelessly knelt before
Your sparkling facade
Never once looked
Past its exquisite splendour
Asked nothing from you
Except for your undying affection
But all you did
Was bequeath me
An undying fear and suspicion
When you recklessly
And loconically
Made me realise
That i was
Relentlessly worshipping
A heartless demon
Instead of a deity
For such a dangerously
Long duration
With all of my strength
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