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Zywa Oct 2023
Around your presence,

everything becomes gloomy --

So stay in my eyes!
Prose poem "Being Beauteous" (1875, Arthur Rimbaud), set to music in 1938-1939 by Benjamin Britten (opus 18)

Collection "Love Mind and Death"
Zywa Sep 2023
I fly in the blue,

look, my whole body is blue, --

Fly and sing with me!
Song "Nel blu dipinto di blu" ("In the blue painted blue" / "Volare", 1958, text Domenico Modugno and Franco Migliacci, music and singing Domenico Modugno)

Collection "Loves Tricks Gains Pains in the 40s and 50s"
AceLione Jun 2023
Drinks, drinks and more drinks down my throat
To feel some sort of nausea like I’ve been rocking on a boat
Just for the moment of absolute alcoholic rejoice
To dance, jump and yell out every bit of your voice
To be like some sort of euphoric paradise
The pain of it faded away is for later to realize
yāsha Apr 2023
slather my lips more with your salivated
pry my mouth open
and speak to me in french—kiss and make me
remember that these illusions are safe. perhaps
alter my two realities,
tell me that i am real—you are real. this trip has no
end, i know. but i've never been loved like this.

      i would end it if it means i'd get to live again,
      but then i'll leave you here
      —all alone with no one to hold.
Lanz Gabor Dec 2022
I'm dreaming of you
with the moonlight blue
Your eyes stole my soul
Oh, you're my yellow

Flowers like gold
like a ray of sunshine, you glow
You electrify my heart
Oh, you're my favorite part

Would you stay with me?
I'll be here everyday cause

You are euphoria
and this is love
Lanz Gabor Nov 2022
i dreamt of a cyber landscape
with lights that screamed
blue, green, and yellow
filled with neon and electro
and unrealistic fantasies
that suddenly became organic

all of these pixel powered ideas
soon has led me to a state of desire
and i wanted her to run with me
on these television roads and be free
and i shouted for euphoria
then euphoria's hello was her

charging my already electrified heart
her beat kept me alive
for more digital seasons to try
and more digital spaces to fly
with a touch of chrome and love
this cyberspace became ours
I drift off to be found by my new reality, an amorphous existence where winds carry a challenging honesty,
the incarnation of rhythm itself

Amidst the breeze, I meditate
swaying in the rhythm,
my limbs become like quicksand,
a physical contemplation
of the depth of character

A quicksand entity,
I am the being who abides
the infidel to patiently infect,
and engulf,
A suffocation mentality
A M Ryder Aug 2022
A lot of you
Would agree
That this world 
Would be a
Better place
Without me

I don't disagree 
In fact, I've been
Wanting to leave
It behind
For as long
As I can remember

So this is
The part where
I'll never recover,
The part where
Life takes me down,
And the scene
That scars
Kushal May 2022
One day I stumbled forward,
Falling into a bed of roses.
The thorns ceased to ***** as before.
They cradled me so cosy.

I found myself at a loss for words...
How could this be real?
After all the Hell I'd travelled through,
Set afire in search of a Heaven,
I'd so easily fumbled my way through its gates,
And seen a beauty I could never dream nor feel.

No, that's not it.
Maybe Heaven had found me?
Why would the Gods have blessed me so?
Why now? Why here? Wh-...

She held my hand,
And pulled me in close.

My questions quelled,
And I found an answer beyond any words my head could think.
We all find love. Sometimes we look and we find, sometimes we look away and find it, and sometimes, it finds us. As long as we are willing to love as we wish to be loved, Love will find a way.
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