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He watered the flowers in my chest and they blossomed.
I showed him all of the colours on my tongue and he stayed.

He’s like a breath of fresh air,
clearing my mind but filling my lungs.
It’s different and warm. It’s hopeful.
This feels so easy yet so serene.

There is something remarkable in the way he speaks,
the way he laughs and whispers and sings.
It will remind you of knowledge infused innocence.
And then we’re ******* each other in the kitchen.

We kiss and it’s like I’ve tasted everything sweet,
while my body feels like it has been set on fire and
the butterflies’ wings still flutter with desire.
I lay my ear flat on his chest, as I try to
memorise the rhythm of his heartbeat.

We’re driving down an empty highway.
I look over, you take my hand and smile with your green eyes.
We stay silent but I know and you know:
this is the most profound feeling in life.
© LAICEY Poems October 2020
Everyday, Everynight,
Everytime we meet in sight,
Smiles drawn to our faces,
as we talk and talk, Gosh! it's endless.

Euphoria, Misery, Ecstasy,
Anxiety, Rhapsody, Melancholy.
Memories that we'll surely miss,
Forget all those negativities.

Growing up together,
to an adventurous journey ever,
Reach our very dreams,
as we pave our way to the vast seas.

Solving our problems with great positivity,
In this world full of negativity.
Our bond really is getting stronger,
It makes us stay long when we're together.
Angel 5d
That glass piece,
fitting so perfectly
into my palm.
Smooth, cold, round,
holding my hand tighter than any ex-lover before.
That ginger kiss upon my lips,
sending smoke to hug my lungs.

Those IV bags dripping of happiness,
shooting euphoria through my bloodstream.

Anything to keep me from feeling numb.
Anything to prolong my inevitable fall,
back to my own personal purgatory.
oh dear,
it is okay to be sad,
but isn't okay it to be constant.

look at the sky
wanting you to
smile from within,
the moon could set on.

the stars are waiting
you to dance on haven land,
the flowers could bloom.

the butterflies arent chasing,
honey anymore
as its meaningless to have
the real honey in distraught.

why does it feel like the world is dark when you dont talk or smile anymore?
just be happy my beloved.
Roro Aug 27
Swimming with stars, a cosmic stream
Saturn’s no longer a distant dream
Titan in one hand, the other waving to Ganymede
Ideas are rushing and fluttering
Like dandelion seeds in the wind, they’re slippering
Melodic strings then crashing drums
A chaotic orchestra, now here they come...
Melting shadowy figures from the dead
Delusions from the collapsed parts of my head
A simple reminder to stop glamorizing mania, **** can get scary dangerous real quick.
Sandoval Aug 25
We locked eyes
and I knew then,
There was nothing
more beautiful
than the color of
tragedy. It’s like I
traveled In time
and submerged
my soul in an aura
of different emotions
love, heartbreak,
loneliness, hope,
all at once. An
adrenaline of hues.
Don’t we all live for
these feelings of
inspiration? The
of its vibration..

clementine Aug 14
i have always been enough, now i understand.
far away from you, this is where i stand.
you being my solace was a mistake.
pills of euphoria i must take.
Beng Jul 18
I never thought I'd be happy now, despite everything
Someone is making me happy
He controls me being sappy
He keeps me sane
Even after everything is not the same
I wish this feeling could last forever
I swear,
I'm gonna keep trying to be better
i'm so in love with my boyfriend . very much in love. so in love.
Sam Jul 15
the evening rolls in
clouds of pink and purple
the sound smells like roses
the ground purrs when i pet it
touching the soft grass in bare feet
my skin glows with life
my rings are just a blessing that i don't need
i make no sense right now
but i feel content so
i must make sense
the wet pavement sounds like summer
i think i'm in love with you
i can feel your energy
can see it
so i think
i'm in love with you
Aaron Gubang May 28
Once i saw your mellifluous smile
I feel like the felicity burst inside
I feel the euphoria inside of my soul
Your internal beauty is ineffable

Your mellifluous smile was pure solace for me
Since i saw your smile i really wanted to protect and cherish.
My feelings will be forever sealed eternal
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