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Mei B 1d
I love the way your hand intertwines in mine.
When you put your arms around me I’m engulfed in a sea of warmth so devine.
One touch and all the stress goes away in my life. I feel your love burning with passion.
Especially when the fibers of our bodies touch until we both reach satisfaction.
When I move away you come in closer, pulling me in so the feeling isn’t over.
You make the stress melt away in my life, although sometimes the cause.
We have both gained and lost, but most importantly we’ve grown.
All the affection you give is proud to be shown.
You got me feeling euphoria.
As you lay next to me, sleeping so sound.
I am thankful you are the one I’m around.
*slowly coming back from hiatus*

for my love. his arms are always a safe haven.
Pallavi 1d
Life will never ,
Let you sit back.
It always keeps you,
      on move.
It's agreement of disagreements,
dancing on its groove.
Pain, agony, and
feeling of despair.
Every fair chance,
is there to repair.
It's a bundle of
Glee, euphoria & delight.
Need a right move..........
and embrace it tight.
Ally Jan 4
It’s happiness I crave.
The strange euphoria from dancing in a rage.
The beauty in a books single page.

     How can one not be enthralled with the simplicity of everyday things?
     How can people glance over the beauty of life’s calmness?

It’s the happiness I crave.
When I see an old couple hold hands,
Or when I drive across the land.

   The peace and serenity of life.
   The happiness from the little things
This is what I crave.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
People i am growing with,
Their scattered pieces,
I am a puzzle of all together.
In the amid of the crowd i am surrounded by ,i have become them and no one become me. I am lost to be found again, all over again .
Haven't felt euphoria
but they say it's notorious
with sympathy that disease.
That loves to seize
hearts and hold them captive.
That's pretty attractive
to take hold
and force a heart to fold.
Euphoria I need you
repair my smile
piece it together
even with cracked tile.
Whatever it takes.
Karisa Brown Dec 2018
What are we reaching for
Emma jean Dec 2018
Our youth is ending,
   ****** beer and snickers bars swapped        for cheap ***** and cold laughs
                Drip drip, the bottle spills
           Drip drip our limbs spread out
    A harmony held high over our heads
We swim down stream
   Our stomachs to the sky
    All scales and notes and melodies
A song composed in an series of summers
  A song sung through the rocks, our finger     tips glow
A stutter, a song stuck in motion
    An unspoken emotion, stays behind
All I want is to be back at the creek, with you, loving me
K Balachandran Nov 2018
Mind’s calisthenics,
Trigger words’ pyrotechnics;
Ah! Euphoria!
. . .do not be the horror,
in this world
-for others.

The weapon of a mind,
chiseled hard by. . .
alcohol, drugs

A Monster.  . .
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