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Neelam Jun 5
Reflected sunbeam
on pristine retinal walls,

brimming with unadulterated charm,

Eyes bordering on feminine

The hearth of virile masculinity,

The oceanic mirage,
alluring spectra of eternal flames,

... induced purest inebriation!
Dear folks, this is a revised version of the earlier poem titled "Crystal Eyes". Needless to say, each time I look into "his" eyes, I will be possessed by euphoria.
PiLomus May 30
A downpour doesn't feel like rain,
Unless it make you run,
To relive that redolent fun,
Of racing against the next drop,
But still wishing it to not stop.
Today after a long time, rain made me run And euphoric mind and soul, pick up the pen.
Rebels in the night immersed in the glow of the bright neon light

Surrender to the Night

For we do not know where to go but we trust in the night that everything shall be alright

The rain begins to pour
the air so crisp

If only the world could cease to exist
And leave you and I in this night of bliss.
Be still and write.
Let the fire in you become wildfire as your worries enfolds you.
Create words as if the last sentence you will produce will create greatness.
Stand firmly as the darkness slowly creeps,
let light shine upon you as you pray to the almighty however you may perceive him to be.

Walk as if the adventure will be the destination,
Run as you go unknowingly to tomorrow.

Smile as you find the peace of your mind,
laugh as you greet your heart with euphoria.

Treat people as if kindness is our only virtue,
dedicate actions thru affections.

Plant your feet into the ground,
carry each other's weight with great care.
Feel not of heroism,
but instead be heedfully compassionate.

Write like the sunset will be the last you will see today.
Give life chances as it surprises you with grace.
Maria Etre Mar 9
He blew me a kiss
that blew my muses
        n                    a                 e               f                   h   o
i                    o                 s                 o          e        p            r                aaaaa
         ­       t                                   a                     u                           i
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