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Bluebird Oct 10
What are you, but a mans misintrepretation of divinity. No one deserves to carry the burden of impossible expectations.
You are too kind to be a ruler and too cruel to be a priest. You will have to be a lover, the only thing that can be both at the same time.

I place you at my alter as both prayer and sacrifice in one.
I try to give you away, but you were never mine to own.
But your eyes are too bright to look into and your hands are too cold to hold.

There are stains on my soul form loving you too hard. Stains from when I spilled your blood to keep myself warm and ended up drowning instead.
From a story I wrote once.
Chad Young Sep 9
I have five appendages: head, arms, and legs.
More complex than oneness: what of the
six joints of every leg and arm, or the seven vertebra of the neck?
Thus, looking at the body becomes more and more complex
until I revert back to where my body evolved from a single-
celled organism, which in turn came from water.

Emotions are like appendages, there are also five simple emotions.
Looking at them react together is very complex to follow each motion.

Then, to complete the divine triangle: body, emotion, and, knowledge, which is born of unification.
Virtue are singularities of all three together.

Spirit is service,
compulsion is a virtue of youth and vitality.
It is excess of enjoyment. It knows
less limits and adheres to less stillness.
Insanity is the virtue of enjoyment that is converted
to pain: a pain for others, if not sorrow for me.

Thus, when I am continually the object of my own
insanity, it can be hidden.  But when it affects others,
it becomes mental illness.
A night of regret due to ignorance.
Mixing light with darkness, and seeing the corruption of the world. Inspiring to be one of the greats? What are we all living for? Manifesting, our dreams into reality, as we see our thoughts. Come alive right before our very eyes! This is what we believe to see. This is our reality.
My first poem came to me, when i was standing on the beach, watching light and dark mix in the sky.
Neither Ghost
nor Father
nor a Sun
But still a 3-in-1,
with a flash of lightning
scarred between
them eyes
All together
yet always alone
Standing behind a dais
on Zoom
invoking with the one good 20/20 between them,
broadcasting words into being,
manifesting Hitlerian spells
to bewitch and
to squander
the True Tales
of a Plummeting Icarus Struck Down
(but not forgotten)
by some transcendental debasement.
Admire as 'They yet She' reel a bit,
employing a well-worn
tactical maneuver,
now, getting steady,
holding on ever tighter
to the wood.
These my w.c.fieldsian barkers
who share a predestined
and enflambed
yet glorious
third eye,
with little specks of gold,
'They yet She' look to be pinning it down
This very specific Message
from the Heavens,
'They yet She' are converging
and this should be
your takeaway
So kind of pay attention,
"'The Lord sayeth unto me
that all Men are Fools,
given to wanton callowness'
To which i reply:
'If only they would look
into the cavity,
and reach deeply and far-flung
to grasp, or rather,
to treasure
just one of a myriad of
divine possibilities
For within the obscurity
The Glory
of All
or Nothing
and back again
for Eternity;
the Eight laying down
to rest,
And so ends The Lesson.'
To which the Lord replied
'Well done U!'
and better still,
'They yet She' intoned,
with a sly, flyaway wink
'I know!'"
Marla Dantes Aug 20
Sitting in a grove, meditating
under shade. Take a
deep breath and watch
those thoughts go away.
Millions of sunrises
grace the eye as vibrant waves
flutter to and fro- fanciful
palettes of red, orange, and gold.
Beautiful harbingers of joy
that rain down from above;
cosmic seeds blissfully
brimming out sheer love.
Feel the life force
coursing underneath your thighs
while this connection being forged
helps you soar and reach the sky.
All along, we’ve always been
fruits of the same tree.
We’ve always known each other,
what’s inside of you is but
another part of me.
It is said that the Buddha reached enlightenment in a mango grove and after existing near mango trees my whole life, it’s not at all hard to see why. Besides being delicious, they’re also packed with vitamin C, fiber, terpenes, and loads of other neat stuff. And if you’re spiritually inclined, they’re  imbued with mystical properties and many speculate that they are a direct gift to our world from the divine. Whatever it is that you believe, definitely give them a try if you haven’t already!
Jesus wore only a robe and needed only a mount to speak to those around him. And yet his words, his wisdom, his divinity have lasted over two thousand years. But look at what has become of his legacy? Have you been to Vatican City? Have you seen the Basilica? What does it have to do with Jesus' core message?:  Love one another. The collective wealth of the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches around the world is so massive that it cannot be determined. But Jesus wore only a robe and needed only a mount. Jesus would find upon his return a sight obscene:  a colossal monetary worth of those who were supposed to carry on his teachings! Jusus would scream:  "Sell all your worldly possessions! Sell the Basilica! Sell all the priceless and precious objets d'art in your collections! Sell all your churches! Give all your money to the poorest of the poor! Do you not remember what I did when I entered the sacred temple and found money-changers? I turned over their tables! I threw their coins on the floor! I threw the money-changers out! I found corruption instead of holy caring! What was my crucifixtion for? Pray to God and care for your fellow human beings. Do it in a vacant lot. Call
it the Cathedral of the Sky!

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet, an essayist, a novelist, and a human-rights advocate his entire adult life.
What is this?
Is it a dream?
Nothing changes,
Yet nothing stays the same.

We’re not here.
We all exist,
As one elsewhere.
I wade into its forest
and wander inside its ocean
this heart carries their rhythm
my love ‘tis its own

I soar across this earth
and walk beyond its skies
my feet rest upon its solidity
its foundation is my home

I ingest its symphony
and bathe in its purity
this mind becomes empty
Oneness and I, alone

I listen to its fruitfulness
harvesting its riches
this body fills with silence
its void is my unknown

It sees through these eyes
all of its creations
this spirit is in but not of this world
my breath it has bestowed
8/13/20 to voice enlightenment is to never say a word. Yet I cannot keep quiet what so definitively wants to be heard.
When you surrender to
the wisdom of life
you realize
not only have you been walking
across the hands of god all along
you are the eyes through which
god realizes itself
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