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Nylee Sep 25
A**** real and reality
I follow the blurred real pictures
Which spiral away from divinity
I am
With flaws
With fragile heart
A sensitive soul

I believe you
You will
Never break
Let's face it together

I am
Not as decent
As you thought

I believe you
You are the One
I can blindly
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Sincerity
Elicia Hurst Sep 1
Sacrosanct sacrifices  
collide in a mirrored image.
There’s a dual grace in the anguish
as the High Priestess tears
a beating heart out —

It lures a half-crazed
Apollonian hymn from you,
harmonized to the devil’s interval,
for my repertoire of Dionysian dance,
attuned to ballet’s feral ceremonies.  
On the lunar stage of ecstasy,
we sedate and ******.

But how far do you dare to rival the muses?
“As far as it takes, and then some more.”
You say to me, in consummate hunger.
Or are we just fools drunk on nectar
in a tug of never-ending war?
April 2018
Breon Aug 27
Now I have seen divinity
In clearings wide as all the sky,
All grassy green and riotous:
Long blades a-rattling, aimed at Heaven,
Warring with an unseen wind.

And I have seen futility
As plain as winter's frosty breath,
Where fields of green gave way to death
And skies of blue surrendered, too,
Wrapped up, abandoned in a white tomb.

They'll muster up for war again
When Spring trips in to dance and sin
As if their bellicose endeavors
Ever had a snowball's chance.

And here is Hell, their every movement
Sisyphus against the rock -
Each blade of pristine imperfection
Dances by the wind's design.
I didn't realize I was drawing on Alan Seeger until he was already in the poem. I don't write anything that doesn't end up here. Inspiration is fickle. I need to practice more.
ScarletRose Jul 20
When she glows,
The life flows;
When she chose
To come close;

All is well
And nothing's fine
Life is swell
And love's divine

She is here;
She is fear;
She is not there,
Too much to bear.
Dante Jun 6
When you rose from the waters,
you were only dark hair, curls as stubborn as you, and as the strands slid away from your cheek, I saw you face me with the scowl and rage slashed into you by God himself,
and I knew nothing,
I knew nothing, but to kneel before you.
Mother God planted the seed of joy in me but I am still at war with what eternity entails,
sugar peaches kissed in sunless shades,
the fruits of heavens melt evermore,
cosmic outburst at the limit of human perception,
come, steal my fashion, besiege my immortality.
Maddie Rea May 7
I can’t even think to for the words for you, so many so little time..

I’m sorry: for being even a blip in your existence

For taking you away from your course

That I’m leaving a stain in your memory

For wasting as much time as I already have

You’re sleeping next to me tonight

That I won’t be your sacrifice

I won’t be able to give you our demon spawn

That I allowed myself to love you

I say you’re the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

I’m so ******* stupid

For absolutely loving our ***

Because I accepted you with ease

That we have a divine connection

I couldn’t help you help yourself

The others before me hurt you so bad

For not being able to give you the world

My emotions get out of hand

That sometimes I just don’t understand

I have shown you a different light

This will be our last fight

It’s our last night

But I have to stop there because you would tell me I’m making it about me or not trying to understand you

But tonight I will be selfish and I will say my side even if no one sees this

I’m so happy I got to fall in love with you even if you, as you say, don’t love me

You are the best I will ever have in bed; you hold me all through the night; our *** is unreal, the way you can make my body feel

You listened when no one would and wouldn’t when everyone could lend an ear

I haven’t had any serious nightmares since being with you but I’ll lay it out right I have nightmares every night

You make me feel unstoppable, I never would have felt that without you

The amazing things we seen and the earth shattering things you allowed me to dream

The way you made me scream acting out my fantasies

Purple spotted skin from the **** you were not into; including ******* on me

Feeding into my multiple personalities, allowing them to learn how to love and it’s ok for little Maddie to be

Letting Maddie roam free, mushroom hunting and ******* me

Telling me you actually enjoy my poetry; making me feel motivated and free

I love your soul and every personality including Zero... even if he wants to **** me

Nights and days in the cemetery; that night you grabbed my back, the nap that could’ve lasted an eternity make me believe

Most of all showing me that this reality is just another dream; coming to know me you know how I exit my dreams

So I’m sorry to say this will be our last memory because tonight I will finally give into my urges to bleed

I don’t intend to die but sometimes I can get a little extreme and hopefully tomorrow I might wake to a dream within a dream

I wouldn’t get my hopes up though because it will probably just be a cold reality
My God, My Fallen Angel, My Eternity. I love you more then I could ever imagine loving another. I truly hope your my twin flame, to meet again in another life, waiting for eternity to be your wife.
Ryan Apr 23
You ask me what your dreams mean
Like I am a divine being
I give you words I have stolen from the mouths of those much smarter than me
I will let you think I am divine for as long as I can stand to wear the itchy wool of someone else’s skin

After we **** again you look at me,
Shrouded in my version of false divinity  
The droplets of sweat on my skin you mistake for glimmer, a sign from the heavens that don't exist here
I run my hands down my face when you stare for too long
My fingers tug and push and nudge at all the places my veil has been snagged

Tell me to be transparent
Transparent enough to feel the closeness you can no longer derive from your faith
But not transparent enough that you can look through me to the smudged mirror hung on the opposite wall and see what you’ve become
I share your bed with the women that have come before me
Did they perform for you like I do?

Pour yourself into beads of jade and I will string you around my wrist until the indents left in my skin are permanent
There is a woman inside of my hollow rib cage who never liked the imperfections I allowed you to see
But when you are gone she will be there to occupy the room in my empty stomach and wrap her bony arms around me
I do not mind that she tells me I have thickened out
I agree
I look at her in the mirror and beg her to make me divine again
Mist distilled:
A tincture of salt, overcast
A drop of blood from a punctured thumb
The subtle starkness of it all

The birth of darkness, a raven, a meek expression
And the death of a white bird (a dove?)
In mutual amplification of the other

Water without gravity
A body without bones
Pearls that are milky stringed with abalone on a wirey rope
The ocean, but in the sky
A reaction to an art piece I saw
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