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SY Apr 4
I miss you Texas
I miss you last year
Look how everything changed
Yet your feelings didn’t
Texas hot summer
Became Alaska Freeze
Took my heart, it froze and broke
How do you fix that
If you know, inform me
I thought it was suppose to feel warm
Laid back
Mind left
Not thinking of you
Wanted to make something
You wanted nothing
Heart done froze
Yet its warm now
And I’m gone now
No feelings left
Yet I’m kinda stuck now
Gotta go can’t stay stagnant now
You first right
I’m choosing me always
Me first always
I love me many firsts before this cold world
I’m not part of
I’d deserve real love
I’d deserve the world and some if you ask me
Thought you would have known
I was strongly mistaken
Its easy to switch water with *****
And maybe I was too depressed to smell
But **** I was damaged
Sheit slipped like time
I tired to go back
Right where I had none left
So I started walking forward now
Went back trying to find time
And you could never get that sheit back
Sheit got real
My feeling dried out
A hot girls summer
She works hard for hers
She loves herself the most
When no one else would
Started living Zen
Thank God everyday for him he’s a wise man
**** money
Where your mind at
***** funds
Where your mind at
Focusing on  all the wrong things
Baby girl trying to build and
You focused on yourself
You don’t really love her
You just want the Kat
Confront yourself *****
Thats where your minds at
**** Money
**** Drugs
Where your mind at
Shorty was really digging you
Somewhere deep is where her mind at
Clouded mind Clouded mind
Oh she loves hates her mind
Trying to get right
When everything else went left
I never heard or seen em
Left so quiet
Abandonment situation left cold
Abandonment situation
Wherever no matter where she go
Where your mind at
Where your mind at
Starting living Zen
Only time and time again
Living the luxury
You don’t know anything about
Where your mind at
Where your mind at
It isn’t as if
I must put on
the Queen’s English
to be around you.

It isn’t as though
I should feel
the need to rebel, or
that my solitude

is a luxury
instead of a right.
Rather, these are
the whale-bone songs

of a well-worn battalion,
poised as I am
at every solstice,
footsore at the door.

This is simply
the ebb and flow
of ambrosia
that sets the pendulum

to swing
in different arcs
of fool’s gold,
the soft footings

at the edge of my radar.
This is the culture shock
of living dead girls
undergoing a seismic shift

in the round
mountain ash,

in a sea of voices,
while shadows cast
a romantic screen.

For every one that succeeds,
millions of others fail.
So tell me
how it should be,

that I could live
on my knees
and weep honey tears
as my dreams escape me.

Because this is
a death of sorts.
The phoenix rises,
only to burn again.

is a personal Shanghai,
and just as vast.
I want to believe

that wealth can be
weathered beauty,
Elizabethan colouring,
and a pirate smile.

You get my most
gorgeous parts,
my flaws,

in blind spots,
hidden in ivory,

are discovered
again and again,
as I live between what was
and what will be.
Did you realize it's a luxury
To feel that you know what you were made to be
Never in a thousand lives
             I will trade you for gold

The moment I undressed
                     Your expensive clothes
    Only to found out the finest of leather
                Can never outmatched
                  The luxury you have
  Between your thighs
Love is a luxury
Yet no one can label it
Some have a lack of love
The land in their heart unfertilized
No fruits to be produced
I must admit
We could use a little unconditional love
Let the land be fertilized
Fruits of peace
Fruits of patience
Fruits of joy, kindness, gentleness
Oh, the feeling of goodness
Yes, it is a luxury
Love is a luxury. We can stay alive without it but living without it is different. Who can truly live without some kind of love in their life? We all need a little bit of love in this crazy world. Love makes life better and easier.
Shiv Pratap Pal Nov 2019
We need a Cleanser
To clean the Air
To clean the Water
To clean the Atmosphere
To clean the Soil

We need a Cleanser
To clean the Minds
To clean the Thoughts
To clean the Hearts
To clean the Souls

We also need a Blender
To Blend all these properly
And transform the world
Into a better place to live in
With Peace, Harmony and Luxury
Do  you also feel the need of these??  Please Let me know.
shogunzoe Nov 2019
Open ceiling breeze.
Exotic wheels through traffic,
limits passed with ease.
(I liked the original better)

Exotic breezes.
Catch a glimpse of foreign steeds.
Enough to plant dreams.
Proctor Ehrling Oct 2019
Atop a catafalque, the morbid pedestal lies placed up ahead
Beautiful casket of pale birch laced with marbled ornament
With a flower orangerie settled upon final resting bed
Grand expensive suit fitted perfectly the dead man, toes to head
Funeral home better than his living home; lived cheap, died rich instead
All costs money he never had
Oh the luxury of being dead
Freestyle written in 9 minutes. Inspired by the line "The luxury of being dead" professor Timothy Corrigan used to describe a moment in the film Vertigo on a lecture yesterday.
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