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Once upon a time
Things were funny as Hell,
Life was worth living
And everyone had a place in this magical story
Of witches and Princes, princesess and ghosts,
Kings and queens and everybody else.

Soul users
Served some frog legs,
Delicacy today,
The witch is feeding her owls,
Keeping safe a few.
She's watching from her broom-flight
For souls she needs to use?
If they're Alright or not
She cares not.not _ not caring for it a lot
More than you thought.

Oh, well, a lie or two
Won't harm anyone!
Truth:... She speaks with a heart of true!

The witch selects her targets,
What she needs is what she seeks,
What she wants is what she cares for.

I want only my peace,
Even if louder than you May think!
But what to do? What to do?
May God help you too!
you told me this cage was a palace
you told me I was lucky to be in a place so luxurious
with beautiful bars to grip and look out through

you told me the people walking outside were the prisoners
you told me that freedom is poison
you kept feeding me stale bread reminding me how miserable they were with their champagne and cavier

i kept looking out at the ocean and wondered what it would feel like to swim beneath it's depths
you caught my gaze and promised me that the ocean would only drown me

you told me this cage was a palace
that i was outrageously lucky
so, why did you never call me your queen?
why did you never join me in this so called luxury?
you spin her the same lies you spin for yourself
FairlyCultured Aug 2020
Bear with me, I must warn you,
My thoughts are alone.
Traded a thousand for nothing,
With them and the unknown.

Left with nothing but a paper and a pen.
Let's just say,
Lucky are those who can afford to be in tears
Every now and again.
miki Aug 2020
our love was dipped in luxury
and you were made of gold
i always liked pretty shiny things
until they got old
golden eyes, 2am nights
made loving you seem worth it
but secrets, lies, and unresolved fights
made loving you a burden
they could have hung us in the louvre
had we stayed in gold forever
but we were only carat plated
and nickel at our center
Charlotte Ahern Jul 2020
there’s only one place

where you can walk on the stars

just be sure

to keep your face forward

so not to step on any corpses
no notes, I think I get my point across lol
I miss you Texas
I miss you last year
Look how everything changed
Yet your feelings didn’t
Texas hot summer
Became Alaska Freeze
Took my heart, it froze and broke
How do you fix that
If you know, inform me
I thought it was suppose to feel warm
Laid back
Mind left
Not thinking of you
Wanted to make something
You wanted nothing
Heart done froze
Yet its warm now
And I’m gone now
No feelings left
Yet I’m kinda stuck now
Gotta go can’t stay stagnant now
You first right
I’m choosing me always
Me first always
I love me many firsts before this cold world
I’m not part of
I’d deserve real love
I’d deserve the world and some if you ask me
Thought you would have known
I was strongly mistaken
Its easy to switch water with *****
And maybe I was too depressed to smell
But **** I was damaged
Sheit slipped like time
I tired to go back
Right where I had none left
So I started walking forward now
Went back trying to find time
And you could never get that sheit back
Sheit got real
My feeling dried out
A hot girls summer
She works hard for hers
She loves herself the most
When no one else would
Started living Zen
Thank God everyday for him he’s a wise man
**** money
Where your mind at
***** funds
Where your mind at
Focusing on  all the wrong things
Baby girl trying to build and
You focused on yourself
You don’t really love her
You just want the Kat
Confront yourself *****
Thats where your minds at
**** Money
**** Drugs
Where your mind at
Shorty was really digging you
Somewhere deep is where her mind at
Clouded mind Clouded mind
Oh she loves hates her mind
Trying to get right
When everything else went left
I never heard or seen em
Left so quiet
Abandonment situation left cold
Abandonment situation
Wherever no matter where she go
Where your mind at
Where your mind at
Starting living Zen
Only time and time again
Living the luxury
You don’t know anything about
Where your mind at
Where your mind at
Erin Suurkoivu Jan 2020
It isn’t as if
I must put on
the Queen’s English
to be around you.

It isn’t as though
I should feel
the need to rebel, or
that my solitude

is a luxury
instead of a right.
Rather, these are
the whale-bone songs

of a well-worn battalion,
poised as I am
at every solstice,
footsore at the door.

This is simply
the ebb and flow
of ambrosia
that sets the pendulum

to swing
in different arcs
of fool’s gold,
the soft footings

at the edge of my radar.
This is the culture shock
of living dead girls
undergoing a seismic shift

in the round
mountain ash,

in a sea of voices,
while shadows cast
a romantic screen.

For every one that succeeds,
millions of others fail.
So tell me
how it should be,

that I could live
on my knees
and weep honey tears
as my dreams escape me.

Because this is
a death of sorts.
The phoenix rises,
only to burn again.

is a personal Shanghai,
and just as vast.
I want to believe

that wealth can be
weathered beauty,
Elizabethan colouring,
and a pirate smile.

You get my most
gorgeous parts,
my flaws,

in blind spots,
hidden in ivory,

are discovered
again and again,
as I live between what was
and what will be.
colette alexia Jan 2020
Did you realize it's a luxury
To feel that you know what you were made to be
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