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Aurelia 4d
Cant wait for  
a new horizon  towards my side
If i could, I would see it rise with my sight

I .
Felt like any other
That tomorrow would come
And I could see the rise again

But the next day.
It never appeared
So, you and me
Feel the breeze just for tonight
Wait by my side
Be patient...things will workout soon
Missed this place..missed writing things for myself
Sudipta Maity Feb 27
Some times I wish
If I will end like a poem after couple of lines.
With broken stanza,  rhythm unfinished.
Some nights I found myself as extraterrestrial,
in Mars, in Jupitar then
lost across the Kuiper belt
So far from the horizon.
Some time I wish
If it's become true
that i never been here myself exist.
there are some things that I don't allow the horizon to know.
Juhlhaus Feb 15
Alone the third thing can't be known.
Alone, I am a cold dark stone
In a universe yawning lusterless,
Spinning void of aim.

Then light shines
In eyes and skies
Of gray and blue
And I am a new daymoon.

Night leads the day
As day ushers night;
Light follows darkness
As darkness the light.

I follow, you pull;
Take my arm, check my stride.
You and I mark time and tide.

We meet.
We pass.
We kiss.
Heart quivers and the heavens shift.

"Let us go then, you and I,"
Wend our way across the sky.

The green beckons to
Me and you
Where green meets hues
Of gray and blue.
Infinite line: horizons new.

Misty islands ships drift past,
Clouds cut by spires of stone, steel and glass,
Cities bright in alley pools,
Magic light on windswept moors.

Prairie hills in gentle rain,
Northwood pines sun washed again,
Spring moss upon the forest floor,
Peeling paint on the unknown door.

"Let us go then, you and I,"
Together take the road untried,
Wend our way across the sky:
A little sphere of green and blue
Round which we dance,

Me and you.
For my Love, on Valentine's Day 2019.
FinnleyGabby Feb 6
My dreams stretch as far as the horizon.
But what is beyond that
I do not know.
I must reach further
Beyond the mountains
To see what lays
Beyond the horizon.
Do my dreams stop here?
Or is there more depth to them
Than I realize?
Yuki Jan 31
You are trapped in that limbo in
which your freedom coincides
imperceptibly with your loneliness
without being able to tell the
difference between the two,
scouring for an answer in that
horizon you are staring at
enchanted, for it is just like you:
the fine line between
the abyss and the sky.
wordsorpoetry Jan 29
I kissed you once
and that was all it took.
My fingertips melted
into the depths of your skin.
My lips were on yours
like the brushing of waves
against sand.
I seeped into you
like the sun into the horizon.
We were a sunset.
Blues and reds.
Yellows and pinks.
A reflection in the ocean.
We were helplessly trapped
in the beauty of a sun
we hoped would never set.

(The shadows of distance are creeping up on us my love, and I am so afraid of the dark)
On a quiet winter afternoon
Near her balcony,
A lonely maiden sat gazing at the horizon.
Her starry eyes focused at a distant,
Wanting to know what lies beyond.
Under the bright blue sky.

A teen jumps out of his school bus
His face red with a bruise,
He makes his way towards his house.
Exhausted of his unfair life,
He limps as he climbs the stairs.
Under the bright blue sky.

Ten years go by
The two meet in a foreign land,
Bruised, broken and alone.
Their eyes lock in an eternal duel,
In a quiet a lane of a bustling city.
Under the bright blue sky.

Sixty years later
A lady gazes towards the horizon,
Reminiscing her younger times.
As nostalgia plays on the background,
She looks at her husband and smiles.
Under the bright blue sky.

Tanay Sengupta, Copyright © 2019.
All Rights Reserved.
I finally tried to follow the new pattern, as done by many well-known poets of my generation, the pattern of no rhymes. Although, I must say it was not easy for me, you see I am old school and I like poetry with rhyme. So, I repeated one rhyming line throughout the entire poem just for my satisfaction. Sorry for being selfish and I hope you like it.
Star BG Jan 15
Yellow and orange
opaque clouds
fill horizon.

Birds fly inside shadows sunrise.
Senses are expanded
to weave thoughts inside moment
holding unlimited possibilities.

Perfect time to explode in breath
and drift in dreams.
Perfect time to dip aspirations in hot chocolate
on winters day and sip to fully swallow.

Grand time to look at sky
and make a wish
for universe to mirror back
as in gratitude I stand.
Inspired by the gifted Moon Woman. Thanks
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