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under the horizon
above the naked earth;
i'm half drawn to the sky
and half to my skin;
along with the flowers
of december, wilting.

but, It's half a fine day.
and I'm half convinced.
the day, is yet to end.
and if after all, i am failed;
to be fully drawn to the sky,
ever i lay to cold, until it warms.
irinia Aug 1
the sea fills me up till there is no more space for dying
thoughts turn themselves into a boundless edge
the wind tells me there is only wonder
seashells have forgotten the stories of the depth
my hands want  to rediscover their dreaming
wild birds try the geometry of the sky
and whispers they become
Brant Jul 11
Setting milky orange horizon,
gazing beyond the cliffs edge,
softened by lush canopies
a river of smoke trails the echos of soft chanting,
listening, drifting,
to the sounds of a distant train
irinia Jul 10
finally this moment is here, I've been watching
and waiting, I've been hearing it all along
in between your words, in the center of the stories
you tell so eloquently, so clever, so wise

there is light in your right eye, some shadow in your left eye
the evening light is sweetly illuminating the magnitude of loneliness
some feelings need at least two people in order to be bearable

you sat and listened you looked deeper into your body
language receded, obscured itself like the moon
sometimes there is no need for words
something more important needs to be created
in between bodies and minds,
the flow of connection, of true partnership

the waves started, the waters of loneliness surfacing
you cried your tears and I cried mine
as I listened to the silence of tears I understood: this was the moment for a few simple words: I see you, I am here
there is no falling deeper than this for now
truth, this scarry creature, was there in your flesh and in mine
your loneliness was like a sea without horizon but the shiver of depth  like a voice without screaming, a bird without flight

perhaps this tango with tears will fill your lungs with innocence
as you imagine a new horizon, a new architecture for happiness
This is a series of poems about meeting people, about how people pass through my body, my heart and my mind.

"Thus, if a resistance is in operation, it indicates that one is experiencing his or her thoughts or feelings as a danger."
Nigdaw Jun 24
he forgot how to human
all the competition drained from him
sitting at the lights
in the midst of blaring horns
the gateway open
go green
go green
no one caring that HE'd broken down
looking at an event horizon
drawing him from the crowd
Mark Wanless Jan 26
and i sleepily
said to myself all i see
is new horizon
Nigdaw Oct 2022
my ship has sailed
I waited all my ****** life
for it to come in
and now I turn round
it's on the ****** horizon
heading into the metaphorical sunset
admittedly it was only a metaphorical ship
but none the less
I've missed it
I was trying hard to chase the HORIZON

just to get your little appreciation,

but you denied my efforts again and again...

And perhaps, that only forced me to pull out in the MIDWAY..!
How can I continue to serve
When u can't give me the recognition that I deserve?

Hello again, hope y'all are doing well.
Pr nandni Jul 2022
Sun melted to pink, but Sky is still BLUE...
Not everything turns GOLDEN before the end
Only the HORIZON is colourful,
Lemme see...
Yeah, and for a long time sky is gonna be blue
Sky will remain blue unless you pour colours to it
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