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16.4k · Aug 2018
The pigeons
The pigeons are sad

The pigeons saw that

The future comes with bad

The pigeons were telling that

The prophets born here

The prophet know that

It is the land of kind

, welfare and tied

The religions at that land

The assembly of religions

The peace between nations

Were established there

Here was the prophet David

Who the mounts the trees ,

The stones and  the birds,

Repeated his prays

He governed with justice

After him ,Solomon was gotten

He governed with justice

The welfare had increased

And the peace with there

The Romans occupied it

And the injustice appeared

The killing and the theft

Were actually increased

Here was born Jesus

Who invited to peace

At shortest and clear

That was not admired

By Romans or Jewish

Who were there

They planned to **** him

The land became unfair

The decreasing of welfare

The increasing of fear

Till the new nation appeared

The new religion increased

It called for justice

It led to peace

The Muslims achieved a victory

As they built a great glory

And they blockaded the land

The patriarch man said,"

We didn’t give the keys

Except to your leader

Who is justice’s famous"

They wore one of soldiers

The smartest cloth

They introduced him

As the prince of Insurers

as the caliph of Muslims

The greatest patriarchs said,"

That is not the man we did

Actually knew and have red

At our book that mentioned

Him actually as we saw awake."

The leader of soldiers ordered

To sent a letter to the caliph

At bright city wide distance

As he wanted to keep blood

Out of bleeding

He wanted not to ****

The innocent people

He didn’t want to bore

His name over death

His religion ordered them

To save the innocent people

To the caliph to came

The caliph and a servant  moved

The leader of the greatest land

At that time, at that moment

From the kind and light city

He read the yassin of holy

Quran that equals twenty


For riding the donkey

And his servants walks only

Then the caliph got off only

And the servant rode the donkey

And they read the yassin for away

To count and know time

And mention the God only

Then the caliph and servant  also

Walked with their donkey

To rest it also

They keep reading yassin only

Till they reached near the holy

City that mentioned with  holy

In Quran with great respect

The turn is on the servant  

To get  that donkey rode

And the caliph would walk

He said," my prince! I must

Get down and you must

Ride that donkey"

He said," then I will be called

Injustice caliph led the insurers

To be injustice at every talkers

And it is your turn

If the air came to me smelt

With good smell than yours

If the water I drink

Have more delicious than yours

If I created from mud

Made of silver and gold

I will rode that animal

And you must go walker

Ride it my good insurer"

The soldiers saw him

They did great clutter

They wanted to salute him

The patriarch said with amazed,"

See what is that noise?

He looked and said

That is him , that is him!"

The patriarch went and looked

He counted patch in his

The cloth of the greatest prince

Of the greatest Nation motioned

At the ancient, at the present

He said," you are who is mentined!

You are the caliph

"Omar" was the caliph

He gave them the safe deal

That mentioned by his name

The patriarch gave him the keys

Of  Jerusalem to him

The time for afternoon pray came

The caliph prayed out the church

The patriarch said

Why you didn’t pray at that

Place at the inner of the church

Omar said if I prayed here

The Muslims after that

Say "Omar" prayed here

And they took it

To be a mosque indeed
there is walkaways a chance to achieve a peace. if we catch it
8.2k · Jul 2018
The inner force
The inner force
1- Believe
He couldn't believe that
He could imagine in fact
That can be the weakest
Convert to be the strongest
The kind waves that carry ships
Can be overlapped and damaged them
The fire that warm people
Can harm and hurt them
The boy lost his mother
His father was confused
He tried to heal his son from bad temper
His son cried a lot
And stayed alone at his room
His father asked many doctors
He went to a lot of physiologists
They advised to get new friend
For good luck, the boy found a small cat
They would be friends for all times
His father suddenly married one
He introduced her as she was kind
As she had two children
Son and daughter that would be fun
He refused that marriage
He insisted at his opinion
The woman appeared as she was kind
She dealt him as an angel
But he refused that deal
The kind can look at inner
Heart or self at inner
The father had wild desire
He married and got her in
After while she brought her kinder
She dealt him with her best
At the beginning, at the first
After that,
She appeared her solid heart
And began to hurt him for reason or not
She got very anger
When he studied and her children not
She hurt him
He had to wash the dishes
Before he went to school
After his return he must sweep
As well as clean the flat  
When he complained to his father
She lied on him and got him as a guilt
He was punished by his father
He remarked that when he complained
She wore naked dress
And mothered his father in obvious
Then they closed their room
After that he would be punished
He always ate at the kitchen
He ate the residual and bad food
He slept also at it
While her children ate well
Slept at their beds
Dressed well and did their home works
Without any annoy or disturb
His father lived in another planet
When he saw his son's hair cut in bad way
His step mother punished him by this way
His father didn't ask
What was happened at any way?

2 the cat
Once, when she found him playing with the cat
She lifted her up
She warned him at loud
She threw it in strong
The cat screamed at aloud
The cat fell without movement
He cried and tried to get her
He found his step mother’s heart solid
He called her a devil
She became in anger
She went and lifted her
She threw her out of the window
They were at the third floor
The cat downed without movement
The boy screamed a lot
The neighbors didn't get help
As they knew that she was worst
And his father ordered them in rigid
Don't give advised
When she tried to get his son straight
She hurt him badly
He could move heavily
He stayed waking and crying
She approached and hurt him strongly
Ordering not to get any sound
As his father would be coming
He lied silent
Till the silent covered
Every inch of the land
He opened the flat's door
And put a shoe before it
Preventing it from closing
He descended quickly
But his movement was silently
He thought that she had devil’s spirit
With millions legs and hands
Like octopus which stretches legs
And catches his victim and eats
Those could watch him
So he was been feared
Of disappeared and hidden ghost
He carried the dead cat
As the thoughts he felt
He got up to the flat
He found its door closed
He knocked it softly
As fearing of getting her up
When he disappointed
To get the door opened
He fell down crying
He curved around himself
He crawled into land
He was crying and wishing
To get die at that moment
He lifted her face up
He prayed to his God
Asking him to get himself dead
As the cat was dead
He looked frustrate
His father dealt him badly
His step mother dealt as a slave
He couldn’t open his mouth
Or even tried to give a breath
Of opposite that would be assigned
Of not satisfying to her plan
He finally got up

3-The chickens’ home
He ascended the stairs
He reached the last floor
He opened the chicken room’s door
He slept hanging his cat
Covering with hens over his chest
Over all his members
So he tried to get warm
In spite of the cold
He got up according to pick up
The chickens’ beaks
At his lips and face
He laughed for a moment
When he saw the cat without move
He cried and lifted her at the hill of chaff
He ascended and knocked the door
Ordering the chickens not to touch her
After he cleaned his clothes as he could
From their stools
She opened the door and released a high sigh
His father came with astonishment
When he saw his son at that manner
He laughed and tried to hang him
Forgetting to ask him
Where he was
Forgetting to show him his pathos
The wife screamed and wandered,”
Oh! Bad one
In spite of hurting him
You laughed at him”
The father ran and returned
He caught a stick
He hurt him in strong
The neighbors looked
His step sister and brother watched
He got up with big sad
When he stole out
He ascended with inner sad
His horizon was collapsed and closed
He expected everything wrong
He expected his future lost
When he opened the chicken’s door
He laughed at loud
He found the cat in fight position
With chickens those attacked
He carried her and celebrated
He danced and jumped a lot
He forgot his hurt and pain
He kissed her a lot
Then he hid
At his bag
When he was out
Her step mother kissed his father
She also kissed her children
When they ascended
His father called at him
He tried to kiss his son
He screamed and said,”
You are not my father
I wish one of us was dead”
That was bad wish
That son wanted to be achieved
There was some fault
Man could be remarked
Or all would be lost
He cried and ran
His step brother and sister took the bus
While he went on foot
The father hesitated
Then he went to his work as he thought
He was late
The boy went to school in sad
4- School manager
When he was at classroom
He got the cat out
He put it in desk
Ordering not to make a sound
At every inch
There were haters or lovers
For anyone had alive
For his luck, his classmates saw her
Who hated him
They laughed at loud
They might bassps with remarked
The teacher ordered him to go the manager
The manger called his father
He was coming on the following day
The manager told the boy to let the cat
As it was not permitted
It would get great noisy
It would chatter the mind
It would decrease the concentrate
The father looked
He talked to his boy
You must obey
All you will be punished
The boy refused saying she is my soul
She is my only family
My sister, mother
The manager interrupted,”
And here is your father”
The boy looked and laughed
“my father was dead”
The boy interrupted
Then he bowed to the land
Crying and screaming
The teachers, workers some pupils
The sound was sufficient to get up the dead
He said at loud
He said in clearest and repeated
‘’my father was dead”
She interrupted,”
He is a live
He is kind “
He screamed,”
You are liar
All of you are liars
He didn’t pay any attention
To any harm occurred
The only thing he is clever at
Obeying her wife and follow her
As he is the small kid
Especially when she dressed
In naked”
The attendants loved
He completed,”
If this cat was hurt
If this cat didn’t bring the class with me,
You will not see me”
The cat had a mind
She looked as proud
Of that speech was telling
The manger let his father to take him
And tried to get him calm
Otherwise he will be in
Physic hospital”

5-The punishment
The boy returned with anger’s father
He told his wife
To get that boy in moderate
He told her everything
The father returned his work
As his wife advised
His father advised her to deal with kind
She said,” She will return his mind”
She looked at him
She said,’’ so, for this
You would sell all things
Father, lovely mother your brother
And sister
Your manager
Boy let that devil away”
He said with loud,” no!”
She said, “You will be devil
You will enter the hill
He wandered, “why?”
She said, “As you didn’t obey me
Let her go or you will not know
Her way”
He screamed,”no!”
This scream vibrated wall
This scream wake up deepest sleeping
She laughed and said,” Oh boy! You feared me!’’
She completed,” let her or”
She went towards her
She lifted her
And threw it at the floor
She stroke her head
At the solid floor
Trying her to dead
The boy could not stand
The boy could not stop
He pushed his step mother away
In spite of his will
In spite of his polite
But he wanted to save his love
She got up
She threw the cat at the floor
She downed without movement
She stood in front of him
She caught his clothes
Saying,” Oh! Hero!
You will see your deserve!”
She threw him towards the wall
His head was strongly hurt
He fell unconscious
She dragged him to the kitchen
She brought a sharp knife
She put a steel rod
Which was used in grill
She said,”Mrs.
Who begged, was my neighbor
Advised her to bring you
To work with her
But she wanted some decorate”
Occurring at your body
She completed,”
I will cut your *******
Then I will get your eye blind”
The cat was hardly nearest
For his good or bad luck
When she saw her
She laughed and said,”
Let’s begin with this mad”
She caught her and brought the knife
The moment between death and life
The moment between day and night
Equals blink
The boy’s mind was returned
The boy got up and hurried
He forgot his headache
He threw his step mother out
She laughed as mad
She said with loud laugh
The neighbors swore she was mad
As they heard her mad
She prepared towards him
After putting the rod on furnace
To get it red and hot
She faced the boy
With sudden move
She downed him
She prepared the knife
To be ready to cut his hand
To look petty  
To get mercy
To get a lot of money
He screamed
He called
“You are the devil”
She laughed and said,”
Am i
I will take your eye!”
He screamed, he prayed,”
Oh! God help, help!
No power like you God!”
She laughed and said, “Where is he?
He could not save you
As there was nobody
Except me and you!”

6-The reward
She said, “Oh! Idea”
She threw the knife out
She got the hot rod out
Saying, “Well, I will let you
As I have mercy
I would not let you hurt
Watching your hand cutting”
She approached, approached
She caught the hot rod
She was confident
But suddenly something was up
Something was on her face
Something hurt her strong
She was the cat
She didn’t let her
Until the blood got out of her eyes
The cat moved towards the hot rod
Forgetting his hot
She hardly lifted it up
Hardly caught it
With her weak mouth
She became so strong
She put it at her tongue
Till it was burned
She couldn’t talk
She was dead after days
His father apologized to him
He didn’t tell his father
As he was not believed
The cat lived at home
As faith and strong one
he inner force, do n't be proud
2.1k · Jul 2018
Bilal Ibn Rabah
The black one was kidnapped

He traveled a broad

He was sold as a slave

He lost his freedom

He was very annoyed

He tried to escape

But he failed to succeed

The master said

After asking every one

You must tied him

With a person to be love

They put a ***** girl

Worked by his side

He neglect her first

As he wanted to escape

At last when he failed

And got very hurt

From his master

As he was punished

She said to him

"The escape is bad

If you got succeed

Where do you go?

You may be lost

At the wide desert beyond

Or you may be kidnapped

Again and be slave

By a worst master

Than our master here

He said that is awful

To stay a salve again

But when he stayed alone

He said she is right

He talked her again

And said "who are you? "

She said in pretty

"Surely you want to know?"
2.0k · Jun 2019
The cat and the hungry man
The weather was cold
The winds blew up carrying ice *****
No matter they were big or small
But they were carrying drying for skins
And great amount of diseases
The hungry man knocked the door
The miser man opened the door
The hungry man said a word and more
“I am hungry, I want some food
To eat and repair my mood!”
The miser man said at anger
,”there is no food and be outer”
The hungry man fell at the floor
The miser man with cold blood closed the door
The cat was near that
The cat saw that and came at fast
She touched the fallen man at first
She said and screamed
, The man approached to be dead”
She ran at speed

The three dogs stood at dark
At the corner of the park
They were her enemies and carried black
And hard heart

One said,” she was so conceited
The second completed, “she thought she was princess, she was created ‘’
The third said, “I must get his nose downed"
They ran after her
The great steps were heard
A big dust covered the land
They ran and escaped
She met her friend that was the cat
Jon was his name
She was curl with one foot
He was amazed and then laughed
He said,” you must get great fight
And you must beat all”
She looked angry
She said in completely,”
I met Kranckle, Dangle, and Bangle  
The three dogs ran before me and wanted to hurt
But I was so brave
I stood as one who must save
The lost justice from the dark in native
I did as “Bruce Lee’ in mark
I ran and jumped over the wall
It was dark
I tried to overlap
To be at their back
But I failed and fell
A great dust was occurred
They ran and escaped
I stood to strike my chest
With my hands, were closed
To show how I am strong
But I fell at the land”
Her friend laughed after that
She looked and said,’’
Bad boy bad”
She sighed and said,”
The hungry man may be dead
We must get him saved!”
Jon looked in surprise
He said as he looked as wise,”
Who is the hungry?”
She looked at him and pulled
Him with her strong mouth.
She said, "we need a strong one at first
He said with great nervous,”
Am I not so in obvious”
She did not answer and he was dragged
In spite of his well or his eager
They suddenly stood in front of Ankle's dog door
She called at him at loud
He was out
He laughed and said,” The cocky cat at front
Of me, I must hurt “
She bowed as the singer at the play
She said in polite way,”
My lord, I want your help!
I need you hand”
He acted like her way
He said, "ask and I respond!”
She said and shouted,’’ What is your kind?
The fallen man needed to be saved”

Ankle was surprised
He said,’’ Yesterday, you mocked”
Liz laughed in spite of her well and said,”
Forget it, forget”
Ankle asked,”what is your demand?”
Without wait she ran before him and pushed
From his back
For Jon’s surprise, he obeyed
He was ready to walk
They reached to the fallen
Ankle said,” that must be dead”
Liz screamed and mewed and said, “No!”
She cried at loud
She cried as that fallen like her father
She walked with hesitating,
She put her ear at his chest
Her face was so closed
Then he got so bright
As the sun appeared after long hide
She said.” He is still alive
We must be in hurry
To maintain his life
As the God gives it
That is right?”
Ankle said,” the human is stingy
He is honor to show that
To show his hate to his brother
Liz said,” Do the fair
And throw it at the air”
She said,” we need away
To transport him in speed way”

A big tree trunk was laid
A fast taxi was braked
Angry driver had to be out
He screamed so aloud
The street was so empty
His sound was repeated several times
In echo as fearing manners
He said,” Who puts that ****** trunk?
He must be fool”
Liz appeared suddenly
She jumped at his face
Jon bit him from his breech
Ankle tried to push, push
The angry man,”Zicko” obeyed
They signed to the fallen man
He screamed,” No!”
That seemed to be killed”
Liz looked angry
Jon mewed in nervous manner
“you must know his killer”
Ankle barked
The man was forced
He pulled him to the taxi
As the driver was old and soft
He said,” if that was killed
I may be accused”
He drove to the hospital
It was ranked
It was for high class persons
The reception ordered and shouted
At the cats and dog to be out
Zicko said,” they came with me”
The reception said after calculating
‘”we want a great amount of Egyptians pounds
It preferred to be in dollars”
They were shocked
How could they get that amount?
They looked and were shocked
The hospital laid the hungry at the land
Liz ordered,”
Come without wait”
They rode the car
They reached the stingy home
Zicko knocked at the door
The man was out
The miserly was out
Zicko tried to talk and ask
Until Jon and Liz were penetrated
They entered the home
They didn’t know any room
Liz screamed,” the second plan”
Ankle jumped behind the man
Zicko ordered to get money
He gave them with unhappy
Liz signed to tie
The man and get the key
As if they needed another demand

The money was paid
The man was in intensive care
Liz laughed and said,”
It is Egypt
If we didn’t get money
The man must die”
The surgeon came and said,”
We need medicine in fast,
As it was rare and it costs high amount
Zicko with his friends took off
They returned to the stingy one
They took what they need
They brought the medicine
To hospital, that  had stars

The miserly could untie
He told the police
The police got as hydrophobic status
They didn’t know what’s happened and case
Zicko left them and disappeared
Liz wanted to get the dinner
They were completely in hunger  
They waited out of the restaurant
They saw the waiter carried the delicious food
It was obvious from outer restaurant
After the waiter put it on the table
Jon was under it
Liz followed
Ankle remarked
Jon stole the meat
Sending it to liz, and reaching to Ankle
Ankle hurried and got out
For bad, ankle ate all
Liz and Jon made a deal
They got a food, and ankle must help
But he would not even taste it
Liz and Jon repeated
The police suddenly approached
The police searched
Krankle, Dangle and Bangle searched
Their smell sense was used
They wanted to revenge
From that cat that made them as stooge
Liz and Jon were eating
While ankle was remarking
He was coming in fast
They were told, they escaped

The cats and the dog mocked them
They entered the restaurant
The three dogs were behind
They waited until they were remarked
By these stupid dogs
The dogs hurried and entered
Ankle jumped at the servant
Who was carrying a pile of dishes
The dishes were broken
The servant shouted

The cats and dog were out
Ankle barked at loud
The police remarked
The police got in
He caught the stupid

Zicko felt with the conscious pain
He returned so fast to gain
Their happy and maintain
The favor could remain and sustain
He searched for his lovers
He remarked the police cars
He followed them
He found his friends jumped and escaped
He called at, not so loud
They were at the car which was out
They went to the hospital, asking for their man
They found no one
Liz had her tears fallen
Liz cried and mewed
Zicko went to ask about his corpse
He found no one
Till the smiley nurse was seen
She told them he was still alive
But he was moved to another room

They searched for another rich
To take some money to help other poor and might wish
A good and a happy life, they dream to approach

They sang and said,”
We wanted a fare
Like the smile at face
Hate the anger appear
And the heart who caries hate
We are friends
We love the world
All people are brothers and sisters
Creatures must live in happy and peace”

The end
the  hand which helps the other is the best hand and it deserves a good reaward from the god
1.8k · Jan 2019
the face
i see your face in the sky
the blue color comes from your eye
the clear color from your face
i believe your name will pass
every wish to make my world fine
and the worst will be wide
every one sees his lover in clear image
1.5k · Sep 2018
do you say a word
every time a woman met her husband

looked at his eyes and stayed for a word

he didn't say it he as he has got tired

he went asleep without saying that word

except good night and morning may be good

the woman was pretty ,the woman was youth

the woman wanted to be heard, she wanted to be fold

when she went a walk , one comes along

he was a strange, he had bad heart

his heart fill of hate ,his heart like an art

extracting by devil extracting by hard

now the angel went away and the devil brought

the strange went in hurry and he looked

at her face with only big smile

he said to her one, two ,three, all words

how attractive are you? Why aren't you touched?

How are you walking on foot? you must ride!

Inexpensive car ,or high rank plane in its ride?

If they were not, you must ride

A good horse spread wide

If it was not that, you must ride

A strong camel wearing a beautiful dress

Its colors gain from your cheeks red in appearance

And green as yours ,the shinning of your eyes

And yellow in above as your hair colors

If it was not their, you must ride

A man who carried you without any pain

He can traveled with you , felt with gain

Happy ,strong, eager and you would be his woman

Come with me and you would be heard another

The woman lost her mind , the woman appeared another

Woman had not seen, a strange in her thought

As she heard what she wanted for time. She went blind

She obeyed him and let him ride

They took his car ,it was not unlike
every woman wanted to be folded
1.3k · Apr 2019
The bear and the goat mother
There was a mother of goat
She had three kinder
She ordered them in hardness matter
"Don't ever and ever open the door under

Any raison
Even one says she is your mother
Wants to tell or has an order"
They all agreed and she went for work
There was a stranger

Passed by the neighbor
He was the greed bear
He said to himself in whisper
As he heard the kinder playing at higher

Voice reflecting their cheer
,"these must be fat
I will eat and lost my hunger"
He watched the home three days with great hear
He heard the mother telling that order
After the mother went, he went there

He knocked the door
When one answered in clear
He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"
The first believe that

The first forgot the order
He opened the door at fast
The bear was so hunger
He took him out and ate at faster
When the mother returned

She found them had decreased
When she was learnt
She cried a lot
On the following day, she ordered

When she went, the greed bear came at fast
The door was knocked
He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"

The second believe that
The second forgot the order
He opened the door at fast
The bear was so hunger

He took him out and ate at faster
When the mother returned
She found them had decreased
When she asked

She cried a lot
On the following day, she ordered
When she went the greed bear came at fast
The door was knocked

He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"
The third did not believe that
He ordered him to stretch his hand

The bear forget the difference between his hand
And the shape of the goat's hand
The small goat said,"
Wait to get your hand kissed"

He got a rope that was a strong
And tided his with the stable rod
The small kid called all neighbor
While the bear screamed, mercy asked

His mother was attended
The bear was so hurt
The mother stroke his trunk
The swollen kinder were out

They were so sorry
They apologized to their omission
They said," we learnt a lesson
We will not forget forever"
Obey your mother

Obey your father
They knew more, more
They have more experience
And know which intelligence is

And which is carrying the worse
the greed have been great suffer, to fill his hunger and greedy. obeying the parents as the knew more
the lover

Did you know about the hero

Did you know about the news

Did you know about the games

Did you see the thieves

Who convert the mother to bad

Who makes it fall to land

See every thing was been unworthy

The woman was cried

She called her sons to save her

Her sons were arrested

They can't say know

If one says no, he will not see the sun again

The brave was been disappeared

The fear had been appeared

It has more nails

It has more legs

And his arms were long

No one can't say something

She was cried with full eyes

The God hear her cries

The youth moved to the park

Eltahrir is the park

Egypt change her clothes

The youth appear crying

They stood against the killers

They stood against the tankers

The police wants to destroy all shouters

And the god was with the younger

Egypt is now free

Egypt is cultivating the seed

It will be green
Egypt has great history an great fame. if any, clothe, enemy success to kneel her, she will get up. he will be smashed
1.1k · Dec 2018
bubbles fail
what makes bubbles fail?
the men like to fell
and show themselves honor and they are dis illegal
i love you

said to her
she believes
she gives him hers

he vanishes
the women does
i love you

he believes
she steals and takes
what she demands

she vanishes

people say we are heroes
we will give hand to every weakness
when this asks

they polish it off
and they will be off
bubbles will be downed

downed and not be ever up
tear of orphan girl is downed
planting tree of sad over

up, up till the sky ceiling
it ascends water of answering over heads
making the justice occuring

if every one gives hand
the things will not be bad
and the weather will not be sad
the justice will be the first of the life
1.1k · Sep 2018
The bad world
If you walk in a road

If you want someone to help

Asking him for address

He may answer you with bless

The most are looking with soreness

They thought that you are bad Dishonest

They saw you are the worst

Or they might be avaricious.

One worry to say welcome

As he counts with small thing

He may tie his hands

Not to be entered in his sinus

He may be poor and had nothing .

But he must had hoping

And big smile as it was said

Smile at me and I want nothing.

He might be a thief and planned badly

He wanted to steal you even your money was needy
the world ascended downwards
Trump is more justice than Mohamad
Trump took money from Arab nations
Because they had money they don't deserve

He hated Muslims and released his shout
Islam is responsible for any killing occurred
Mosques is the cells for terrorist

Mohamad is the prophet of Islam
Mohamad old nation hated the new religion Islam
As it equalized between the slaves and Masters

It equalized between black and colors people
When one of Mohamad' friends swore another one
The first was white one

Another was black one
He swore with the son of the black
Mohamad got angry and talked

He told that one to apologize
The man turned and put his cheek
Under the another foot and swore

He would not get up until he put his foot over his cheek
They got up, hung and cried
Mohamad invited to new religion

His nation hated him
They put a plot
They had gathered and waited
Mohamad was known as the faith and the honest
His enemies of his nations put the valuable things to Mohamad
They put a plot to **** him

They planned and they decided
There is another power who planned
God told him and cared

In spite of taking the valuable things as requital and revenge
He ordered his cousin to sleep at his bed
As a sort of deceive and to have time to get

They were forty of most trained knights
Carrying strong swords
God put sleep over them

Mohamad crossed between them

They invited all Arabs to **** them
When Badr battle occurred
His enemies were strong

They were also a lot
One their leaders said
We will go as a trip

Sing, dance, eat meat
Then defeat Mohamad
If Arab nations heard that

They fear of us
The winds blew against the desire
They were defeated

After the battle finished
Mohamad had kind heart
Who had money payed for his freedom to be happened

Who had not
He learnt ten of Muslim how to read and write
At this battle one of his friends

Had his sword been pieced
He went to the prophet
Telling him that he had any sword

Mohamad had no sword except his sword
He took a branch of tree lied
He gave it with his bless

The man took without wonder or amaze
He shocked the branch at air in strong
The branch became a strong sword

He still used it
Till his dead
all nations must live ad believe in respect not at killing and terrorist
981 · Jun 2019
the love comes
the love comes
knocking all doors
all doors were opened

they saw the sun shinning
from you forehead, that is bright
the love orders

the hearts agree
they had to do
as they accept without any argue

the love is free
touching hearts at his way
making them shivered with fear

as they may be touched with cold there
the lips are closed
the minds waited
the eyes cried
even tier beloved was near
the love has his orders ands his ability to attract every one who dreams to live in happy life
854 · Aug 2018
A bad dream
There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre-examine,
When he entered the pre-examine, he failed. He sang
As this
I dream to be a butterfly
Go everywhere and fly
See beautiful colors at my eye
Smell good odor thing in the weather
See smart thing everywhere
Amuse with time with a fly in the atmosphere
I dream to be a bee
Travel in places and see
Good flower and immediately be
On it to **** nectar with happy
To convert soon in my abdomen to into honey
That makes all nature good and happy
I want to be a whale
Swim in deep and see all
The swimmers in deep and call
At them as I am stronger than all
Her sister heard him and said
Be Butterfly, bee, and whale
That's good but the best, I see
To be a human as you are?
Study hard, to get the dream actual in a way
Help the weak, be clever is the happy
Get a good chance and have a high degree
Make you famous over the all
They the woman, the boy and the girl say
We must work hard
We must make the heart
Of our nation above the land
In all fields, fly in the sky
As sky get up over and high
See the others on the earth
As stunts and our nation is giant
It must be eternalized and be grand
By science, by faith and by working hard
The boy leaves the dream and the play and studies hard
for who dream to be good ,must do they effort
790 · Sep 2018
the bad world
The bad world

If you walk in a road

If you want someone to help

Asking him for address

He may answer you with bless

The most looking with soreness

He thought that you are bad Dishonest

He saw you are the worst

Or he might be avaricious.

He was worry to say welcome

As he counted with small thing

He might tie his hands

Not to be enter in his sinus

He may be poor and had nothing .

But he must had the hoping

And big smile as it was said

Smile at me and I want nothing.

He might be a thief and plan badly

He wanted to steal you even your money is needed

the toughts of the worst increased .
thebad thoughts iincreased on these days
672 · Jun 2019
i write
we sat at a compete
the author knew that
there is a tie or secret
between us or our heart

he ordered to sit in wide
he ordered to tell what i like
to meet and talk and write

we took two parts of papers
she wrote
i wrote
he took
he opened

she wrote my name
i wrote her name

the attendants were so amazed
they cut thier hands for clapping
the love is a ray sending in equal between two hearts
640 · Sep 2018
the date
The date
The train is left
It runs very fast
Who can stop?
I have an appointment
A date with who I loved
I wore the most
New and expensive one
Of my well-made suit
I had troubled
As I lost my tempered
When I remembered her shiny
Smile that was seen
Over her shiny
I could hardly tie my neck tie
Which I tied before in ease
My hands trembled in fast
What had happened to my tempers?
When I wore my shoes
I suddenly saw my socks
Beside on the carps
What a luck
I became very smart
I walk out in fast
The rain was downed
I still smiled
But a speedy car passed
It distributed the water
Everywhere like storm
I had bad storm
I was downed
I remembered one
Told if you want
To get high rank
You must be patient
And able to ascend the mount
I must be patient
As I remembered her face
Shining with elegance
I went back
I washed up
In fast as I could
I wore another one
The time spent
As the blink of the eye
I tried to stop a car
To transport me so far
The cars were busy
What a bad luck!
Finally I found one
I took it in fast
Argued the driver to run
To get the train before he had gone
The driver drove not fast
I argued him with weak sound
He told he couldn't
As the land filled with water
He hardly controlled the car
I looked to the heaven
The sky was filled with dark
What a bad luck
I prayed to my God?
You know I don't want harm
Please help me my lord!
Finally I was in
The watch moved
Clicked with high sound
I became in puzzle
Which sound was heard
The watch or my heart sound
I stayed on the chair
Beside the window
I wiped it to have a look
To green garden to compare
With her wide eyes
Which looks good
I opened my note
Looked at my watch
Asking my heart
"Why she didn't come?"
The time for the train came
To move up
The moving is like a death
Comes on time without late
Not be stopped even
By the walls
High and strong
Even the doors are closed
But it did know his road
I opened my note book
To look why she is not
Here up till that time
She didn't be late
I adjusted my time
On her time as she did
She looked like have an adjust clock
With her body as I thought
She walked up the ****
On the morning to wake up the sleeping
She walked the birds
To sing harmony songs
She went to her work
On adjust time without late
Why didn't she come?
Here is the time
I wrote and keep on my heart
I reminded it every moment
Here is the respond
Oh! Oh! What luck
I opened the small letter
That it might be sent
But I forgot for my happiness
Or speed, or my thoughts
Who could stop that?
Or could return the time?
To send that letter
To meet my lover
The time is passed
As the train passed
My love was lost
one needs to read everything ,he can get
526 · Nov 2018
a secret
hssss! i will tell a secret
awful! awful!

your heart knew
my secret!

it does not become a secret
because it went and moved

from my heart to your heart
but i hide it

what ?
a secret!

i love you indeed
that i wanted

i wanted
not to tell
your heart
love is good emotion especially who leads to fine and last end . marriage
494 · Nov 2019
I see you at the moon
when it is complete and renew

I see your smile at blossom
brings at spring at happy mood

I could hear your laughter at the water droplets
making the world had life present

spreading its wings
covering the love to stand

your smart face makes me great brilliance
love is the greatest and cleanest message all over the world
458 · Jul 2018
the spider
The spider is the name

OF male and female

The spiders have forty

Thousands of mainly

Count kind but only

One hundred of several

Kind can be divided

The main act is the female

Who responsible of house

Building and take care

The holy Quran said

In the main of the Surratt

Spider that the weakest

House at the world

Is the spider's house

The explanation of Quran

Said it is the strings

As it built its house

At entrance of the cave

The enemies of prophet said

The prophet and his friend must not

Enter at that empty cave

As the strings of the spider

Must be cut and flied at air

The modern scientists discovered

By taking the genes if those

Weaken strings at eyes

They put them at the *******

Of Nigeria lands' goats

They got strong protect chests

Of shot used by persons

Who are exposed to dangerous

The Islamic explanation got false

And they said your Qur'an has not true

The Muslims still weak

Their science still  stick

By their bad old things

There is a social scientist

Who looked at the south east

Of Asian for spider's knowledge

He reached that the edge

Of knowing "how they could

Build their house at wide street"

He found at the night

When the traffic be light

At the high speed way

It can ascended at a way

From the light column in hurry

Tying its string strongly

At the height of column

And crossing the way

Making its string

By his mouse only

And two hand also

Spinning its long string

Till it reaches the other column

It  ascended it speedy

Still spinning the string

And tying it at the height

Tension and strong

It crossing at that hanging

That weak string

Making another string

Till it making its home

She got a sticky thing

At some parts and corners

When the prey was in

It looked by its six or eight eyes

It has also eight legs

The miracle of Quran

Is not only at the names of the Surats

But also the verses in surats

There are three names of insects

Bees ,ants and spider

Who till Mohammad that

The bees live at groups

The ants do the same things

But the spider does the other

It lives only by its matter

The spider has eight legs

The male gets a big insect

And gave it to its lover as a present

When she begins to eat

He begins its love

When he ends

He must run

Fastest ,fastest

Or he will be the  love

The love's martyr

As she turns to injects him

Till he lost its world

Not by love

But by the drugged

She begins to ****

***** every useful thing

Of his victim body

The true rule appeared

The spider inner house

Is the weakest

When she puts her eggs

She take care of them

Let those eggs

Go to the victim

When it puts at the web

The strings vibrates

The spider looks

The victim got stuck

It tried to escape

It could do nothing

She lost its force

The spider looks

When she sees it big

She releases

To avoid the ****** fight

When she sees small at bright

She ran at speed

When she gets stick

She gets something

To avoid that matter

And runs as she could

She injects

Then she wraps  

After that she eats

She takes care of hers

Her eggs of course

Till the day of gotten

Small spiders of eggs

Every one chased the other

Not as a game

But as a hunter

Every one eat the other

Every one **** the other

The big crime

Was gotten of the mother

She chased her child

One by one to hunt

All of them gets the matter

Of the anger and hate

"The spider of animals vulnerable, home of the weaker houses, what increased by taking only vulnerable, as well as those who take without parents, poor helpless in all respects, and when they took the Patriarchs without getting strong and their help, on increasing vulnerable to weakness, and here to weak.

They trusted in them in many of their interests, and  let it at them, and they abandoned them, that those will out, they let them down, did not get them useless, nor give them  of their aid less useful thing.

If they knew the truth of science, their experience and the state of got them as Gods not helping them , but they let them down, but they turn away the Lord Almighty Merciful, who if he took up slave and trust in Him, suffice pantry religious and worldly, and increased strength to strength, in his heart and in his body and case work. "

"Verses 41_43" of  Surat the spider" no 29 of holy Quran
441 · Jul 2019
go wide
say to her that is right
or you must go wide

she ordered him at bright
the river is blue as her eyes  colored

she told again as she was in fight
the sun as her face is white

she told him you listened at my guide
he nodded his head as her hair was as a flight

her hair was yellow as wheat at feilds side
she was angry, her face got red for fight

he got sweat as her smart so clear as white
milk that souped in his heart to get tide

to calm, but she ordered to go wide
he smiled and said," i will after i had my fine

if one sees that smart so near no so wide
his heart will certainly bow and say at right

as the sun appears at a day not at night
your smart prisoned me and i can't fight
the smart prisons every one who tries to run  or escape
426 · Aug 2018
Pourqui, pourqui?
They said to him
Why do you love her?
He said in short
Can plants live without water?
Can flies fly without air?
Can you see roses without admire?
Can you smell the good without feel?
Can heart pump without share?
Every limb in body to make sure
The live will not go without her”
There was a princess
Soldier loved in confidence
That he will not tell her
She will certainly refuse and dismiss
Or send him inmate without late
The king was going
To face enemy coming
To occupy his land
The soldiers got stood
The king trained hard
As he knew the enemy is strong
The battle began
The king fought well
The winds do not blow up
As the ships desire to go
The king was beaten
The king was gone
He was dead, he was killed
The soldiers returned with taste
The taste was acrid
They were torn
Their selves were torn
Also their cloths
She was as a ghost
She met him
She caught and shook
She cried and said
“Save my kingdom
Save my soul”
He bowed and agreed
He hid somewhere
He collected the rest
He cried and said
The princess became slave
We must get her save
We will swear at that
To return her freedom”
They agreed and started
They collected and attacked
They fought as one heart
They fought as you heard
He was in front
He said he talked
To the soul that coming
Of king and telling
‘’Fight my sons as solid
Fight more than you could!
Our kingdom must be free”
The soldiers got ready
When the sun raised
The enemy walked straight
Toward the kingdom to occupy
The soldiers downed
They waited tell the hot
Of weather spread its wings
The sweats were ascended
More than rain coming
love changes the bad things
424 · Aug 2019
Under water
I am the worm
I can be harm
I can be calm

I am the worm
No matter people like me
No matter people hate me
I am the worm
I can be little
Down, down and brittle
I am the worm
I can be big
Fears any thing
I am the worm

She met a great snake
She said with astonished
That the worst
She ran and escaped
The snake said with the confident

The worm said,”
That is calm
I will have a rest
That is a cave
She entered the opened
Mouth of The fish
The fish said ,”oh! My God
That is the great present
I will swallow it in one amount”
The worm said,”
Oh please, can I be heard,
The fish said,” tell me!”
The worm said,”
I know a place
Where a great worm has
A great meat without bones
You can swallow it
Without any hard”

The fish said,”
Guide me, guide”

The worm said,”
You promise , you will not eat
And let me
The fish said,”
Yes, that is my promise.”
The fish said at himself,’’
I will eat the great worm
After I eat that worm
When she guided me to the road”

When the worm reached
She pointed to the big worm
Who was the big snake
Who ate the fish
And the little worm hided
the life is the greatest danger. to get your life safe, you must have a great mind
423 · Dec 2018
try to write
write and don't stop
write to make them stop
enemies who believe that
you deserve to be vanished
write is the important invent
420 · Oct 2018
a beauty dear
There was a dear

She was wild

Lived in a jungle

The lions saw her

They believed they can eat

Her with one bite

And they can hurt

With their nail

The wolves saw her

Walking without fear

Showing her beauty

Walking with very happy

They thought they had her

So they all follow her

The foxes noticed her

She was walking there

They could catch her

So they all approach

When she looked at them

When they saw her face

When they gazed in her eyes

They all admired her

They all loved her

They followed her

They play with her

They admired her

Suddenly she had gone

They searched for her

They looked everywhere

Who saw the wild dear?

At the night the lion appeared

He called with high voice

Come ,come my dear

I invited you to be her

To stay with us

To amuse us

With your beauty face

I am the king of  that world

if you return indeed

Did she return ?

Did she appear?
love could occure by needs clear hearts
413 · Jul 2019
The rains down
The rains down and dig the earth
With their strong power and iron force
Making the earth vibrated with great movements

The green plant gets out with great greetings
The world sings, the world dances
The sun concentrates its rays

To get more vapor from the seas and rivers
The flies dance in circles, the wilds get peace

Your sight makes more than flows
It digs at my heart with iron force
Making it paralyzed, urging for mercy and peace

The green love was born and attracts all atoms
My atoms want to stay by one side that comes
From you sight that makes me out balance

My flower gets more shines and colors
My age returns back as the early years
I can jump on one leg and dance
I can sing a lot of songs express my feelings

And you still send your rays
To get my vapor raises
That is not my vapor, that ares my sweats
As I get shame, to look at brilliant face
the love water the hunger and thirst hearts which ask for calm and peace
410 · Aug 2018
a chase
There was a dog
hid  after a frog
He hid in a fog
Then he croaked
The dog left one leg
He croaks again
The dog listened again
He left the second
He stood on the two legs
The frog jumped on his back
He  fell at the mud
He got up with anger
But the frog was gone
Did you hear that cat?
Who chased that rat?
The rat saw a statue
He entered that body
The cat has been angry
He tried to be in
His body was not thin
He stuck in strongly
And the rat escaped
Do you see that butterfly?
That boy wanted to catch by
The strong and long trap
He ran and followed there
She learned that she could beat
Her hands and she might die
She stood as a die
He looked with an eye
She suddenly flew at
He feared and dipped
She can be escaped
Think with your mind
Believe in your God
You will be the first
the chase needs a mind and good plane that make one could escape
407 · Sep 2018
the happy sheep
There is a sheep
Playing in the court
That is wide
He jumps happily
He feels funny
He sings loudly
But suddenly
He felt lonely
He goes immediately
To search for friendly
He walks shortly
He walks straightly
He walks  unlikely
Till he finds them
They are great
They are like him
Sheep and goats'
He invites them
They get hesitated
He says obviously
The court is wide
The plants are great
They are green
Who wants happy?
Must live there
Who wants heaven?
Must  go yonder
They look at faces
Why don't they go?
Why don't  they do"
The effort to get more
To make their life happy
They deal with themselves
with honest and funny
feeling at inner
with the sense of satisfy
of the sense of ready
to thank their God truly
They are all going happily
to live happily, you must feel it in yourself
405 · Nov 2018
the love
the love asks the heart,''
Are you free?
if the heart asks with agree
he enters and takes great degree
of hot while the ice reaches to the knee
and takes less degree feeling with cold
while the sun increases its hot
the sweat ascended as rain drop
making the heart jerking a lot
if the heart responds with disagree
the love feels with shame and try to see
if this heart is healthy and has no disease
or the evil has big and great ray
the love of God is the great gift
381 · Apr 8
draw her
no one can draw her
as she slaves the vision

no one can draw her
as her cute paralyzed the motion

no one can draw her
as she prisons  the emotion
her brilliat was so smart and no one could lift up his look
374 · Mar 2019
We saw that
We saw that
It is  so wide
But it seemed so clever

She kidnapped that meat
She ran and disappeared
They said, cat must do that
Or wild rat

We tried to chase
The question was
How did she know?
The wise boy said

Why did the meat    
Was not covered  
We did not answer

As it was not wise answer
now every right was lost, they put more worst
374 · May 26
all day and night occurs
only by your face
night at you dark hair
day at your face
that is bright
like the sun rays
sundown when it draws
the hair of red lines
like your cheeks colors

the light rays as your teeth
when they appear in great smile
asking God to stay forever
spreading every doubt and fear

the plants that carry green
appear at your eyes
telling everyone
the life is good for creatures

when i see you
i hate every moment i dislike
the life gut now i like
everyone even my enemies

peace upon you
peace and be the sign
that good face
may reflect peace
even only one self

that is mine
who can say
i can dance and fly
only when i hear news
telling you get all happiness
bye and not bye

as i know you deserve to be queen
of kind and mercy of hearts
every woman have good spirit and kind  heart. if she could reflect that kindness, it will get great smart
366 · Sep 2019
the wealth
i will worth
that great wealth

to be wide of her
as the rich one

heard me
noticed me

how i talked
about her

he spies
he sends eyes

until he sees
he loves

he tells the offers
and i had chances

to be rich
or have her smart

but i love her
i let her know

any more
she does know

i become wide
i do not take that amount
which makes absent
to any mind
the man loves her, he wishes every good to who beloved. and he can sacrifice for
364 · Apr 2019
The smart bird
She was flying
The crows were flying
They were so hunger

Or they wanted to hunter
They chased her faster
Like a cat chased the fatter
Rabbit and he finally screamer

From losing hope or failure
As the man wanted to work
He was off by the manger
All west and east were narrower

He lost his aim
Until he found a plane
A sign from the heaven
Do not fill at swirl

They were chasing
One was catching
And flying with her
She was screaming

Help, help, no one was answering
She was discovering
The help was not being
Gained except by the using

Your inner force that will be the gaining
Suddenly, she was not fearing
Suddenly she was converting
As the huge monster appearing

She attacked the nearest
She was pecking
His eye was hurting
With one of her wing
She was aiming at another thing

She was aiming to his long
Tail, and going to his eye
He was downing to the land
She was doing for every one
Until she was downing fast
She was founding a land
In t, she was looking at vent
She was entering
While his owner "rabbit" was running

She was crossing
With many, many rocket, she was carrying
She was throwing at them
They thought she became a wild
They were escaped

There is no failure
Failure is gained
It is the hanger
Of our looser
the failure is bad, but the success is the best, it gained by our effort
362 · Aug 2018
Go away
I will go away
The time is not for me
The sky is not for me
The luck gives me
His back
The name of me
May be changed
As they called me
I was in the past
Runner in fast
Smartest and strongest
All females wanted to see
All females wanted to approach
My beauty is example
As well as my power is able
To change any result in competition
I got first at run
I am the first at the bet
All wanted my satisfy
When I grow up all were away
My happiness was disappeared
And I heard them saying
I must be killed
As I grew up enough
That made me lazy and tough
In everything
They said," I am hopeless"

"There were the notes of horse"
everything is good when it has power and smart. when it has author. it will be prefable. when all go, it will be forgootten
357 · Mar 2019
What a mercy!
the  boy was fatherless
the day was the feast
the boy stood beside the wall

he had more sadness
the poor is the worst
he had not money at all

the torn was his appearance
he could not say a word
or buy any valuable

the prophet saw him in clearance
he approached and asked
" why don't you stand beside the wall?"

"Why don't appear the happiness?"
he said, "oh! sir prophet Muhammad
my father was killed at a case

i have no money to buy a  game at all
or buy a new cloth"
the prophet wipe his head

he said," are you accept me to be your father
and my wife be your mother"
the boy smile and his tears were ascended

the prophet took him to the home at speed
he ordered his wife to wash him
and brought him a new cloth and a game

the boy became happy
he thanked the prophet and became gratefully
the prophet was sent to get the happy to all people and the world
342 · Sep 2018
tell the secret
Tell the secret

There is an important secret

The frog carried it over his back

He jumped, jumped and soon buried

There was a crocodile that appeared

He was hunter, he was tired

He slept over that treasure

The frog felt with displeasure

He wanted to get him away

He wanted to carry him in a way

That makes his worth safe

He went to the crocodile

He carried him with one hand

He moved him with hand down and up

And he threw him away

Do you believe me?

Do I say the truth?

No ,no that is false

No ,you don't say the truth

I saw the fox hide

Before the big wall

He wanted to attack the ****

But the mouse looked

He came in a moment

He hit the fox and bit

The fox was afraid

He run and escaped

Do you believe me?

Do I see the truth?

No, that is false

No, you don't say the truth

There was a dog

Fearing every one

He blew his feather

To look very big

The lions were afraid

The tigers were disappeared

But a small cat appeared

The dog barked at him

The cat caught with one hand

He circled him several times

He threw him for a distant

He fell in a poor land

His bones were smashed

Do you believe me?

Do I say the truth?

Where is that treasure?

Which spreads the pleasure?

And makes a man rich

That is your mind

That is a gift from your God
the life deserves to live.get some amusement to over every hurt.
341 · Jan 2019
how are you?
the new year comes!
how do you Do?
fine thank you

the ice covers land
the water will stand
like  a rocket in sand

i am not sad
the weather is cold
the clouds appeared up

but the roses are that
give me the proud
there will be life giving

every word of love
the greetings give us happy
333 · Jan 16
the time comes
let me know
when you will go
as you take with you
everything even my soul

i search for my self
my eyes  will give
answer that it might go

the time will pass
the time comes
my watch annoys
as i look at times
she finally stops

my heart knocks
in spite of its knocks

the lamp is off
as the electricity was off
my brain was light
waiting her bright
love ignites every inch.
330 · Oct 2018
Do you know love?
Do you know love
Love is not tough
It converted you to be elegance
And caught your eyes
To be tied with hearts
And make life full of peace
love is the bets way to bget peace
328 · Apr 2019
wrong talk
I wrote this poem
I remind with my heart
My mind repeated it

It was like my name
But when I met
I forgot even my name

I tried to tell the poem
It was the awful as the scamp
My face got red

She collected her nervous
She said what that marvelous!
I shamed and said,

I forgot all things
As I saw your brilliance
She ran in steps

That she might fall on the earth
sawing her brilliant make me forget everything even my name
328 · Feb 14
the sun is sad
the moon was there
he looked in bad

as the injustice
the land was overlapped
it was occupied
and the dark landed

the stars were in pale
as in old pole
they do not attract
as the justice disappeared

who will return the right
to the weaken and broken mind

after it went wide
GOD only GOD
327 · Jun 13
the life will go
with our souls
which move this bad waves

these surrounding our boat
which will float
and resists every worst

life is deserved
to show your brilliant
the lifeu is desrved to live and gain every point of happiness and not to look to the harmful and worst things
324 · Oct 2018
She talks
She talks

She talks, she talks

All listen, no one has an object

I sit far away and amaze

She talks, no one has an object

Why? I ask my self

I try to be near

I try to approach

When I reach

I find what I find?

I can't ever tell

She is very brilliant

Her smart is not smart

Like every that

Woman may talk

She talks and I look

What does she say?

What does she tell?

I forget everything

Except that face

And I still see her in front

Of my eyes and in the inner heart

Still in my ears ,she talks
love is the traveller between hearts.
324 · Jan 2019
i say that word
she says that word

our hearts that
our minds believed that

i love you
love is the most wonderful word
319 · Apr 3
The way
The open way is coming
Try to tie
Your love with your family
Call your parents
Ask in truly

Phone your sons
Greeting your daughters
Make a beautiful kiss
Flaying over clouds
Chattering the fear
Improving our tie

That is a way
In addition to obey
Our Gods who can forgive
The faults and can give
Happiness clouds that will save
Our plants of life
the love and makes good tie will overlap any and tie with your family
318 · Nov 2018
the word
Let me do something

And tell you important thing

That words I have remind

And repeat them every moment

In my heart, in my mind

That I love you from my heart

I love you and do as you act

My heart goes, when you go

My heart stand when you stop

My eyes open wide to see all your smart

They can't bear your bright

This shines from your face

That means the life that I demand

The words that I'll say in fast

"I love you" that I want

I discovered i foget

Or it can't be told
the man can be good if he found true love
312 · Dec 2018
hand in hand
oh! My love
put your hand in mine
we will discover a wealth mine

we will be rich
and gain every wish
i know the winds blew up

disturbing all things
the ship sinks
if we follow sail against winds

the clouds appear
making the universe dark
we will convert our black

into good and sweet
if we follow our lights
gain from hearts

the poor will be at land
preventing any plant
we will plant

it will be green
if we plant tree
of love which is free

the Satan will appear
announcing war at angels
it will stay

if we we only obey
the lover which is clear
love is the tree of honest, faith , believe
312 · Jul 2018
the singer
There was a person

Sat at the garden

Sat sad and alone

Looking at the roses

It was one of roses

Moved towards him

Saying and telling him

What’s making the moon

Looking upset and sad?

All the world equals that!”

He looked at her

Saying “do you talk me”

She said ,she said”

There must be guy

Sit beside me”

He laughed and looked shame

He said “ but I”

She interrupted” you are the one

You are the moon

Of that beauty garden”

He wanted to praise

She said to him “why?

Why are you sad?

Why your matter is bad?

Who makes you grieves?

Who closes these roses?

Who tries to spread sadness?

He must be the ugly person

He” I am a singer

When I went to sing

I lost feeling and meaning

But I remember every word

The attendance hate me

They lisped by bad word

The producers hated me

They didn’t want to make me

Again as they thought I am frustrate

She said “sing!”

“What ?“ the guy answered

She repeated

He stood

Saying his song

She said “bad, bad”

You must have feeling

You must know meaning

And get it from your heart

Do as I do”

He began to sing

She do some movements

She was imitated

She said “now go and sing”

I will attend your party”

He went there

His turn came

He appeared on the stage

He remembered his failed

He remembered his gained

He remembered every undertaker

Refused to call him as a singer

He remembered how he argued

The last one to introduce him

It was the last chance

He looked at the attendance

He didn’t see her

He felt with big fear

He tried to do a verse

He couldn’t open his mouth

The attendance yelled and cursed

Till he saw her entering

She stood moving

The movements as the verses

He did the same movements

The heat of the party increased

The attendance did as he did

The attendance wanted it more

He repeated it more

He became a famous star

She brought every party

She learnt him carefully

He imitated her very neatly

Till she disappeared suddenly

He stood in the stage

Waiting to her immersion

But she didn't come finally

He couldn't do sing

He went to ask about her

He know her home

He knew she was gone

"Dead ,dead that is bad

Why does the death take every wealth?

Why does the death take the best?

And leaves who does not worth?

To be in that life

Why did you death take her?

I love her , her ,her?

I would marry her

That was after the last party

Then peace on her

Sleep in tranquility"

He went to sing again

After the undertakers argued

He stood on the stage again

He remembered her shine

He remembered her smile

He remembered her hands

How move them to argue him

He remembered her moon

How did it guide him!

How did he bright his mind

And converts his dark to light!

He couldn't sing a word

Till he saw her spirit

Entered the hall

She moved as the past

She was imitated

Till the song is finished

He fell dead

His heart was carrying

The mounts of that world

Of sad and bad think

His river of life was stopped

His air was not blew up

His eyes was closed

Only her face up

At the sky moved up
who fails in life, who lost hope ,there is always light comes every day when the sun rises
311 · Jul 2019
dig at your heart i find a photo
it was like a ghost coming from absent
talking in whisper, saying one word
making your heart refluxing with red
and your face changing its white

i feared i said that is your love
that you can become a knight
and changing your kind into wild
you can carry the weapon to fight
you can not stop until you see your love
safe and live in happy and great fare

you said with low sound
,''stupid that man is you
and your love making me as lion
facing the dangerous with open chest
fighting the enemies and chasing them at fast

because i find a fresh air touching my heart
when i collected your photo to my chest"
the lover can be so strong and fights all the world
307 · Oct 2018
Do you see a word ?"2"
When they reached his house he entered in hurry
She stood in front she was not happy
As she remembered her husband ,she was married
He wanted her to enter and she wasn't ready
He said "why do not you come and you will be funny!"
"You would have here a lot and will gain happy"
This clothes will dismiss and we will without thing
We will spend all day with love and I'll return you in hurry
She remembered her husband ,she remembered her holy tie
When the man said "do you accept him as your husband?"
She said "yes" she strengthened  that bond
She said no to the slave of blind
She said yes faith of feeling of God

As he saw her attractive as he saw her a woman
As he was wolf and she was in a weaken
Why did he wait ? He attacked in moment
He cut off her cloths she screamed for save
She said with her pains "fear of your God"
He said my god is devil and I was ordered
By him to destroy you and make you appeared
As a  naughty  woman and get you a part
From your husband and he continued
He wanted to make her lie to made his bad
She demanded his kind she demanded his help
He forgot everything except her appearance
He could make her lie he would be mad

She screamed in high ,she screamed at loud
The winds refused that mad, the winds refused the bad  
They were carried the woman's screams to all sides
Of that deaf world ,of that blind universe
Her husband heard her ,her husband knew her voice
He was shocked ,he went to his house

He found no one he found the winds
He remembered the only one, he remembered his God
He kneeled to the earth ,help me God
The winds blew up ,they carry him wide
Till he reach there ,he saw the blind
the man who carried hate ,act as a blind
the bad was strong ,the devil gave his hand
the man didn't stand ,he attack without wait
the man stood and hurt him hard
the woman was afraid
that her man might be beat
the husband was completely tired
the husband was completely beat
the winds blew ,the sun shined
the trees moved in speed
the woman stood and she called

she called him strong ,she was not afraid
he thought as she was beat ,
she would do his want
he came with smile saying my darling
opening his arms with happy speaking
you will be my God and I am praying
To you all days and nights, with I did as you want

he stretched his lips to catch her kiss
he closed his ears, he closed his eyes
he came forward the winds said
with anger "oh wrong comes with bad"
"he must gain his worth"
the woman hurt him ,hurt
he fall to the earth
the winds blew up and carried in a distance
the husband looked at her eyes
she demanded his forgiveness

she said you are worth that as I worth
he looked astonished and said in weakness
She said "you didn't fold me"
You didn't say you love me
You didn't say you follow me
You didn't ask "do you admire me?"
He said "I went to work"
To be reach to live in a rank
As rich people in act
She said "**** rich ,**** all act"

The heart like a plant
Must be watered ,every be pet
If it doesn't get he may be gone
the love is like the plant needed to be watered
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