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Nat Lipstadt May 2014
for SJR
who lets me borrow his voices, a good man, asks for nothing in return
and therefore, is given all I got...


“She's as sweet as tupelo honey
She's an angel of the first degree
She's as sweet as tupelo honey
Just like the honey, baby, from the bee
She's my baby, you know she's alright.....“

Van Morrison


old folk listen to old folk
and rock,
stung and sprung
from Pandora's box

you'll understand,
certain phrases,
from certain phases,
first tasted at a flavored oxygen bar
where youth drank,
worshipped and adored

and when those certain
word combinations reenter,
slipping in from unawares,
recalling easy the first time
you tasted with your ears,
Tupelo Honey

but what you remember is

that differentiating phrase

what you believed,
what you needed,
why you existed,
all because there was a new knowing
an angel of the first degree,
was out there waiting for you...
Tupelo Honey is the gold standard by which all other honeys are measured. For two weeks every spring, White (Ogeche) Tupelo Trees in the Southeastern swamps bloom with fine sunburst-shaped flowers that glisten with nectar.
sir humbug Jul 2020
degree of overcast

so the day begins
and so will reman,
the week predicted
the same, only one
variant, degree of cloudy,
mostly, partly or just...

it saddens me deeply for
I contemplate all the lives
with this whether forecast,
or rather,
the absence of
the only variant,
the degree of overcast

9:34 AM
Fri Jul 17
Year of the Covid
Naveen Kumar May 2020
India is about to war
on Pakistan.
I'm busy getting my
Climate is burning
the ice.
New parasites are evolving
in our lungs.
Immigration is devastating
But people are busy
paying their bills.
Spaceships are surrounding us.
Government is announcing
a new refugee scheme.
ISRO is launching
forty satellites.
But kids are busy
practising their parents' signature.
Young is busy
risking life to buy marijuana.
Youth is busy
begging for jobs.
Adults are busy
spying kids' notebooks.
The world has enough problems
to make something new.
It is like adding
a new task in the to-do list
in the rush hours.
Bees becoming extinct.
let me get my degree first.
Bea Aguilar Apr 2020
When she asked me,
“What triggers you?”
I couldn’t pick one.
Simon Apr 2020
Having a masters degree about anything isn’t that much when it comes to actually having it, itself…isn’t it…? Only if one were to become mutually thoughtful right off the bat about how insightful it is to be the master’s degree itself…is to persuade the thoughtful contemplation's ahead of schedule over one’s very insight. Because you see, there all the same. Insight and thoughtful. Heck! There even what you’d call (one in the same)! That being said, I’d like to think that the more (something) were to come out of context altogether without a whisper of a (someone) whimpering without knowing (what or if) contemplation's itself hast to add in both words known as insight or thoughtful…? One or the other doesn’t STAND A CHANCE when it comes to (something) without figuring out what a simple masters degree is all about. As this may sound like a lot of rambling… B-but it’s both a tasteless virtue and variety…all at the same single interval type of spectacle. And speaking of spectacles…. (Who) or MORE like (what)…is the actual spectacle…? Well obviously, no one in particular! It’s just a random statement just simply (wanting) to escape and flutter out endlessly without a moment’s thought. This is what being open-minded is all about! Especially when it comes to being simply thoughtful while (still) full of insight. Where the contemplation's aren’t agreeable before the very simulations of either being both full of (insight and thoughtful) even had a chance to keep up with you (yourself) as the master’s degree full of all this hip and happening type of fluttering inspirational sparks flying off again…without a moment’s thought! Meaning, (IT’S) treating itself to a very good time! A-and what exactly is (tre-eating) itself to a very good time…? Well…are you CRAZY or WHAT…?! Don’t you see the clearer truth for a lackluster simulation for non-realizations for (self)?! Because I sure doo! And it’s both marvellous and magnificent! S-so in the end, what does all this entail exactly…? Easy! First: everything isn’t made up in your own little immature average noggin. Two: nothing is completely foreseeable when (something) isn't completely sought out to be right for the ABSOLUTE…BETTER! And three: as if there’s anything more to add in the safest of descriptions among its simulation for examples. For nothing is ever right, when something isn’t known to believe it can stride onward towards a master’s degree of insight and thoughtful contemplation's when everything is truly meant to be for the ABSOLUTE…BETTER! Simply when you have the simplest of behavioral attitudes wavering you down for one’s attention span to catch you in a staggering fall of trust. Especially when that very attention span, is your crutch to simply (with minor difficulties) to keep you upright without completely falling over. Then falling prey to your own justified goods full of the very negative ramifications that your own behavioural attitudes wanted you to believe into catching that very follow-up. That’s when (you) will know for ALL THE LUCKIEST STARS IN THE GALAXY! That everything doesn’t come before you… As being open-minded is never the lackluster for choice among its trustful guidance to see otherwise. As it’s luckier to see everything to the very end. Even if (seeing something to the ABSOLUTE ending point) sparks a gesturable nudge in the right direction for (self) to tell equally all things apart for the (again and again…ABSOLUTE…BETTER)! Once you come to understand its very information so it’s simulation for compatibility will make it’s match clean without very tough or rough or rigid testifying guilty pleasures from exhausting all efforts towards those very (ABSOLUTE ending points). Then one could (for the ABSOLUTE…BETTER) actually afford to comprehend its very choice over luck which molds together to then validate a (hopeful serenity) form of trust just isn't what it’s all cracked up to be! As that’s both (seemingly and supposedly) to be the actual case. B-but is it, really?! Especially if that very individual isn’t up to standards when its form is nothing but basic plastic with a VERY grungy transparency. This is when you’d (thought) to be the very master’s degree student without failing to notion about just how far you’ve come when confronting (self) away from the very contemplation's that seemingly and supposedly come (without fail) firstly. Before you could have any time to self-react towards your own thoughts and feelings transcribing themselves into there own (want’s and needs) about the type of insight and thoughtfulness you’d like to share globally with a higher petition about what (self) is all about. Now, who’s next…?!
Nothing is EVER truer than what comes with mistrust to a global faction full of rust never correctly seeing the obvious, when it’s TRULY staring you RIGHT IN THE FACE! All so it can presumingly justify the goods for self-assertion isn’t totally costly when coming to everything that might just turn out for the ABSOLUTE…BETTER!
MisfitOfSociety Feb 2020
If only you could see with the eyes between your eyes,
And think with the minds behind your mind.
There is no distance between us.
No degree of separation.
We are consiousness.

You are my extension.
The cord of our connection.
Our hearts beat in unison.

All paths lead back to one.
Bard Dec 2019
Lost in never never land
Sand grains flow in hand
Bands flowin make a grand
Lose it in never never land

Cards in my hand never good
An ace high bluff and stand
Just to make it to dreamland
Let it roll see where the crown land

Chasin losses will never make a winner
But leavin the *** now is leavin dinner
Roll all in on eatin tonight ramen on the burner
Another gamble a little bit thinner

Every choice is a gamble for a future
Bet my soul become indenture
Lost in anothers venture
Never land better never go under
50/50 if college is just reckless spending or an investment
Haylin Feb 2019
what is a man-made education
getting a job,
not working in your field,
as that degree, hangs dusty on the wall, yet
we passed the class,
we made the grades,
we're smart, yet we keep ******* up...
you know it, I know it,
we all know it.
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