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Haylin Feb 4
what is a man-made education
getting a job,
not working in your field,
as that degree, hangs dusty on the wall, yet
we passed the class,
we made the grades,
we're smart, yet we keep ******* up...
you know it, I know it,
we all know it.
Sun Dec 2018
i dress to impress
even when i don't feel like throwing myself up in the morning
even when i have to drag myself in my hands and knees
begging please set me free
a motto burned in to my eyelids
haunting my hopes and dreams
look like you're important
even when you aren't

i strive to set foot and glow like a star
even when my eyes droop to my knees
because why sleep when i need a degree?
why sleep when i can hold my acceptance in my hands?
a piece of paper saying im important
after suffering pain for years
i will cry when i get it but not because of my becoming of
a societal accomplishment
but because im free of my late nights of work
staring at me, boring holes into my mind
torturing my mind until it complies
learning things i'll never need once im gone
and free from the societal need to succeed

school isn't meant to drag a mind around until
it's so tire that it's breaking at the seams
min so warped that it seems to be lost in an
altercation of reality
the love asks the heart,''
Are you free?
if the heart asks with agree
he enters and takes great degree
of hot while the ice reaches to the knee
and takes less degree feeling with cold
while the sun increases its hot
the sweat ascended as rain drop
making the heart jerking a lot
if the heart responds with disagree
the love feels with shame and try to see
if this heart is healthy and has no disease
or the evil has big and great ray
the love of God is the great gift
CP Nov 2017
I'm so tired all the time,
wishing it was my bedtime
So uninspired and heavy
my thoughts push my head further into the pillow
gravity hooks its steel claws into my skin keeps dragging
my mind keeps lagging
my eyes sting and cry
perhaps I need a lullaby?

I'm so tired all the time,
my eyelids are in a constant fight
against the glowing light
i feel all this guilt as I sink further into my quilt

Why do my limbs feel numb and my limbs like they will collapse
perhaps I should get up?
I'm just so tired all the time,
yet why can I not sleep when I'm already in this deep

I'm so tired all the time,
perhaps this time if I close my eyes
sleep will creep upon me
Äŧül Aug 2017
Provisional** it is still a genuine certificate,
Degree got officially completed today only,
Certificate though temporary, it is another feather in my hat.
The convocation ceremony will be held next year.

My HP Poem #1649
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 2017
Her thought was a positive one,
And my memory sharpened,
So much that I still remember,
The first time she doublecrossed,
So like kids I had wept for her,
And an older friend Madhur,
His shoulder was my tear pillow.

Madhur had said, "If she made you cry now, how can she be your fabled truest lover, your soulmate?"

I remember how she had argued,
That I never cared enough for her,
But all my time was just for herself,
I so resent her for ever forgetting it,
How she revised her 10th with me,
I gifted her self-belief back then,
I know now she silences me.

I remember how I fixed a deal,
We sold the Bengaluru property,
For it our family had flown there,
But I remember how she was misled,
2013 was marred by an old terror,
My old phobia of getting ditched,
She forgot I got it sold for her.

2014 was a bit happier for me,
But I had wrongfully let her be,
I gave her immature self the key,
That key to my utmost happiness,
To behave like that I was foolish,
She was happy having my time,
Did I ever look at another girl?

I remember when my dad was ill,
He was admitted to the hospital,
In '15 winters it was exam time,
She had 'gain swayed off of me,
Young girl presented a Catch-22,
Choose from my thirst or thy dad,
I chose dedicatedly serving my dad.

I still try to woo her back in vain,
For I know she is a bullet astray,
Shot into the period by her age,
Social bounds are now a cage,
Like a Catty she pounces upon,
She surfs upon an internet tide,
And thinks that she is up to date.

Now I feel so tired of trying,
But I will try once again,
I will go to her house,
Once more I will go,
My course ends soon,
Now I just have to gain,
For there is nothing to lose.

Even our newer bigger home,
In Karnal comes to completion,
Opportunities are many in here,
Researching life I am indulged in,
Now is the time for me to watch,
Plan, act & watch the outcome,
I see joy is 'round the corner.

My happiness is in my own hand,
The pursuit of it is not so bland,
It is the most full of challenge,
No time to lose in indulgence,
It's now when I must perform,
The pursuit approaches an end,
My joy is in making destiny bend.
My HP Poem #1587
©Atul Kaushal
L Marie Mar 2016
Education, they say
Sets free the mind
Only it has, ironically
Imprisoned mine.
I have lost my heart
Somewhere on this path,
Leaving my mind
Alone, in wrath
As it struggles to
One day forgive itself,
Then comes to dwindle
Through grief; it wilts.
Arcassin B Apr 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

Sit you in a blank space,
With a soulless look,
So you'll look back on your past,
And tell me what you've been through,
Showing incredible desires even I can't fathem,
Ruthless as the pit in the backyard,
That my friends would tell me the devil would come out of every now and then,
Oh ! How peers come keep a young kid dreaming,
If you believe in what you see,
Then I guess seeing is believing,
What is even real anymore,
*** or **** which one did you take,
We're closing the doors,
The days are dead,
Your silence is clear,
I'm thinking ahead of a metaphor,
What could it be,
Issued statements to the 20th degree,
Humm I see what you mean,
If the meaning Is correct,
Your young and as ruthless as me.
Julia O'Neary Nov 2014
The most obnoxious part about
being a communications major,
is having to tell people you're  a
communications major, it's having
to explain to concerned strangers
what I plan to do with that-

The major question is the new,
What's your sign?
The future physicist asks
with crooked smile, plastic cup
in hand, and *** in his eyes.
My answer elicits a sigh, a smirk,
and what do you plan to do with that?
He asks the way one asks a child
******* on their parents car keys.

So I tell him:
I plan to hang my degree in my
guest bathroom-


*Because I don't give a **** about what
other people think of it.
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