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Faizel Farzee Sep 13
Dark is the Absence of light, laughter the absence of fright
  weakness the absence of might, day the absence of night
    Blindness the absence of sight, grounded the absence of flight

The absence of you, i would no longer write
You are my muse, without you, i'm just hopeless in life

Absence makes the heart grow fonder, This is not not true
i'll die within a second, if i cant breathe the essence of you
You the queen that i live for, if only you knew
infinite words can never conclude
failing to capture what i wish to imbue

You are the blood of my lifeline, i live on cloud nine
so please don't ever leave me, you are my prayer, my living shrine.

The absence of you, there will be no divine.

I will get stuck to our past lives , with the absence of time.

The absence of you, will surely, with conclusion
                           sever my life line.
The one i live for, die and cry for, the one i adore
she's the muse of muse, i love her,
down to broken  core
Johnny walker Aug 31
Its taken a long time for me
to find a place of peace since my darling been gone where I escape the pressure of life that have become
to much to
I escape to within myself a place to where only I go
nothing can touch me safe from a world I no longer recognise or really
won't to be part
Its as If I'm In glass bubble
I see out but no one see In
hearing and seeing people
hurrying around panicking
but not getting
Retired and free of the pressures of working life free at last to do as I please which often means nothing at all but that I'm happy with
the one thing
missing my
Lillian May Aug 6
wouldn't you know it but I
oh I
a little girl wouldn't know it either would I?
no no but I think I feel it
or rather I feel my thinks
can't decipher any of it but a wink
and my thinks think
shouldn't I know it myself?
but nay I keep it all tucked on a very rather pretty little shelf
my thinks didn't label my feels so
im learning the things I didn't know I didn't know
a mystery
even to little me
so how should I be able to answer how do you be?
and I stand here on the edge or the brink
for I can hardly barely breathe as its all coming at me
give me just a moment
to breathe in my feels and my thinks
and perhaps the moment after the moment I'll be
just a little bit more free
lots of **** being thrown my way in the last week. finding out a lot about myself, and finding out things I didn't know I didn't know
Seanathon Jul 29
So many wait
For another life
To walk into their own
Just to change the self

When really they
Are the only person
Who can pull apart the former fabric
Who can lend a mending hand to help
Change comes from within
Johnny walker Jun 23
As I  lay flowers on my sweetheart grave on
a sunny days feeling the
summer breaze
Sometimes feel so bad for leaving her thier especially on cold and dismal
But with sun shining down on all around birds singing song of summer so peaceful
still and so very quite
and I think to myself but talking Helen as do amiting on days these I'd more happy to move In with her
And let someone else lay flowers
for the both of us for I've always thought this Is the place I should be with the birds singing thier beautiful summery songs for Helen and
raquezha Jun 16
morning comes
and morning goes
and it's all because
of the coffee
you're making me
that gives me another
reason to continue


thinking like that
only makes it fair
for no matter
what happens
I still believe
that everyone
has a happy
place to stay

and that place
is where
you can find me
Staring right back at you

"welcome home"
Johnny walker Jun 14
There were times In my life I've been hurt but never quite been broken for I know my spirit far to
strong to do
And times I've been down and almost out but always to drag myself to my feet beat the Inevertable
Never once have thrown the lowel Into the ring to say I couldn't carry on so many fights had with
but always seen them
through and still remain unbeaten In so many fights  I've had for survival
just to survive the every
pressure of life but thus far
I've made through but can't say the same for tomorrow
for that I'll just have to wait and see
Just a poem I wrote whilst I was drinking coffee In Macdonalds
Johnny walker Jun 13
And when God calls at the end of days to say my time here In this life Is
I'll be prepared to leave for I've had my time and for those who come to lay
down In the cold ground that's been prepared beside my wife It's to there that I
raquezha Jun 9
come inside
feel at home
take your time
you're never alone
sit back
rest your back
look at the sky
follow your breathing
look at the sky
now close your eyes
continue breathing
take all the good memories
exhale all your worries
don't ever leave
don't forget to live
the love comes
knocking all doors
all doors were opened

they saw the sun shinning
from you forehead, that is bright
the love orders

the hearts agree
they had to do
as they accept without any argue

the love is free
touching hearts at his way
making them shivered with fear

as they may be touched with cold there
the lips are closed
the minds waited
the eyes cried
even tier beloved was near
the love has his orders ands his ability to attract every one who dreams to live in happy life
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