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Life comes
   in waves.                
Just don't                            
regret letting                                  
one get by                                              
that could take                                                  
you on the ride                                  
     of your life.
Take that wave of opportunity and surf it all   :)
What goes around,
comes around.
So if you throw enough
bad into this world,
sooner or later,
it will come back at you.
If tomorrow never comes don’t mourn for me because I have finally found good sleep. No, I won’t be able to hear you as you post your fake love on social media. Because I will have finally found the true meaning of peace. I won’t hear or see your tears because I will be asleep. You won’t find me in heaven or your term of ****. For these things don’t exist for me. I will not be among the ones that reign in heaven although I do hope that they enjoy their new life. Nor will I be burning in ****, **** is a common grave and no God of mine would treat people that way.
He is a God of love and mercy so know that, if tomorrow never comes I have the hope of the resurrection. Make sure that My children know that they are my heart and that I hope to see them when I awake. For those that I have spoke the word from the bible with, I hope that they continue to learn. If tomorrow never comes for those that lost contact stay lost. Please don’t come around I won’t be able to see or hear you. But there is no love lost.
If tomorrow never comes remember that those that you love must know it. Serve Jehovah to the full he is so amazing and deserves your love and so much more. Those that were there with and for me you mean the world to me. Don’t run up bills on student loans or trying to buy homes. Travel and give love where it’s needed and deserved. If tomorrow never comes I will see you in the new world. Same girl but we will be in a perfect world!
Tomorrow is not promised. While given away to leave a message it is wise to use it.
Rafael Torres Sep 2018
Small print
What a way
To cheat another day
History has taught
How to respond
And Play

There's nothing to fear
But fear itself
Knowing this is wealth
Theres one word
A join of two
Reveals theres nothing had to do


A hole of loops
Every loophole has a loophole
How significant

Thats why its called

Endless DNA
Theres just one name
That keeps it sane
The name lives to this day

John Hancock
Sign that sh*t
Big and bold
No fear
Showing that
No cowardice
Is within
Is clear

Let the loopholes
Noose the necks
Of those with bad intent
Now thats enough
Wasting thought on this
My mind is not for rent

Just remember
Three little birds that sang
Killed by the bell
Welcome to ****
Theres no one else to blame.
Written Sept. 19. 2018 8:37 AM
She come with beauty

She goes with unhappy

As she takes the hearts

She has no mercy                                

Her heart knows any kindly

She was very smart

She passed and looked

With the end of her sight

The hearts become imprisoned

She ordered ,they obeyed

She talked ,they listened

She pointed ,they raced

She stood ,they stood

She moved ,they followed

She went , they were gone

Who returns that run?
the coming of her ,kidnapped every heart
Jackie G Aug 2018
& my whole life shifted from that day on.
No need to write a long poem the title is enough.
Pieces of me
thrown away
like trash
Never consulted
Never asked
The direct result
of another’s conviction
or more commonly seen
from blind ambition

The fix is in
But no invitation
for me,
former me
or forever me
and all of my imitations
beset by my

Forwardly I lean
step in between
lines upon lines
can’t be seen
Falling ill
Now trapped by
its machine
And from my vein;
My blood I spill

A still surface
with sticky sheen
amber tones
from which
I glean
a reason
What it might mean
A hunger
can not be filled

Nothing but lies
giving me chills
A shell
with values
not instilled
it’s dread
Their words
I’m fed
to fill my head

My outer skin
Its layer
Not to attacks
No single act
or prayer
could patch
and fill it in
A hole
that’s black
is my first sin

A game
in which
no way to win
and no ending
once it
With opened eyes
begin to see
The dorsal fins
surrounding me

Head starts
to spin
What could have been?
It doesn't matter
in the end
there's nothing
here for me
A demon-like reality

Where what you seek
Placed at your feet
The icing; sweet
Choices; not three
Have cake or eat
One choice not two
But want to eat
and have it too

All efforts
to retrieve the treat;
An outcome that
ends in defeat
A princess swept
off of her feat
But this feature
a creature
Spirit of
a soulless seeker

Deceitful speaker
he’ll eat ya
Offers pain
Can’t heal;
life drained
Then reaching out
to use
but with each ring
hope further wanes

An answered call
done just in time
The chills
running all down my spine
Stand tall
just like Douglas-fir pine
With racing thoughts
filling my mind
I will be saved
Free from it all
God must exist
No time to stall
In battle
may fall
but no man's ever left behind

Only to find
With said spent dime
A dynamite kind of answer
A type
that might
cause strife
Can't plan for
Needed answer
like cancer
New chance to live
Worldly romancer
On planet Earth
A tiny dancer

A romantic thought
to think
fight fought
Instead a sinking ship
just dropped
This life?
If could
an ‘OUT’
would opt
No more
can take
Just make
it stop
Written: April 17, 2018

All rights reserved.
Bryce Jul 2018
Shackled to the very depths,
precariously situated
on the very precipice
of the end

where I can lasso the edges
and bring them back together
whipping the world back
some disseminatory yo-yo
excreting silky rut
rocks that bumble up
from **** and turn to lush
belts of world for sand and dust
to which we have been gleaned.

I could hear them calling deep inside
that colossal of Rhodinia
an ancient land that will never be heard
except for the left
over play dough
left in the sand
Hidden under ice
I will dig until my fingers burn

The animals all taste like chicken
we hide beneath the rocks
fallen angels
left to run for our lives

and­ then
We are together again
the chickens cluck
and I fetch them a water pail
to wash away the fire in their gut
time to eat
time to grow
time to move
time to know

And the Himilayas dance into the sky
and florida's mosquita nets are dry
and the ice
and the creatures
given to the earth
move ever onward
and then

But what does it mean?
I am but dust
and elemental stuff
and atomic configurations
on a tectonic bluff
unknown to the geometry
except for what I see
opaque eyeball
in its cage rolling
Searching for something in the static of dreams
in between the here and then
the now and when
the constant end
that drags the rocks
like slaves
towards constant
Imran Islam Feb 2018
When I come to the world
the work comes with me
but the lazy world is laughing out loud
and ignoring the work!

When the lazy people realize their mistakes
and turn to work
I then sit on their head!

When I'm getting ready to leave this world
the people are frustrated at work
but I'm covered by this evening!

When the people are next to me
and they regret for their laziness
at that time, I end up in darkness!
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