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SpiritHeart67 Jan 25
is so quick to judge
the Fallen Angels
as god did.

First of all,
Who are you
to judge others
as god does?

I got news for you baby.
Everyone here is fallen.
If you are here,
You are Fallen.

We see in others
that which we recognize
in ourselves,
Any evil
you see in me
is simply a reflection
of what is held in thee.
Ivy Chakma Jul 2023
I will love you when winters are old and summers are tired;
I will love you between all hours;
For my mind only wonders with you and what can I say about the heart, it’s fallen too.
Moe Dec 2022
it feels as if everything
needs to be done all at once
watching all your fallen words
while you become a ghost in my presence
a subtle trembling “I'm not ready”
unable to breathe you in
you needing time & space
feeling like any other given reason
strung out to dry
will make you fall further behind
forgotten are
those bright
autumnal colours
of the freshly fallen
no longer able
to offer
a crisp rustling
with each step
a whisper that
invites child
and adult alike
to kick
   and shuffle
ignoring the bite
of frost
by noses
and fingertips

those downbeat leaves
lately of such
seasonal delight
have been rejected
by bough
   and branch
drifting meekly
without protest
or wrenched
from arboreal familiarity
by gusting wind
or gloved hand
turned to mulch
by constant downpours
muddily trodden upon
without second thought
clinging to any
passing boot
trainer or shoe
only to be scraped
and scuffed
on pavement
   or curb
stomped in a puddle
left behind
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2022
I stand and wobbily make way to the door

Night fallen so quickly again

Afraid of dark
Shut the door and turn around
Not before flipping the lock

Instead of going to move amongst glowing lights and the odor of *****
Slip into pajamas and slide under the covers of my dependable bed
If patient
Sleep will find my skull eventually

So once more I am left in the space between dreams and reality
To float amidst streams of wind inside my empty mind
Jay M Feb 2022
Wandering across
The unsure grounds
Dark as I roam the expanse
Only to float without care
Without fear or certainty
Only to fall, wind whistling
Past deafened ears, searching
For words to sing a broken melody
Sinking into an unknown depths
Dimmer and dimmer still it goes
As I fall into the perpetual abyss
Spiraling farther and farther
Down the rabbit hole

Wings of muted grey
Once carried me higher
Now the wind seems to say,
They carry me no more
As I wander door to door
Within the maze of corridors
In the labyrinth that is my mind
Fade deep, fade to onyx black
Protect my soul, fractured heart
What fragments may remain
Scattered across the ground
Found in hallowed crater
After the fall of last
Ashes to ashes and
Dust to mere dust
Perhaps again be
Something more
A queer thought
To then explore
For in this time
And evermore

- Jay M
February 1st, 2022
What it feels like to spiral down into the depths of depression.
Alpha Aug 2021
The bird of time
Sits in the night's vines
And sings a song of doom

Demons and Angels fight for power
Where dust hides the fallen with cover
The Reaper in the shadows loom
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