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TS Lefort Jun 6
The failure in us both runs free;
Bleeding out from wounds of love,
Snagged on broken bones of trust.
The futile attempts in all of us.
TS Lefort Jun 6
Fallen people are the common ground,
Relentless pursuits of no avail,
Desperate illusions of a promised land,
Flaying limbs no hands that join,
No hope no help no heaven;
Falling people screaming without a sound.
Jason May 26

Salt in a sea of pain
Vast, deep, and pure
Ocean of tear-fallen rain

© 05/26/21 Jason R. Michie All Rights Reserved
Estelline May 7
Living in a broken reality
Hoping things will change
They might
But not the way I want
Things just slip by
Right through my fingers
Like sand from a beach
It drifts down and blows away
You can’t find it again
But you can see it pile up
With the rest of your mistakes
And flaws
Praying it won’t become a mountain
That will crush you when it gets too high
But you can feel it swallowing your legs already
My life fell apart so quickly.
Ruchira Apr 19
Even the fallen leaves have something to protect ....
Betty Apr 13
Long ago,
when earth was clean and silver bright
an angel fell, compelled by vast eternal might
beyond all time
through endless night so brightly starred
his wings aflame his halo charred
remembering beauty through his tears
to see him through in later years
In sun dappled lawns
Runs a golden rivulet
Copper-pod tree crowns
SinArrow19 Apr 11
In the midst of the night
We met and fell apart
We recognize each other and fought
And here we are standing back to back

We are so in love and believing
Like there is no ending
And we have to face the beginning
Of the fights, the sweetness and caressing

Forget about the stars
Left the strokes
Come to the evening
Where 'us' is better than parting

Smile is captivating
When it's genuine
Eyes are amazing
When it shine

You're like peach flower
That blooms in Japan
Your scent is as fragrant as peach
And I am here beside you still fallin'
You pushed her so hard,
to fly as high as she could.
As high as the mountains,
as high as the stars.
You pushed her so hard,
though she can't,
till she fell and broke her wings.
Now, her broken wings
could never fly,
can't even reach the tree,
she always dreamt to be.
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