I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
Face planting the floor..
scuff marked pride,
as I got up stupid woman,
I uttered this under my breath...

I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
coffee in hand,
a master of balance..
Not one droplet spilt,
but I saw you awkwardly
gaze at me, and I smiled.

The next few days,
I took another path.
missing your haphazard
           feet entrapping my gaze..
I pondered the view,
the reason for my needing to  

Walking past where you sat,
                      now vacant.
I was glum at the thought
of you not fumbling my stance.
Collecting myself on days past,
I walked a new path to my office.

I tripped over your ill
angled shoe..
Face planting the floor..
scuff marked pride.
Getting up I asked you
a question..

"I've fallen for you so many times
               I think I'm in love,

You can only fall so many times
before you realise that its love.
I showed the marks that I'd
fallen for you,
                  more than most would.

Sam 1d

Staples on a heart
Long ago fallen apart
Staples on a heart
The tears begin to start

Memories are truly dark
Everything is stark
In sorrow I embark
Memories are truly dark

Sadness is a gift
Although it carves a rift
A mind cursed to drift
Sadness is a gift

tears or tears ;) You pick.
Seema 2d

From the heaven, falls an angel in disguise
Torn wings, broken ribs, unable to rise
Cries in pain as now in a human form
Covers itself with rags from the upcoming storm
I see it clearly as I am sitting in my tree house
Away from city life and the desperate lazy louse
Pitting on the ambience, I called out to it
Shiny blue eyes sparkled at me with its wit
I welcomed it in my tree nest to warm up and sit
Scared of conversating about its existence
A quite being, I admired its patience
I told it, not to worry as I was its own kind
Fallen almost a decade ago, from the heavenly bind
It smiled and spoke with a glowing lit up face
Finally, I've found you...O' Master!! O' thy Grace!!


Life is a fall, we just got to realize that were
the ones picking up. And the only defeat is
when we don't try.

Life is getting up, and knowing were the ones
that stood tall, without hands out to others...

Were the ones that lifted ourselves up..

Scarlet M Sep 7

The heavenly bounds of Gods Kingdom
and a pit of Inferno surrounding the gates of Hell;
a thin line of boundary which separates these two worlds,
is where two dissimilar beings met.

If an Angel and a Devil were to fall in love with one another,
can their love transcend the law of heaven and hell?
This is fate’s decree:
Love can change what aren’t meant to be.

Mono Sep 7

I fell asleep on the Sun, it was warmer than any sensation felt by a hug
I woke up on the moon because the stars were telling me love stories about you
I walked on the ocean the breeze of the wind telling me the direction
I climbed the shore where they said it was your destination
I flew on the land they told you where there and she was there as well
I went back to space to learn how I can distance myself
I starred at the earth from mars and it’s funny I know exactly where your heart is beating
Not with me but with her and her to be
So I fell asleep at my bed wondering the efforts I wasted.

Yeah... I fell but I got up.
Remmy Sep 6

twenty seven
twenty seven days without the love of my life
twenty seven days of agonizing pain spent in terribly agony
twenty seven days free from someone whos love had expired long ago
twenty seven days trying to love myself
twenty seven days trying to fight to not call her
twenty seven days in turmoil
twenty seven days of taping my phone to the counter
twenty seven days of spontaneous beach trips
twenty seven days of misery
twenty seven days realizing just how far I had fallen for her mischievous smile and steady gaze
twenty seven of the best worst days of my life

Mister J Aug 29

You keep me
Falling towards you
Gravity pulling me down
Closing in to you
Momentum too fast
I can’t think anymore
You’re pulling me in
I keep on

I’m falling still
Drawn to your charms
The innocence of your eyes
Lingering on my mind
Those tender lips
Warmly touching mine
Sinking in too deep
I can’t stop

I can’t understand
What makes me stay?
Is it the passion?
The depression or desperation?
You got me cornered
Pushed to the limits
I can’t escape you
Why do I keep

All my defenses crumbling
Why can’t I resist you?
You’ve broken all my doubts
You’ve calmed my storms
You picked up my brokenness
And made me whole
I can’t deny this anymore
For you I am

All my agony you banished
What else will you do?
You've kept me hooked
To the scent of you
Your body syncing with mine
In perfect harmony
The pleasure eats my sanity
Just let me keep on

I am left addicted to you
What else can I do?
To please you is my vow
Your happiness is mine
Your lust sustains me
Your love brings me sanity
You are everything to me
And yet every day you still keep me

Midnight writing.
Last one for the day.

But the fact was

She was so very broken
She had fallen to place so low,
A place she didn't know existed...Until now...

Her strength seemed to wither into the darkness growing inside her.
The darkness growing stronger with every knock, with every tumble, with every person that leaves.
Her will to power through, diminishing into nothing.

If you look, you can see the pain seeping through her eyes,
'The window to her soul' is dimming,
The light is barely glistening,
That hopefulness she once obtained is missing.

She still loves, she loves like she's never been hurt before,
But she's damaged right at her core,

Imagine if you could see through her eyes, the helplessness she possesses, how would you save her?

Could you save her, even though she's so far gone?

Her lips do not tell you the truth, for her mind has been binded shut,
Bare with her,
She cannot open up,

She's doing her best,
Her best to survive,
She's reminding herself, that despite the odds,

She's still alive.
She's still here,
Battling through all the fear, torture and pain.

She's still here.


It's all I can do

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