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Only the fallen
can shatter in pieces
spread out
unimaginably far

while every part of
them whishing
soft little pleads
awaiting your call

forever incomplete
without each
always in search
of a missing piece

but oh
when you do
find them all

how you will
understand the puzzle
of interconnectedness
in every law

they had too
break you in more
than just two

and that this world
is too destroyed
for someone like you
Bullet 5d
I've fallen in before
I couldn't breathe beneath the ocean
Suffocated in lovey sea salt
Taste bouldering over my sense to see


I've fallen from high-lights
Grace lead me here to highlight
  Life above the surface
I, face to face with the Lord almighty


Clips of the past eclipsing my vision
Light-shows roads to heavens gates
Meteor showers shows stars die in pieces
Meters can't keep my time from ticking


On my back
To worry about


Nothing to look forward too
My past will be this worlds presents...
the sky has fallen
I stand here alone
white mist conceals
my tear-stained face
it wasn't fair
but I have lost
this battle beneath my skin

the stars have faded
the moon is gone
am I really alone?
no flames have marred me
no scars shine through
but I have been burned
by the untamed truth

untethered shadow
follows me
stays close to keep warm
but I am
just as cold
as if I had
no body to contain me
no soul to call my own

how have we fallen
I can't recall
but we are all alone
within this mist
a blinding light
fed by unshed tears
Poetic T Nov 12
When the red petals fell
        Every field
                  shall fall silent.

For in those meadows,
                the wisps of the past
stand over the fallen.

Head held down,
       on bended knee.
   A remembrance if yesterday.

Every eleventh hour
       does an eleventh
                           minute fall.

And we remember
that freedom is sometimes
             paid in innocent blood
“Deeds To Remember”

Castle cast!  Lo,  hail the Aloft,
Wisest of Wise He indeed is.
Forsaken Herald forever forbidden
To oven never to return to Kingdom.
5.That Pride!  That iniquitous Overthrown.
Beware!  The Fallen lures and crush soft,
Disciples walks in darkness of forsaken
Taunt them not,  merciless they are
Peril Serpent desires vengeance.
10.Bind the chain of authority to defeat.
Thee reckless numb! Thee commanded One,
Paradise filled by plaintive of atrocity?
Oh!  How unprophetical jest!
Holy wrath wiped luring serpent out.
15.Double-edged sword is sharp indeed.
Holy man! Indeed a perfect craft
Thou art the clairvoyance of ***,
Pillar of Paradise on Earth
Boon by wisdom to realm of Heaven.
20.****'s Oven not meant for thee.
Yet! **** seduced thy virtue,
**** for pleasure did lured thee.
Ah!  Mortal man not a ludic
But perfect creation in Him,
25.Err is natural thou mustn't lessen by
For pleasure of **** once known
Is valley of abyss for eon.
Thou mustn't astray, He say'd!
Thou art Holy boon of Will
30.Of ***** of everlasting Living.
Valley of death now a deficient!
Thou thrived conquest not a bish
Sitten upon Thee,  man shall bow
Salutations they'd wave, oh Mighty
35.Restful cuddle for them with Thee.
Hark the Herald of Divine,
For trumpet sings for man.
Feast indeed! Now lamb to Shepherd.
Sacrifice that pave way to Home
40.Forget not, for He awaits thee Home!
Nganyah Ngonyen Phom
Dilapidation sunk its teeth into you
Shearing off your softer side
Exposing your skeletal essence
Which had cut off calcium from cows
Long ago
Leaving it on the brink of brittleness
As if the blow from a kiss
Would deconstruct to dust
The bones that once bore the strength
To love without fear
Poetic T Nov 5
Sleeping rough
like a leaf blowing
across the pavement.
          never knowing
where I'll settle
before the breeze
of others discontent,
    brushes me from
my resting place.

I wonder like a cloud,
never stopping
                  in one place.
I'll never rain down,
all that's kept inside.
I'll never have  
           a sliver lining.
Just one with hues
of regret, of better times.

You can hear
the rustling
plastic sheeting.
The breeze is light here,
We can stay
                for a little while.

Leaves fallen
             from the tree
will never be still.
Ever moving,
               Ever restless.
When will we again
see from a higher elevation
other than below there feet
crumpled up like a fallen leaves.
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