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Johnny walker Nov 27
Incredible new friends, I've found through this
site, I have discovered friends that without this site and the wonders of
Technologies that being
the Internet
I would never
have known any of this
and would have missed out an opportunity to know all you lovely kind people and to read all their poems and stories very big thanks to you all you're like a family to me love you all
bless all of you
Kindest regards Johnny
Just a few words to express my true feeling towards all the kindness shown to me by all of you which mean so very much to me you'll all helping so much with my griefing bless each and every one of you
Don’t just say it with words,
Convey it with your wishful thinking,
Say it with your glistening smile,
Carry it with the vulnerability of your tears,

Don’t just say it with words,
Express it with the tenderness of your heart,
Deliver it through a helping hand,
Declare it with the language that is unspoken

Hussein Dekmak

It is like a door.
With hundreds of thousands of people,
knocking and hammering on it all at once.
They kick and abuse the door until it is run down and beaten:
damaged and unreparable.
And although it's driving them insane,
no one answers the door.
And likewise,
I am unresponsive.
And until someone answers that door,
they carry on knocking.
And again,
Until I speak for myself,
those thoughts wont be put at ease,
they will continue nagging
and making me crazy,
until I get the help I need;
silencing those thoughts for good.
Sonia Thomas Nov 1
So many nights have been spent by writers trying to describe their loneliness as a choice when we could only pick our pens up to feel less lonely.

We may never find an audience for the words we say to ourselves, but we'll never run out. We'll still keep talking in the hope that someone will tell us that our words are the ones they needed to explain their loneliness too.

We're not writing to express; not always. Sometimes, we write to find pieces of ourselves outside us.
Spitz Oct 31
She teaches us;
Act like you want,
but only if it is what I deem acceptable.
Look how you feel on the inside,
but not if it conflicts with what I like.
Be unique and express yourself,
but just within reason.
Follow your dreams,
but keep them low or you’ll never get there.
Break the rules and live your life,
but not really, because then I can’t control you.
She teaches us;
It is more important to have
than to be
She is society.
And she is a *****.
I'm having writers block can you help me? Haven't wrote a poem in awhile, just been feeling blocked like there's nothing I can do to express myself, I need some help got that blocked mind the writers kind

Got a lot of things to say but somehow my mind can't process it all no expressing with my words at least the feelings there need a quiet room with some nice tunes

The writers block I need to make a poem today something that feels good and it's essence is understood have you feeling good

Block mind
Block mind
I got block mind
The writers block kind
Can you help me?
I got a blocked mind
Haven't wrote a poem in awhile, just been feeling blocked like there nothing to talk about
Em Oct 2
To write
And express
And share
an idea
or a thought
or a memory
or a romanticized past

...Is it all that?
haha im suffering from boredom
I write to express,
Thoughts I can't suppress,
When something makes me depress,
When things happen in excess
Feels good to pen down, I Guess.

When I am alone,
I get in my own zone,
When my heart groan,
When I miss her skin and bone,
I write words expect them to make perfect tone.

When I am in a long Uber ride,
For sleeping I stride,
For you when my heart cried,
Writing something I tried.
Rhyming I applied.
This is how I write.
Trying to explain why I write.
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