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We’re all heroes

In the stories
We write

What if silence is
The only truth?
One can

After all
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: Why things need to be written?
Kim Rifqi Sep 6
Seven billion people in this world
A universe with infinite choices
Given a chance to live
On a planet called Earth
I chose you
An angel sent from above
Your beauty and grace caught my eye
I see a bright future ahead of us
Just.. I don't know how to express my feelings to you
I just hope one day you'll notice me
Seeing you makes me happy
My heart races
Butterflies in my stomach
Thoughts are running wild
But I still don't want anyone but you
You're the only one I want to embrace
I believe you're the one for me
One day, we can fly away into the horizon together
I know you'll be my happy ending
nanimono Sep 4
I can't do it
If it's not you
it's meaningless to do it with others
"I love you" is just a cliche
And camouflage
To express "you"
"Thank you" will never be enough
Without "you"
How do you cry for help
When all you know
Is a silent plead?
Carl D'Souza Jul 26
Do I need privacy
when my emotions and thoughts
are flowing
and I need to express my self
to my self
to become self-aware?
Yes I do need privacy!
To write,
was to embrace all the waves
that you kept off the shore.

To write,
was to embrace the thoughts
you shoveled down
so they wouldn't have the power to hurt you.

To write,
was to feel liberated
of your shackles and confinement.

To write,
was to find yourself
navigating towards
your own thoughts
and emotions that you
kept away for so long.

To write,
was to feel once more
and be brought back to yourself.
Carl D'Souza Jul 25
If my joy and happiness
on telling someone "I love you",
should I tell them?
And if they reject me
will I still have
the joy and happiness
of having expressed my love?
I have a voice
behind this tongue
that is quiet and sky
and knotted in my throat.

I have a voice
that whispers to me
but i fear to amplify,
for you see it reflects on who am I.

I fear of what they might think,
as it is not an attempt at speaking
but an insight to my perspective,
and thoughts
allowing them to know and judge.
It's a fear I dread to face,
that consumes me everyday,
I don't face.

I have a voice,
its mine
and I don't want it to be
muted by people
and neither fear.

I have voice,
that it is all mine,
that I will amplify.

For it is a part of
who I am, my opinions
my thoughts,
I choose for it not to be taken away,
neither suppressed.

I give it a platform,
a channel,
and courage
to let it speak
its very own language.

Liberating me
with every syllable it lets slip.
It's 3 am,
everything feels like it's falling apart.
Self belief is fading,
heart is aching, mind is raging,
colors are fading,
self esteem is deteriorating,
and I am here expressing.

Writing to reunite the broken pieces
into words and art
so it feels like i am not break and falling apart.
Carl D'Souza Jul 23
Sometimes I write poetry to cope:
freely expressing
my emotions and thoughts,
relieving my mind
of burning exploding emotions
and incessant thoughts
which were seeking my attention.
Once I have carefully clearly listened
to distressed emotions and impelling thoughts
they dissipate
leaving my mind in peace.

Once I have clarified
in a poem
what I am feeling and thinking,
then I philosophically reflect
on what I am feeling and thinking,
striving to discover wisdom
about the practical issues
my emotions and thoughts
have raised in my mind.
Thus, poetry is my path to wisdom
by which I achieve more joy and happiness.
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