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If I can still express all the feelings
I'm experiencing through words,
it's a sign that I'm still alive.
Indonesia, 8th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
I write poetry
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Masterpiece I don't write
I belong to an ordinary tribe
I write in my spare time
It's a hobby of all time
I express my feelings and views
Phew phew phew...
I lighten my heart
I am not a professional writer or a poet
Of the calibre it's required
To earn handsomely
Lead a decent life
Blessed one can full time read and write
Flourish or survive
Rest find it difficult
To meet both ends meet
People least interested to read
Audios, videos, Instagram, memes
They're interested indeed
Most write in their leisure time
It's a hobby of a kind
Expressing feelings and views
Phew phew phew...
To lighten their hearts
With their talent
Maybe they impact the society
At large
Crummy Apr 27
Don’t you try to hide that smile from me
I’d like to be among the lucky who provide you glee
Let me in on all the places that you’d like to see, cause baby girl I’d take you anywhere you’d like to be
Express yourself, tell me girl what’s on your mind
I find it difficult to read you cause you’re one of a kind
Even if it’s just a peek I’d like to see your design
Everytime I search for love it’s always you that I find
And that’s okay with me; especially; when you’re all that I want to see, honestly; everytime you smile it’s like my remedy
Pouring all my heart to you in rhythm with this melody
Wanna wake beside you living all my days in ecstasy
This simply felt good to write
To whom
It may concern

If I haven't
Reflecting your vibes

Believe me
You don't exist

To all the living
And the nonliving
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Touching Lives
bubblyflower Apr 3
Why can't I express myself into words?
This heaviness, stuck to my arms and mouth,
It makes feel like a butterfly stuck in a web.
I want to talk and write more and more,
My word is getting duller and duller
I want to confess to you
I want to speak to my friends
I want to be happy.
SquidInk Feb 24
these poems express the words i fail to speak
loneliness i fail to admit
moments i fail to remember
sadness i fail to move on from
heartbreak i fail to accept
loss i fail to mourn
If you bully yourself into silence
you'll never escape
you'll never speak
your truth
Don't let other people's bullying become your internal bullying. speak up! be loud! speak your peace!
kalo zadukr Dec 2020
There is a door
Out there
It is back door of a house
People come and go all night
Nobody knows who are they.

People around me
Chit chat all day, everyday
They are my friends and family,
I assure them, I praise them.
They give me smile and they give me shrug
Back of my mind, thought come and go
Thoughts never match our conversation.

Mysterious back door open once in a while
Only then we know who are they coming and going

Truth lives behind that locked back door.
You live behind that door.
Real you.
Sometime you come out and express yourself.
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Live to express
Your feelings
Your thoughts
You may get
Some good advice
Or someone may get
Spark of life
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