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Ed Russ Jr Oct 8
I'm having writers block can you help me? Haven't wrote a poem in awhile, just been feeling blocked like there's nothing I can do to express myself, I need some help got that blocked mind the writers kind

Got a lot of things to say but somehow my mind can't process it all no expressing with my words at least the feelings there need a quiet room with some nice tunes

The writers block I need to make a poem today something that feels good and it's essence is understood have you feeling good

Block mind
Block mind
I got block mind
The writers block kind
Can you help me?
I got a blocked mind
Haven't wrote a poem in awhile, just been feeling blocked like there nothing to talk about
Em Oct 2
To write
And express
And share
an idea
or a thought
or a memory
or a romanticized past

...Is it all that?
haha im suffering from boredom
I write to express,
Not to impress,
Thoughts I can't suppress,
When something makes me depress,
When things happen in excess
Feels good to pen down, I Guess.

When I am alone,
I get in my own zone,
When my heart groan,
When I miss your skin and bone,
I write words expect them to make perfect tone.

When I am in a long Uber ride,
For sleeping I stride,
For you when my heart cried,
Writing something I tried.
Rhyming I applied.
This is why I write.
Trying to explain why I write.
Benjamin Sep 28
I just want to be cared for
and I have to admit it
I want a free spirit
I've denied it for so long
what lingered was my need
to be honest
and believe
that I can't just live "me"
But enjoy life with other beings
I just want to be...
Cared for. Thought of...
I just want to be...
jerelii Sep 23
To be courageous
you must be brave and strong
To face fears
you must get rid of being hurt
To grow and learn
you must have acceptance and ownership
of one’s fault
To experience life to the fullest
you must never be afraid of
trying out new things
and to be loved
you must felt it first with yourself,
& you must express it more,
to learn to love
without anything in return.
And love never fails
to win in your heart.
inspired by Victoria Erickson

Sept, 2018
Eric Babsy Sep 17
Diplomacy is the best policy.
Ever since the dawn of man we have waged wars to believe in a fallacy.
The future is sacred.
With diplomacy on each side we feel no longer *****.
Sit down discuss our thoughts.
Look we are heading towards the future, look what I brought.
Make trade talks with each other.
Please be my friend, be my brother.
Because without diplomacy the world will come to an end.
No more of us having a future, fun, or friend.
By backing each other into a corner what will we have?
Something that just rips me apart, makes me feel so bad.
No more people in love.
Just driving a stake through our hearts, no freedom like a dove.
History is bound to become true over and over again.
Without diplomacy how will we ever find ourselves again?
Please if you would spread the news.
If you do not believe; please take some time to look at today’s news.
With fair talk people seem to react.
No more of us fighting *** for tat.
Diplomacy gives nobody a raw deal.
People do not walk away empty handed for real.
Just give it a chance time and time again.
Write down your thoughts and express them as well as you can.
So practice like we all want to be.
A world where we can all sit at peace, and peaceful dreams become reality.
Ndanyanyukwa Sep 17
Dear heart.
I know you're somewhere and
it scares me that I can't find you.
Did I lose you to that boy I spoke about all the time?
Did I lose you to friends that left?
Did I lose you to the pain you felt?
The pain I ignored?
They pain I misjudged?
Are you there?
I can’t hear you beating anymore?
I know you're out there and I need to talk to you.
I need to tell you how I feel.
Please answer me!
Maybe you're gone because I hurt you.
I didn't mean to.
I just wanted somebody to talk to.
Now you're gone and I don't even know for how long that will be.
all I'm saying is that when you learn to forgive me I hope you'll come back.
I need you.
I can't live without you.
Continue to beat, because eventually I'll find you.
Lemonade Sep 12
I die a little bit inside,
every time your delicate lips broach about her.

only best friend.
MJ Javier Sep 9
The rain falls once again
I sit on a chair near the balcony
Opening the window
the strong scent of rain
drills through my nostrils,
The thoughts of cacophonic
sounds inside my head
looming suddenly disappears,
The rain still falls hard but gently
the sounds of it creates
a relaxing sound that you like to hear.

I open up a book of Coelho's,
Reading till page seventeen and
I closed the book and got up
Going to the kitchen I warm up
some black coffee to drink,
I picked up my favorite mug
and poured the steaming hot
coffee that just finished heating up,
I hold the mug feeling it's warmth
with both hands, holding it tight.

I walked back at the balcony
Sitting at the chair and placing the mug
I look at the view in front of me,
of how these tiny water droplets
stay still when falling down the air
and breaks after falling to the ground,
and I remembered, "Oh, that was me"
I take a sip off this piping hot coffee
I feel the warmth spreading
and glanced at the beyond and there
I became deathly still.
Freddie Ruiz Aug 31
Speak your mind.
Not everything is black and white.
No one can make you be silent,
but yourself.
Written on May 25, 2012
Composition number: 415
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