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Robert Ronnow Feb 13
There are 12 types of joy:
simple joy
almost joy
systemic joy
Saturday joy
expressing joy
knowing joy
all joy
max joy
constant inputs of joy
single greatest joy
sacrifice or joy
the face of joy
at the periapsis of earth’s orbit.
Sadie Grace Dec 2023
Sometimes we’re softened by the love they try to give
Even if we can’t fully accept it and live
Even if we can’t learn our lesson and forgive
Even if we stay trapped by the pain and continue to relive
Like a movie
Who would choose me? If there were other options
Don’t love me out of duty
Find the beauty in my mess and hang on to that
Love the good parts and help me change the rest
Help me to express these thoughts
I’m always so depressed
I feel so possessed
& I just need some rest
Robin Carretti Jun 2023
To ignite- - like love-fire
Words crossover express
Rollover under the cover
       New- Lover
Eyes- express Lighthouse tower
Caress good news to digest


Express to dress
Don't impress

Lost time to address
Mindful - Express- train  
Open* expression* request*  
 Bucket list Jekyll and Hyde
Secrets dark you decide
  *       *        *       *       *
Yoga stretch two lovers coffee
Picture selfie - express what's mine  
All we need more time
Success *  to express
We don't always need to impress I guess life has its ups and downs do things simple and plain think your thought out before you do them
Zywa Apr 2023
Sadness disappears

in ever wider circles --

of re-retelling.
Novel "Ik ben er niet" ("I'm not there", 2020, Lize Spit), pages 250-251

Collection "Shelter"
Pr nandni Jan 2022
Sometimes it's better to leave the pages BLANK
Sometimes the BEST is to not EXPRESS everything,
Let your emotions be wrapped beneath TRUST
Put your LOVE on the lap of future,
Let it BORN with peace.

Don't sum yourself up in ONE word,
Just LEAVE the pages blank.
Leave it blank
dailythoughts Nov 2021
expressing love without having to stop myself from feeling the depth of what we share
love is only a feeling
If I can still express all the feelings
I'm experiencing through words,
it's a sign that I'm still alive.
Indonesia, 8th July 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Don’t you try to hide that smile from me
I’d like to be among the lucky who provide you glee
Let me in on all the places that you’d like to see, cause baby girl I’d take you anywhere you’d like to be
Express yourself, tell me girl what’s on your mind
I find it difficult to read you cause you’re one of a kind
Even if it’s just a peek I’d like to see your design
Everytime I search for love it’s always you that I find
And that’s okay with me; especially; when you’re all that I want to see, honestly; everytime you smile it’s like my remedy
Pouring all my heart to you in rhythm with this melody
Wanna wake beside you living all my days in ecstasy
This simply felt good to write
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2021
To whom
It may concern

If I haven't
Reflecting your vibes

Believe me
You don't exist

To all the living
And the nonliving
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Touching Lives
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