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oh how far i have
let myself go

i have forgotten
how it feels
how the words

no more

i need to express
how i feel
and i have never learned
how to be vocal

its been about five years since i last wrote a poem.
HELLO poetry
& GOODBYE to prose
As I speak THE rhythm goes
Emotions & THOUGHTS
The electricity that SPARKS my art
Opposites, raps, heart & MIND
Now I gotta end this little POEM of mine!
Nathalie Sep 27
We use dress up words
To gather our thoughts
And try to express our
Emotions, but these
May be dismissed
Or ridiculed if we
Share them with
People that live
In a dress down
World, so be choosy
With whom you
Share your heart
And make sure they
Will play their part
And that standing
Together means a
Game of equals
And not divided
Or minds apart.

Heyaless Sep 16
I just realised ,
Never express your feelings .
I just realised ,
Feelings will forever be misunderstood .
When I express myself , i get only heartache not with the words they spoke back ...But with my own expectations that they will understand .
Alicia Moore Sep 15
even when you’re speaking
the silence is deafening.

empty words,
a spinning record with no music.

language isn’t solely expressive,
vacant vocals are forever depressive.
Ellesora Rue Aug 31
a poem is a gift,
given to those who are worthy
those who you can trust
not to hold you at their mercy.

a poem is a gift
for the ones after you
it touches the hearts of many
and opens the eyes of few.

a poem is a gift
which arises out of silence
it says what speech cannot
and offers some guidance.

a poem is a gift
for you to beautifully express
what you truly feel
for those who know you best.
She posts on her story
10 times every blink
Gotta mind that’d make you think
Gotta mind that makes her drink
Kyle Aug 10
Poem is the art and emotions of the person writing it;
It is a gift and a friend whom we can lean on anytime.
We read it when we're sad;
And there we can find some inspiration and courage;
To continue our lives bravely and not give up.
We read it when we're angry;
To calm ourselves and think thoroughly.
We write poems to express the feelings and thoughts that we have;
We write poems to give inspirations and to motivate others.
It is maybe just words but through writing and reading poems, we can clearly see and understand the reality ;
All of us maybe read the same poems, but truthfully we read it differently and have different thoughts about it.
But what we have in comparison is that, we read and write poems because it is a cure to us in any emotions that we have and we need it in our lives.
Bea Aguilar Jul 28
I wish I could tell you
all the things i want
without getting hurt
or crying

I wish I could express
how devastating it is
to hear those words
from you

I wish I could show you
all the scars i got
from the words
you threw at me

I can't escape
Simon Jul 26
I believe I can... Because of one device. Faith! Believing in faith can turn everything either upside down or take control of the situation and minus that very cause in one single pulse of a heartbeat!
Believing in something is either a countermeasure for disaster! Or it can be something you totally never would have ever expected!
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