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And if you were the only person to share knowledge with
I would take my leave.
Your too much reasoning disturbs my Wijdan.
Mark Wanless Jun 6
an unrepentant poet
walks among the world
seeing and not believing
anything perceived

he dreams of inconsistent
anomalies of existanse
sees to the end of time
in imaginary universe

and no one says a word

the story begins in this sentence
and ends when you stop reading
you are the creator of all that will be

the door opened and you were born
did you knock or just drop into
it does not matter you are here now

male or female or something else
life was needed and you became it
walk if you can is a metaphor

the world is but a reflex
and dreams are made by god small g
a mess of confusion is it's problem
Steve Page Sep 2021
I need a freedom from cynicism
from male chauvinism
embracing a softer masculine
an absence of sexism
and an embrace of a different manly-ism
one seen through a more unmanly prism
a less than bearing the whole weight of the family
and more like living as a 'we' community
not necessarily a man that's handy
but one who is able to more gently
lead by an example that's differently
A different way.
Norman Crane Aug 2021
when already in his mind
he'd dusted himself off like a rooster
run down the hotel stairs
gotten on the train
to quickly
escape from her
to where the black pepper grows

she, snuggling up to
him with both eyes firmly closed
had already built with them
a house
smelling of dinner
and fresh children
to which he'd just come running
up the stairs

(in reality
he and she had slept
together for the first time
and lying
keep silent about this precisely
in two foreign
mutually unknown
My translation of Polish poet Józef Baran's "On i ona"
Jaicob Jul 2021
Cross your arms
Hold your breath
After a while,
All will be right.
Close your eyes
Then open again-
Time is renewed.
You'll make it though the night.

Deep inhale,
Sharp exhale.
Keep the rhythm.
They won't know.
Just say hi, and move on past.
This is the day.
Keep carrying though.
You'll keep living because
Today is not your last.

You pass as cis.
You've made it, dear.
You're important.
You matter to me.
I need you here.
You can do this.
Don't bother what they say.
Just let it be.
Sirius Jun 2021
Growing up in this home isn't all it seems to be
Seeing others praise my mom even when she's mean to me
Finding joy in simple things like socks or earrings
Before finding joy in a group of queens and kings
I may not be the perfect daughter or average kid
But I am being who I want to just like my cousins did
I am a strong man, an amazing boyfriend, a lovely son
And if you don't agree with that then you and I are done
I'm not a daughter not a girl
not a sister not a pearl
I'm a boy good and true
And if you don't believe that I don't believe you
Melody Mann Jun 2021
Confide in me she whispers,
Peeling away each layer that traps his essence,
Share your devious truths that ache to surface,
Confide in me,
Trusting her gestures he dismantles his barriers,
Flooding her refuge with stories untold,
He confides in her solitude.
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