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Jay Jul 5
Cross your arms
Hold your breath
After a while,
All will be right.
Close your eyes
Then open again-
Time is renewed.
You'll make it though the night.

Deep inhale,
Sharp exhale.
Keep the rhythm.
They won't know.
Just say hi, and move on past.
This is the day.
Keep carrying though.
You'll keep living because
Today is not your last.

You pass as cis.
You've made it, dear.
You're important.
You matter to me.
I need you here.
You can do this.
Don't bother what they say.
Just let it be.
Moss Jun 23
Growing up in this home isn't all it seems to be
Seeing others praise my mom even when she's mean to me
Finding joy in simple things like socks or earrings
Before finding joy in a group of queens and kings
I may not be the perfect daughter or average kid
But I am being who I want to just like my cousins did
I am a strong man, an amazing boyfriend, a lovely son
And if you don't agree with that then you and I are done
I'm not a daughter not a girl
not a sister not a pearl
I'm a boy good and true
And if you don't believe that I don't believe you
Divine masculine
Divine faminine
Both traits in one
One dominant
One recessive
Male figure, divine masculine
Male father
Male figure, divine faminine
Male mother
Single parent I am
Today I am father
On this father's day
I shall be male mother
On mother's day!
Both masculine and feminine traits are present in an individual. Your gender is decided not by your genitalia but the traits which are dominant. Balancing both the traits makes you a good parent, a good human.
Melody Mann Jun 2
Confide in me she whispers,
Peeling away each layer that traps his essence,
Share your devious truths that ache to surface,
Confide in me,
Trusting her gestures he dismantles his barriers,
Flooding her refuge with stories untold,
He confides in her solitude.
Jay May 3
No matter how many times I'm called beautiful
or pretty, of gorgeous, or any other comment,
I will always cry when I hear the name
You try to call me adoringly...

It is dead.
I bury it here
In the words.
I write its tombstone.
Beckie Davies Mar 30
they told me that i was a girl
for i was wearing mascara and blush

they told me that i was a boy
for i was playing with trucks

they badgered me about my gender
they asked me where I fit in

i told them with wisdom that it was none of their business
my gender is not my identity
my gender is not who i am

they demanded to know what i am
i am a truck-loving, makeup-wearing human
female πŸ’œ
Robert Rittel Mar 28
As the bride cries before the wedding so much,
the groom many years later, as such.
Better asking twice before loosing at once,
male river water feeding ocean female eloquence.
That sea of motions influences the river,
spawning spores and the flow to deliver.
The pleasing role to submit by natures order,
to keep motions of water in needed boarder.
Delta downstream where the sweet meets the salty bitter,
male and female twilight dance and glitter.
Tides of ******* circles turning to heat,
forces of spirit matter and its sublimity beat.
Adams rip taken to draw the new moon,
creation that flows through the female cocoon.
The silver cup with little golden eggs,
weaving heavens scent into gentle heads.
Natures diplomatic respected fire,
kindled by admiration from mountain higher.
To discover the heart is the greatest initiation,
life is time and death is its dividing appreciation.
S R Mats Jan 14
A female is very different than a male
In human physical makeup.
There is no shame in that.
It does not need to be defended,
But it does call for an explanation.

Compare: Can the rugged bear or stallion
Sprout wings and fly?
They were made to plod the terrestrial,
Their brutish power, ever recognized.

Throw a stone and you get a mere snort
As they decide if you should live or die.
But here is where the weaker sings.
The bird, that lilting tiny powerhouse,
With its fragile hollow bones was made to fly.
Each *** has superior strengths.  Together they complement each other.
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
Most men are badly raised
They are their mom's craze
Dad's copycats
In household no role
Mom serves them all
Open their mouths
Order so well
Smiles and carries it all
It's her responsibility
Since childhood
She was told
Men never to learn
Basic skills
Self dependent to live
They aren't at fault
Women prefer men over women
In most households
Raise them as if lords
Without horses and swords
Daughters to play
Second fiddle
Serve men as if religion
a man can be two things for a woman:

the best thing that has ever happened to her


the beginning of a new trauma

dear men,

is that what you really want? think again.
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