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Pockets Aug 28
Here I sit
Feeling like ****
Eyes red
***** blue
Reading haikus
Drinking cheap *****
Tryin’ to find that spark
If not to write
Then at least light my cigarette
So I can smother myself out
And go on to bed
The Dragons took a Bat,
in their Hands and out fell,
the ****** Virus.
I wonder, what would fall out.
If each one of them,
had their......*****
in their Hands.
out toward the west
there's a gathering of clouds
which look like fluff *****
Poetic T May 24
I laugh at old people
        out the window.

Then realise I'm looking at a mirror
Poetic T May 22
I opened a door,
               feminism reaction

my ***** in my throat.
Some times opening a door is just manners...
Poetic T Apr 5
It wasn't funny,
I'd used every spare sock.

Every newspaper that had past my letter box..

I couldn't use my ******* magazine
           as the pages had mysteriously

stuck together??

So I walked like a crab
         into my back garden..

My hose pipe connected,

I know how Sylvester Stallone felt
            In demolition man,
            three sea shells..

              F##k this S##t,
but no morality machine
for spare sheets....


Ok lets get the water pressure just right,

I turn it on and my ***** swing like a pendulum.
               dam that made my eyes water..

This time I put it in the right place,
a unique sensation,
                but just as I was clean,

my back porch light turned on..

All I heard was,

"Frank don't worry its cold,

As he laughed out loud.

I walked back in my ***** sore,
                                   but **** fresh clean,

even though embarrassed..
Guden Nov 2019
A tiny breeze
Cleans the stagnant air
Around my bedroom.
I thank the gods
Nobody comes closer to me,
So they cannot smell
The stench of *****,
Unwashed masses of hair.
A breeze that brings
The smell of tear gas,
I sense the protesters
Didn’t want to leave.
Now the smell
Of live death
Fades away
Mixed with scents
Of freedom and dignity.
I wish I was there
I used to be clean,
I used to move around,
When routines kept me going
Instead of being petrified
By the following day;
I used to be useful
Or so I’ve heard.
Poetic T Oct 2019
I took the fruit, even before the snake

Even though the tale says it hindered
         my bequest to take the first bite..

By then I was wearing it as a belt,
        skinned before it spoke a word..

Vainness the first sin, of a woman
        and mans sin was not taking

the time to ponder the beauty
            that stood before him..

He listened to the voices,
    Don't bite the fruit...

        Biting my fruit, nibble

But bite and I'll crush your skull
                in-between my thighs..

We were kicked out the Eden Club..

But it wasn't his weak ****, its cos
                  I burned the tree.

I didn't nibble on no fruit,
        I don't go down like that.
  I'm more trunk if you understand..

That club burnt down.

        But I had my belt, so I'm a superstar.

Shining brighter than that north star.
He was lost after that voice
             never followed us  from the club.

We're sinners, not because we didn't listen,
         because I took the *****,
and knew that the  club wasn't worth the penalty
                       if we stayed by there rules.
underestimated Sep 2019
I've been told one thing my entire life
Grow a pair
I've been tossed around from house to house
I've been abused and mistreated
I've been hurt a lot
I've never been taught
And I never ever retreated
But they still tell me
Grow a pair
I've seen some things
I can't unsee
And I've been told some things
That really hurt me
And I act okay on the outside
But on the inside I'm not alright
I stay up all night
Cause I can't sleep
All the memories
Are surrounding me
And suddenly
I find myself
I'm a position
Where I'm helpless
And I remember what they used to say
Grow a pair
And yet again
I'm stuck thinking
About the things I been through
And yet again
I'm wondering
If what they said was really true
Do I still need to
Grow a pair
And yea I let them not me
But it's not because I'm a *****
It's because I don't really give a ****
And that **** don't really bother me
Now words are different
Cause they sink in deep
And torture the **** outta me
Till I can't sleep
And now I'm stuck crying in my pillow
Worrying about tomorrow
And now through all these tears
I'm realizing that I still need to
Grow a pair
I grew a pair...
I'm Vain
Oh so Vain

I still haven't figured
This all out

I'm practically
Begging you
To help me
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