In corners we collect our wept
     collections that gather solitary dust.
But they gain weight with every oppressed
        emotion. We never show the slide delicately
forming in the cortex, showing indefinitely.
                   Repeats of what now show our faltering ability.

Were entombed in the heavy yesterdays
           that are swallowing us within dead pools
of contemplation. But we sink nevertheless always.
Rotting beneath boulders of self doubt, are
we able to ever gain breath against the obscure.
              Or will we just breath in stagnant air.

ST Rossa Sep 30

Roses at your side
when you pass on by
always wilt away.

They cannot compete
you have them beat
so envy kills them.

Alexa Sep 15

the future
it seems so near
but i mean
is it really?

i'm troubled by what will happen in the future, to be honest.
Brianna Sep 7

I want your lips against mine.
Your hands all over me.
But you're in California and I'm over here thinking-

why the hell do I always fall for the guys nowhere near me?

Delphine Aug 16

those three words came to my mind
when i saw your red but beautiful eyes
i felt i was blind this whole time
but you were nothing but a devil in desguise

i really hated you for a long time
because you made me fall from the enormous climb
the only times when my will to live was near
it was because you had spoken to me, my dear.

my titles are so cheesy
Sun Aug 15

No matter how far you go
I will know when you are near

Be there for me when I awake

You are the sweetest dream
The biggest part of my untold emptiness

The wish to be a bird is a childhood fascination
When they allow their wings fly
I see through the windows
All I can seek to them is hope

The soulful song afar from home
making a shrill cry  like a dying soul
With full of attention to none but scavengers

Are you somewhere walking bare feet on green grass?  
I will know when you are so far
I will find you and take your hand.....

Viany Aug 12

Notice how in the daytime we're too busy seeing & appearing with no fear of what's there or near...
In the nighttime, we calm ourselves to feel, seek, & hear..the sounds that are so
clear & near...

Niveda Amber Jul 30

What if we saw what reality was?
Would it still be real?
What if we said for our hearts wanted
Would there still be fear?
What if I saw
What you saw
Would you still be near?

Samruddhi Jul 28

Please stay right there
Do not go anywhere
I would soon have to say goodbye
It's cold in here
And no one to hold near
I, finally, will have to fly
You will miss me dear
N I know you are not a seer
But please never-o-ever cry
For at last the time has come to say goodbye

Nateive Son Jul 6


It will destroy you
And rape your soul
Backwards and sideways
Never letting you come up for air
Before pushing you back down and shouting
That you're a silly bitch
And just another speck in this blink of existence.

Like a baked potato with health insurance
You will sit stifled
Stuffed with the platitudes of society
Dripping in butter and grease
Perfect for a picture that the marketing geniuses
Will blow wads and $100 bills to.


Ye are
The Shakespearean ham fresh out of the oven of days
Moist with newness and no pineapple glaze
Aching to be here in potential
Real raw creativity

You are the gifted map maker
Out into the new land
Or perhaps finally getting the shape right
Not killing the natives
But letting the birds and worms
Writhe on yer skin.


All are welcome to walk through the gates of today
Tomorrow is never guaranteed
But here's a coupon
To take your worries and cares and sighs
And stuff them in a bag
Mail it to Australia
Never to be seen again.


I urge you
To clean the metaphorical 9mm
And assassinate it


Don't live in fear.

Also, don't join a cult or make others join yer cult. That's a dick move:
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