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Amanda Oct 25
When I do not see you for awhile
Start going through withdrawals
Like when you’re addicted to drugs
Dependent on alcohol

When I eat food is tasteless
In fact hard to enjoy
Much anything consumed
Focused on the void

No matter what’s done or said
Nothing distracts from absence
If I keep hours busy
Not once your thought leaves my head

My brain obsessed with you
Turning memories around
Try focusing on anything else
But way your laughter sounds

Impossible to be at peace
I wake up alone
Emptiness follows me from our bed
Clinging to each bone

Inside stomach sits a knot
Tangled with concern
Ball that gets tighter every minute
Messages left unreturned

I hate how I need your kiss
To function throughout day
Did not realize contact was necessary
Til moment it was taken away

My heart beats unevenly when you are gone
Stays like that until you come back
Every ***** placed in my body
Is in some manner out of whack

I am more than just miserable
Sick without you here
Unable to be myself
Until presence is again near
When I miss my boyfriend Paul
see me near
i will see you near
see me wide
i will see you by my side
love me more
i love you over
your imagine ,

as i dig your name
at my heart    
every pulse says
your name so clearness

i see you at the sky
moving your hands in away
i love ever to see
i will say
God keep you near
the love changes the world and makes the life good
Spooks May 6
The pain never seems to go away
But i know you're still with me everyday
A part of me left when you died
for months i cried
Although sometimes i feel your spirit with me
And every-time I see that monarch butterfly
I know that you are near by
You may have left too soon
But I know your are here, up by the moon
thanks you for always keeping an eye
While you’re way up there in the sky ❤️
Ella Apr 4
You are near,
Even when I don't
see you.
You will always be with me,
even when you
are far away.
A Apr 4
People talk about near-death experiences and I feel like me almost staying with you was one. Me settling, saying 'fine, this is fine' whilst my heart cried for more, that was definitely one. It feels like I've just made it out alive, my heart bleeding, my mind a mess and my arms so tired from carrying you but still, I made it.
by Michael R. Burch

Moonbeams on water —
the reflected light
of a halcyon star
now drowning in night ...
So your memories are.

Footprints on beaches
now flooding with water;
the small, broken ribcage
of some primitive slaughter ...
So near, yet so far.

Keywords/Tags: Distance, sun, star, moon, reflection, memories, beaches, shores, near, far, night, shadows, footprints, water
you breathe in tender dragon smoke–
under the sheets; I’m made of alchemy.
some summer second skin clothes.

drinking me in a 200 milligram dose,
a sweet taste in my mouth that forms a cavity
as you breathe in tender, dragon smoke.

jokingly, you laugh and it rolls into “I’m off the coke.”
it hurts, but I guess that now it’s your mortality.  
some summer. second skin clothes

that remind me I’m in bed and alone.
forget it all, radical acceptance, comfort insecurity.
you breathe. in tender dragon smoke.

you tell me that you think I’ve grown.
I smile secretly, my blood is gold. is reality –
some summer, second skin clothes?

feels closer, even though we’re on the phone.
to you I hope this is a keychain of me,
some summer second skin clothes.
you breathe in a tender dragon smoke.
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