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There was a dreamer boy who dreams a lot and does nothing. He plays also when the boy had a pre-examine,
When he entered the pre-examine, he failed. He sang
As this
I dream to be a butterfly
Go everywhere and fly
See beautiful colors at my eye
Smell good odor thing in the weather
See smart thing everywhere
Amuse with time with a fly in the atmosphere
I dream to be a bee
Travel in places and see
Good flower and immediately be
On it to **** nectar with happy
To convert soon in my abdomen to into honey
That makes all nature good and happy
I want to be a whale
Swim in deep and see all
The swimmers in deep and call
At them as I am stronger than all
Her sister heard him and said
Be Butterfly, bee, and whale
That's good but the best, I see
To be a human as you are?
Study hard, to get the dream actual in a way
Help the weak, be clever is the happy
Get a good chance and have a high degree
Make you famous over the all
They the woman, the boy and the girl say
We must work hard
We must make the heart
Of our nation above the land
In all fields, fly in the sky
As sky get up over and high
See the others on the earth
As stunts and our nation is giant
It must be eternalized and be grand
By science, by faith and by working hard
The boy leaves the dream and the play and studies hard
for who dream to be good ,must do they effort
There was a dear

She was wild

Lived in a jungle

The lions saw her

They believed they can eat

Her with one bite

And they can hurt

With their nail

The wolves saw her

Walking without fear

Showing her beauty

Walking with very happy

They thought they had her

So they all follow her

The foxes noticed her

She was walking there

They could catch her

So they all approach

When she looked at them

When they saw her face

When they gazed in her eyes

They all admired her

They all loved her

They followed her

They play with her

They admired her

Suddenly she had gone

They searched for her

They looked everywhere

Who saw the wild dear?

At the night the lion appeared

He called with high voice

Come ,come my dear

I invited you to be her

To stay with us

To amuse us

With your beauty face

I am the king of  that world

if you return indeed

Did she return ?

Did she appear?
love could occure by needs clear hearts
it was picked
it was lied
it was bleeded

its colors were converted to blood
someone shot
he did not love

as he might be white
as he might be intelorant
and wanted to vanish the Muslims

as he said," they are nothing
so they must not be anything
and he is still innocent

the flower is accused
it is the terorrist
love is the message of all religions
When the rains downed
When the clouds appeared
When the sun be absent

When the thunder was heard
When the lighten was seen
When the birds hide

When your face attended
When your spirit appeared
When your lips opened
Showing shiny look

The sun was coming
The warm was ascending
The universe was laughing
The rosy colors were dancing
the absent of love making the world cahnged and the weather tended to be worse.
There was a dog
hid  after a frog
He hid in a fog
Then he croaked
The dog left one leg
He croaks again
The dog listened again
He left the second
He stood on the two legs
The frog jumped on his back
He  fell at the mud
He got up with anger
But the frog was gone
Did you hear that cat?
Who chased that rat?
The rat saw a statue
He entered that body
The cat has been angry
He tried to be in
His body was not thin
He stuck in strongly
And the rat escaped
Do you see that butterfly?
That boy wanted to catch by
The strong and long trap
He ran and followed there
She learned that she could beat
Her hands and she might die
She stood as a die
He looked with an eye
She suddenly flew at
He feared and dipped
She can be escaped
Think with your mind
Believe in your God
You will be the first
the chase needs a mind and good plane that make one could escape
try to travel
make good thought
and get a wealthy marvel
good heart deserves to be fought
by your heart and mind
to travel everywhere and get great wealth surely upu will not find an acceptable marvel except the heart
a little smile form  your fine
face changes the world to go right
, steady and differs from any day

a little smile makes me have a pile
and a lot of money to go without wait
to move a heavy mount at easy way

a little smile changes the clouds to be shine
the cold weather will be warm and the light
will cover and stay all night and day

a little smile will return  my child as a sign
and overlap any hard that may suffer and tide
my steps
all day and night occurs
only by your face
night at you dark hair
day at your face
that is bright
like the sun rays
sundown when it draws
the hair of red lines
like your cheeks colors

the light rays as your teeth
when they appear in great smile
asking God to stay forever
spreading every doubt and fear

the plants that carry green
appear at your eyes
telling everyone
the life is good for creatures

when i see you
i hate every moment i dislike
the life gut now i like
everyone even my enemies

peace upon you
peace and be the sign
that good face
may reflect peace
even only one self

that is mine
who can say
i can dance and fly
only when i hear news
telling you get all happiness
bye and not bye

as i know you deserve to be queen
of kind and mercy of hearts
every woman have good spirit and kind  heart. if she could reflect that kindness, it will get great smart
That is not important
No, no stop

We had a date!

You have a problem!
A problem!

How will you meet!

By internet
How do you say I love

By heart

How do you say
You will marry

By sending a bride image
And she

How do she accept?

By showing the finger
Where a ring is put
And if the refuse

Is her answer
By moving her hand

In no way

If she wants to say bye
By typing a word
the virus set its soldiers. the most of people get and set home. now the time is worst
hssss! i will tell a secret
awful! awful!

your heart knew
my secret!

it does not become a secret
because it went and moved

from my heart to your heart
but i hide it

what ?
a secret!

i love you indeed
that i wanted

i wanted
not to tell
your heart
love is good emotion especially who leads to fine and last end . marriage
The prophet ordered
To wish your hand
And get wished your members
To clean up
Your out appearance
As well as your heart

Wish as you perform a pollution
As you will pray before you eat and after
Your member will clean

When you hear someone ill
Tell him to be in
His home and not be out

The ill or sick must not come
Or visit the right and healthy one
To keep the people so cured

If the pest is ascended
At any land
God may keep every land
One must not get at
This causality land
To keep the society sound

And one does not visit
To be safe and right
If one has cured
God prevents every worst
And the cure is not advanced
And he gets dead
With great faith and patient
He will be considered as martyr at the battle
Who fights against the bad enemies
Or he defends his wealth
Or fights to protects his sons
Or his beloved wife
Who carries every smart sense
He will be at best heavens
That is the brief of the prophet tales
this bad things which occur to world must give us the signs to prtect ourselves from every harm and follow the instruction from the wise and good persons who has deal with clear and the upper spirit
was prisoned at my throat
wanted to be out
desired to be known

but it was stuck
another came and shared
shoulder by shoulder, foot by foot

third made a crowd
it got in enforced
the tongue was found
opened but could not

she pointed with her gold finger
slowly and get calmer

the words got so clearer
i love you
he noticed and wanted to see what the feelings are?
give me a word
i will give you my world
let me down
you will be downed
felt with shame
if you gain
humanity and blood in
runs or you loose
something at your chest
called the heart
the man needs faith
The word must be told
I will announce at loud
I am fear you will not respond
So, I will return to my silent
As I fear to be frustrated
I will judge to your heart
Which certainly knew what I suffered
I suffer wide look of your brilliant
The moon is my talk
To see you at her shape
And lonely will be my sit
As I talk to your shape
That is light my space
the love knows its way, no distances or mount could stop it
Begin again

Begin again

Don't fair

Look at the day

Coming with fear

Spreading by a way

Of God who will gave

The power to gain

Every wish, every dream

The river stopped

By stone or weir

It faces and pushes away

If it couldn't

It doesn't give away

And forces again

Or it turns around

To complete its way

If the sun was hid

Before the dark clouds

It may get its anger

It concentrated its rays

Making the clouds crying

With a lot of tears

The wind may stopped

By strong mount

Which thought it gains

But it losses

As  the winds takes

Parts and get its

Amount decreases

Day by day

At night

There is only God

Who makes the fire ash

Who convert the huge

Into small and might vanish

Smile and get happy

If you don't, breath fresh

And say with a way

Dismisses the sad

And put the hope

Into your head

The light comes after dark

The fear puts its junk

After the dark increases its power

You will gain the best

Your enemy will suffer

after short way
do not stop
between all you choose me
between all your eyes look me

between all i choose you
between all my eyes i choose you

between us there is a deal
do you know?

our hearts write it in clear
like the sun comes near

like the trees move when winds appear
repeating your name in repeat

telling all world one word
yo are to me and i am to you  
that is the fact in clear
the love is the holy tie between two hearts and it is ending with marriage
The hearts are at market
The characters are downed
The faith is evaporated
The honest has been burned
People viewed and noticed

No one prayed
The sadness was not showed
The celebration is still done
The sense was frozen
As it is at north or south pole

Everyone likes to be the first
Even he treaded his brother
Even he blooded the wounded
Even he extracted the killed
Even he dotted out the sad
To be he is the only winner

The world gets downed
The birds are chattered
The roses are wilted
The clouds are vanished
Without any rain ascending

To return the universe in clear
To make the happy appears
To have peace at everywhere
We must have right heart
the chracters between human are getting down. thge faith gets away, and the honest evaporated
The black one was kidnapped

He traveled a broad

He was sold as a slave

He lost his freedom

He was very annoyed

He tried to escape

But he failed to succeed

The master said

After asking every one

You must tied him

With a person to be love

They put a ***** girl

Worked by his side

He neglect her first

As he wanted to escape

At last when he failed

And got very hurt

From his master

As he was punished

She said to him

"The escape is bad

If you got succeed

Where do you go?

You may be lost

At the wide desert beyond

Or you may be kidnapped

Again and be slave

By a worst master

Than our master here

He said that is awful

To stay a salve again

But when he stayed alone

He said she is right

He talked her again

And said "who are you? "

She said in pretty

"Surely you want to know?"
She said in anger
“I was princess
Living at my land
Every thing I wanted
Was come, was brought
I loved the world
When I went to swim
At the river that
Passed at my land
Carrying happy and good
Beside me my friends
Girls at my age
Some men appeared
And kidnapped me and some
Friends and took us out
We all were sold
Slave was treated
I stayed at that
After trials of escape
I was hurt very heart
I satisfied with that
Till I was sold
To your master that
Hurt you dearest, dearest
He said “what you said?
I am dearest in fact”
She said and bowed her hear head
In beauty, in smart
She said “how do you come?
I was at that land
Called Ethiopia”
She said “that was my land”
They said truly at loud
They laughed then cried
He said “I was the master's son
Leader of many families
Prepared to be the second
Leader at my nations
When I was trained
I was kidnapped
I was taken out
And stayed at that land”
She said “that is bad”
He said “that is bad”
She said “but it can be acceptable

You can be responsible

For that station, you must be able

Stays at you are

Satisfy with the fate

Change to your look

Smile as you could

Look for love and take

The chance if you remark

The time is not bad

But we get it bad

If we thanks our God

, Remind his good

Changes will be by a hand

Of us not another hand

If you smile enough

If you get love

If you see kind

Be near it with happy

The life will be easy

And there will be funny”

He said “but it is not easy

How can I find love?

Every thing here is tough

The weather, the land

The people have enough

Hate for slaves like us’

She said “you don’t find love

Search and you will find

Surely near as wind”

She went at speed

Without saying a word

He was astonished

How did she go?

Without saying a word

Khalaf their master

He stayed with a manner

Of happy and said

To all masters of Mecca

Finally I solved

My stubborn now is kind

He stayed as any one

He obeyed my laws”

One said “how was that “

He said “by love

Love is that

I brought a girl

She was near

They talked there”

Other said “but they can do”

He interrupted as he might know

“they will be married”
that is for who search for faith
They married, they married

Their love became fact

They celebrated, celebrated

The stars were in happy

The world got fine

Their master prepared

Everything to the celebrate

In spite of being stingy

He brought a lot of meat

Of sheep and cows

All the slaves came

They danced and sang

They said, "Oh! Brilliant

Aquamarine comes from the deepest

Making everything fill of feelings

Of happy that cavers and distributes

The funny over all faces

You have white heart

White heart

Carrying into good stature

Making hearts tend

To get a funny music

Expressing good melody

The harmony tells

The harmony covers

Love is up

Love is forever"

They entered their home

They thanked their master

They thanked their Gods

They filled home with happy

They slept with satisfy
this is for who search for freedom and justice
Bilal Ibn Rabah 5
The love gained product
They got a child
He was black
His father got happy
As his mother was funny
They celebrated with slaves
All got more happy
After the celebration ended
He got up sad
He took the kinder and ran
The mother fumbled his loved
She had not found
She got up
In spite of her pain
After pregnant and got that child
She called at his husband
"Rabah, Rabah"
He continued in running
He was as a ghost
Running far and fast
She ran after him
The sun was still hid
She was lazy to rise
She was fearing of watching
Crime repeated every time
According to poor and slave
According to injustice of man
Who beat his brother, man
Mother of Bilal insisted to run
In spite of her pain
In spite of her weakness
She called at strong
In spite of her weakness
She fell down
She downed to the earth
The falling made sound
Touched Bilal father's heart
He turned with tears
He returned stretching arm
One carrying his child
Other helping his love
She cried and said,"
Why do you try to ****
Our love, our child?"
Is not he our love gain?"
His tears covered his face
They embraced
They entered
He explained
He said," I fear that
He would be taken
As slave and we couldn't see him
love, faith ,cooperate
bubbles appear when water boils
bubbles appear when wave strikes
her sister or rocket or shore ends
bubbles appear to show our weakness
they refuse to stay up at sea surfaces
they damage themselves fearing of appearance
as they knew bad things and news
they fear of sharing human bad feasts

in spite of mention good things
and doing as the good man or messenger acts
the man kind does every worst
drinking wine, dancing naked, getting faults
under some wrong and liars

under love and faith names
the love means only clearness
honest means be at heart in brightness
making deal between two members
and the upper power all over all persons

two hearts and God is the witness
all people know the relation between two souls
she wears white cloth as their hearts
and people know that they get married

bubbles burst at anger , vanish at fast
to disappear and die so fast
the life gets more awful of man kind of doing everything worst
what makes bubbles fail?
the men like to fell
and show themselves honor and they are dis illegal
i love you

said to her
she believes
she gives him hers

he vanishes
the women does
i love you

he believes
she steals and takes
what she demands

she vanishes

people say we are heroes
we will give hand to every weakness
when this asks

they polish it off
and they will be off
bubbles will be downed

downed and not be ever up
tear of orphan girl is downed
planting tree of sad over

up, up till the sky ceiling
it ascends water of answering over heads
making the justice occuring

if every one gives hand
the things will not be bad
and the weather will not be sad
the justice will be the first of the life
Your love is burst
Heart dissolved
Who could return it?
Your heart
to who know i love, she must be mercy with my hear
I will write a paragraph
The pamphlet will be announced

They put our photos at that document
The passage is remarked

All left the speech, went to the image
Mine, that is the great fault

All these me in great advantage
The war inside me made great damage

I said after I heard some words
If they saw hers the projects will be advanced

The jealous took my hearts
My heart divided into parts

Every part became heart and enemy
Carrying weapon and army

I shouted and cancelled the project, finally
the love makes one see te world into the eyes of his beloved
carry burdens over your back
the burdens tired and you are still in lack
of asking for help or articulate how is your back

suffering from bearing that gravities that must sack
your dream in honorable life and smart  frontage
you ****** bad luck, they said you merit to attack
the life is full of burdens and pain. wo could suffer it, will win
like the act of cat
when rat is chased

chat, chat
mock every heart
trying to be so kind
and let him feeling with hard
that is the most human act

chat ,chat
mock yourself
say i am the Jinn
know everything
but you don't gain
the knowing of the end

the back of the girls moved
the eyes of men becom wolves
the devil tried to act as angel in move
and they thought they did the right do

chat, chat
the wine was poured
the mind was idled
the hearts wanted one thing
the devil flew and might bring
the angels to see the fault of that one
who surely was challenged and chosen
by the God

chat chat
when the angels was brought
the kind spirit attended
the devil spreads the fault
some of men and women escaped
and others might fell into the hell
they obeyed their demand
and forgot thier God
everything went well out of the devil and the fault, when one obeys himself it might leads him to the worst end
i draw circle around your heart
you draw circle around my heart

we have tided in one point
aiming to the center of the heart

it is the center of your heart
it is the center of my heart

they are drown on the trunk
reflecting their images upward

telling everyone with every word
being born of the inner heart

your heart
my heart
the hearts may tide in one circle making the world beauty
Around the circle
Inner that circle

You do a miracle
We do an angle

To keep my heart
Waking and could jail

As he gained a fault
Dream you at night

You would come
Telling me at sight

Thanks to your God
As we met

At wide fate
Before we meet
At our time
the fate wrote its words and the hearts meet at soon
i collect something at my hand
i caught it strongly at my hand

i collect something at my heart
it does not escape not only by itself
but it took my heart

i search and find a wound might establish
was caused by long eyelash
love dug at heart and could not cure so easy
Oh! He comes from wide
He doesn't talk a lot
He said in obvious
,"I don't come to compliment
A beauty that makes minds busy
, Telling about their influence
In hearts those may be fallen
And run after their intelligence
I don't come to say how love
Changes the world
And make the poor kind
And forced into mind
To make it good and kind
I come to say
Do you mention the older?
Mother or father
When they got older
Who pays attention?
Who mentions?
Or they must enter the home
For old age to get care
And visited them for a while
Then forget them at time
They wanted great care
Then when they dead
A big sad appeared
A large mercy occurred
And a lot of cry
If a bit of mercy was noticed
And little f sad for them was appeared
And small smile was remarked
When they were a live
These will give their soul
High level of faith
The God will thank
The angel will mention
The heavens will open
Their door to enter
Help the older
Smile with brilliant
Makes their world
Get happy for them
To get same reward
When you become older
As age they are in appear
the is the social animal.
confirm your love
she talked

i asked how ?
she said confirm

i do not have  enough
knowledge to swim

at oceans of your love
you know i am not sailor

or captain of navy of your heart
i am only one who likes your smart

i am not that pilot of planes swarm of your head
which knows the truth or who making fault

i am only wondering of your look
i am not farmer who grows the plants

of your eyes which are growing of your look
spreading fruits of hope and love
at my heart

i am only visiting the rose of your cheeks
i am not humours of your sweet souls

i am only remarking the sweet berry of your lips
i am diving at the ocean of your love

save me, help ,help
the love is the great ocean who has severe waves striking each other. the lover has a magic which can control with the other
Let's say corona
Do not say corona
What a puzzle!

The brain in the puzzle
The world has a muzzle
They searched for a goal

They were at war
The increase is in struggle
Against the clear and virtual
They told the virtue is the liar

From the ancient that was a gaggle
Laughter and mock of pure
They insist the laws Tatar
Go through

The upper ability was here
Her responsibility must appear
The punish will survival

As we are like the Jesus talked
If one has no iniquity
Throw it with a stone

The world has a sin
The world does not the deserved
Who had a great fault

The do not prevent the oppressive
He throws only the weak and clear
The sins must be wide
The vice must be beyond
Our vision, land and mind
the corona antivirus increases and the world became in danger.
dig at your heart i find a photo
it was like a ghost coming from absent
talking in whisper, saying one word
making your heart refluxing with red
and your face changing its white

i feared i said that is your love
that you can become a knight
and changing your kind into wild
you can carry the weapon to fight
you can not stop until you see your love
safe and live in happy and great fare

you said with low sound
,''stupid that man is you
and your love making me as lion
facing the dangerous with open chest
fighting the enemies and chasing them at fast

because i find a fresh air touching my heart
when i collected your photo to my chest"
the lover can be so strong and fights all the world
Do ,do ,do

The baby says "Do"

The cats do, they do

The dogs bark do

The wolves howl do

The lions roar do

The play means do

The all creatures do

The God advices "do"

You must also do

Don't ever stop it

Do not say "that is bad

Comes ever with my luck"

You may do your luck

You do your chance

Look to the baby look!

When he tries to walk

He fails times so that

One feel that he can't walk

He may cry from hurt

Or feeling of frustrate

He tries times and times

As seeing the hope in eyes

Of all around as he tries

Do you see the ants?

They may fail for times

Of transport foods to lands

But they try many times

They can't get frustrate

Or can't ever stop that

They do their hard

To get what they want

Do you see that bird?

When he is gotten from egg

And the feather covers him

He tries to fly over spray

He may fail downword

That he might be killed

The viewer said he can't

Till he could do it

Do you see the calf?

After born, he tries to stand

His mother helps with that

Pity appears over her face

He gets happy and a hand

To be power fear all world

By his scream all are dithered

Do your best

Work very hard

See all around

Read all about

New of science

News that causes

You will be in eyes

You may get hard

You may hear worst

You must not stop

When you do your dream

When you get your wants

All point to you

All want to you

To learn them the do

How to be as you

How to advance their know

All will make you

As the star over the all
to be good must do hurt
Don't wait

Don't wait

It must be heard

She truly loved

And you did

You must not stand

You must not give up

As she said  a word

She did not love you

Get up, get up

Work hard ,be the best

Pray to your God

Who has the hearts

Obey his orders

You will get her heart again

If you want her

You must be her hero

You must ride the difficult

To be her only dream

who carries her on white horse

flying wide ,wide at thiet heaven

You must dive into deep

To get the pearl she evaluates

Who is in the fact the pearl?

Who beat the other by brilliant?

Who can call you are intelligent?

The pearl is her

The pearl is here

at he spirit

When she put it on,

Who is the smart?

When she took it off,

The pearl get no charm
the time is in compete with all. you must try to catch it
Don't wait

Don't wait

It must be heard

She truly loved

And you did

You must not stand

You must not give up

As she said  a word

She did not love you

Get up, get up

Work hard ,be the best

Pray to your God

Who has the hearts

Obey his orders

You will get her heart again

If you want her

You must be her hero

You must ride the difficult

To be only her dream

who carries her on white horse

flying wide ,wide at hight heaven

You must dive into deep

To get the pearl she evaluates

Who is in the fact the pearl?

Who beat the other by brilliant?

Who can call you are intelligent?

The pearl is her

The pearl is here

at he spirit

When she put it on,

Who is the smart?

When she took it off,

The pearl get no charm
the love needs power,to protect, money to get what you need,  and heart
Do you know love
Love is not tough
It converted you to be elegance
And caught your eyes
To be tied with hearts
And make life full of peace
love is the bets way to bget peace
every time a woman met her husband

looked at his eyes and stayed for a word

he didn't say it he as he has got tired

he went asleep without saying that word

except good night and morning may be good

the woman was pretty ,the woman was youth

the woman wanted to be heard, she wanted to be fold

when she went a walk , one comes along

he was a strange, he had bad heart

his heart fill of hate ,his heart like an art

extracting by devil extracting by hard

now the angel went away and the devil brought

the strange went in hurry and he looked

at her face with only big smile

he said to her one, two ,three, all words

how attractive are you? Why aren't you touched?

How are you walking on foot? you must ride!

Inexpensive car ,or high rank plane in its ride?

If they were not, you must ride

A good horse spread wide

If it was not that, you must ride

A strong camel wearing a beautiful dress

Its colors gain from your cheeks red in appearance

And green as yours ,the shinning of your eyes

And yellow in above as your hair colors

If it was not their, you must ride

A man who carried you without any pain

He can traveled with you , felt with gain

Happy ,strong, eager and you would be his woman

Come with me and you would be heard another

The woman lost her mind , the woman appeared another

Woman had not seen, a strange in her thought

As she heard what she wanted for time. She went blind

She obeyed him and let him ride

They took his car ,it was not unlike
every woman wanted to be folded
Do you hear voice?

Do you notice

When she comes

Do you see what she does?

When she talks,

Do you notice her influences?

Do you hear her orders?

The world obeys hers

Do you look at her eyes

And notice the move of her waves

Are you good in sail

If you are ,you must sail

In her eyes and you will gain

A sorrow, regret and high pain

Do you examine your feel

When she goes away without say

One or two words or speech all day

Do you see her smile ?

The east and west look shine

The moon is in the right

The sun gives more light

The birds are singing

The smooth winds are blowing

Spreading best smelling

The water decrease its running

The rain gets lowering

The happy is shinning

The sadness is vanishing

All meet with smile

As she comes with smile
the love of god is the gift ,needing help of the creatures.
When they reached his house he entered in hurry
She stood in front she was not happy
As she remembered her husband ,she was married
He wanted her to enter and she wasn't ready
He said "why do not you come and you will be funny!"
"You would have here a lot and will gain happy"
This clothes will dismiss and we will without thing
We will spend all day with love and I'll return you in hurry
She remembered her husband ,she remembered her holy tie
When the man said "do you accept him as your husband?"
She said "yes" she strengthened  that bond
She said no to the slave of blind
She said yes faith of feeling of God

As he saw her attractive as he saw her a woman
As he was wolf and she was in a weaken
Why did he wait ? He attacked in moment
He cut off her cloths she screamed for save
She said with her pains "fear of your God"
He said my god is devil and I was ordered
By him to destroy you and make you appeared
As a  naughty  woman and get you a part
From your husband and he continued
He wanted to make her lie to made his bad
She demanded his kind she demanded his help
He forgot everything except her appearance
He could make her lie he would be mad

She screamed in high ,she screamed at loud
The winds refused that mad, the winds refused the bad  
They were carried the woman's screams to all sides
Of that deaf world ,of that blind universe
Her husband heard her ,her husband knew her voice
He was shocked ,he went to his house

He found no one he found the winds
He remembered the only one, he remembered his God
He kneeled to the earth ,help me God
The winds blew up ,they carry him wide
Till he reach there ,he saw the blind
the man who carried hate ,act as a blind
the bad was strong ,the devil gave his hand
the man didn't stand ,he attack without wait
the man stood and hurt him hard
the woman was afraid
that her man might be beat
the husband was completely tired
the husband was completely beat
the winds blew ,the sun shined
the trees moved in speed
the woman stood and she called

she called him strong ,she was not afraid
he thought as she was beat ,
she would do his want
he came with smile saying my darling
opening his arms with happy speaking
you will be my God and I am praying
To you all days and nights, with I did as you want

he stretched his lips to catch her kiss
he closed his ears, he closed his eyes
he came forward the winds said
with anger "oh wrong comes with bad"
"he must gain his worth"
the woman hurt him ,hurt
he fall to the earth
the winds blew up and carried in a distance
the husband looked at her eyes
she demanded his forgiveness

she said you are worth that as I worth
he looked astonished and said in weakness
She said "you didn't fold me"
You didn't say you love me
You didn't say you follow me
You didn't ask "do you admire me?"
He said "I went to work"
To be reach to live in a rank
As rich people in act
She said "**** rich ,**** all act"

The heart like a plant
Must be watered ,every be pet
If it doesn't get he may be gone
the love is like the plant needed to be watered
do you say a word

every time a woman met her husband

looked at his eyes and stayed for a word

he didn't say it, as he has got tired

he went asleep without saying that word

except good night and morning may be good

the woman was pretty, the woman was young

the woman wanted to be heard, she wanted to be fold

when she went a walk, one comes along

he was strange he had a bad heart

his heart filled with hate, his heart like an art

extracting by devil extracting by hard

now the angel went away and the devil brought

the strange went in a hurry and he looked

at her face with an only big smile

he said to her one, two, three, all words

how attractive are you? Why aren't you touched?

How are you walking on foot? you must ride!

Inexpensive car, or high-rank plane in its ride

If they were not, you must ride

A good horse spread wide

If it was not that, you must ride

A strong camel wearing a beautiful dress

Its colors gain from your cheeks red in appearance

And green as yours, the shinning of your eyes

And yellow in above as your hair colors

If it was not there, you must ride

A man who carried you without any pain

He can travel with you, felt with again

Happy, strong eager and you would be his woman

Come with me and you would be heard another

The woman lost her mind, the woman appeared another

The woman had not seen, a strange in her thought

As she heard what she wanted for a time she went blind

She obeyed him and let him ride

They took his car, it was not unlike
everyone needs to see him or herself in the high position. women need fold and great hanks.
no one can draw her
as she slaves the vision

no one can draw her
as her cute paralyzed the motion

no one can draw her
as she prisons  the emotion
her brilliat was so smart and no one could lift up his look
during my wait
there is a question
from heart
my heart

no it does not
belongs to one
you know

i know
the first steal happens
immediately at once
stealing occurs

it could go
i got happiness
my eyes sees blossoms

open every pulse
doing by my heart
sorry, it becomes your heart

so it feared
who belongs to that cute
be  worry to be dismissed
the time goes good when your smile attends and my heart shows your face
i follow my heartbeats
they say you will lose
do not ever feel
with hope near

i ask the rays
when the sun says
morning on its ways

why do the roses smile?
why do the birds sign?
a deathless harmony

the life deserves to pay
every good to make it happy
, feel with funny

and the frustrate will say
surely at his fear

hate you, you carry
smile which will shine

all the world you sign
do not lose your hope, everyday comes with great hope
Fugitive, fugitive, fugitive
You must not be fugitive
You must be active
Love your home
Make it as a groom
Adorn with every pomp on
To show himself handsome
Wear and pretty trim
And be always in the place
To lead all nations
Imitate its way, obey its say
Fear to be face
With yours at face
Fugitive, fugitive, fugitive
You must be passive
Do your work in active
Even others see you negative
Don't look at them
Don't hear their says
As they may be lies
Consider them as absent
They will destroy your active
, make you away of sight
And confuse your mind
To loose your mother
The home you belong
They dream to see you
As a remind of last
They thought that you
Is one of the past
If you obey them
You will be lost
Shake your head
To clean it from dust
That it is covered your head
That makes you the last
That makes you the worst
That appears your laziness
Wash it by water waves
Those are new sciences
Support your legs
Make you in advance
And high your home over heads
They will lead you downward
They learn you bad habit
As alcohol drinker
Or use drugs as converter
From good to be danger
Or women lover
Take you to the lowest
And make you forget
Your duty about your land
And you will be fugitive
Who will defeat the worst?
Who will face the devils?
That your prince
That is your God
You must be proud
That you obey your God
do not stop in hope. the sun rises surely
I will go away
The time is not for me
The sky is not for me
The luck gives me
His back
The name of me
May be changed
As they called me
I was in the past
Runner in fast
Smartest and strongest
All females wanted to see
All females wanted to approach
My beauty is example
As well as my power is able
To change any result in competition
I got first at run
I am the first at the bet
All wanted my satisfy
When I grow up all were away
My happiness was disappeared
And I heard them saying
I must be killed
As I grew up enough
That made me lazy and tough
In everything
They said," I am hopeless"

"There were the notes of horse"
everything is good when it has power and smart. when it has author. it will be prefable. when all go, it will be forgootten
say to her that is right
or you must go wide

she ordered him at bright
the river is blue as her eyes  colored

she told again as she was in fight
the sun as her face is white

she told him you listened at my guide
he nodded his head as her hair was as a flight

her hair was yellow as wheat at feilds side
she was angry, her face got red for fight

he got sweat as her smart so clear as white
milk that souped in his heart to get tide

to calm, but she ordered to go wide
he smiled and said," i will after i had my fine

if one sees that smart so near no so wide
his heart will certainly bow and say at right

as the sun appears at a day not at night
your smart prisoned me and i can't fight
the smart prisons every one who tries to run  or escape
Are equals in killing
When lover knew the beloved would be gone
He would take a death as crown
And he hate the life as it became closed
The ring of world got so narrowed
He could not breath even it was tight

The sad came as a giant, everything would be destroyed
The smile had been dead and the life was blocked

The gun killed with easy movement
A press on the trigger with less concentrated
The bullet flew with shocking move
And the death angel attached
Hand by hand shoulder by shoulder was stuck

The blood bleed and  the eyes were rolled
Then looked at the high point up
The hands dropped , the legs were weakened
It could even move and one dropped
Last called corp.

Gun draw circle of blood
Moving its hand with red
Gone is the word closing
Every hope had champed
What a life that makes faults as non return road!
the life needs hope and destroyed it is the bad fault
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