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Why do you want me to want you when you dont want me too?
Why do you need me when you dont want me to need you too?
Why do you make me love you when you know you'll never love me too?
O' my transparent magical sphere
I am aware of your capabilities

I always regard your truthfulness
I bow before you once again

I also bow before the angel
Who gave me, you as a gift

Again I am here with a question
Please let me know the answer

Don't feel any pressure or fear
You are always my near and dear

Don’t hesitate anymore
Just speak the truth, only truth

My question is plain and straight
But still it is not that simple

The question is mind boggling
The question is very troubling

"Which is the most valuable
Which is the most vulnerable

Which is the fastest growing
Which is the fastest moving

Which is the most popular
Which is the most wanted

And which is the most insecure thing
In this modern mundane world"

All of sudden the sphere turned opaque
Then changed its colour in red and blue

Later it was filled with ***** smoke
Quickly replaced by white-white clouds

And then I figured, A word inscribed
What I saw, was a single word – "DATA"

I thanked my transparent magical sphere
I thanked the angel who gave me this gift

I bowed down with respect and regard
Returned with that single word answer

I assessed, analysed and concluded
Once again the magical sphere was true
Some questions even have the same and single word answer.
rgz May 14
Have I worn too thin? I don't carry much weight
have I bored you stiff because I made you wait?
I'm overboard, board-stiff, just a bit too late
with service like this it's a mystery you stayed
on board this ship as it's going nowhere
emptied out the brig and hoisted the main sail
enough fire in your hips to keep the engines ablaze
enough *** on my lips to keep us both wet for days
So won't you have a few sips? it's just the right taste
¦  your lips, sinking ships  ¦
¦ in a daze, spilling the ink ¦
\ that sticks to this page /
\we can just sink/
\'til the ocean's/
\a spray/
Give uz a shanty, lads!

idk where all the sailing stuff is coming from, I've never even been on a ship that was moving
your name is a trigger
for being wanted,
but not loved all the way through.
for being mirror that only reflects the good in you when you feel bad, sad or lonely.
your face triggers seeing myself walking on eggshells
and keeping one foot out the door in love.
your hands are a trigger for being held not tight enough and not nearly long enough.
your existence is a trigger of unrequited love that won’t stop
or fall apart like it should.
Darryl M May 8
I hate to see your heart broken by another man.
You aren’t deserving of unstable relationships.
I hate to see your tears,
Coz I know well enough,
With me, you would’ve seen the blessing that you truly are.

I hate to see your love being toyed with.
Coz I know well enough,
True love is what you failed to find,
Love that I hold for you.

All I wanted, all I ever wanted.
Was you.
Just you.

If I ain’t falling for you,
Then I don’t want love near me
It’s too late for us.
Upon my Pride, you’re a leftover.
Upon my Heart, I thirst,
Your love, Your presence.

I can’t get over you.
I try.
Memories forsake the efforts.
I love you.
You’ve assumed so,
It’s a pity, you’ll never know.

I pass judgement on the times of Life.
Only if our eyes saw our hearts earlier,
We’d be forever young.

We always have a person we love,
And the person who loves us the most.
Fallen are we, on the unappreciative.
Completed: 27th May 2018 [00:33 AM]
When my darling sadly
she passed away there was  never way I was letting
her go without I
something special so set
a way to make a mark
In life for my wife so
more than  
head stone could say wanted
Helen known to the
world so song called "The Last Christmas" the song turned Into a poemand since that first
hat then became a poem I have never stoped
writing poems of her
from the day
Helen took that long walk to the light but this time she'd go all the
I set to write a song of the Christmas no longer to be
for I lost my darling 23rd Dec
2017 I knew then there would be know more Chrismas for me
love today looks like morning.
the sun rises and so do i.
rising to breathe
and let go,
let go enough to give back to her,
let go enough to give back him.
making peace with being enough
for me in this present moment,
but not being what you wanted.
i am not what you want
and that is okay.
i wish you'd hold onto that
instead of repeatedly dropping
my heart or letting it come apart in your hands.
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