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William A Poppen Dec 2020
To win every argument
Kindles feelings of triumph
Delight in obtaining a small victory

Thrills over getting the better
Of a friend, acquaintance or fellow-being

There is a warmth of self-satisfaction
Fueling persistence
To be correct
Regardless of fact or fiction

Simple daily discussions become
Debates, disputes and sparring
That must have only one outcome
You prevail!

There must be a winner
And it must be YOU
Carl D'Souza Aug 2019
Is hate
the opposite of compassion?
Is hate
the motivation to malevolence
instead of caring
for the joy and happiness of others?
Is hate
the motivation to harm
instead of helping
others to be joyful and happy?

Does hating others
stress me,
traumatise me,
and make me unhappy?
Yes it does.
should I avoid
hating others
to increase my joy and happiness?
Yes I should.

Does hating another
make the target of hate
Yes it does.
is a society
in which some people hate
other people
an unhappy society?
Yes it is.

In a joy-and-happiness-society
should every person avoid
hating others
to increase joy and happiness
for themself
and everyone in society?

In a joy-and-happiness-society
should people who disagree
retain compassion for each other?
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2018
Love you no matter what
Every day good and bad
All I need is a little appreciation
For the memorable years we have had
You are welcome for stroking your head
On those nautious nights we faced
They have worn us thin in spots
We are stronger from being in that dark place
I will always do my best to protect you
From each threat we find ourselves staring at
In return all I ask is for you to tell me
I look beautiful when I'm feeling sad and fat
Thanks for your patience
Waiting for me to get ready
And when I can't contain rage
For keeping your voice calm and steady
We balance eachother like a scale
You're the yin to my yang, the no to my yes,
We disagree often but the one thing we do agree on
Is that we couldnt love eachother any less
A poem I wrote FOR my mom TO my dad for their anniversary if that makes sense... rotfl!
cypress Nov 2018
some classify
while others

the decision to root
this thorn of chance
may sadly,
worm the systems

grotesque foliage
will enter through

if one begins to fail badly
and discard
the love asks the heart,''
Are you free?
if the heart asks with agree
he enters and takes great degree
of hot while the ice reaches to the knee
and takes less degree feeling with cold
while the sun increases its hot
the sweat ascended as rain drop
making the heart jerking a lot
if the heart responds with disagree
the love feels with shame and try to see
if this heart is healthy and has no disease
or the evil has big and great ray
the love of God is the great gift
Flame Oct 2018
The only time
I hear
My heart
At the same time,
Is when
They disagree
Amanda Kay Burke Aug 2018
We say things we do not mean when we fight
This is not anything new
What concerns me is the painful fact
Some of those words are true
Listen to what people say to you when angry. Oftentimes they've been wanting to tell you that for awhile.
Moeshfiekah Jul 2018
Is it you?
Is it me?
Were we ever meant to be?
Are we drifting?
Are we braking?
Are we real or are we faking?
So much energy.
So much time.
Do I give up or is that a crime?
I hurt you.
You hurt me.
This is an emotional killing spree.
Is it you?
Is it me?
Because we always seem to disagree.
Another day of disposable dispair
Kim Essary Apr 2018
Why is it always about whose right and whose wrong can't we just agree to disagree. As who am I to tell someone they are wrong unless I see it from their eyes, or for them to tell me I'm wrong they don't see it the way I see.
Stand next to me as I'm standing by you as we stair up at the clouds, I ask you do you see that cloud appearing like a teddy bear , you reply, I don't see a teddy bear , as they point to the same cloud, do you see that cute little puppy, as we both search the clouds we can't find what the other one sees.  Does this mean they are right or your wrong or could it be they can look at the same cloud through their own eyes and see something different than me. It's all about the way we perceive things so who am I to argue over their opinion vs my own when nobody is wrong and nobody is right it's just the way we as individuals see things differently
Life isn't always about right and wrong it's about accepting we are all different and see things differently.
BSeuss Sep 2017
Nay; the question may yes indeed be - how hath thine been; neither what is to be, nor not to be.
I say,
my word,
top marks old chap.
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