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sofolo Oct 2022
Your ivory
Was devouring
First as a smirk
Then a ploy
Grazing a nape
I was your boy

“When will I
See you again?”
You said
“C’mon over”
I replied
So you made the drive

We were lovers
s o m e t i m e s

A birthday card
Now gathering dust
In a bin
I often think
Of what could
Have been

To have your teeth
Grasping my
Whole being
And your
Primal scent
In my nose

“When will I
See you again?”
. . . I wonder . . .

Knowing the answer
Is never will we be
More than a secret
Every bead of sweat
Locked up in memory
Safe from your faith
Safe from your family

Which makes me
And cry
And die
A little inside

This is purgatory

Your purple satin
Slipped through
My fingers like the
Sands of time

s e v e n

And still a part of you
Is always on my mind
Yara Jan 2021
You woke me up each morning with your chirps
I know you only disappeared
You'd never willingly leave
For it’s been two years
But really, where did you go, small birdie
You've left me waiting everyday by my window, in tears
You used to flaunt your red chest and smile to me
Now all I see is your plate filled with food, yet no sight of you
Will I see you anytime soon?
You were there with me from summer on a hot mid-June
You stayed through spring and Autumn  
Even through winter, you still made sure to pay me a visit when due
Did Corona catch you?
Are you gone? I'm still watching out for you every morning
You've left me mourning
I'm expecting the worst, I'm hurting
You used to come by every day by my window
It’s been a month, in which I haven't seen you though
I'm worried sick, my head's a groan
How will I sleep?
How will I wake up without your singing in my ears?

-Yara AL-Raheme
Its been two years, my lovely bird Robin, I miss you.

-Yara AL-Raheme
originally written on 14/4/20
Queen Z Oct 2020
What was the reason you parted???
This is how the moon got illuminated like this,
I met you like this, I got support for living.
All the moments spent were lost.

Everyone disappeared in the crowd of life
very miss you
Why is this distance
When the world sleeps
I cry that moment

The heart is asking, my tears don't stop
Why did you leave my way??
Now tell me,
Don't punish like this,
Return my love to me,
Join me again,
Teach to live life again,
This is the only thing now I want, wishing everyday.
if i disappeared
would i become like echo?
the words on my tongue
fading into the wind,
my spoken words echoing around me
as i’m hallowed out by the silence.

if i disappeared
would i become like eurydice?
my ghost lingering behind my husband
who reaches the light with me not far behind;
only to turn and **** me.

if i disappeared
would i be come like icarus?
too stubborn and
in love with the sun-  
only to meet my fate into a watery grave.

—— if i disappeared would i too become a story? // a.
26. julliet 2020
9:40 am
Corrinne Shadow Apr 2020
I just saw
That an old friend has disappeared.
I don't remember his name
Only his warmth.
I don't remember his face
Only his unfailing support.

He read what nobody else would read.
He saw the way my heart would bleed
And encouraged me deeply from afar.
I miss you, sir. Wherever you are.
One of the first writers who noticed me on this site must have deleted their account or something. I just found out and it made me sad, so I wrote a little tribute.
Grace Feb 2020
Little snapshots of life
Moments of
Memories of days gone by

How far back
Would I have to scroll
To see
The light
In my eyes again

To erase
The dark circles
Which seem
Permanently etched
On my face

To find
My true smile
Which has long been forgotten

To remember
My inner

How far back?
you told me you loved me,
made me pinky swears,
flour-covered promises,
then disappeared—
erasing your existence
becoming a ghost

— you promised you would never leave, jokes on me then // a.
4 janvier 2020
04:56 am
We saw that
It is  so wide
But it seemed so clever

She kidnapped that meat
She ran and disappeared
They said, cat must do that
Or wild rat

We tried to chase
The question was
How did she know?
The wise boy said

Why did the meat    
Was not covered  
We did not answer

As it was not wise answer
now every right was lost, they put more worst
Jordan Ray Feb 2019
You waited for the dust to settle down,
but I was no where to be found.

Drove away through the night,
with my love sat by my side.

You'd fallen ill in my absence,
but you'd be strong once again.

I've driven down a foggy road,
Now I wish I hadn't left at all.
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