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Grace Feb 2
Little snapshots of life
Moments of
Memories of days gone by

How far back
Would I have to scroll
To see
The light
In my eyes again

To erase
The dark circles
Which seem
Permanently etched
On my face

To find
My true smile
Which has long been forgotten

To remember
My inner

How far back?
alexis Jan 4
you told me you loved me,
made me pinky swears,
flour-covered promises,
then disappeared—
erasing your existence
becoming a ghost

— you promised you would never leave, jokes on me then // a.
4 janvier 2020
04:56 am
We saw that
It is  so wide
But it seemed so clever

She kidnapped that meat
She ran and disappeared
They said, cat must do that
Or wild rat

We tried to chase
The question was
How did she know?
The wise boy said

Why did the meat    
Was not covered  
We did not answer

As it was not wise answer
now every right was lost, they put more worst
Masha Yurkevich Feb 2019
Where have you
You've disappeared.
Where are you,
my friend?
Perhaps you're not my friend any longer.
Jordan Ray Feb 2019
You waited for the dust to settle down,
but I was no where to be found.

Drove away through the night,
with my love sat by my side.

You'd fallen ill in my absence,
but you'd be strong once again.

I've driven down a foggy road,
Now I wish I hadn't left at all.
Euphie Jan 2019
I haven't disappeared.
I'm still here.
B Dec 2018
what if I disappeared
would you wonder?
would you text me, and ask where I went?
would you call me, if I didn't answer?
would you look for me, when I gave you no sign that I was even alive?
would you be sad? feel that something wasn't right?
or would you just move on with your life and never think of me again?
I understand you.
I wouldn't look for someone that didn't want to be found either.
B Oct 2018
she disappeared.
in a second she was gone.
without a word.
without a goodbye.
I knew I would see her again.
goodbye means forever.
Scarlett Sep 2018
never only lasts so long,
so long until it's over,
until it's disappeared,
until it's gone.
Tell the secret

There is an important secret

The frog carried it over his back

He jumped, jumped and soon buried

There was a crocodile that appeared

He was hunter, he was tired

He slept over that treasure

The frog felt with displeasure

He wanted to get him away

He wanted to carry him in a way

That makes his worth safe

He went to the crocodile

He carried him with one hand

He moved him with hand down and up

And he threw him away

Do you believe me?

Do I say the truth?

No ,no that is false

No ,you don't say the truth

I saw the fox hide

Before the big wall

He wanted to attack the ****

But the mouse looked

He came in a moment

He hit the fox and bit

The fox was afraid

He run and escaped

Do you believe me?

Do I see the truth?

No, that is false

No, you don't say the truth

There was a dog

Fearing every one

He blew his feather

To look very big

The lions were afraid

The tigers were disappeared

But a small cat appeared

The dog barked at him

The cat caught with one hand

He circled him several times

He threw him for a distant

He fell in a poor land

His bones were smashed

Do you believe me?

Do I say the truth?

Where is that treasure?

Which spreads the pleasure?

And makes a man rich

That is your mind

That is a gift from your God
the life deserves to live.get some amusement to over every hurt.
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