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Miss Luna May 16
You called me beautiful,
you called me attractive -
I didn't want you
to look at me
that way.

The only thing
I really wanted
was to be
at least for you.
You're magnetic, so attractive.
You're hypnotic, so seductive.
You're angelic, majestic,
All kinds of fantastic.
Unbelievable and inconceivable,
Your grip on me untraceable
And your presence is irreplaceable,
Truly inescapable.
Wouldn't try even if I was capable.
Juan Bot Feb 23
Your lustre is like a metal.
Your dreamy looks make me dissolve.
Like throwing 10 M HCL on a prison inmate.

Your love radiates like a uranium-235 atom,
But not toxic.

You and I are meant to be together
We form a strong bond like hydrogen gas.
It takes a lot of activation energy to separate us.

But what if we are separated.
We become an exothermic reaction,
Releasing 200 kJ of energy.
At everyone around us.

I will overpower everyone else to become the king because I am a strong acid and I make every other guy a weak acid.

We are a covalent bond.
You are my electron.
You zap me with joy.

We have the correct geometry for each other,
But I only date real chemists!
If you don't know what Avogadro's number is,
You are dead to me.
I will freeze you with liquid nitrogen.

I only date thick girls.
Thick like ununoctium.
When I snap my fingers like Thanos,
you will dissolve,
because you are soluble.

I will steal your heart like a strong base takes the H+ of a weak base.

You are the catalyst to my happiness.

Iodine, Lutetium, Vanadium, Yttrium, Oxygen, Uranium,

Van Byrde Jan 25
She was intoxicating
Like wine
Rich and dark
And ruby, ruby red

She moved
Like she was bathed
In love

How could I resist?
apparently girls are only attractive
when they are difficult to get
my friend once said this
Lady Ravenhill Nov 2018
I had always been invisible 
Like that first blank page in a novel
Passed over and forgotten as nothing at all

You have made me into something more
A beauty you found inside soaking through
As ink through my thin paper facade
That you drew out and alined
Making me into your work of art

Our eyes met in the long silences
as the lines between us we're inked
Not only by needles but by sparks
A lit match burns so hot
In it's short and glorious life

Now that I have your mark in my skin
They will stop and stare in wonder
But I finally do not need to be seen
© LadyRavenhill 2018
every time a woman met her husband

looked at his eyes and stayed for a word

he didn't say it he as he has got tired

he went asleep without saying that word

except good night and morning may be good

the woman was pretty ,the woman was youth

the woman wanted to be heard, she wanted to be fold

when she went a walk , one comes along

he was a strange, he had bad heart

his heart fill of hate ,his heart like an art

extracting by devil extracting by hard

now the angel went away and the devil brought

the strange went in hurry and he looked

at her face with only big smile

he said to her one, two ,three, all words

how attractive are you? Why aren't you touched?

How are you walking on foot? you must ride!

Inexpensive car ,or high rank plane in its ride?

If they were not, you must ride

A good horse spread wide

If it was not that, you must ride

A strong camel wearing a beautiful dress

Its colors gain from your cheeks red in appearance

And green as yours ,the shinning of your eyes

And yellow in above as your hair colors

If it was not their, you must ride

A man who carried you without any pain

He can traveled with you , felt with gain

Happy ,strong, eager and you would be his woman

Come with me and you would be heard another

The woman lost her mind , the woman appeared another

Woman had not seen, a strange in her thought

As she heard what she wanted for time. She went blind

She obeyed him and let him ride

They took his car ,it was not unlike
every woman wanted to be folded
Anya Sep 2018
They’re cheesy
Some of my poems I know
An imitation
Of ideas used to the point of being frayed
Tattered and in holes
No longer appealing
Until I take them
And give them a shiny new cover
Then they’re attractive...
To some
Who need the idea repeated to them
Or to those who truly appreciate poetry for its function as a medium
Through which ideas, old and new, are transmitted in
Attractive ways
So maybe it’s really the reader
What they
And see
Anya Sep 2018
There is a fundamental difference
between the peacock and the butterfly
Both are beautiful
Both are deserving
But when it comes down to it
One struts proudly
while the other...
quietly flutters away
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