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Brian Turner Oct 2022
Dangerously attractive
Sentient being
Sitting opposite...
God has given her a full hand

Seriously smooth
Androgynous clothed alien
Knows her place in society
Plays the room

Confidently quiet
She eyes up the weak in front of her
And turns her head back to the glass wall
It's not time to preen

Smiling nervously
The weak gibber and gabber
Trying to place a hook
But the sea is vast and the catch is not biting
Notes on sitting opposite a very naturally attractive being.
Still can't tell where love lies
If it's inside & the heart is the source
Or out & the looks & gestures say it all
everything passes good
every thing will be good
when you only look
with your shine good
and attractive carrying every atom
in every heart of the solid mount
to be soil and go as fluid

want no which is that?
your heart
good thing will pass good when you look at
Winnalynn Wood Mar 2021
You are amongst those who stayed far more thine.
Far more attractive is the intelligent kind
Not just the mind yet steely eyes
Anastasia Oct 2019
she wore his favorite dress
dark and low cut
short and tight
he sat in the chair
while she walked in circles
he tried to not follow her
but he could resist
she squatted before him
and he tried not to look down
she licked her lips
and stared him in the eyes
he had a withering feeling
like he was
from the inside
she smirked
and sat on his lap
his vision got blurry
his hands started shaking
and the light
his eyes
Miss Luna May 2019
You called me beautiful,
you called me attractive -
I didn't want you
to look at me
that way.

The only thing
I really wanted
was to be
at least for you.
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