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Diesel May 3
A team of four - or more than two
Tappy children waddle by -
To see the lake - with a loon, with
Their mother - looking nigh:

Their funny games, which all they play
Throughout the night of orange suns;
Of tannéd eyes the streetlights bay
And run on home would all of them:

Then father hears and goes away
To other places in a night;
All gone the children, gone today -
Perhaps they'll come another time.
Randy Johnson Apr 21
My neighbor died on April 8, 2021 and his name was Joe.
I learned about his death and I'm saddened to see him go.
He wasn't just my neighbor, he was also my friend.
It was sad when I learned that his life came to an end.
For the last year or two, he was staying at a nursing home and his house was empty.
I learned about his untimely and unfortunate death when I saw his obituary.
Joe was a welcome change from the people who formerly owned his house.
Joe moved next door in 1996 and a few years ago, he lost his beloved spouse.
Now he's in Heaven with his wife, both of them are in a better place.
Joe was my neighbor and friend and he was a credit to the human race.
I hear the patter of
the rain on the leaves
of the oak tree.
It reminds me of my
daughter's soft footsteps on
the hardwood floor.
She's 3 years old,
and has gorgeous blue eyes like
her mama.
She owns my heart.
The neighbor downstairs
pounds on his ceiling whenever
my daughter walks across the floor.
It scares her.
I went to his door to tell
him to stop pounding,
and he wouldn't answer.
As a poet, I'm a gentle soul,
but honestly, I want to
harvest his kidneys and
fill his ears up with *****.
LaToya Martin Nov 2020
You knock and knock
But I can’t let you in
My home is unclean
There's mountains of clutter from head to toe
I constantly stand in filth and dust
I hear you knocking
But I'm too ashamed to let you in
Why do you continue to knock?
Why don't you believe no one's home?
Aren’t you tired?
You have stood there for so long
So I finally cleaned my cluttered home
And I answered my door
And there stood Jesus
Patiently waiting for me to let him in

                          -LaToya Martin
Slime-God Sep 2020
A bitter dispute,
I just yelled at my neighbour
And called him a clown
Ashok Manikoth Jul 2020
If God was your neighbour in a village,
you would have exchanged pleasantries,
would have know by the look in his face whether he had lunch or not. His eyes would have told you if he needed a shoulder to cry. In the city in a flat if he was your neighbour would have met him in the corridor or lift occasionally giving and receiving a meaningless smile. If that's gods story just imagine the rest.
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
A True Story
by Michael R. Burch

for Jeremy Michael Burch

Jeremy hit the ball today
when he and I went out to play.
He hit it, oh, so far away,
a neighbor had to throw it back!

Jeremy hit the ball so hard
it flew into the neighbor’s yard
and caught the other kids off-guard;
they thought it was an air attack!

Jeremy hit the ball again,
above the sun, beyond the wind;
as we watched it soar and slowly spin ...
we gave high-fives for his awesome smack!

Keywords/Tags: baseball, hitting, backyard, child, children, childhood, kids, fence, neighbor, yard, play, air, home run, homer, high-fives
Felicity Paris Apr 2020
if what they say is true
and you whispered in the ear
of a man begging for God’s mercy
a message of acceptance and love

if what they say is true
and you know that God loves
every person he created

then blessed be the world
and I will raise my heart up
to the Heavens for my Lord
as I have wanted to for so long
for I believe my God loves us
and my sexuality has no bearing
on anything more
than whom I love
Hussein Dekmak Mar 2020
From the womb of Coronavirus,
Comes the birth of a new human with a noble cause, a new purpose, a Renewed vision, and a new mentality, one that:

Listens to cries of the people, and lift their spirits.
Sheds tears over the innocent lives claimed.

Values close family ties, friendship, and recites a wishful prayer to
Alleviate the suffering of distressed souls.

Protects the elderly, takes care of their neighbor, shares meals with the Hungry, and renders services to others, expecting nothing in return.

The birth of a new human,
Who thinks, breathes, speaks and acts with kindness ,
Who’s molded from humility,
With a mind full of reflection, and a
Soft heart encompassed with love!

Hussein Dekmak
Edited 2
Randy Johnson Jan 2020
He was my neighbor for over forty years and his name was Jim.
When I think about what a good man should be like, I think of him.
He and my uncle were former co-workers and friends.
It was sad when I learned that his life came to an end.

Many people know that he was a credit to the Human Race.
Poor Jim's life has ended but now he's in a far better place.
When a man goes to Heaven, he celebrates his greatest reward.
Nothing can be better than being in Paradise with The Lord.

We became neighbors in 1977 and that was a long time ago.
I used to listen to some beautiful music when he played his banjo.
When I say that he was a good man, it certainly isn't a lie.
His family and friends are shedding tears as they say goodbye.
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