Olympia Oct 26

she said "lets make history"

he said "how can we do this?"

she said "take my hand"

he said "how can i trust you?"

she said "if you dont, why are you here?"

he said "I dont know why i am here"

she said "then your history led you to this moment"

he said "no, i think fate did"

she said "fate is the makings of history. its legends"

he said "well then, youre the someone ive been looking for"

He will never get over losing her
Why should he?
She was the best that ever happened to him
He was free back then
The world on a string
With hope and clarity
But it all came crashing down
Take a look
No more fancy-free
He remembers the passion
Her knowing looks
The bonhomie
He's not the same old guy
He lost a piece of his heart
She's not coming back
It's misery

Here is the photo he took of her
It's a study to delight
That winsome smile
The sparkling eyes
Taken when things were right
He's frozen for a moment
Reveling in that time
But memories only go so far
Love can be unkind

He won't get over her
His love will never die
The best is in the past
Hear his lonesome cry

Rebel Heart Sep 17

There's more said
In the
Than in
These broken

I say too much in the silence
Because no matter how hard I try there never will be enough words in the world to describe anything...
Jamie Sep 14

I often think
About what I was
For you

To come back
As if
No time had passed

A little pick me up
When you felt alone
Or just to kill time

It's my fault
For letting you do
What you did

But I should have said
And if I did
Who knows

Maybe we would
Call it
Our bed

Elin Roberts Sep 6

i'm sorry i'm not so...
talkative, today.

when my voice tries to say things
all i hear is your name
and all i feel is this pain
cold and harsh like the rain
dripping down my window pane

all i've felt is pain really
since you said goodbye, again

and this time i can't pretend
that it's not getting harder and harder
when i try not to cry
when i see your face
pop up in this space
i feel so out of place

like a balloon in the sky

deja vu

One More Wrinkle On The Upper Lip

One more wrinkle on the upper lip!
I quip you not.
It came this morning
Like a ship on the horizon, showing up
A shapeless form from out the blue.
What shall I do?
I’m much too old and used to lines
To be the type that whines;
Too old and worldly wise
To be one who modifies a truth.
“You have no longer youth - the truth.
You can’t expect a skin youth-smooth.
Be glad that you can see reflections
Looking back at you
                                 at all.”
I left the mirror on the wall
And went to yoga.

Be thankful that you can see it, said my friend".

One More Wrinkle On The Upper Lip 9.1.2017
Circling Round Wrinkles; Circling Round Aging; Circling Round Woman II;
Arlene Corwin

"Be thankful that you can see it," said my friend.
Madeon Aug 27

Difficult is the first meeting
When nothing to say
And the last
When everything is said

Arcassin B Aug 24

By Arcassin Burnham

Is Anyone Gonna Forgive,
All the things you've done,you can't replaced.

Is Anyone Gonna Remember,
All the things you've said,can't be unsaid.

Are you throwing shade that you never get,
Feeling the sunlight burn off your eyelids.

Noone will forget that mess you made,
It was all your fault,no time for tears.

Is it?
Is it worth it being so cruel?
Is it?
Walking all over people you now miss,
when they turned their backs it wasn't cool was it?

Gonna have to pay for your trickery and lies,
Your real feelings were in disguise,
You could tell them all you'd like,
they'll never listen.

Is Anyone Gonna Forgive,
All the things you've done,you can't replaced.

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