In the beginning we were opposite
Started with a drop is it
I liked the way you moved and
soon felt the groove
You were digging me and I was feeling you
Fluid and smooth
Nothing left to prove
You would be the the death of me
Take away the rest of me
Almost imperceptible
You gouged your way in
Damage irreparable
Away at my layers you're wearin’
Others start to stare and
Empty I remain
I could not contain
Left me with no companion
A Grand Canyon.

-Luca Ivaldi
I still love her
MicMag Jul 4
You can't say
What you wanna say
She said

But I just said what I wanted to say
(Or so I said in my head)

Again she said, no
You're saying
What you don't want to say
To say
What you really want to say

Say then
Whaddya say I go ahead and say
What I want to say
Though it's already been said
(Albeit in a way I didn't say)

And I daresay,
It will be said again one day
Perhaps when I learn to say

What I want to say
Got something to say?
Midnight Jun 25
your words exactly:
"i believe our paths were meant
"to intersect,
"but not to sustain.
"to touch,
"but not to cling.
"to meet,
"but not to unite. "
and i still love you,
You kind of broke my heart when you told me this, so abrasively, over a warm beer and a shared cigarette at 4 in the morning.
Talia Jun 7
I was your slave
to every end of your lust
I'd be punished if I were to misbehave
but this addiction to you was a must
you said it was forever
I was too naive to know that it's never true
I've been addicted to every part of you since November
and way beyond that, and you never had a clue
until that one fateful autumn day
when what you said started it all
and what I said, was no misplay
little did I know what I answered would result in my downfall.
Genesee May 29
Playlists are songs that convey messages
some are as simple as I thought you’d like this
while others are more complex
dancing around a unanswered question
so to try to tell that particular person
you try to throw out hints left and right
only to realize that it truly never worked
And you should have told them in the moment
while everything was as sweet as flowers blooming in the springtime
But in another universe maybe I’d have enough courage to finally ask that one question
I was outspoken about a lot of things
My feelings were another subject to be discussed another day
I know how I am about certain things
The question that will never be uttered from my lips
I wish I had let you know sooner
rather than me overthinking in that moment
making it more complicated than it actually was
whenever I thought about asking you the question
that to me would be a big deal in terms of maybe being spontaneous
either that option or being a sap
looking into your hazel eyes
I froze up
out of nervousness
But I should’ve asked you
for if I had taken the chance
we would have created a special cliché moment
that in a couple years we would always remember
whenever the song would’ve played on the radio
Oh the missed opportunity to hold you in my arms
As we sway back and forth
mesmerized by each other
Following each other’s steps to the song
Twirling me around
The sweetness of your embrace
written around the time I had realizations
dealing with a missed chance
Give me Pam any day
her humor and her wit

Eyes and smiles happy play
perfect thighs and tits

Jim was a lucky man, I'd say
he found his perfect fit

Pam the lady of his dreams
it took him quite awhile

To know beyond a doubt
she was his perfect style

We all know the deal
she grew in his mind and head

As Michael Scott would say
"that's just what
she said"
Loved that show, went on prolly a season too long though...
Jeannie Kristufek Hawrysz Made me think of this ;)
When I would visit Ohio, my grandma always said
certain things in Spanish, as to not flood my head.

I wish I understood that secret life she led
by interpreting her knowledge, I know to have been well read,

But now my striving hunger will never be quite fed,
for now those precious, foreign words are unforgivingly dead.

Oh, how I cry very often, at night while I’m in bed.
Regrets like these don’t go away, so I try to cope instead.

I’ll never forget her loving Spanish spunk (that memory’s never fled),
even though my nostalgic heart regretfully succumbs to dread.

Hus J Apr 16
A way of speech

Stay Muted
What's being said
What's being heard
Yet, entertained by none
Still, unwelcome by much

Shy of the resound,
but thirst for the silenced to be heeded

Just a malamute
Howling in the chaos
Deserted in bold wording.
Cat Lynn Mar 28
"I wish I was you"
She said to me
What did I do?
I just laughed

"I can't do anything without you"
She said to me
What did I do?
I scoffed and mocked

"I wish I had your life"
She said to me
What a blade...What a knife
For she does not truly know me if she wishes that

"I'd trade my problems for yours any day"
She said to me
Dear child, don't think that way
You don't understand the scars and wounds I am hiding

"I'll follow you every where"
She said to me
I might lead you to destruction and darkness, beware
You shouldn't be following me anyways

"I wish I had your talents and beauty."
She said to me
Stop it child... Stop wishing that you had my duties
For even Beauty can be used for evil.

"I wish I had everything you have"
She said to me
Oh? You mean the abuse I suffer and the labels of wrath?
Don't wish for everything... Don't covet.

"I wish I knew every part of you, every lair"
She said to me
No you don't.... Because I have both dreams and nightmares
Just like all sinners, I have a corrupted side

She said to me...
You know what?
Why go on?
When I can make it shut up?
and choose not to care
and have them learn
the hard way

When I say mean, I'm not talking about just ONE girl, It's referring to a BUNCH of girls who have said this to me before.

Cat Lynn ///
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