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I itch to find the right words,
so as not to come off all messy and absurd
yet a lot of oppositions exist even before a word or two
all these words remain unsaid just as how it used to;
reserve your wit,
reserve your advice,
reserve all your chaos,
because sometimes words come off as swords
when all emotions and thoughts come off unfathomed and cluttered.

Mark Wanless May 21
"in these trying times"
was first said
10.000 yrs ago     or more
Jieun Mar 8
you said
you would
love all of

but instead
you loved
the person
i pretend to be
Jack Jan 14
I heard your scream through the wall
She’d said,
You were shouting about a great fall,
Did you end up dead?

I heard your scream through the wall,
She’d said,
And then you started to ball,
Did you forget to take your meds?

I heard your scream through the wall,
She’d said,
You said they made you feel small,
Did those voices ever leave your head?

I heard your scream through the wall,
She’d said,
To the soundtrack of thunderous rainfall,
Did you think you were on your deathbed?

I heard your scream through the wall,
She’d said,
I ran in and saw it all,
Did you think I’d leave while you bled?
Just stay alive
I don't love you
But you still mean something
You mean pain
You mean lying awake
Trying to erase all those moments
The longest five hours of my life
And you caused them

You don't own me
But I'm your midnight memory
I bet I'm sacred to you
A pale body in the moonlight
Naked for you
I am nothing to you

And I don't want you
You are my snow spill bloodshed
You're the pill under my tongue
Dissolving, making me numb
I don't love you
It will always be that way
Are we abusive? All I know is that we are both ****** up and I honestly deserve you. I'm could and you're a burning heat that you can't even feel. That dream about shoplifting was a glimpse of the future. I bet we have a messy home and messy *** and messy clothes. We both know we're hurting and we both know we hate it, and yet we keep going. God, I don't want to be with you.
rgz Dec 2019
I never had a thought that wasn't preceded by ten
confused by five
seconded by none
writing them down feels impossible
like choosing your favourite line from your favourite song or fully comprehending what it is about the beat that makes you move

my thoughts don't flow freely
they scatter and smash
cascading like the great flood without even a paper ark for respite
structured without form
prone to sink at the slightest wave

my thoughts misbehave
run riots
race wolves
some fly off to the ever after
and the darkest hover round like distant drones
a distraction
a constant buzzing
a worrying sight

I don't think I'm doing it right
I'm not supposed to think
just write

but my thoughts won't do what they're told
a kind of train of thought experiment that I found pretty hard
All my poems sang about pain
how my petals fell and faint
how I have drown in the rain
and how I was dying far from saint.

but I never mention about me
I have grown as a strong pine tree
I have made the ocean split and free
and how I'm still living after all those misery.
Erian Rose Oct 2019
I didn't hear what you said
But that smile
That smile makes it so easy for me
To drown in a feeling never to come true
Aleena Oct 2019
She said it,
She said the phrase I most regretted
Those words they stung
Because they where so dreaded
I knew it was true,
but I didn’t know it would come so soon

Caught me off guard
It played out like a cartoon
I knew it was true,  
but never thought that it would be said
Hitting me so hard
Made me want to drop dead
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