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Seanathon Oct 3
In mind a young mans fortune told
His sky colored and emboldened by light

Though the story is winding like a forest old
Falling into complexity at every summers end

It's in discovery And time
Which you are found

Lest I find
That I loved not you but this image of mine
He named her and I couldn't help but laugh, at his lack of a tangible definition.
Aurora Camet Sep 11
Life isn't simple.

Nothing is ever easy.

When was it easy?
Who ever said anything was easy?
East Wind Aug 19
Absence came and hid the cracks.  
Wasn't she suppose to make the heart long?
she said fonder, bolder, tighter, closer...
She lied. She formed habits designed to hide.
Ruth Cardenas Jul 29
I'll write you letters
Let it out, everyday
In the efforts to tell you
What my mouth will not say

Connection is dormant
And you're somewhat estranged
But I'm fully aware
It's not you I should blame

How I'd like to tell you
Toss this anger away
Forget all that hurt me
But it hurts to this day

But how could I tell you
It seems that I've changed
When I lost my colors
Everyone went away

Now I sit and ponder
In pity, I play
I know it's not right
But I need to be saved
Johnny walker Jul 12
One red rose I  left my sweetheart upon her
grave said a prayer
and walk
One red rose a simble
of our time together
an ever lasting love
for each  
The single red rose as
I Knelt to lay upon
Helens grave a
single red rose
that told of
Johnny walker Jun 16
I know I'm not half the man that I used to be the other of me left with Helen the day she parted from life I
laid pretty flower which Included a single red rose for the both of
Left with flowers upon her grave a single red rose that said all also a griefing card that Included both our
names for I believed to much of me died that day I laid those flowers and a single red rose on Helen's
Meeting after long period
Meeting after long absent
She had asked
He had asked
"why did you late?"

She answered
To gather my thought
To feel how I demand
You when you are absent
Or even you are present

He said,'
To see myself
Equal to you to give
The happy you dream and want
As you are the most brilliant
I had ever acquitted
the love makes every word good and the time passes vryeasy
We walk throughout this life leaving footprints of our existence traces of
who we were and
places we have
But at the end of our days
when all Is said and done
all that's left of us Is In the minds of our loved
All else Is washed away like footprints on a sandy beach all traces washed away by the Incoming
Nothing we can do or say
It Is certain we can take nothing with us when leave this life despite what we may have
All of what one was In life
and of what was accumulated no matter If rich or poor
but for our loved
all but our memories washed away
like the foot prints we've left on a sandy beach washed away by the Incoming
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