elise f Aug 10

Handle with care
It said
On the side of that box
Tend caution
It said
Printed onto that sticker
It said
Labels on the glass
This side up
It said
Just underneath the arrows
Pointing to the sky

It said
Only after I had been broken

Likely to burst
Lydia Aug 10

Sometimes I think about you
I wonder if you think I just go on with my day to day life, never a thought of you crossing my mind

Some days I can
not think about you or your voice or where you are;
how you're doing

Most days things cross my mind  

like all the beautiful things you said to me
and I don't mean the compliments, I mean the way you spoke about life,
how you're voice floated to me like the nicest sound Id ever heard

I think about how you were nice to me,
nicer than anyone ever has been
How your soul was sad like mine, the way your eyes searched for something

You told me once how it felt so good that you had found me
like you had waited your whole life for me
You always said things like that,
no one else has ever said anything like that to me

I think a lot about the pretty things you loved to tell me

Dad you and me are just two ropes tied on two really far away coasts,
I can't get near to you because of the storm of insecurities in between us,
we've always been the same magnets poles,
always resisting each other,
They say the love between daughter and father is ''Forever''
but we don't have any love in between us.
I've been finding some space and love for me,
in you since forever
I guess there was no love for me.
This relation gave nothing except for some regrets
some harsh realities,
which I won't never forget,
till my death.

alan May 30

Sometimes my thoughts should remain in my head,
and so there they stay and never are said.
But one tricky thing when having constant reflection,
is the need to replace those thoughts with the perfect correction.
And that's why sometimes I have nothing to say,
because those stressful thoughts just won't go away.

Atul Kaushal May 18

They who do work for Me,
They who work for righteousness,
They who look upon Me as a goal,
They who set Prabhu as their goal,
They who worship Me free from attachment,
They who just lose track of everything else in worship,
Who are free from enmity to all creatures,
Who practice vegetarianism and peace,
They come to Me.
They reach heaven.

My HP Poem #1542
©Atul Kaushal
alan May 8

A gold mine of poetry that I have read,
a rusty silver coin for some things I have said,
and nothing but corkscrews up in my head.

I sometimes forget
I talk, way too damn much
and say things, I shouldn't
a brash, un-gentle touch

It's not that you're too sensitive
my demeanor to rough, and bold
careless of the damages
in aftermath, attempting to console

So when I blather, as I do
words, better not been said
cover me with your kisses
winding up, in bed

Yup, foot in mouth disease, I think us guys do it more than the ladies.
Ohhh but the apologies ;D.....sing..........
Zan Balmore Mar 24

Green smoke
I swear that there's green in the air

The color of my lenses
as such of my life

Once broken,
always broken

Who's not broken here?

I fall down where I sleep
come unbound by night
or day
I fall down exhausted
but rest will not come
within reach

I fall down

There's one explanation true
That the easy is done,
best pages are turned
Alia Apr 2016

You told me you'll be there,
But hey, there's no you here.

I knew you'll leave me one day,
But no one told me it was that day.

You knew I'll suffer without you,
But who said I wasn't suffering with you?

You broke me into pieces,
Then came back looking for a whole.

Let me tell you one thing you've never known before.
                                    "I've changed"

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