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Met with a wink
And a sly smile
Her sharp eyes
Hide awhile

In the shrub
She crawls and bounds
Her paws rub
As she glides the grounds

Her red mane
Of hair and dirt
She won’t train
She won’t hurt

She bounds about
In joyous leaps
She leaves about
Every few weeks

Return she may
Or leave and go
It’s every day
I still won’t know

Yet each time
I lose my heart
She comes around
And heals it smart

She’s always there
In dusk or dawn.
She lives in trees
And all beyond

Forever may
She sail the clouds
Yet all the way
She loves me now

She tells me so
And I hear it
I love her so
I won’t forget

That she lives on
Each day and night
Beyond the stars
Within the light

Her spirit is
A strong fox jumping
And when I see her
I run, coming
I am half wild
A creature in between
Soft and inviting
Only sometimes seen
Feral and free
At home in the green
Drinking clear water
Pure crystal and clean
Do not seek to tame me
Though I seem serene
I walk in both worlds
My senses keen
Jon-Luc Aug 2019
Deep in a fox hole
Orange and Black intertwine
Hands dashing to be clasped
Wet noses longing for a warm winter

Ever flowing skies of gray and red
Paint the trail ahead of summers end

Ravens roost low
On fragrant cypress knees
Preening each other
For the nights to come

luminous bursts of lightning light our
flight path towards southern warmth

Loyal with the morals of man
Have you heard about the fox?
I like to make
The wrong
How else would I
Know it
Peter Balkus Feb 2019
Last night
I slept with foxes again.
There was a dear

She was wild

Lived in a jungle

The lions saw her

They believed they can eat

Her with one bite

And they can hurt

With their nail

The wolves saw her

Walking without fear

Showing her beauty

Walking with very happy

They thought they had her

So they all follow her

The foxes noticed her

She was walking there

They could catch her

So they all approach

When she looked at them

When they saw her face

When they gazed in her eyes

They all admired her

They all loved her

They followed her

They play with her

They admired her

Suddenly she had gone

They searched for her

They looked everywhere

Who saw the wild dear?

At the night the lion appeared

He called with high voice

Come ,come my dear

I invited you to be her

To stay with us

To amuse us

With your beauty face

I am the king of  that world

if you return indeed

Did she return ?

Did she appear?
love could occure by needs clear hearts
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
Only grass and mud
The two foxes have now gone
Leaving fresh paw-prints
Serena M Jun 2018
She is frost-bitten newborn kitten
Left out in the cold
Mother rescued, but euthanized
‘Cause she was just “a little too old”
These violent mishappenings occur

Will she be found, drowned, sold?
Will we let her die out if the cold?
She is the swift foxes prey
Dear God, please let us pray

Lost kitten, be warm tonight
Lost kitten, sense the danger
and know when to take flight

She has become feral and the man does not understand her
Will she ever know how it feels to purr?

Counting down, 9 lives
8, 7, 6
A narrow escape on the highway
A miracle occurs in the cold light of day

Coaxed tenderly by a gentle soul
Now she lives in the warm barn and sleeps with the foal
Her name is Cleo

I believe in gentle souls
They help me sleep at night
I cannot save this world alone
I am too weak to fight

I am Cleo
But God, please tell me
When I look into the headlights
Will it save me
or will it end me?

And will there ever be a warm place waiting for me?

“Cradle me in your arms
I won’t bite you if I know I am safe from harm.”

Someday, I will adopt Cleo’s one-eyed brother
I’ll stroke him softly as he purrs to sleep,
I will be his mother
In the morning
A flight of constant birds
Over early daffodils
And later such stars there were
High above the night trees
As the frosted breath of the river
Slipped slow-cold through low fields
The water silent among the foxes calling
And now we wait for snow again
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