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Small, weightless forms
Yet striking with such force
Be it blood, rain or something else
Little drops carry so much

So much meaning, the small drops
Be it us, be it the world
The droplets of this earth
They are what makes it work

They're the substance of it all
Little bricks that build our reality
For us to be whoever we want
Or anything, in actuality

It's all those small details
That bring us closer
For at the core of our souls
We are just many, many droplets.
A simple poem i wrote trying to break free of a creative block for something else ^^' it's my first time writing a poem and i hope i can get better over time
isabella Jul 26
i hate the way i tremble
even as your knee brushes against my toe,
as if a simple gesture was enough to make me fall again.

i hate the way your eyes crinkle at the corners when you laugh,
the way you talk so easily,
words gliding from your mouth
so distinguishable i can almost feel them land on my skin,
like water droplets when it is drizzling.

you are dangerous,
you with your delicate beauty
like a wash of gold upon my eyes,
like the lifting of a curtain in a dark, dusty room.

i am blinded by you.
and i hate being blind.
It was the time when clock was ticking exactly 12.
The stars started fading and sky covered itself with clouds.
A little boy opened the door hearing the rain, the soil was wet and it had the fragrance of freshness in it.
The mesmerizing sound of droplets amazed him.
He smiled and wished facing the sky, the one wanted to be a pilot , so
that could do a hifi to the clouds, but the illness he was bound to would never let his wish to be fulfilled which he knew .
He stepped in the rain  and it rained, just rained
I see you at the moon
when it is complete and renew

I see your smile at blossom
brings at spring at happy mood

I could hear your laughter at the water droplets
making the world had life present

spreading its wings
covering the love to stand

your smart face makes me great brilliance
love is the greatest and cleanest message all over the world
RH 78 Jan 2019
Green strips upon copper coloured chimneys.

Slushy puddles refill as the single line traffic churns up choke inducing fumes.

Frilly octagon honey comb with their black on polka dot polyester.

Grey meets black amongst hustle and bustle broken by car toot and shoe shuffle.

Pavement lights shape shift as rumble follows rumble.

Green strips upon copper coloured chimneys.
Head down to central London.... evoke the spirits of the past.. urban life carries on no matter what the weather... we get our fair share of wet in these parts!
Joie Yin Aug 2018
Today started with rain
As if it knew of my bad day.
If only I could start again
It's pointless thinking of yesterday.

Running out towards the car
I felt the droplets hitting me.
I'm lucky they weren't a tear
I have to shed and let troubles be.

Brushing off the droplets
As I turned on the radio.
If only I could brush away regrets
In order to let everything go.

Feeling heartbroken in silence
I couldn't tell anyone about it.
Like glass shattered into pieces
My fingers bleed as I collect it.

I told myself I shouldn't frown
Of yesterday's mistakes and error.
I turn the sand glass upside down
It's not too late for me to start over.

©Joie Yin
Joie Yin
Hannah Reber Oct 2018
His eyes dripped gold
Streaming colors
Her eyes beamed bold
Feeling wonders

Drip Drop the Droplets of Guilt

His heart sank low
Loosing soul
Her heart rose high  
Feeling whole

Drip the Droplets of Guilt

His life lost hope
Sinking fast
Her life ran far
Afraid to look back

The Droplets of Guilt

His cold end
Splitting chills
Her cold beginning
Never feeling real

Droplets of Guilt
soul Sep 2018
Droplets itself says let it drop as it will wash away all the negitivity in you
after a long time i wrote something
Rain gives me peace its droplets gave me a path to follow
Simra Sadaf Aug 2018
i. the morning dews,
droplets of moisture on the flowers,
a sharp breeze of air,
sounds of birds chirping,
I see the sun rising from the horizon,
I search for you there.

ii. Twenty Love Poems and a
Song of Despair in my hand,
the flow of poetry,
his numerous poems,
Pablo Neruda's verses,
I search for you there.

iii. the noon time heat,
the bees buzzing,
tearing petals of a beautiful flower,
******* honey from nectar to nectar,
taking away its mirth,
to build his beehive,
I search for you there.

iv. a tree by the river,
the exuberance of its growth,
it was once fresh with green leaves,
seasons changed,
spreading its branches,
now it stands leafless,
I search for you there.

v. the arrival of dusk,
ecstatic shine of the moon,
I once saw you shine in
ways brighter than the moon,
these confusing hues and
illuminating shades of twilight,
I search for you there.

vi. the merciless pounding of waves
against the sandy shore,
on an uneventful day,
it turned into a tsunami wave,
the velocity of it,
took lives in abundance,
I search for you there.
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