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Brett Jun 28
No man is free that speaks from a cage.
Choke chains spiked to the dirt,
Sweat feeds the fields like rain.
With calloused hands,
The nameless toil away. Fed a morsel,
From a fistful of grain.
Praying for clouds to shelter the sun;
If only for a day.
A famine of hope. Straw cities of the voiceless,
Screaming silence.
How much is an hour of your life worth?
Nath May 13
Oh, how I wish!
To have a switch that can never be turned on.
To cease control of myself and let the Maker take me anywhere.
Never to be anxious nor to suffer for my foolishness anymore.

Oh, how I wish!
To have a switch that can never be turned on.
It is not through the ***** of breath but freedom through enslavement.
Chained to the Greatest Good, forever enlightened.

Oh, how I wish!
Love was not as painful as this.
But it can never be as greater like this,
If I have a switch that can never be turned on.
If there was no sufferings, sacrifices, and pain, would love really be as greater than this? Would peace be as sweeter and joy be as immense as it could be?
Ylzm Apr 2020
My life's in your hands
You believe what you will
choosing freedom and riches
Your hands not mine to wash

My life's in your hands
Born as servant, sold as slave
Gifted prisoner, unseen, unknown
My life not mine to choose
rk Apr 2020
on frozen ground i lay
your love clawing at my chest
i am your servant
your demon in the night.
an icy kiss
whispers across my throat,
now it is clear;
you are my sweetest demise.
- am i good enough for you?
Asominate Feb 2020
Master, you're put in charge
As your servant, I have put you first
I live to please you
Desire Mar 2019
I have learned to forgive, but how can I forget?
The memories are there, stabbing me like a bayonet.
I heard them say, "we were called not to live in any fear."
But so many fear to live the life they're called to - this is weird.
So much for being different. So much for being you.
Good luck following the trend & doing what they tell you to.
But I'm not gonna bash or talk trash or even laugh.
I'll be the first to admit, I've chased acceptance in my past,
but conviction made me sleepless. Something shook my spirit.
So I walked out of my comfort zone; a misfit on a mission...
[Messiah's Misfits]
1 Corinthians 4
1 Corinthians 4
1 Corinthians 4
inreticence Feb 2019
your happiness
was not
mine to give
and yet
i wanted to
serve it to you
in gold platter.
With love, I go above and beyond and there is just no other way for me to do it.
Christine Nov 2018
I chose to be a slave
To serve my own King
Over being a Queen
Of the other Kings.
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