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Danneli 6d
I can see the picture so clearly
On that night we cried as one
But for the first time
The tears were only in your eyes
And you let me be strong for you
H3L3 7d
I found a buck on the ground!
i cried.
just for twenty minutes
trapped in my brain
*send pleasure
Its me again like 5 minutes away from the other one I just posted, hi.
Johnny walker Apr 13
I remember the little winding path that lead
the hills above my
It's to where I spent many happy hours playing as a child on sunny
I'd sit on the top of the  hill looking down across the fields and roads to
I could see the front door of my home from way up there on that
because of abuse I never wanted to go home and would sometimes sit for hours
before I'd have drag myself home to face It all again my
mother would
say I spent more time out than In, but was It any wonder
I escaped my mother's abuse dad never did know, and I'm glad he died never knowing
treated me well he was a good father, In later
life I do
taking my wife to see my mother on her birthday I took
her a few
and always remember my mother saying I don't deserve
and when asked why she replied because of the way I treated you
so my mother was aware of what she was doing she had no excuses for what she had
to me, but more Importantly, she was totally unaware of the damage she had
to me permanent damage I would have to carry most of my life, I cried when dad died
had no tears for my mother when she passed on, just a feeling of relief freed from my
I cried when my dad died, but had no tears when mother passed on just a sense of relief
Finally frees free from memories of childhood
Emrullah Mar 24
I cried.
Many times,
because of you.
**** you.
I dont like to cry.
But its not sad,
Its happiness.
Before I went to sleep,
I counted my blessings,
For having you,a beautiful family and trusted friends,
Their care and love,
A roof over my head,
All my needs met,
And many of my  wants too.
Then,you had an accident and departed,
So sudden,no hugs no goodbyes.
Grief gripped my soul,
Agony wounded my heart
Nothing made sense.
Night after night tears drenched
my pillow,
Muffled sobs, my eyes swollen.
Remembering  moments with you,
My heart would break anew.
Until one day my priest made me realize,
You were a blessing too,
HIS trust (amanat) he had given me.
We are his creation and blessed to be here.To him we shall be recalled.
Azfar Hakimi Jan 29
black flowers and dress;
as i saw my reflection,
the water start to stir up.

as I saw my tears,
I know it's over
I know you're gone
but imagine if I can love you for so long;
imagine a world where we don't stuck in these thorns.
my friend's dad just passed away,and she's so strong, laughing, smiling, i don't know whether it's a real or a fake smile. i just wish i can be strong as her.
Apporva Arya Dec 2018
Belt or boot,
U didn't care,
It would hurt,
But still you shoot..

I cried and tried,
To lift myself high..
But stumble and fall,
Prayed almighty,
That day save me..that's all.

I will blame,
Because there is no shame,
Pain had accumulate,
When u did humiliate.
Journey till twenty,
Harsh was reality
Full of cruelity.
No love no peace
Was torn piece by piece.
We anyhow all survive ,but we rarely live. I wanna live now  ...
Masha Yurkevich Dec 2018
i cried today.
i cried so hard i couldn't stop in any way.
i cried;
because she died.
i cried;
but she wan't going to come back.
i cried;
but things won't change.
i cried;
but she's in a better place.
In honor of Mrs. Lee LeRoy.
One of my favorite teachers who passed away due to a heart attack in her sleep. May she rest in peace.
Yesterday I cried
For all the days I had to be strong
all the days I had to hold back the tears

Yesterday I screamed
For all the days I had to be silent
all the days I had to keep calm

Yesterday I cried
Tears fell down my cheeks
no one caught them
Pillows all damp
My eyes were finally beautiful
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