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Mark Wanless Jan 2022
i went to the narrow bridge
it was not that narrow
scaled the cliffs of death
i lived
went to the cavern of sorrow
cried and cried and cried
walked to the very end
it did not end
pondered the greatest riddle
the keeper gave up first

woke up looked in the mirror
Marisela Veludo May 2021
In my arms you smiled
We laughed and cried
In my arms you shared
We understood we cared
In my arms I had your touch
Made me want you so much
In my arms we grew
We saw everything through
In my arms you were my strength
I felt special and content
In my arms you were loved
In my arms you faded... 🙁
In my heart you are alive
Memories with you will always survive
HANI Mar 2021
finally, i cried my heart out
i cried all of my fear,
the fear of being a failure,
the fear of being left by others,
the fear of not having anyone beside me,
the fear of not surviving this battle,
i finally cried after all this time i buried them deep enough.

thank you, myself,
you’re brave enough to cry again,
to let yourself cry
to accept that being weak is sometimes okay

after this, wake up, and focus
college is about to start again in three days
stop thinking about anything that stop you from growing,

please be happy,
and sad sometimes,
that’s life.
i, sometimes, didn’t let myself cry because crying is one of the most things i hate. when i cry, i look weak, i feel weak, i feel stupid. and yes, i never wanted to tell anyone about how i feel since someone decided to throw all of my story back at me again. so i keep them just for myself. and on feb 12th, i told my friends. they’re not the closest ones, but we have something in common. i just feel i can trust them. so while i typed everything i feel, i cried. i feel.... good by crying. and this poem is for me. i dedicated this poem for me, and maybe for everyone who have the same feeling as me. just... cry it out. thank you!
Mark Wanless Feb 2021
three hundred pound woman
screaming my children are starving
saw it and just cried
Valentin Busuioc Oct 2020
I also sew gobelin
portraits in particular
but the eyes are always made by grandmother -
she cried a lot more
Kashish Lahrani Sep 2020
Whenever the mist of pain and torment loomed;
And my already broken heart, dashed to pieces
You picked them all and glued them back together, mother
You helped me to resurge, with thousands of amorous kisses

When I was surrounded by deep blue silences and my heart cried in pain
You wept my ocean of tears but, you never shed one
The excruciating pain of my life, was hurting you too
But you always said, ‘My love, the struggles have just begun’

Beneath the tender look, your ardent black eyes beamed rebelliousness
I know that you wanted me to be the woman you never got to be
And so, as a present on your birthday, I make you a promise
That I will always be in the shelter of your arms; I will be the woman you want me to be and nothing will ever sunder you and me.
Maunas Mehta Aug 2020
When we cried
You came to our Side
Even if you were occupied,

You left your pride
In order to guide
To make us unified,

You didn't want to be famous
Nor did u care about our status
Your love was endless

You inspired countless
Gave us kindness
That is your greatness.

You were coutious
of our happiness
So you left Mahant swami with
Your brightness.....
aryanalynae Jun 2020
every unanswered question
I cried out when I was in pain
I think back to those heartbreaks
and find the answers in your name.

every weak moment was a lesson
it taught me strength to carry through
karate kid' my toxic traits

who knew I was just preparing to love you.

my pen used to only know paper
when I was gray and cold inside.
but your kindness inspires writing,
you've got me addicted between the lines.
Susan Nishimoto Jun 2020
I saw your face when I heard the news

I cried too because you were so nice

I swear, I thought you were an angel.

I didn't know you, but you touched me

You sacrificed yourself for this man

That is why you are up in heaven.
I had got inspired with this story I saw in Japan. It was about a woman that saved this person on the train tracks, however, she died because of it. Her story touched me, and  I just couldn't believe someone would do something like that.
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