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Amanda Apr 10
I hear whispering outside
The wind as your name is cried
My company on these nights so cold
Rhythmic song keeping my hand to hold
I miss you, and everything I hear or see reminds me of you somehow.
Norbert Tasev Mar 16
Waiting… The victim of this crouching animal, his juicy ***** trophy, is looking for his victim when he is about to attack. My Room Island is orphaned, I am exploring the causes of the Universe and possible answers! A clumsy, overly curious knock on my faded window, and now, like a buzzing condemnation circle above my head! "I was hurrying over his protective arms, gently letting go of the swan's silk skin," with insane patience and secret blind faith. With stupid naivety, I had to believe that I still have time. Happy to crouch,

I was able to escape in the city which became ruin and which was deserted. I lay in my bed in the depths of hugging mattresses, cuddling pillows and gradually stuffed my head like suicides on a long journey that is sure to be no return! I wanted a home-made, loving heart that was fluttering

in the storms, the calmly waving ark of the One, who convinced himself of the ugly truth - He was the True: I would have demanded the loyalty of kisses as a true right - the tears of the dew are borne daily!

Every day I feel closer and closer to the suffocating Anti-grip: I can hardly see anyone coming; who shakes, who goes out - bun with tulips wreaths ***** girl's heart is already purring in her husband's chest! - Deer-eyed, ***'s vulnerability caught me and didn't let me down like a child painted with a twilight

I cried for his lips: I was writhing in self-pity, and the ghenna-spines of incomprehension daily damaged my soul! - With the smothering of stars stifling the night! A ******* male overlooks the dream-like landscape, still waiting for the meaning of foolish fried pigeons. - Be aware that the Holiness of the True Word is an obligation to advertise
Maja Mar 13
Happy Birthday, my dear mother,
your smile makes me as happy as one can be,
there are no words that I could use,
to describe how happy you make me.

I cried whilst writing this,
but I cried with a smile on my face,
because you’re so special to me,
my heart reserves for you a place.

You are the cause of my happiness,
the source of my laughter
you make every day worth living
you are my happily ever after.

There’s just no one else like you,
you are unique - in every way
and I want you to know
that I really mean what I say

when I say that I love you
I really do love you.

You are so strong,
and when you hold me, you make me calm
your embrace is so warm

I love you, mom.
I was worried it wouldn't be enough for someone like you, but mom. You deserve everything I can give.
Pie Dec 2019
Not all boys are about women,
Some really have qualities of heaven.
Not all of us are here to troll,
Some are really seeking love from a naked soul.

Sometimes our silence just means we're quiet,
Sometimes we expect someone to ask us, "You alright?"
Because we have souls too,
Try walking sometime a mile in our shoe.

Being alone doesn't mean we are weird,
All night long, our souls have also cried.
It doesn't mean we're harmful if we are raging out,
Sometimes a caring hug is enough to stay throughout.
Clark Nov 2019
the boy who cried wolf
had no reason to lie

did he lie for the fun
or did the wolves run
just in time?
Glory Oct 2019
To the boy who held me as I cried, my tears were not promises. With every tear that I let fall, I am new. You may find comfort in comforting a gentle, soft doe but know that I learn from my wounds and I heal from my choices. The doe will break all it is, so that it may become the lion.
Jules Oct 2019
you don't love me
you love the idea of me
funny how I believed you
funny how I cried over you
but you got me
you got me good
Cherish Oct 2019
It's been a year, saw you a little back while ago.

Lighting up my cigarettes,
Saw you. I turned around
Hoping you will notice me
You did and my heart felt like it was everything but knowing its already over.

You shouted my name from far and waved.
I waved back and said hello
We both were smiling happily and waving to each other.

But i wonder, behind ur smile do you still miss me like how i did?

Do you still miss us?
Do you still love me?

Still wondering till now

If you do, please come back
My doors are always open like how your doors was open in the past.
Behund ur smile
Butterfly Aug 2019
I cried over my friend.
I told him that he should never do it again.
He was so stupid.
I said that he couldn't do stuff like that because i don't want to lose him.
He's like my big brother, and I don't think he realises it.
Don't do that again Scott
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