Lure Pot Jan 13

Nature is beautiful
I am not
this day is wonderful
but so hot.

This morning is bright
but I am old
this night is so quiet
but so cold.

The sun and the moon are true
but I'm a false poet
the wind is fresh and pure
I'm just dreaming a lot.

-Wonderful- it peaks up from
Over tops of boasting gloom

With its lightly head and
It gallops sun soaked skies

And freckles the grace seeing eyes
Of love that crawls beneath the cough

Spluttering smoke (A dropped cloud
That clings to sad) but maybe once

Wonderful seeps in you. You can seep
Wonderful to many. Even smoke

Especially smoke
Wonder is full and around

Divine Dao Dec 2017

Dear friend. It's been long since we were bundled together in that maddening untied knot of emotions. And I'm really glad that this furioso fabuloso exposition came to an and. So ~ I and you would never fall again in a blank hole of that miserable, unforgivable and crazy behaviour, tearing words and tears on the verge of reasoning. I loved you. And that should suffice.

Yours truly,
Music lover
Mike Virgl Dec 2017

Sit there and stare
Its another game of pins
At those lanes of ours
And I sit there and stare

Four people bowl today
Like that one day long ago
Long ago, is time so old?
It grows longer still

How does time fly?
Can I still remember?
The details are fuzzy
But I remember her face

A sudden boom draws me away
As the ball rolls and rolls and rolls
My friend cheers with happiness
And all of the pins fall down

I smile but quickly lose my grin
Moving my head I avoid the smile
Avoiding everything in general, I suppose
I move my gaze to look to it, again

How distant a memory can feel
Yet be so real to me
And how fond it can be
Even though you probably remember so little

I remember my first look that summer day
Her hair, her jeans, and her smile
Her eyes shone into mine, her voice
Oh god her laugh replays and replays and replays

How can a room be so full of emotion?
I see it in my mind and laugh
A laugh that comes from deep within
Nudged by a touch you feel from a memory

"It's your turn to bowl Mike!"
I start out from a daze
My friends look at me impatiently
How could I blame them?

It was our last day, what was I doing?
I did it everyday, looking into the past
At that hockey table that I adore
Or maybe just the things attached to it?

I get up and grab my green ball
And looking down the lane
I count ten pins in all
Everyone of them stands

I look back and see the table
There is a couple playing
Both of them jeering and cheering
Both of them as happy as can be

I see the male one on the right side
Won the woman seventeen stuffed animals
From the claw game adjacent to
Where they cheer and jeer from

A smile creeps across my face
And I gaze to the scoreboard
"80" tenth frame, second throw
My friend threw the first one for me

Well 80 may be bad, but I am distracted
However, I would not trade it for anything
Because everything falls from concern
When I think about everything about her...

"MICHAEL BOWL!" One of my friends shout
I turn and laugh, smiling all the while
She does not know it, but she just did it
Made me think, and forced me into action

I turn and look down the lane
Counting the pins again
I exhale and hold the ball to my face
I step my foot forward and release

Swiveling my head I search for the couple
But they had already left, leaving that room
However I see they left two stuffed objects
A red freckled cat and a brown dog next to each other

I smile, and I grin, and I laugh
Looking almost insane
I turn around to see the pins left
There are none, and I still have one more frame...

Romance inspired by a wonderful memory

Now I'm High Strung
Hands Tied on the line
Down the creek
You're so Wonderful
As you seem awed & smooth sailing
I get high on that
Honesty the Third Degree
I plan on whispering back
You may change the Mold, my Facade
My Trail of Crumbled Hearts
Erotic, Such & Such
Unrecognized, Unfamiliar Pathway
How I wish it was an expressway
Dragging me down
Before you take me home
As we seat on your Bed

Visual Feeling of Inspiration:
Lure Pot Dec 2017

Thank You My God
for your protection
and guidance through
the whole of my youth.
I was left in the dust
but you made me
human on the earth.

Thank You My Lord
for your great help
and lifting me up
when I have been down
in my unstable life
and when I feel like
I'm worthless.

I Owe You My Creator
for giving me a life
and every new day
There's always something I enjoy
the beautiful nature
and I make a dream again
for a wonderful day.
Truly nature is my best friend forever.

mjad Nov 2017

Sometimes things have to break
To make something wonderful
Although they are full of cracks
Mosaics are beautiful

(we could be a mosaic, love)

hope kills me

He is The Sun
I am The river

As apart as chalk and cheese
I am the chalk
He is the cheese
Yet with each other
Always at ease

He is The Sun
With directions fixed
Friends ,
A rock solid ,famous five
Since age five

I am The River
Ever flowing Boundless
Friends I have many
Maybe countless

He is my
Soul mate
Best friend
Gift for life

He is The Sun
I am The River

Today we complete 14 years (21/11)
Happy Ending Nov 2017

Happiness comes in many different forms..
In the company of good friends,
In the feeling you get when you make someone else happy.
Or maybe it's in the promise of hope renewed....

I keep telling myself...
It’s ok to be happy...
And I guess its because..
I never know how long my happiness will last...

pain becomes such a huge part of your life...
So huge in fact, that you just expect it to always be there...
because you can’t remember a time in your life when it wasn’t...

But then one day I felt something else...
Something that felt wrong only because it was so unfamiliar..
and it was in that moment
I was...

Brianna Oct 2017

Candy coated tongue filled with sweet, rotting lies.
Ireland Green eyes with cavernous secrets deep inside.
Frosty demeanor, misty mountain moods, and perfectly sculpted arms.

How could a girl resist?
How could she ever forget?

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