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Simon Soane Aug 2022
You smiled, and the whole world shone with you.

Delicate as a tadpole searching for hope in a raging sea,

precious the fledgling who scrambled to the top of the tree,

special the speck that thunders through time with right now brief,

important as the greening for the saddest lonely leaf:

an emerging butterfly

casting wing by a motorway,

you're amazing as the love that makes this day today.
Mark Wanless Apr 2022
a moment of silence
negates the universe
oh what a wonderful
Persephone Mar 2022
To love and to be loved are two of the most wonderful and indescribable feelings on this earth.

So how can we ever attempt to define something so beautiful, that not even poets can put into words?
Simon Soane Jan 2022
Though old

and hands semi broken by time

fingers still cradled cigarettes and wine,

they spoke of you:

caught by age but vibrant enough to do the dance you wanted,

full of life as the shell was cracking,

talking with glorious yapping,

not allowing the beating of the clock to take its toll

with all that sunshine in your soul.

Empty seats emptier without you there,

I love you,

take care.
Raven Feels Nov 2021
DEAR PENPAL PEOPLE, a lost poem<3

my pathetic desperacy
all epic with a naturalistic misery
angels hailed my numbers
now my calculations fumble
the rest
the equation unsettled on an aimless quest
everything has changed
but the undeserved trust is an ultimate unattained
my state in dooms
orbiting faces behind moons
a wreckage when asleep
like the neptunes called me
she said hit the lights
but the blinds blinded my sights
a little optimism whisks me hopeful
forget forever the features
that lulled me once to my breather
now something broken
don't worry nothing stolen
for me to stick for me to piece neat
queen the rusted diamonds under my seat
follow the heart's revolution
undercover not a solution
alone even if disappointing
even when betraying
let my allusions surf the six temples
shadows bathing my past resembles
to come clean
find the place beyond the cold mean
like the twirl of the system
no one else wanted to resist him
took me there
to the middle of no where
my dilemma is that frightened half
no good to steal no good to laugh
but with a wake up to them dreams such a slap
a wisdom's muse would eventually snap
stars dance
her sky tortures her glance
crimson red and she realizes
that the once for all so be it would summarize this
would the potion grant a pain?
the poison of them affairs regard my chained name
let go
just say yes to saying no
stay awake
don't sleep take a break
She's gone
left so many
wonderful memories of love.
She's grown
dawn and dusk.
Indonesia, 9th October 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
"You are doing great!"
Repeat after me, I said.
You are doing great!
Keep doing what you love!
Love it at all.
It's all.
Indonesia, 27th September 2021
Arif Aditya Abyan Nugroho
Nik Bland Aug 2021
Solemnly and silent
In subtleties she calls to me
Falling into my heart caverns
And running through my veins
Through my body
And where I am she’s close to me
Exuding watercolor dreams
Like a painter reacquainting me
With once greyish reality
And every morn, I hear her sing
In voice that constructs melody
As if to say to newest sun
To shine ever still
All subconsciously
And I would follow lyrically
Each instruction as they ring
Like notes in my mind harboring
This subtle, silent calls to me
near you
everything is purple
near you
all things are beautiful
near you
the sky gets downward
I can collect the stars
And put them as necklace
Which become wonderful
As the reflect your shine
And the sun get smile
As she tries to get your
Near you
The land becomes green
The peace covers every where
The birds sing one song
Contain a word
And your name
the things go good when the lovers meet thier soul and the self gets calm as she see her smart and her lovely heart. the thoughts may be shared and get over over all eyes as they meet first and last with thier souls
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