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Last night
I met God
In my dream
Though brief
I did have
A conversation
I asked Him
How are they
On HelloPoetry
He said
Wonderful people
A few are just
A step below Me
You are on
A wonderful platform
You share
Your grief and ire
They tolerate you
Healing you require
Eliot is gem
Of a person
He created HelloPoetry
You be grateful
Eliot, I am grateful!
Safana Sep 8
Just, are likeΒ Β MTN
everywhere you go,
Walking to be ZAIN
a wonderful world,
Want have a VISA
for their passport to
to reach the world,
If they own, a GLO
they will rule
the world
MTN, ZAIN (Airtel), VISAfone, and GLO are nothing but... in Nigeria

The key to happiness in life is contentment,
Satisfaction in heart lead one to fulfillment,
We can fulfill our dreams,
When we wake up to chase them.

Discontentment is the root of covetousness,
It can rob us from our happiness,
But when we cherish our achievements,
Then we can make further advancements.

Even when circumstances drive us to piece,
We should always hold our peace,
Knowing that the storm is not here to stay,
Neither will it make us stale.

When our heart is heavy and bitter,
With patient our tomorrow will be better,
Even when we are stock in poverty,
We should never lose our integrity.

If we are going to live like a king,
Then we need to make a rethink,
On adding passion to our creativity,
And making diligences our priority.

Contented heart makes us superior,
While discontentment may make us look inferior,
One who will extract honey from a rock,
Must add seriousness to his work.
A contented life is a growing life...never stop growing✌✌
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 11
🍁When i left my eyes🍁
🍁Too see skies🍁
🍁I see moon and stars🍁
🍁Miles away from my heart🍁
🍁I found that🍁
🍁Stars peeping me like my mother🍁
And moon gaze me like my hero father
Just an art to write my Felling in such way..i'm glad after writing it i feel so much amazed.You also feel like the same...
But parents are like tree which give shade us..
Thanks for reading.
EmperorMoth Jul 3
Into the f o r e s t, I shall go

To lose my m i n d and find my soul

A pattern for patter, rain k i s s e s the ground

A m u s i c a l around me of nature's sound

The d e e p e r I'm in, the more I shall find

A party of c o l o r s of all of the kind

A w o r l d without end, my mind I will send

Into the forest, where my s o u l has been
Kairosclere Jun 12
I could fit all my worldΒ 
Inside my hands
Yet have
Nothing over
My control.
What wonderful feelings I have...

Happiness, Excitement, Sincerity...

This is you and me together...

I see oceans in your blue eyes
And I taste the world in your sweet mouth.
You show me the world from our couch,
As we’re flying through the skies.

I see sparkle in your blue eyes
And I taste love in your sweet mouth.
You show me there’s no way we could go south,
As we’re feeling the butterflies.

There’s happiness in your blue eyes
And I feel our never ending love
As we’re soaring through the skies.

With the shining moon above
There’s is nothing I could think of
As wonderful as our ever lasting love.
Reading some old poems of mine and rewriting them. I hope someone can relate to this <3
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