Rockie Jul 8

A hand,
Outstretched for once it seemed,
Is a gift.
A gift of love,
A gift of electric butterflies on your palm.
The feeling, it seemed,
Never left;
The feeling that something so beautiful
Could still possibly be yours;
It is either the butterflies do not want to leave,
Or they are replaced, yearned for, day after day.

A hand is a wonderful thing.
Funny things, yet wonderful too,
A warm to comfort a cold;
A big to envelope a small;
A lover to intertwine with another lovers.

A hand;
They are creatures to be treasured.

Mane Omsy Jul 2

This moment, you shone
Your eyes sparked with anticipation
Another beautiful touch, a kiss
Each other, we shared through
This night, you felt pain and good
We exchanged glances and,
I shared it,
One day you'll serve a champion
to the world,
A companion with a wide heart
A messenger of true love and peace
We'll watch him grow and bond
A beautiful heart like his, become one
He'll share it with her
See darling, she has his eyes
Tiny fingers gripped around your finger tip
This moment you shone

From there to here. . Time really is fast
Zenith Jun 29

Love has made us beautiful
despite the black coal surrounding the earth.
Yes, life has been so wonderful
ever since we've realized our worth.

Both of us, both singing,
waves of joy lifting us very high!
Both of us, both laughing,
happiness carrying us to the sky!

I used to wish for things to be simpler
but what could be better than this?
Yes, there's nothing quite sweeter
than living with you in pure bliss.

written while feeling pure happiness on june 28th
Alexandria Jun 28

You make me want to dance.  
Caring for you makes me want to turn the volume all the way up,
and completely let go of
everything that has ever stopped my moving feet.

I feel your electricity pulsing through my bones,
burning out all the dampness.

You ignite a fire that restarts my heart.

You are unexpectedly the best thing that could have ever happened to me,
appearing out of thin air to catch me at just the right time.

I never saw you coming but,
I'm glad that you're here.

i literally always feel weird about my tags, but its like the only way to get people to see my stuff so like i guess im just gonna have to put up with how unbelievably cheesy they are.

a wonderful poetess friend
I did happen upon
she has a welcoming heart
ever to don

twas fated that we became
the very best of sisterly mates
there's such a genuine nature
in her soul's sates

I speak
of a true
one who
I implicitly
I speak
of a true
with qualities
that are a

dear Winn is an awesome
kind of gal
and I'm so thrilled having her
as my American pal

Daisy Rae Jun 16

Her laugh is contagious
Her words are magical
But she doesn't laugh often
And doesn't speak much
Because her laugh is ridiculed
And her words don't make sense to most
So she stays quite
And you never hear her wonderful noise

She is magic.
JAC Jun 6

You are overpriced coffee:
You taste like all of the wonderful things
That wake me up and warm me
But you leave my pockets empty
And leave me needing more.

cold cement under my feet
contemplating a deep colorful galaxy
humming to myself the tune we love
you are not mine
as the breath within my lungs is not mine
I take you in, and then you are gone
we are worlds apart
a century between us as we embrace
the soft night air is our home
adrift on a sea of doubts
lovers and friends
and at last friends
the universe expands
and you float away from me

I smoke a cigarette
at 11:30 p.m
it is cold
even with your absence
I am alive in a world that is home to you
that is enough

natalie May 22

bite your tongue,
hold your breath,
your lungs will fill with blood.

continuous anguish,
lovers unknown,
feelings you grasp.

hold me.

MU May 4

Spring in the north
Fall in the south

Sky and seas, blue
Brown and green, lands

Sand on the shore,
Beneath the seas

Water on top
And under earth

Same heart that loves
Does also hate

Pain during birth
Release by death

Same child that cries
Shouts when grown up

Different skins
In different shades

Yet beneath them
Flesh, just the same

Different tongues
Different words

Yet all languages
Have ‘I love you

Wondrous world
Wonderful life

Yet we don’t much
Notice and care


Thinking about the seemingly little wonders in life...
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