Drowning in her eyes, he willingly sunk to his death.

10 word story
Scarlet Rose Mar 15

I feel like dancing
On silver moonbeams
And singing lullabies
To sparkling streams

I feel like flying
Just as high as I can
And holding the stars
In the palm of my hand.

I feel like jumping
To touch the clouds
I feel like spinning
Until I fall down

Is this happiness?
I'd almost forgot
What it felt like--
I've missed this a lot.

I think the sun just came out again...

I don't want to break
Your Glass face
I don't want to make
You shatter in a million pieces

You seem so fragile
I seem so magical
You dream so wonderful
I can't remember anything

You live in sadness
I live in madness
which one do you want?
Let me know to replace

Glass face
I try not to break
Your Glass face
If I kiss it
I'll kiss it slow and soft
I'll try not to break
Your Glass Face

I slither all over the place
Like a snake
hoping to invade your garden
I always wanted to play

Phantoms everywhere wanting a fight
Ghosts from my past revisiting me
And there you are showing up in time
Problem is time is almost up

You lead me to water yet I drown
To the well, yet a foot from
fate is leading to synchronicity
Is the real thing truly part of me

Glass face
I try not to break
Your Glass face
If I kiss it
I'll kiss it slow and soft
I'll try not to break
Your Glass Face

iamtheavatar Mar 11

Of all the names ever invented,
yours is the most wonderful.
For you have taken over my heart,
and now I'm finally free.

iamthe_avatar ©2017

A poem for love.
Made with Creative Writer app.
Tiara Moss Feb 23

I see her standing there.
The only thing I notice are her supple pink lips.
The soft flesh peeling away at the seams.
She uses her rose red tongue and in a swirling motion brings life to her once dead canvas.
I wish it was my tongue on her mouth kissing and licking every dry place.
I wish it was my hand on her body caressing up and down her thigh.
I wish it was her face I woke up to every morning.
She fills my mind with wonder and makes my heart swell.
I have yet to know her name, but for now she will be the girl who licks her lips.

Dreaming Liza Feb 19

I cannot even
Begin to tell you how much
I've missed our friendship.

February 19, 2017.
I recently contacted a friend I haven't spoken to in a long time, and we ended up talking until 2am last night. I've missed him and his friendship so much, and I honestly hope I don't lose him again.
Renee 'Wisera' Jan 24

Some days all I feel is pain
Pouring down on me like rain
Feeling sorry for myself
and everyone else

Some days I feel so happy
Shining on me bright and snappy
Basking in all my love.
Snug as a glove

Some days I feel so angry
Perhaps, I am really hangry
Not my best mood
Needing food

Some days I feel it all
Terrified to wonderful
And in between
so it seems

Mane Omsy Jan 17

Without the warm wind
When will you reach the core?
How will you spread a smile?
I'm here grasping images
Concluding lines to this poem
Adding sensations, it's her
The beauty you won't forget
Get some time, spend them here
While I wondered however
Happiness flows blowing minds
Whenever I see violence
When people act fool with it
This landscape presents peace
Inhale the freedom, fly with her
Racing rivers, waterfalls
The complete silence afterward
From here, I hear roars, tarzans
Howls, entertained by this view

Rebecca Lynn Jan 12

blissful, wonderful
charming, dreaming, growing
husband, wife, child, home
fighting, crying, emotional
misery, awful

Mane Omsy Jan 7

Hey, in that light red beauty
Walk to me, with that face glowing
I always wanted to get to know you
When that lips spread wide
Wink at me, the sun's heating it up
Type you in my heart, tattoo it up

Ain't the type of feeling I've felt
Never seen such a beautiful laugh
When you joke and laugh from far
Wish I could hear it all day closer
Will hold on to your arms forever

Your friends wave at me everyday
They've been seeing me staring at you
I hope you talked about it and shy away
You've got what I dreamt of beautiful

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