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Jay M Oct 3
Trip into a new world
Trip yourself
Into a new world
A wonderful place
When your days are dark.
Just a wonderful place!
Trip yourself
Into a wonderful
Wonderful escape!

Running in the rain
Just trip into the portal
Appear where you are loved
Oh, yeah, just don't leave it open...
Don't leave it open...

It might leak...

But hey!
Just trip into a new world!
Into a new world
Where you are loved
Where you are held
Where you can love
And nobody hates you...
Just trip!
Just wonder...
Just wonder...
But don't leave it open...
Or reality will spill...

- Jay M
October 3rd, 2019
I tripped over my own foot, and a friend caught me. Sometimes, when you trip you don't necessarily fall.
Benjamin Fox Sep 28
Morning sheets ****** with their embrace

Heat from my body sinks into the coolness
It's getting easier to ignore the separation

I am incoherently enchanted

All around
The either way world is stirring
Getting up
Coffee clearing a pleasantly foggy head
Seems within reason
Remaining in these sheets
It seems in season

My intricacies have hibernated before
They whisper so powerfully this time of year

Dreams are waiting - well practiced in the wings
And I am exiting stage left
japheth Aug 25
i've always thought


was an ending:

finally having your lips close to mine when i wanted,

finally walking down the street with your hands holding mine,

finally sleeping beside you hearing your heartbeat ever so calmly.

i thought this was it;

that love has finally settled down after running all over the place

– in what i'd say a wild goose chase –

but it was only the beginning:

i start to feel what it's like to kiss someone that will make my heart beat fast.

i start to feel ecstatic walking down a street holding hands with someone knowing they'll never let go.

i start to sleep with someone beside me, knowing our faces will be the first thing we see every morning.

i've always thought


was an ending.

only to realize,

it was the jumpstart

of a wonderful journey.
hello all. i have been reading my past works and wow, there's this inexplainable growth or shift with how i write. i don't know if it's a good thing or not, but i think i've been writing longer. anyway, if you have the time, do read some of my works. and let me know your thoughts.
DivineDao Aug 14

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Monisha Jul 29
I am wonderful,
Yes I am,
Need no longer for someone to tell me so,
Put me in narrow confines on what wonderful ought to be.
I define my wonder to the full.

May I continue to rise and soar,
Not be apologetic for doing so  anymore,
When the chips are down,
When people around further beat me down,
I let that  courage surge,
Propel me to fly through,
Emerge stronger coz I am strong and wonderful
And I define my wonder to the full.

I can do anything I set my heart to do,
There’s nothing I can’t and I don’t hear voices that say so anymore,
I am a woman, and I am every woman,
Infinite in my being, resolute in my doing!
I am wonderful and I define my wonder to the full.
Bhill Jul 20
Why are you waiting
There is a wonderful world
Wonderful to all

We can understand
The beauty of today's world
Eyes open to see

Closed eyes will not see
Will not see the colors here
The dark will be known

Is that what you want
Or is your desire to see
With eyes wide open?

Brian Hill - 2019 # 180
Can't you see the beauty
Anastasia Jul 17
i think you're really pretty
and you're so sweet
more than the cotton candy
i had at the pool
i think
that you're perfect
i think that you've got a lot of talent
you're my favorite thing to dream of
i think
that you're wonderful
elisabeth Jul 14
you really make me wonder
ALL of the time
how much you really love me
if it's all just an act
for a gain that I have not yet been able to place
but sometimes
i can imagine
usually though I freeze
a strange thing happens
possibly a defense mechanism
to protect me from a wonderful man
who may break me the way i've been broken before
Johnny walker Jul 13
Through my Imagination
I've travelled far and wide
to places In life I have
never been and to places
I never
But through Imagination
and can do all for there are no restriction there's nothing
I can't do from one fantasies then on to
And all this done through Imagination and without
ever going anywhere no physical
effort required at all just a good and vivid  Imagination that Is all that Is
This poem was Inspired by a fellow poet on this site It a wonderful thing that we can Inspired by reading fellow poets  poems we all learn so much from each other
A B Faniki Jul 2
May and Wish
I will give you all my wonderful may,
and all of my most heartfelt wish;

your are as beautiful as flowers in the month of may
so I will grant you all your thoughtful wish;

As you strive to live a peaceful life may
God grant you all of your heart desire and wish;

As your enemies set a trap for you may
they end up in it, and their evil wish

be withheld, as you set to leave my home may,
the angels guide you on the journey you wish;

life is full of many wonderful may;
but I will rather have you pick your wish,

then asked God to bestow it upon you and may
my prayer be heard that joy be added to you wish.

I will drown your in the amazing sea of may
so they will stick to you like the fallen star sticking to wish.

this many may and wishes are not for the month of may
alone, nor are they limited like the jinn's wish;

for every season greeting that comes your way may,
they content all the good may attach with lucky wish;

may peace and good health be with you every day
and may all your wishes come through in a golden dish.

these are my precious gift to you my dear and may
they always find a home in your heart, for their in my list of wish.
may and wishes is about how people used these words to blessed or bestow wish on others
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