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Jun 7 · 289
the Palestinian child
he sang
th world thought that
but he pained

he danced
the world loved that
but danced from evert

his blood covered his
they thought that he put a rouge
he was like a bird

singing from pain
singing from evert

save the rest
or the world may be ******
the justice needs to make the same look
May 16 · 487
blod bleeds
clear blood bleeds
runs as river goes
fills all hills
makes the red roses grow

the angels are crying
while the devils are laughing
who stop that crime?

the world turned his back
let Israel goes wide
do as the plan
and the mock may hide
they try to hide

the plants will up
growing carrying blood
increasing the anger revolt
one day, anger will evaporate
making great cloud
destroying every mount
making the solid so worst
and the tallest is youngest
the giant will be stunt
no one can not stop that
no one will not even open his lips
stop that
or the future carries bad result
do something and not stopping doing any thing. only stop that war
Apr 1 · 388
You attack my heart
With honey
I lose it
and ask where?
Do you go

I have ne attract
Except my faith
I steel; your heart
Only with me

Return my heart
I will do
Draw , draw
one feels ne can overlap and beat any one. but one can occupy the important thing. heart
Mar 30 · 175
a puzzle
everything passes good
every thing will be good
when you only look
with your shine good
and attractive carrying every atom
in every heart of the solid mount
to be soil and go as fluid

want no which is that?
your heart
good thing will pass good when you look at
Feb 1 · 856
near you
near you
everything is purple
near you
all things are beautiful
near you
the sky gets downward
I can collect the stars
And put them as necklace
Which become wonderful
As the reflect your shine
And the sun get smile
As she tries to get your
Near you
The land becomes green
The peace covers every where
The birds sing one song
Contain a word
And your name
the things go good when the lovers meet thier soul and the self gets calm as she see her smart and her lovely heart. the thoughts may be shared and get over over all eyes as they meet first and last with thier souls
Oct 2020 · 182
he loves me
comes fro dark day
when people worshape stunts
they worshape thier kings

and the global is dark
the waves asks God
to ovecome that blank
he came with every good

if you have justice
read his history
with just with balance
of mind and heart

you will say one word
that is the man for evey time
that comes to get rid every hurt
your heart will pump

that is the kindest
is the prophet
some haters told us bad things and drew unacceptable draw. they called mohamad with terror. they forgot who **** millions and concentrate with mohamad . he makes some honest that may look agianst thier desire. he prevented love without marraige. the holy Quraan told that man for a woman and womanfor a man .there is no marriage from the same ***. as the people married for love and bear and make famiy to stand over the satan
Oct 2020 · 335
What is new?
My eye knows your view
And remembers your way

To talk and explain
To say how you are weak
I fell in that plan

When then I see
You, I forget
And listen to you again

I fell in that plan
As I forget everything
And remember any thing

Belongs to your smart
whn one descides to mett his lover with his mind , he falls in trouble and gets his mind in long vacation and remebers only the smart
Oct 2020 · 259
a heart
try to travel
make good thought
and get a wealthy marvel
good heart deserves to be fought
by your heart and mind
to travel everywhere and get great wealth surely upu will not find an acceptable marvel except the heart
Aug 2020 · 206
see me near
i will see you near
see me wide
i will see you by my side
love me more
i love you over
your imagine ,

as i dig your name
at my heart    
every pulse says
your name so clearness

i see you at the sky
moving your hands in away
i love ever to see
i will say
God keep you near
the love changes the world and makes the life good
Jun 2020 · 276
near you

to live near you  
      and amuse every moment                                                  
              watching your diamond eye                
                        let your attacking ray                            
                               injure my weak heart                        
                                       and become your                                         
  prisoner              ­                                        

                               to be caught by diamond fingers
of yours
love is the prison where lovers like to live in and wiat for long time
Jun 2020 · 181
near or wide
near or wide
at kind or at wild

i will find
after near or long time
that you are the gift

you will be the right
choose ,finally i decide
and the only sign

showing at right sight
i can not ever lock
my eye

you are my diamond
i searched downed at lowest
and i may suffer to get

my dearest brilliant
the search for one who carried good heart and kind is worth to suffer more hurt
Jun 2020 · 249
time is passed
time passes
as seconds
when we meet

but it slows
as the mount carrying burdens
and in its holes filling with loads
when we are wide

when i saw you
i forget the world
except your shiney smile

when you go
my heart is off
and escaped after you

it is your prisoner
and wish it lasts for ever
the meeting times between lovers seemed to be good and passed as blinks, but when theu became wide it passes so slow
Jun 2020 · 299
during my wait
there is a question
from heart
my heart

no it does not
belongs to one
you know

i know
the first steal happens
immediately at once
stealing occurs

it could go
i got happiness
my eyes sees blossoms

open every pulse
doing by my heart
sorry, it becomes your heart

so it feared
who belongs to that cute
be  worry to be dismissed
the time goes good when your smile attends and my heart shows your face
Jun 2020 · 560
the life will go
with our souls
which move this bad waves

these surrounding our boat
which will float
and resists every worst

life is deserved
to show your brilliant
the lifeu is desrved to live and gain every point of happiness and not to look to the harmful and worst things
Jun 2020 · 157
your , your beauty
i hope you are happy
your smile shines to spread ray
your world gives you nearest funny
equalise with your , your
he was hesitating to tell her , her cute, we wrote little words
Jun 2020 · 199
Do not show me your tears
Diamond are your tears
If I have a case
Surely I will gather in cases

Do not blame yours
We are not responsible for fate
And the time will moderate

Do not let your tears
As my wind fellows
So will do all members

The rainbow appears at your face
Gathering different colors
Closing all blossoms
The sun flies
As she says
There will not two suns
In the same place
when the the lovely woman cries all the world gets sad . the life became different and the sadness control the acts
Jun 2020 · 147
one thing
could you turn left?
could you turn right?

do you know?
the grow
fear was planted

at every side
what i do?

pray to the finder
who gets the creature

do not be proud
kneeled so down

asking for help
one thing

look inside
look and talk

save us my God
everything was under saving. but now all feared even from  their hands. so you must be clever
Jun 2020 · 179
little, little
little move
little get out

everything must be limited
be aware of your friend

do not visit your relative
only lift up your spirit

and show the smile and give
the hope to the new sight

will be shown on the morning
catch the hope and smile every morning. this bad thing will go and vanish. only be happy
Jun 2020 · 307
long tail
every one becomes having long tail
trying not to get *****
wanting to throw away
or hide it at any way

trying to be silent
covering your nose
and do also with mouth

as the world does not bear
your breath
if you still go on that road
which was not faith and had bad fault

expecting the worst comes
and the world will wish you to be absent
this causing of virus makes us showing the world into its clear photo. so moderate your self to be so good
The prophet of Islam when came
He was sent to establish equalize between human kinds
No, no between all creatures

It is a camel came and complained its owner
," he carried it heavy burden
And did not feed it with enough food
It wanted some justice"
The prophet ordered him to feed
It with enough and good food.

He saw a bird
Flew down to his fellows and friends
He asked in his speech,''
Who made a tragedy with brutal?
Who took its children?"
When the men heard that
One of them returned to it.

He had his speech every Friday pray
He stood over the average trunk of old date
It was cut
So it was not grown
And considered it was considered dead
The prophet used to tell its speech
Until he made a new platform to speech on it
When Friday came
The prophet spoke on the new platform
All at mosque heard child crying
All moved their eyes toward the crying
They recognized it was the trunk
The prophet left the speech
And hugged the truck

The truck became quit
The prophet told it
"is not sufficient
To be my companion in the high heaven
The trunk got silent

The prophet looked when he passed with his friends
Between the prisoners
They saw a woman
Getting her breast and feeding every child
Was from the prisoners
Of war
He told them at his talks, "
Would you expect that woman will throw his child
At hell?"
They answered, " No!"
He talked, "thus! God will not throw his creatures
At hell!"

When there was a second war
Between two camps
Muslims and disbelieves
After the war ended
There was argument
One of them was white
The other was not
The white ticked the other one
, " you are the son of the black"
The black one who was closer as well as his white friend
To the prophet
Ran to the prophet
He complained to the prophet
The prophet got angry
The prophet was cute
He was white
His face was handsome
He looked to the white
At his speech and act
He said to the white."
You are a person blockhead"

The white one put his head
Down to the land
He swore he would not lift it up
Until his ***** friend will put his leg on his head
The other refused at first
When the white insisted
The other put its leg
For seconds or less
Then the white got up
He apologized
They got huge
They were crying.

When the prophet and Muslims opened Mecca
He destroyed all statues over Kaaba
He ordered his closely friend to get over Kaaba
He invited the Muslims to pray
He announced with call of pray
Two great masters of un believers passed
One of them said
They were white,'"
We have lived
To see that black
Became important than us
We are the masters of that land
The revelation was downed to the prophet
It said in the verse pf holy Quran in the meaning,"
O people, I created you
People and tribes to know
That I will honor you with God"

The honest of Islam nation
Was not white.
Two fiancée came to marry the daughter of the prophet
She was his heart move over the land
One was not poor and not white
He was also his cousin
He was so believer and honest
He had great science
Other was from rich tribe
His nation was respectable
He married her to the greater believer

He said in his speech and meanings,"
God does not look at your images and colors,
But God looks at what is in your hearts"

He said also in his speech and meanings,"
There is no credit for an Arab over foreigner
Except for piety"

When he moved up to sky
He heard sound of the moving shoes of his ***** friend
At the heavens so clearly
He asked, "
What do you do?
As I heard the sound of your moving shoes
At the heavens
His friend said, "
After I Perform ablution
I pray to my God
Only two prayers"

The prophet said,"
There is no credit for an Arab over foreigner
Except for piety"
Equality, between all men and women
Is the justice at every way
the prophet came with peace and equality. he did not come the sword and justice. he ordered his fellows to love and make great strong believe with their god as well as loving must grow between them. when the prisoners of unbelievers were as prison they was ordered as the prophet ordered his friends and fellows to feed them with bread.
Muslims with their poor and the breads was the great food to eat, they obeyed their prophet and feed them the bread and the ate the cheap  food.
May 2020 · 244
Around the circle
Inner that circle

You do a miracle
We do an angle

To keep my heart
Waking and could jail

As he gained a fault
Dream you at night

You would come
Telling me at sight

Thanks to your God
As we met

At wide fate
Before we meet
At our time
the fate wrote its words and the hearts meet at soon
May 2020 · 246
your eyes
your green eyes were as the mint

which gives good smell

and satisfy inner soul

let your sad out

throw it with your happy

and told yourself with confident

if the morning comes

the dark sure escapes
thetime is short when lovers talk and approach. let us forget our hate and face our enemy
May 2020 · 436
all day and night occurs
only by your face
night at you dark hair
day at your face
that is bright
like the sun rays
sundown when it draws
the hair of red lines
like your cheeks colors

the light rays as your teeth
when they appear in great smile
asking God to stay forever
spreading every doubt and fear

the plants that carry green
appear at your eyes
telling everyone
the life is good for creatures

when i see you
i hate every moment i dislike
the life gut now i like
everyone even my enemies

peace upon you
peace and be the sign
that good face
may reflect peace
even only one self

that is mine
who can say
i can dance and fly
only when i hear news
telling you get all happiness
bye and not bye

as i know you deserve to be queen
of kind and mercy of hearts
every woman have good spirit and kind  heart. if she could reflect that kindness, it will get great smart
May 2020 · 169
the corona threatened

the time was red

the hearts were downed

at bottom of covered

that fear with filled
fear from everything, touch, breath . that is not good
Saying to your health
In the meaning of his words,"
Do not let any food without covering
As you do not know who was passing over
or by its boundary
you do not know who was smelling
or breath in it
if it is difficult to cover
put a rod or long knife or spoon over
to give the meaning of moral

if you get up after sleep
do not touch any food
before you wash your hand
as you do not know where it was

when the Friday comes
you must wash up
to clean your appearance
and the inner soul
and put good smell

use the toothpick
at every pray
to clean your teeth
, get good breath
And get satisfy of your God
And strength your teeth

When the prophet sent the messengers
To kings and the princess
to let them know the new religion
The governor of Egypt admired
He sent to the prophet of the present
It was a donkey female, two slaves' girls
The honey and doctor
the prophet accepted all, but he returned the doctor
He said," we do not need him
As we do not eat until we get hunger
And if we eat we do not get full"
In his meanings and words

He said,"the stomach is the home of the illness"
," if you want to eat
Do not get full
If you want
Let third for your drink
And third for your breath"

We know persons who dead by throttle
As they ate and slept
Without getting time to let the food digested
Or get ordered in abdomen

When the delegations came
To enter Islam and get checked him
He learnt someone has leprosy
He told his friends to let that sick out
And he blessed and prayed for him

When he finished his defecation and urinate
He performed ablution
He ordered his followers to do it
He ordered not the sick entered to the right
And the right goes to the sick"

Except if he had his protect
the health is the crowd over its owner. the man does not know it untill he got ill. the prophet advised us and said the gold words
May 2020 · 235
At the night at the dark
The prophet ordered
To wish your hand
And get wished your members
To clean up
Your out appearance
As well as your heart

Wish as you perform a pollution
As you will pray before you eat and after
Your member will clean

When you hear someone ill
Tell him to be in
His home and not be out

The ill or sick must not come
Or visit the right and healthy one
To keep the people so cured

If the pest is ascended
At any land
God may keep every land
One must not get at
This causality land
To keep the society sound

And one does not visit
To be safe and right
If one has cured
God prevents every worst
And the cure is not advanced
And he gets dead
With great faith and patient
He will be considered as martyr at the battle
Who fights against the bad enemies
Or he defends his wealth
Or fights to protects his sons
Or his beloved wife
Who carries every smart sense
He will be at best heavens
That is the brief of the prophet tales
this bad things which occur to world must give us the signs to prtect ourselves from every harm and follow the instruction from the wise and good persons who has deal with clear and the upper spirit
May 2020 · 250
why does the world which is wide
becomes so narrow?
why do the eyes which see a ray
see only sallow?
why does the fresh air which spreads happy
brings sorrow?
you are the born to to grow and magnify
the wealth not make fewer?
we push the hate at every side
not prison it at outer hollow
let us spread the love at every sight
the world will be so major
let the love spread and you will see
Apr 2020 · 165
following heartbeats
i follow my heartbeats
they say you will lose
do not ever feel
with hope near

i ask the rays
when the sun says
morning on its ways

why do the roses smile?
why do the birds sign?
a deathless harmony

the life deserves to pay
every good to make it happy
, feel with funny

and the frustrate will say
surely at his fear

hate you, you carry
smile which will shine

all the world you sign
do not lose your hope, everyday comes with great hope
Apr 2020 · 177
the world is busy
the virus is not lazy

do not say bye
the sun gives shine

you must also pray
ask God to forgive you

we must apologize
draw a smile as a prize

the sun will shine
with hope every day
ask your God and pray to him. the day will come
Apr 2020 · 94
what a matter
word  stopped
as you gazed

it feared
to be told

and was pronounced
was  wrong

so it stopped
no word can describe your smart
Apr 2020 · 437
draw her
no one can draw her
as she slaves the vision

no one can draw her
as her cute paralyzed the motion

no one can draw her
as she prisons  the emotion
her brilliat was so smart and no one could lift up his look
Apr 2020 · 176
the stay
The life
Was so lazy
The night covers the day
The sun surely delays

The fear was gotten
The trouble is bigger
The heart is annoyer

As it does not smell
The scent spreads and gains
Good kind of soul

The blossom which opens
When it sees and shows
By my eyes which adore

To look after every rose
That will belongs to you sure
sure and sure we face bad experiments and we must catch every chance
Apr 2020 · 603
The way
The open way is coming
Try to tie
Your love with your family
Call your parents
Ask in truly

Phone your sons
Greeting your daughters
Make a beautiful kiss
Flaying over clouds
Chattering the fear
Improving our tie

That is a way
In addition to obey
Our Gods who can forgive
The faults and can give
Happiness clouds that will save
Our plants of life
the love and makes good tie will overlap any and tie with your family
Apr 2020 · 246
Inside pigeons
Omar Ibn Elkhatab went to visit the blessing land
Where his successor was there

He was honest of this nation
This was the calling by the prophet

Ibn Elgrah was the little men
Who believed in the prophet

The prophet evaluated him
He was so strongest at his thought
He believed in God

He believed that he the only
Who control the all creatures
Who created everything
Who could hurt or get useful
Who made the sun rose

He believed that the prophet will get victory
And beat other opinion
He believed that infidels be at undermost

The believers who were hurt
Asked Mohamad to pray to his God
To get these atheists

They worshipped another god
They worshipped some statues
The begin of statues were from that person
Amro ibn lohie was the first Arabian who worshipped these statues
Who was so ranked an important person
All Arab heard and obeyed
They looked to him as a persuade

As he was so pious
He saw the humans at elsham land
"the blessing land"
Included Syria, Jordon and palatine

He saw them worshipped these statues
He asked,” Why?
They said,' as we asked them to down the rains
They rained "
He asked to give one of them
They gave "Hobal"
Hobal was the first statue
Was put at Mecca
The honor men were irresolute
They final worshipped

Afterword the statue increased
Mecca was filled with statues
Equal to the year's days
Two of them were famous

They called " Ellat and Elozza"
They were woman and man
They loved each other
Their love was so strong
They went to Kaaba
The holy home of the God
They take a chance when the mosque was empty

They entered Kaaba
They did the sin

The anger had prevailed
They converted into statues
Naked as they were born
For the ancient Arab's foolishness
They put one of them at elasafa
The mount where the umrah and hajj Muslims
Walked to it
And Marwa they walked to it
Doing as hager did

Hager was the wife of Abraham
The grandfather of the prophets
He married her
When she had pregnant
And got a child
, his old wife got jealous
So he was ordered to immigrate
He immigrated to the holy land

She was so empty
The dessert was so the queen
When his family established
He leaved them
Hager called at
" where do you go?"
She was an old Egyptian princess
Of the elmenia governor
When hexoses occupied Egypt
They took her as a slave
She took a snake as a pet
No one could rap
She was so honorable
And the king of Egypt admired
So he gave her as a gift
Her wife loved her

So they became friends
The respected family had good character
They deal her as free as an honest
Sarah the old wife of Abraham
Advised him to marry
To get his dream child and get his happy
He married and got the child

Hager called at
" where do you go?"
She repeated three times
There were no answers
She asked, "Does your god order?"
He answered with yes
She said," so he will not lose us!"
He went

The food and water was finished
She went to the mount
She had to get food
She looked at right
And ran towards the mountain
It called "Elsafa"
She got over it
She looked towards the valley
Where did the holy home of God exist
She must still believe in God
That upper power prevents every worst
That gives goodness, luxury, blessing,
She learned everything from the prophet
He cultivated the faith in her heart
She gazed at her son
She ran towards him
As he cried a lot
She carried him and rocked
He became so calm
But after some silent
He cried again as the hungry bit him
She stood and ran towards the another amount
It is called
She got over it
Looked at the wide valley of the land
To find any one carrying food
Or even carrying water for the drink

She looked again towards the place of the holy home
And looked towards her son
Her heart called her
To get some aid to get him calm
She stood again
As her child cried
She ran towards the mount
Who is called
She did it seven times begins with mount
Ended with mount
She prayed to her God
Every drop of her blood
Every atom, every part
Let the rain of happiness covering the world
Let the seed of love growing so full
And get green and good fruits

Let the day covering every seed
To make the feast appeared
Let the hearts praying one word
Thanks our God

She got up over the mount
After she looked at the wide valley
After she found no help
After the mind of human thought
That he would fell in destroying
She looked towards the blessing point
Even the devils lied eggs of failure
After the crows got off every pigeons
After the injustice was the announcement of the world
The hope must overflow
She found her son got calm
She thought worst thing had come

Her heart flew her up
She moved with a blink at his leg
The great angel downed
He dug that land
The water flew up

She was so happy
Her kinder got calm
The angel must deal him with happy
She faired that the overflow of water
May destroy every point
No hager, your God is the highness
No Hager, no
Your God knows the fare
She said,"Zam, Zam"
It became zam zam
Muslims when do vesting the holy home
When they do Umrah or hajj
They walked between tow mounts
Elsafa and Marwa , as they get known
They also drank from zam zam
Blessing water

to be continued
inside the pains, inside the hopeless, there will be a hole of light. God will get every happy
believe in it
Apr 2020 · 289
An embracement
That is not important
No, no stop

We had a date!

You have a problem!
A problem!

How will you meet!

By internet
How do you say I love

By heart

How do you say
You will marry

By sending a bride image
And she

How do she accept?

By showing the finger
Where a ring is put
And if the refuse

Is her answer
By moving her hand

In no way

If she wants to say bye
By typing a word
the virus set its soldiers. the most of people get and set home. now the time is worst
Mar 2020 · 114
the faith
ooh! the faith was stood
against every worst

God has its word
all technology had given up

all apparatuses became as a decorate
the media has no word

the arts had been from an ancient
football becomes an old fashion

sports lost their luster
the world has one order

their play became boring
and it is gone so farthest

it may not be returned
the only art is the *******

the white becomes a new color
the faith will grow so fast

the films will tell a word
the art will draw a portrait

tell the oldest and hated word
that they want to hide it

they tried to **** believe
believe leads to live
with happy and give
the others the funny

God is not presented
but the fact has appeared

untie your feeling
and ask your God from deepest

worship and be honest
all **** sites became the preachers

the naked at the end gets clothes
they all talked one word
save us our God

there was injustice
governed the land
he believes that he was the god

he believed that he deserved
to govern all world
when a prophet appeared

he argued him a lot
the prophet told that his God
could get the life and the death

the king said," I could do
more than your God could do
I could judge that to be killed

so I got him dead
and the other to be lived
and so I get him safe from the death

the prophet told him with shortage,"
my God gets the sun from the east
could you get it from the west"

the king got in troubles
the problems and worst riddles were faced
their mouthes were widely opened

the only and only the matter to be solved
is killing that awful
as he damaged the others Gods

and put the ax at the shoulder of the biggest
they came and asked
, "who could argue to destroy our gods"

one of them answered, ' he is that youth
who refused to worship them
he must be punished"

when they asked
he answered so clearest,
brightness as the sun of August

the big god's statue did
they looked with amazement
they said in one word,"
that he could not do that

he could not be jealous
the facts he could not do that"
he attacked them as a fighter

carrying strong armies
," how do you worship them
as they had no harmful or useful

how do you worship who you make"
they got astonished
times and times

the king got angry
as if he could overlap their gods
he would destroy his godhead so nearly

they made a great hole
gathering every wood from all parts
putting it and burned

the tongues of fire were so hight
so the birds were flying over it
could fell into it

from the heat of it
he would be thrown at the first moment

they made a great catapult
they put him at it
and threw at the heart

of the fire which worshipped its God
and believed in its godhead
it waited for the orders

the great angel came
his face filled with fear
fearing of fire to burn the only truth

walking over that land
,'' do you need any help"
the angel asked

the prophet answered,"
from you, that is no demand
and I thank you from my heart

from my God, he knows what I face
and he will save any hurts"
the fire was ordered,"

to be safe on that closest
the people waited a lot

the prophet got saved
the fire burned its ties
he was saved as well as his clothes

the only truth is the God
say it at times
save us, us

dear highness
dear truth
my God
we must be faith and we ll need only our God. not that media, no ****, no films, and matches. the only way is praying to our God
Mar 2020 · 171
the kidness
If you would like to feel happiness
You must chase the sadness
And spread the smile overall faces

There are always places
To everyone to live and get wishes
Respect yourself by respecting the others
God will give you your demands

The earth is our mother
Her heart is so better
She plants mercy everywhere
Her fruits are kinder

Her plants are welfare
We must cooperate and not go far
the time will bow
the rain will do
and greeted you

with green leaves and rainbow
the shadow of lights will grow
to draw your shape to go
your image be known at  all
there is always a place to get happy and this place will not be wide. it could be at your heart search at it and you will find
Mar 2020 · 96
I try to kiss
she says no, please

she says for virus
I say but I am confident

I do not have any doubt
that if that ****** approached

and sees that glimmering
he would be surrendered

he fell in problems
and will be pass

no, no stay for looking at brightness
the shine at your face
the virus got so horror and we must pray to God to help us and that a great dream and I hope the virus goes wide
Mar 2020 · 384
Mar 2020 · 302
no, the weather is cold
the time is so old
and she wanted one word

the hero appeared
carrying a sword
wearing a strong shield
may give

it was penetrated
by the weakest
bad and lowest
must dive

help the older
smile to the younger
said every morning

help us our highness
Mar 2020 · 271
Let's say corona
Do not say corona
What a puzzle!

The brain in the puzzle
The world has a muzzle
They searched for a goal

They were at war
The increase is in struggle
Against the clear and virtual
They told the virtue is the liar

From the ancient that was a gaggle
Laughter and mock of pure
They insist the laws Tatar
Go through

The upper ability was here
Her responsibility must appear
The punish will survival

As we are like the Jesus talked
If one has no iniquity
Throw it with a stone

The world has a sin
The world does not the deserved
Who had a great fault

The do not prevent the oppressive
He throws only the weak and clear
The sins must be wide
The vice must be beyond
Our vision, land and mind
the corona antivirus increases and the world became in danger.
Mar 2020 · 69
your face
at smart and intelligence
And from inner and appearance

wonderful! My heart knows your face
Now the time worthies

I found my wishes
from, inner, intelligence, head, face
Feb 2020 · 194
The winter is not cold
The winter is hot
When your face appeared
Every cold became hot
Covering even small part
Of my inner and outer, I felt
So my heart pumped and increased
Without sick or ill, he got

My checks might reflect your checks red
My lips wanted to tell a word
But I am in inner felt like a bird
Flying at the sky, up, up and forgot
The whole world and membered
Your brilliant

If the sun of the global is disappeared
My sun surely appeared
When your face was showed
And your lips moved
Telling one word
I felt as I am a king
And have the wealth, have the world
And you are my only heart

Do you know that word?
My name that is mentioned
By your smart lips
the winter is so cold, but it converts into hos and the weather seemed good as you show me your smart
Feb 2020 · 205
The winter comes
The frog is happy
She becomes AS the giant

Chasing the tiger
Who searched for a small hole
Made by a small ant
Digging deepest womb of the mount
He vibrated and CHURM OUT THE BUG

He threw it and overlapped
The cloud got anger
She cried, cried
The rains downed
As  the tears were there
It revolted and made a fact

The flies spread their wings
The wings prevented the sun from getting up
The sun cried
The waves blew up
Making the fishes in rows
Demanding the barghout to nip
The moon who planned to the sun
The moon cried
The winds were up
The date trees threw their date over the birds
Who drew the Thorne from the sun
They gave the throne  to mum
My mum, yours are the queen
We must be their knights
Feb 2020 · 223
Stood there
My beloved was anger
So the sun went after
The big waves of the ocean

They said in anger
What a matter!
I will discover

Her smart was shiny
Her face looked sadly
Shame! The sin converted directly
To that spot of ready
That has red clearly
They wanted to send them in a hurry
The Arab is neglected completely
The danger was surrounded without lately

To keep your throne, sell that land widely
Its people is the worst at sight
Their sight which carries hope
And democracy also
Not killing, ruin or shot
the advanced land expressed

Liar, they will deal with them actually
As they make with red Indian
Taste their blood with cool
**** their woman almost all
And said they look like an animal

Palestinian ask God
As they have no justice at the land
The hate was planted
The terror born in fact
Defeat all occupy person

He stood beside her
Give his heart to her
She was her motherland
If your mother was rapped
You will lift up a white flag
Asking for love and mercy
Or you carry every weapon
Killing every worst one
The hate at one was growing
The fire was increasing
The one who seems stupid
Or wise wanted to get problem dissolved
The occupied has terror fact
everyone loves his laned. when he saw it occupied, rapped.
Feb 2020 · 404
the sun is sad
the moon was there
he looked in bad

as the injustice
the land was overlapped
it was occupied
and the dark landed

the stars were in pale
as in old pole
they do not attract
as the justice disappeared

who will return the right
to the weaken and broken mind

after it went wide
GOD only GOD
Jan 2020 · 206
Something is happening
The blossoms are opening
The spring is attending
The night is vanishing

Something is happening
The scent is flying
The flies are dancing
The melody is playing
The world is amazing

They are asking
Why is the night vanishing?
Why is the moon appearing?
In complete imagining

The world is decorating
The colors are shining
The green is covering
The fresh is touching
The roses are coloring
The word is calming

When your rosy cheeks
Are appeared for watching
Only my eyes
love is covering everywhere and the time is good when one feels with love
Jan 2020 · 313
i send you my greeting
from my heart waiting
wanting  and times asking

when your appearing?
i write letter with my tears
surrounding it with my dreams

the purple covers inches
telling only one secret
i try to hide it in deep

but my words showed it indeed
that i like to see your heart instead
of any jewels over the wide way
secret of love is the honey and sweetest secret
Jan 2020 · 388
the time comes
let me know
when you will go
as you take with you
everything even my soul

i search for my self
my eyes  will give
answer that it might go

the time will pass
the time comes
my watch annoys
as i look at times
she finally stops

my heart knocks
in spite of its knocks

the lamp is off
as the electricity was off
my brain was light
waiting her bright
love ignites every inch.
Jan 2020 · 193
she was princess
kneeling as slave
saying to him save

my heart from sinking
at deepest of thinking

the thief came
say to the police
you are under arrest
the police was jailed
as he had laziness

the boy chased the lion
the lion hided at gun
the boy shot the gun
the lion got over the sun
he printed his shape
over the face of the moon

the cold came as the spider
the man rushed the fire
the cold escaped faster

what a matter
he forgot his words
his role was a hero
at famous film
the important were the words
the succeeded over films
that film
the overlap judged everywhere, and the problems increase
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