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4d · 79
The travel
Oh! I will not stop
I still think at that
She salutes me

With a word
With a promise
With a look

Every bone
Makes the sun

At the foggy days
At the dark night
As the moon comes
No the sun

And I will travel
By the train
The rocket
fast and speed
the love is the deal between two hearts.
Oct 5 · 24
i love you
how can i see?
how can i let you

you told me
you hate me
and be away

but i love you
i will not as spider
who ate the gift
then her beloved
what does he get?
he became the martyr of love

the scorpion did the same
so every man must kiss his beloved
leg and hand
as she loves him, and let him love
, let him in life sustain
what a gift!

i am not selfish
i will let you at finish
but i will push
any one will hurt or tend to polish
your honor and makes it *******

i will be as the great fish
who will face every worst fish
and may **** myself and you live
long happy , you deserve
love is the spirit that deals between two hearts
Sep 21 · 199
the wealth
i will worth
that great wealth

to be wide of her
as the rich one

heard me
noticed me

how i talked
about her

he spies
he sends eyes

until he sees
he loves

he tells the offers
and i had chances

to be rich
or have her smart

but i love her
i let her know

any more
she does know

i become wide
i do not take that amount
which makes absent
to any mind
the man loves her, he wishes every good to who beloved. and he can sacrifice for
Sep 18 · 97
confirm your love
she talked

i asked how ?
she said confirm

i do not have  enough
knowledge to swim

at oceans of your love
you know i am not sailor

or captain of navy of your heart
i am only one who likes your smart

i am not that pilot of planes swarm of your head
which knows the truth or who making fault

i am only wondering of your look
i am not farmer who grows the plants

of your eyes which are growing of your look
spreading fruits of hope and love
at my heart

i am only visiting the rose of your cheeks
i am not humours of your sweet souls

i am only remarking the sweet berry of your lips
i am diving at the ocean of your love

save me, help ,help
the love is the great ocean who has severe waves striking each other. the lover has a magic which can control with the other
Sep 17 · 53
When the rains downed
When the clouds appeared
When the sun be absent

When the thunder was heard
When the lighten was seen
When the birds hide

When your face attended
When your spirit appeared
When your lips opened
Showing shiny look

The sun was coming
The warm was ascending
The universe was laughing
The rosy colors were dancing
the absent of love making the world cahnged and the weather tended to be worse.
Sep 3 · 87
The broken wings
Her child was downed
Downed to the downed land
His wings were completely destroyed
The hunger animal approached

She screamed, "Help my juvenile!
He was so little
He can't face that awful

His wings were damaged
Oh! My God help him
She looked wide

The birds could not rejoin
They knew who would join
They escaped as the rain

Fallen wide of the kind land
In spite the kind should demand
The mother knew there is no gain

Except pray to his God
As she knew the wild could
Snap him without any tick

So she closed her eyes
Flew wide, wide
While her tears ascended

As the flow of anger and trembled
Water as the man was deliberated
As wild
every one has hope. when that hope is evaporated, man could be fall and lost his aim.
Aug 28 · 83
Say to me hello
As may know
How my beauty will return

Smile to me on the morning
And show your spirit shinning
To see how my beauty will gain

Wish to me a good day
To cut the rocket in away
And know my power will sustain

Do not ever say bye
As the differ will try
To show how my age may not return

Show me how your sight
That makes my day bright
Every wealth, I will gain
the morning greeting opens the closed hearts and make the selvs out of thoughts
Aug 22 · 75
a word
was prisoned at my throat
wanted to be out
desired to be known

but it was stuck
another came and shared
shoulder by shoulder, foot by foot

third made a crowd
it got in enforced
the tongue was found
opened but could not

she pointed with her gold finger
slowly and get calmer

the words got so clearer
i love you
he noticed and wanted to see what the feelings are?
Aug 20 · 107
like the act of cat
when rat is chased

chat, chat
mock every heart
trying to be so kind
and let him feeling with hard
that is the most human act

chat ,chat
mock yourself
say i am the Jinn
know everything
but you don't gain
the knowing of the end

the back of the girls moved
the eyes of men becom wolves
the devil tried to act as angel in move
and they thought they did the right do

chat, chat
the wine was poured
the mind was idled
the hearts wanted one thing
the devil flew and might bring
the angels to see the fault of that one
who surely was challenged and chosen
by the God

chat chat
when the angels was brought
the kind spirit attended
the devil spreads the fault
some of men and women escaped
and others might fell into the hell
they obeyed their demand
and forgot thier God
everything went well out of the devil and the fault, when one obeys himself it might leads him to the worst end
Amazing and brilliant
Her sight is sharp and is interacted
My deeper heart calling, "I surrounded"
Her talk is low but is understood
Her hair as the waves once up other downward

She walked as the dear coming to hunt
Not is hunted by she will hunt
All are amused and surely asked
Who is that smart, we must engaged
Get fiancé act or marriage at fast

The crowds get in struggle that will begin
But she goes and evaporates as the vanish
That is the end and the finish
the beauty one comes and says no word. all wants to know and have a look
Aug 15 · 73
worm is around body
knows every dummy
go wide and return lazy

worm, worm worm
means circling around
to remind the back of history
your that is great demand

but you will walk late
late as the light will be crippled
but the important to know the step
every step leads to the end
read the time, aims to the coming

you will prevent the worst
if you returned and remembered the past

what does you lose if you walk as worm?
slowly but know the step
and study today to face the next day

past, now future and follow your mind
to lease sad and increase your happy
or even lives without any any bad memory

God will return your right
even the night gets short or becomes weight
the times will go and you must take you turn at the first
Aug 10 · 115
The time comes
One day they  called each other
One day they dreamt to fly there
And wipe every fault they gain

The faults are burden over hearts
As the heavy loads over birds wings
Can they fly over clouds?

One was consisted of two parts
Soul and body , that is two things
Soul is created from light parts
It demands good things
Its home is the heavens
Under the throne of the God

The body was created of the mud
It demands and gets down to the land
It asks to get every desire or want
Even it leads to do the faults
It  leads to bad and to the underworld

The day now is coming
The souls are answering the calling
At the ancient to pilgrimages the holy home
They circled around the Kaaba with happy
As the planets  are doing around the sun
They also pray one God

They feel with great funny
The body are running in compete
Who will introduce its faith and confident?

The tears are overflowing to wipe faults
The hearts are moving số rapid with acts
The tongues are singing the deathless songs,”
We respond you our God times and times”

They are walking between two hills
Asking for mercy getting from up
Searching for forgiveness that is the demand

They moved to mount
Asking their God for accept their trip
Not return them with being refused
They demands peace and the heavens reward

Then they introduce the guidance
Showing they will sacrifice for getting the world
Happy and has purple and green action

They throw the devil at the feasts days
Every day to confident the holy deals
That the dismiss the devil and will not follow him
The men and women shaved and cut their hair

In order, to show they will begin
A new born and clear their brain
From bad thoughts these máy gain
Bad faults, they travelled to wipe and drain
It from their body as the fallen rain  

They return homes in white and clear
As they were born in white and green
the muslims go there to show their faith and honest and wipe thier faults and asking forgiveness
Aug 3 · 100
Under water
I am the worm
I can be harm
I can be calm

I am the worm
No matter people like me
No matter people hate me
I am the worm
I can be little
Down, down and brittle
I am the worm
I can be big
Fears any thing
I am the worm

She met a great snake
She said with astonished
That the worst
She ran and escaped
The snake said with the confident

The worm said,”
That is calm
I will have a rest
That is a cave
She entered the opened
Mouth of The fish
The fish said ,”oh! My God
That is the great present
I will swallow it in one amount”
The worm said,”
Oh please, can I be heard,
The fish said,” tell me!”
The worm said,”
I know a place
Where a great worm has
A great meat without bones
You can swallow it
Without any hard”

The fish said,”
Guide me, guide”

The worm said,”
You promise , you will not eat
And let me
The fish said,”
Yes, that is my promise.”
The fish said at himself,’’
I will eat the great worm
After I eat that worm
When she guided me to the road”

When the worm reached
She pointed to the big worm
Who was the big snake
Who ate the fish
And the little worm hided
the life is the greatest danger. to get your life safe, you must have a great mind
Jul 23 · 301
The rains down
The rains down and dig the earth
With their strong power and iron force
Making the earth vibrated with great movements

The green plant gets out with great greetings
The world sings, the world dances
The sun concentrates its rays

To get more vapor from the seas and rivers
The flies dance in circles, the wilds get peace

Your sight makes more than flows
It digs at my heart with iron force
Making it paralyzed, urging for mercy and peace

The green love was born and attracts all atoms
My atoms want to stay by one side that comes
From you sight that makes me out balance

My flower gets more shines and colors
My age returns back as the early years
I can jump on one leg and dance
I can sing a lot of songs express my feelings

And you still send your rays
To get my vapor raises
That is not my vapor, that ares my sweats
As I get shame, to look at brilliant face
the love water the hunger and thirst hearts which ask for calm and peace
Jul 18 · 143
dig at your heart i find a photo
it was like a ghost coming from absent
talking in whisper, saying one word
making your heart refluxing with red
and your face changing its white

i feared i said that is your love
that you can become a knight
and changing your kind into wild
you can carry the weapon to fight
you can not stop until you see your love
safe and live in happy and great fare

you said with low sound
,''stupid that man is you
and your love making me as lion
facing the dangerous with open chest
fighting the enemies and chasing them at fast

because i find a fresh air touching my heart
when i collected your photo to my chest"
the lover can be so strong and fights all the world
Jul 17 · 146
the sun
why do i see the sun white on all things?
but when it shines at your face it decreases

that your white becomes more lights
or you have shine than its rays
the one who loves sees her or his lover is the smartet one
Jul 12 · 277
go wide
say to her that is right
or you must go wide

she ordered him at bright
the river is blue as her eyes  colored

she told again as she was in fight
the sun as her face is white

she told him you listened at my guide
he nodded his head as her hair was as a flight

her hair was yellow as wheat at feilds side
she was angry, her face got red for fight

he got sweat as her smart so clear as white
milk that souped in his heart to get tide

to calm, but she ordered to go wide
he smiled and said," i will after i had my fine

if one sees that smart so near no so wide
his heart will certainly bow and say at right

as the sun appears at a day not at night
your smart prisoned me and i can't fight
the smart prisons every one who tries to run  or escape
Jul 4 · 77
Try to draw a heart
I try to draw a heart
I find it filling the sky
From the fourth direction is appeared
From the south to north and the west to the east
Like the big cloud being passed

Having red color inside and out
Make me attracted to be at
Filling the universe with light
Getting the soul wanting to fly
Having two arrows passing at
One carrying your name got in
The name of mine flies and I forget
I remember only your marvelous
Who reflects your inelegance

It reflects green light
Destroying every worst
To make the land in kind
Pushing good smell to be out
drawing a heart at the sky is the imagination method to get a good reflecting of sense
Jul 2 · 111
They talked
They said
By their tongues
No, by their souls
They answered by hearts
The message shines
With the bright eyes
Threatens all bones

All castles were downed
All armies are sharp less
All fortress expose
To any attack or small force
No walls, weapons even soldiers

What makes their hearts tided?
What makes their eyes shined?
What makes their souls danced?
Above the earth, air and clouds
What makes their hearts pumped?
Only by their names and souls?
What makes the red color covered their checks?
As they were thrown by the strawberries

What makes their eyes opened?
Even they were tired or wish to sleep
And wanted to be opened all times
To fill its self with the smart face

What makes the birds danced?
What makes them sung at harmonies?
What makes the bloom gotten colors?
Attracting the eyes, dragging with happiness
Reflecting their wishes to live endless

Diving at happiness, sinking at honey
Asking every fly
To imitate their love as their way

The love of bodies has one end
The love of souls stays without any end
they love each other, the souls get happy
Jun 30 · 106
try to understand
they tell the weather will be hot
the sun will be Perpendicular to the Tropic of Cancer
the degree will increaser
the sun left its hot at lower

you can feel the anger
of the land when you step over
your brother shout at louder
you will be ordered to dismiss by mother
the silent will be there
that is the father's order

the neighbor closed his door with his power
the water makes a deal and does not appear
the woman asked his man to go wider
to get some fresh water and air

they go out and become traveller
the hot becomes their nearer
the birds fly over the branches
they searched for water to be calmer

the time seems to pass slower
the leaves do not move announcing at clear
there is no air
even beside the sea or nearer
the hot weather changes the mood of man kind and makes him feel with trouble
Jun 28 · 101
What a mercy!4
They gathered at the sitting home
They searched how to get rid of this problem
Mohamad came with new religion

Mogul of his nation hated him
They said he differed between man and his wife
Between father and his love
His son who was grown to be his prop

He differed between the master and his slave
He put their shoulder in equal way
He destroyed the worship of status
Which was great trade at hajj season

They sold the gods of several names
For several ways and calls
Mohamad destroyed these gains

One said we must get him away
The Satan was there
He appeared on the face of the old
He laughed and said
"if you get him away
He will attract them by his sweet talk"

Another said," we must prison at wide prison"
The old said,''
He would make magic and attract them
He might get out
And make force to attack them
They looked with amazing
They said, "tell us our lord
How could we stop him?"

He said as an experiment,"
I see
Take from every tribe a strong one
These men will be forty men
With their strong swords
Waiting him till when he got out
To pray to his God for sun rise
And **** him as one man"

The masters thanked him
Saying," that is a good idea"

His God had another opinion
He told his prophet
Mohamad was known with the honest
And the trust
The masters put their important things
To him
To maintain these, until they demands
He told his cousin
Who was so youth
To sleep on his bed
To mock them
And to return their probity

When they looked at the hole of the door
They saw someone slept there
They thought that he was Mohamad
Before the sun rise' time
The God put the sleep over them
They slept in spite of their wake
Of their high rank emotion

After long time
As the sleeper did not get up
In spite of nearing pray, that was besmeared
After one passed by them
Asking, "whom do you wait?"
They answered at one sound
He said he passed by them
He put sands over their heads
They did not believe, they put their hands
Over theirs
They found it is not fault

They entered the home
By force
They entered the home
Without any permit
They found his cousin there
They asked with anger
"where is Mohamad?"
He loved and said,"
God protect!"
mohammad was set to change opinion towards the God
Jun 23 · 54
she will die
She walks beside the river

She decided to end her life

As her sons wanted to **** her

Wanted to remove from global

To satisfy them must she kneel

Must be bow her heaad as a slave

And who will keep her safe?

Who will return her to a place

Natural since the words had said

Since the man was gotten on the earth

Since he knew the writing ,saying and expressing

Since he knew the social life and faith

Since he knew the cultivate and science

Since he knew the religion ,pray and faith

Since he prepared the army and forces

Since he wnew the govern'with laws

Since the world knew the civilization

Since he made the first deal for peace

And her sons planned to **** her

Or sell as an old ******* or a slave
the world laws and the man greedy changes the rules of justice. sons could look to their mother as the reason of thier sadness
Jun 21 · 41
carry burdens over your back
the burdens tired and you are still in lack
of asking for help or articulate how is your back

suffering from bearing that gravities that must sack
your dream in honorable life and smart  frontage
you ****** bad luck, they said you merit to attack
the life is full of burdens and pain. wo could suffer it, will win
The weather was cold
The winds blew up carrying ice *****
No matter they were big or small
But they were carrying drying for skins
And great amount of diseases
The hungry man knocked the door
The miser man opened the door
The hungry man said a word and more
“I am hungry, I want some food
To eat and repair my mood!”
The miser man said at anger
,”there is no food and be outer”
The hungry man fell at the floor
The miser man with cold blood closed the door
The cat was near that
The cat saw that and came at fast
She touched the fallen man at first
She said and screamed
, The man approached to be dead”
She ran at speed

The three dogs stood at dark
At the corner of the park
They were her enemies and carried black
And hard heart

One said,” she was so conceited
The second completed, “she thought she was princess, she was created ‘’
The third said, “I must get his nose downed"
They ran after her
The great steps were heard
A big dust covered the land
They ran and escaped
She met her friend that was the cat
Jon was his name
She was curl with one foot
He was amazed and then laughed
He said,” you must get great fight
And you must beat all”
She looked angry
She said in completely,”
I met Kranckle, Dangle, and Bangle  
The three dogs ran before me and wanted to hurt
But I was so brave
I stood as one who must save
The lost justice from the dark in native
I did as “Bruce Lee’ in mark
I ran and jumped over the wall
It was dark
I tried to overlap
To be at their back
But I failed and fell
A great dust was occurred
They ran and escaped
I stood to strike my chest
With my hands, were closed
To show how I am strong
But I fell at the land”
Her friend laughed after that
She looked and said,’’
Bad boy bad”
She sighed and said,”
The hungry man may be dead
We must get him saved!”
Jon looked in surprise
He said as he looked as wise,”
Who is the hungry?”
She looked at him and pulled
Him with her strong mouth.
She said, "we need a strong one at first
He said with great nervous,”
Am I not so in obvious”
She did not answer and he was dragged
In spite of his well or his eager
They suddenly stood in front of Ankle's dog door
She called at him at loud
He was out
He laughed and said,” The cocky cat at front
Of me, I must hurt “
She bowed as the singer at the play
She said in polite way,”
My lord, I want your help!
I need you hand”
He acted like her way
He said, "ask and I respond!”
She said and shouted,’’ What is your kind?
The fallen man needed to be saved”

Ankle was surprised
He said,’’ Yesterday, you mocked”
Liz laughed in spite of her well and said,”
Forget it, forget”
Ankle asked,”what is your demand?”
Without wait she ran before him and pushed
From his back
For Jon’s surprise, he obeyed
He was ready to walk
They reached to the fallen
Ankle said,” that must be dead”
Liz screamed and mewed and said, “No!”
She cried at loud
She cried as that fallen like her father
She walked with hesitating,
She put her ear at his chest
Her face was so closed
Then he got so bright
As the sun appeared after long hide
She said.” He is still alive
We must be in hurry
To maintain his life
As the God gives it
That is right?”
Ankle said,” the human is stingy
He is honor to show that
To show his hate to his brother
Liz said,” Do the fair
And throw it at the air”
She said,” we need away
To transport him in speed way”

A big tree trunk was laid
A fast taxi was braked
Angry driver had to be out
He screamed so aloud
The street was so empty
His sound was repeated several times
In echo as fearing manners
He said,” Who puts that ****** trunk?
He must be fool”
Liz appeared suddenly
She jumped at his face
Jon bit him from his breech
Ankle tried to push, push
The angry man,”Zicko” obeyed
They signed to the fallen man
He screamed,” No!”
That seemed to be killed”
Liz looked angry
Jon mewed in nervous manner
“you must know his killer”
Ankle barked
The man was forced
He pulled him to the taxi
As the driver was old and soft
He said,” if that was killed
I may be accused”
He drove to the hospital
It was ranked
It was for high class persons
The reception ordered and shouted
At the cats and dog to be out
Zicko said,” they came with me”
The reception said after calculating
‘”we want a great amount of Egyptians pounds
It preferred to be in dollars”
They were shocked
How could they get that amount?
They looked and were shocked
The hospital laid the hungry at the land
Liz ordered,”
Come without wait”
They rode the car
They reached the stingy home
Zicko knocked at the door
The man was out
The miserly was out
Zicko tried to talk and ask
Until Jon and Liz were penetrated
They entered the home
They didn’t know any room
Liz screamed,” the second plan”
Ankle jumped behind the man
Zicko ordered to get money
He gave them with unhappy
Liz signed to tie
The man and get the key
As if they needed another demand

The money was paid
The man was in intensive care
Liz laughed and said,”
It is Egypt
If we didn’t get money
The man must die”
The surgeon came and said,”
We need medicine in fast,
As it was rare and it costs high amount
Zicko with his friends took off
They returned to the stingy one
They took what they need
They brought the medicine
To hospital, that  had stars

The miserly could untie
He told the police
The police got as hydrophobic status
They didn’t know what’s happened and case
Zicko left them and disappeared
Liz wanted to get the dinner
They were completely in hunger  
They waited out of the restaurant
They saw the waiter carried the delicious food
It was obvious from outer restaurant
After the waiter put it on the table
Jon was under it
Liz followed
Ankle remarked
Jon stole the meat
Sending it to liz, and reaching to Ankle
Ankle hurried and got out
For bad, ankle ate all
Liz and Jon made a deal
They got a food, and ankle must help
But he would not even taste it
Liz and Jon repeated
The police suddenly approached
The police searched
Krankle, Dangle and Bangle searched
Their smell sense was used
They wanted to revenge
From that cat that made them as stooge
Liz and Jon were eating
While ankle was remarking
He was coming in fast
They were told, they escaped

The cats and the dog mocked them
They entered the restaurant
The three dogs were behind
They waited until they were remarked
By these stupid dogs
The dogs hurried and entered
Ankle jumped at the servant
Who was carrying a pile of dishes
The dishes were broken
The servant shouted

The cats and dog were out
Ankle barked at loud
The police remarked
The police got in
He caught the stupid

Zicko felt with the conscious pain
He returned so fast to gain
Their happy and maintain
The favor could remain and sustain
He searched for his lovers
He remarked the police cars
He followed them
He found his friends jumped and escaped
He called at, not so loud
They were at the car which was out
They went to the hospital, asking for their man
They found no one
Liz had her tears fallen
Liz cried and mewed
Zicko went to ask about his corpse
He found no one
Till the smiley nurse was seen
She told them he was still alive
But he was moved to another room

They searched for another rich
To take some money to help other poor and might wish
A good and a happy life, they dream to approach

They sang and said,”
We wanted a fare
Like the smile at face
Hate the anger appear
And the heart who caries hate
We are friends
We love the world
All people are brothers and sisters
Creatures must live in happy and peace”

The end
the  hand which helps the other is the best hand and it deserves a good reaward from the god
Jun 16 · 92
Reflecting hers
She said and shouted
She ordered to dismiss
He tried to express

She shocked her head
Her smart was greater
But her anger increases

He had to go
When she could know
She ran after him to do

To maintain and fix
Her fault, but it becomes late
Why we lose our gift

Under honor ,is named
when one get the reasons and forgives the others fault, the world becomes good
Jun 12 · 85
Say no word
Meeting after long period
Meeting after long absent
She had asked
He had asked
"why did you late?"

She answered
To gather my thought
To feel how I demand
You when you are absent
Or even you are present

He said,'
To see myself
Equal to you to give
The happy you dream and want
As you are the most brilliant
I had ever acquitted
the love makes every word good and the time passes vryeasy
Jun 11 · 510
i write
we sat at a compete
the author knew that
there is a tie or secret
between us or our heart

he ordered to sit in wide
he ordered to tell what i like
to meet and talk and write

we took two parts of papers
she wrote
i wrote
he took
he opened

she wrote my name
i wrote her name

the attendants were so amazed
they cut thier hands for clapping
the love is a ray sending in equal between two hearts
Jun 10 · 71
Big sale
The hearts are at market
The characters are downed
The faith is evaporated
The honest has been burned
People viewed and noticed

No one prayed
The sadness was not showed
The celebration is still done
The sense was frozen
As it is at north or south pole

Everyone likes to be the first
Even he treaded his brother
Even he blooded the wounded
Even he extracted the killed
Even he dotted out the sad
To be he is the only winner

The world gets downed
The birds are chattered
The roses are wilted
The clouds are vanished
Without any rain ascending

To return the universe in clear
To make the happy appears
To have peace at everywhere
We must have right heart
the chracters between human are getting down. thge faith gets away, and the honest evaporated
Jun 9 · 524
the love comes
the love comes
knocking all doors
all doors were opened

they saw the sun shinning
from you forehead, that is bright
the love orders

the hearts agree
they had to do
as they accept without any argue

the love is free
touching hearts at his way
making them shivered with fear

as they may be touched with cold there
the lips are closed
the minds waited
the eyes cried
even tier beloved was near
the love has his orders ands his ability to attract every one who dreams to live in happy life
All birds fly towards the north
When the weather goes to be hot
And fly towards the south
When the cold spreads the wings
And destroys all nests

Except my birds
They fly towards your heart
Asking, screaming and shouting
You are the worst spy
When they meet your birds
They sing a deathless song
Making every poor land converted to be kind
And the loosing mind returning his mind
The old trunk gets strong
Branches covering with colored and smart

The bees put their honey
Making me taste it as your honey
Love, that makes me in happy
All the world gets funny
And the birds dance with harmony
The fishes swim in circles
Making the water spreads atoms
All over the world, that makes the flies tends
Once the left and the right at once

The important my birds get wide
Not distance, but from my sight
And I will whisper at your beauty ear
I hate my birds as they go to yours
That is obvious for all viewers
But I wish to be with them by yours
the love changes every look and make one forgives all worst from his love. if the love governs the world the beauty will spread
May 26 · 116
The prophet 'Mohamad"
He was not sending
He did not know even he was the messenger
He went to that cave
Called "herraa" cave
To be away of the world
To look after the natural world

To discover if the world was created
By only power and God
His nation worshipped statues
360 statues with days of moon year
To approach them to the only God

The true is when one increases his faults
He searches away from his God
Trying to get a way and method
To get his God forgiven his worst

He forgot that his God accepted one
Who discovered that he did a wrong

Mohamad sent a lone
To see the outer of the world
And to hear the inner sound
Until a great creature appeared
He made a strong hung
Mohamd felt his chest was collapsed
Telling "read"
Mohamd said," I can't"
Mohamad was illiterate

The creatures hung him again

The sweat ascended as rain

Telling him read
Mohamad said," I can't read"
In the meaning of the talk
The creatures did again
Saying," read ,
Read with the name of the God
Who learnt with the pen"

As the Al arak surat said
Mohamd went with great shock
Saying," cover me, hung me
Warm me"
His lovely and honest wife met
With great mercy and kind
Telling you God will not let you down

To be continued
mohamad was sent to guide all the creatures to the holy power wo created the world
May 25 · 149
the endless love
My soul comes from wide
My soul talks so light
My soul appears so light
She becomes having no tide
She finally releases her weight

My body asks for height
The demands of his wants become wide
He suffers from hunger and thirst
But he becomes as the knight
Who faces dangerous from any side
He might be killed
That is right

And does not surrender his greed easily
The soul visits angels
Showing how is her appearance
The world makes new harmony
Sharing the soul's happiness
the fast month comes with suffers and gets unusual happits but the boby ans soul becomes  right
May 22 · 106
the holy dance
Free soul is dancing
It searched for that moment
When it gets free and light
When it could fly up
And hear the sound
Coming from clear and bright

The body has to be fastened
At the long month period
From sun rising till sun downing
There is no water or food giving
At this accurate period

The souls released from burden
Circling at holy dancing
Showing how it becomes lighter
And gets sister with angel

IT mentions its God every moment
IT thanks him for his fares
And thinks and blames her waste
Time that was lost

She gets up early
Eating and drinking before sun rising
Praying in holy praying
No lying, cheating and looking
For forbidden look

Honest with others and yours
To be as angels flying overlook
the fast month comes every year to clear the self and decrease its burdens. the benefits of fast becomes so obvious and becomes clear for every one
May 2 · 103
letter by letter
letter L, by letter O know
your heart must know

she answered no
her heart blinked " i do!"

letter V by letter E
your heart will be
only for me

she refuse and pay
her beauty sight away
her heart could say
i love you as the tree

dig in deepest road
and it branches are upward

letters these are four
do not differ their bond
or you will be a ghost

at feeling, sleeping or having a thought
love consists of 4 letters which are  tided at strong tie
Apr 27 · 83
the hollow
the heart becomes hollow
you know
the rain will go
down , do
to plant love's wall
people show
the love arrows throw
needs hero
love needs go heart, faith and believe
Apr 25 · 70
The wild wolf
He approached, approached
He became so nearest
He found them gathering

They remarked them
They all escaped
Except two, who cuddled

He approached with so confident
They were girl and her cat
The fear reached to the top

At their hearts making them vibrated at speed
The wolf moved so slowly
He became sure that he would attack

Without any resistance or any attack
Of them as they were so young
The wolf so approached

Wanted to get some amuse
Wanted to see fair played so clear
As their bodies and their hearts and might appear

Asking for mercy or any wait
He thought he might wait
But he would attacked
After he had amused

He stretched his hand
To cheek the girl check
How it was fresh and had the meat
Necessary to feed his stomach

By his sudden amazing
He found the strong stone throwing
At his eye at correct
The girl did that

Without wait, as she was told
Eye without any fault
His head was downed of pain
He howled with anger and with big

Insist to revenge and get his lost
Honor that was scattered
He howled and returned to jump

To aim the final stroke
When he did that
He found another throwing
The cat was at his head

She hurt the another eye
He lost the whole vision
The girl didn't run
She insisted to make him downed

She searched for great stone or even solid
She found a long rod
The wolf was till wanting to attack
He followed them by his nose sense
He howled to great their fear
To make their disturbance increased

But with his surprise
He was hurt by a strong rod
He tried to stretch his hand

The cat did at speed
She bit his nose
He threw her by his hand

The girl was in anger
She hurt him until he lied
She was not confused

As she feared when she gave him her back
He might get up and attack
So she stroked him hurt

Till his head was damaged
Face the fear with brave heart
Fear the fear itself, you will find it
Getting escaped
the wild wolf can attack,but the honor and brave can break and face any dangerous
There was a mother of goat
She had three kinder
She ordered them in hardness matter
"Don't ever and ever open the door under

Any raison
Even one says she is your mother
Wants to tell or has an order"
They all agreed and she went for work
There was a stranger

Passed by the neighbor
He was the greed bear
He said to himself in whisper
As he heard the kinder playing at higher

Voice reflecting their cheer
,"these must be fat
I will eat and lost my hunger"
He watched the home three days with great hear
He heard the mother telling that order
After the mother went, he went there

He knocked the door
When one answered in clear
He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"
The first believe that

The first forgot the order
He opened the door at fast
The bear was so hunger
He took him out and ate at faster
When the mother returned

She found them had decreased
When she was learnt
She cried a lot
On the following day, she ordered

When she went, the greed bear came at fast
The door was knocked
He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"

The second believe that
The second forgot the order
He opened the door at fast
The bear was so hunger

He took him out and ate at faster
When the mother returned
She found them had decreased
When she asked

She cried a lot
On the following day, she ordered
When she went the greed bear came at fast
The door was knocked

He said, "I am your mother
Open the door to have a fare"
The third did not believe that
He ordered him to stretch his hand

The bear forget the difference between his hand
And the shape of the goat's hand
The small goat said,"
Wait to get your hand kissed"

He got a rope that was a strong
And tided his with the stable rod
The small kid called all neighbor
While the bear screamed, mercy asked

His mother was attended
The bear was so hurt
The mother stroke his trunk
The swollen kinder were out

They were so sorry
They apologized to their omission
They said," we learnt a lesson
We will not forget forever"
Obey your mother

Obey your father
They knew more, more
They have more experience
And know which intelligence is

And which is carrying the worse
the greed have been great suffer, to fill his hunger and greedy. obeying the parents as the knew more
Apr 21 · 97
The party
The heart was busy
As he was in the party
Some were ding at the melody
Some were making chorus in the harmony

He thought that was great vacancy
Until he saw the girls who were beauty
He fell in busy
Who will his lover for long trip
He was out without coughing of love tip
He found her asking
For transporting at nearest road
When she took some pounds
Her hand was cold
Making his heart cold

Her smile was sad, but it was brilliant
Taking his heart out
Of the surrounding world
Burned it at a rosy world
Hearing the deathless sing
Of  smartest bird
Asking himself with amazing
What makes his heart get puzzled

When he waked up
He found her was disappeared
the party contains all kinds of people and all kinds of hearts. the important is not be deceived with the appearance
Apr 18 · 92
i draw circle around your heart
you draw circle around my heart

we have tided in one point
aiming to the center of the heart

it is the center of your heart
it is the center of my heart

they are drown on the trunk
reflecting their images upward

telling everyone with every word
being born of the inner heart

your heart
my heart
the hearts may tide in one circle making the world beauty
Apr 15 · 167
the love
what does make the heart laugh?
dancing as it flies with angels above

what do the ears hear melody?
as they were at music party

what does the eyes saw beauty
even it was *****, it sees the ability
to convert it into very funny

the love makes the birds sing
cover the wild into moderate
the spirit flies always with light

sees green  sees violet
the love when enters heart , makes everything sweet and smart and it vanish the fear and hate. the birds are singing everywhere and the roses appear. the sun shines
Apr 12 · 81
the Palestinian child
he sang
th world thought that
but he pained

he danced
the world loved that
but danced from evert

his blood covered his
they thought that he put a rouge
he was like a bird

singing from pain
singing from evert

save the rest
or the world may be ******
the justice needs to make the same look
Apr 12 · 67
Your name
When I look up
I found your shape
When I look at the horizon in the east

I find your shine
When I look at the horizon in the west
I f find your hair holding the mount
As treasure as wires of gold
When a fresh wind touches me
I hear your voice whispers in melody

When the sun shines
I see your smile's teeth  
When I see the green land
I rememeber how you are kind
the love fills every shape the lover , and makes him as mad man
Apr 9 · 146
The moon
I see the moon at your face
I look at the sun shining at your forehead
I remark intelligent at your eyes
The strawberry gets its red
Only from your lips
The apples get their colors
From the checks these leads to think
Is this beauty nature or have a makeup?

When one knows the truth
He can't close his eyelids
Because he likes to fill his sense

In addition, and important
Your spirit is so clear as one at a childhood
You make me believe you have an angel spirit

This attracts me not only see, but only must be listened
the face you have,makes me look with great hope. you know that i like to fill my spirit
The prophet was waking up
Asking his God to guide the gentiles

He met them with great happy
As they were rich and masters

While he met the poor speedy
The God blamed him for this act

He returned and smiled to the poor
As the guide with the hand of his God

The God told him not blame his act
As the only and only fact

The guidance was the hand of the God
So he did not blame your act

You do your effort
And the rest at your God
the mercy of the prophet was obvious for all people as the sun
Apr 8 · 54
The time goes
What does make the time go?
because we insist not to know

our  ages
equal the time passes
time is the money
Apr 8 · 218
The smart bird
She was flying
The crows were flying
They were so hunger

Or they wanted to hunter
They chased her faster
Like a cat chased the fatter
Rabbit and he finally screamer

From losing hope or failure
As the man wanted to work
He was off by the manger
All west and east were narrower

He lost his aim
Until he found a plane
A sign from the heaven
Do not fill at swirl

They were chasing
One was catching
And flying with her
She was screaming

Help, help, no one was answering
She was discovering
The help was not being
Gained except by the using

Your inner force that will be the gaining
Suddenly, she was not fearing
Suddenly she was converting
As the huge monster appearing

She attacked the nearest
She was pecking
His eye was hurting
With one of her wing
She was aiming at another thing

She was aiming to his long
Tail, and going to his eye
He was downing to the land
She was doing for every one
Until she was downing fast
She was founding a land
In t, she was looking at vent
She was entering
While his owner "rabbit" was running

She was crossing
With many, many rocket, she was carrying
She was throwing at them
They thought she became a wild
They were escaped

There is no failure
Failure is gained
It is the hanger
Of our looser
the failure is bad, but the success is the best, it gained by our effort
Apr 8 · 91
I saw the rain
it come down
Digging at rocket
Making land vibrated

As the land gets happy
It splits and gets a baby
A baby is a small plant

Weak but it has power
To dig through the hard
Land, rocket even at worst

Then grows up and get flower
It spreads perfumes, pleasant
Hope that might be absent
the rain is the great gift from the gOd
Apr 7 · 185
Something occurred
My heart was accused
He was innocent
Her heart made that guilt
love is the message between two hearts
Apr 6 · 99
What a mercy! 6
One of Arab's men entered Makkah
He lent one of the honors some money
When he asked him to return it, he got angry
He went to masters to get his money
The masters wanted to laugh at a way
They wanted to make Mohamad in that problem
They told the man the only one who could gain
And return your money without any pain
Was that man called the faith

The man got hopeful and went to the prophet
Mohamad went with him without any late
The masters of Makkah wanted to mock and make jocks
They expected that proud would learn Mohamad great talks
He might quarrel with him and get punished
The proud man hated Mohamad and paid his efforts
He paid also money to stop the increase of the religion
He hated Mohamad of all his body, heart and limbs

When the Arab man knocked the door of the proud man
The proud opened and saw the man
He saw Mohamad stood at the vision
Without a word he entered and returned with the money
All men astonished and got angry
They asked after mohamad and the man had gone
He answered," when I opened
I found Mohamad and behind him great wild
If I was late, he would open his mouth and eat without wait

Mohamad was guarded
By the only power all over the world
all the prophets are guarded with the only power
Apr 5 · 136
Your love is the marvel
Changes  my things
Makes me felt with happiness

That I lost since periods
They might be short
Or might be long

Your love is the important
It digs signs at my mind
And leaves pit at my heart

But it chased the sad
I feel blossoms open inside
The birds sings at my spirit

My soul flying at height
Between angels leaving the worst
All of these, I fell in love
With the smartest
the love is the honest feeling especially when it begins with one word and ends with tie marriage
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