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annh Apr 2020
He looked better in a mask than I did without.
‘The World Health Organization (WHO) is considering changing its guidance on whether people should wear face masks in public, prompted by new evidence that suggests doing so could help contain the pandemic.’
- Hannah Devlin and Denis Campbell

Looking through my drafts I found this micro - an unusable remnant from a longer piece about keeping up appearances. A word written without a second thought to connote pretence or disguise, now gives me reason to pause. To mask, or not to mask, that is the question. :§
Amy Duckworth Apr 2019
I looked out a window once and saw a good friend and waved.
They didn't wave back.
I kept waving.
They still didn't respond.
I got sad and disheartened.
But little did I know.
That was a one-sided window.
I just feel really bad and not accepted because of my sexuality and many people at my school are homophobic... Anyways have a nice day or night!
every time a woman met her husband

looked at his eyes and stayed for a word

he didn't say it he as he has got tired

he went asleep without saying that word

except good night and morning may be good

the woman was pretty ,the woman was youth

the woman wanted to be heard, she wanted to be fold

when she went a walk , one comes along

he was a strange, he had bad heart

his heart fill of hate ,his heart like an art

extracting by devil extracting by hard

now the angel went away and the devil brought

the strange went in hurry and he looked

at her face with only big smile

he said to her one, two ,three, all words

how attractive are you? Why aren't you touched?

How are you walking on foot? you must ride!

Inexpensive car ,or high rank plane in its ride?

If they were not, you must ride

A good horse spread wide

If it was not that, you must ride

A strong camel wearing a beautiful dress

Its colors gain from your cheeks red in appearance

And green as yours ,the shinning of your eyes

And yellow in above as your hair colors

If it was not their, you must ride

A man who carried you without any pain

He can traveled with you , felt with gain

Happy ,strong, eager and you would be his woman

Come with me and you would be heard another

The woman lost her mind , the woman appeared another

Woman had not seen, a strange in her thought

As she heard what she wanted for time. She went blind

She obeyed him and let him ride

They took his car ,it was not unlike
every woman wanted to be folded
Amanda Kay Burke May 2018
I have not touched the cup on the dresser
I am not sure why, I guess I just feel
I have to hold onto everything
For evidence the other night was real.

I am scared that I will awake tomorrow
And find I was dreaming when you saif
"Just so you know, I am waiting for you. "
How we laid together in my bed.

Pleasr tell me you meant those words
All I wasnt is honesty
This isn't in my head, you were here
I really saw love when you looked at me.
I know you'll be leaving in the morning when you wake up, leave me with some kind of proof its not a dream
sankavi Apr 2018
and at that moment
i looked at you
and i froze
i looked at your dark brown eyes
and i didn't know how to speak
i looked at your smile
and i couldn't breathe
i heard your voice
and i was lost

i was lost in you
suddenly i didn't know where i was
or who was with me

i just knew i was there
with you
and thats all that mattered

it was all about you
Amanda Kay Burke Jan 2018
My mind is lost I can't find it,
I've searched the world high and low,
Wandered mountains and valleys,
Dragging my feet with my heart in tow.

But it's nowhere to be found,
I've looked in every single place,
Located on any map,
It vanished without a trace.

How long will I survive without it?
Every day feels like forever,
I keep asking when it will come back,
But I know the answer is never.

I no longer dream of your face,
Or your voice, I wish I could,
With nothing inside of my head,
I can't remember things I should.

I'll continue to comb the earth,
Hunting for my mind I roam,
Hoping that one day it will appear,
Finally ready to come back home.
I think the title is kinda silly but other than that I think the concept I had worked pretty well. What do you guys think?
aryanalynae Jun 2017
I looked into the sky
And I thought of all those times
We had our moments that we thought meant we'd last forever.

And I looked into the sea
And felt all of those feelings
We had when we thought we would last forever.
Cheyenne Yacono May 2017
She came to him after 10 am
Sitting at the foot of his desk
She put her secrets to rest

"Is there any way to push past this cracked road?"
He chuckled, "Most likely, No"
So she broke down, like an old motor

She never likes to cry
But her dam was cracked
and emotions flooded her desert eyes.

"Tell me, child, what causes you pain?"
"I have troublesome tied to my name"
And she told him her struggles
How the only way out was a road of troubles
She couldn't promise to do well
But she intended good
And she said "I have to do bad things"
Which he understood

He looked in the desert storm that was her eyes
And his constant question was
"How could a child so open keep so many things inside?"
With so much potential her biggest issue was mental
But even geniuses lose battles against the mind.

She told him her back was against a wall
With only one way out
but that way was nasty, with a broken bridge
Persuading to jump with empty promises
With hopes, you can reach the other side
He smiled, "If there's no other way, we'll climb."
It may be bad but you don't have to go down that path
Tay Dec 2016
Speeding up going faster not looking *
I should have looked
I should have done so many things
I should not have died
That taxi should have stopped
I had so much of ahead of me marriage,children and life
But to that driver I was a hit and run
I wasn't done
I should have looked
But I didn't
It was my fault
I could have lived.....
I'd only I *takes last breath

(C) Rights Reserved To Taylor Riley
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