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Jo Feb 6
Lost in a life that seemed to have no end of the pain, today I see it all as leading to more of the same.

And then, like a thunderclap in the pouring rain, you took me aside and showed me there is everything to gain.

Taking on a journey and making a simple choice, causing love to rise and quiet the noise. It leaves me breathless, with the sound of your voice.

Your love has left its imprint on this tired soul renewing the energy for living that I thought had grown cold. I live knowing that my heart is full, as my spirit rises to anticipate what has now begun to unfold.

Looking forward to tomorrow no longer in fear but as a man and a woman sharing their laughter and tears. Growing closer in the moment as love draws us near.
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pnam Dec 2019
Been a while living in a box so tight,
Sure the heart has healed alright,
Bad memories now sealed so tight,
Soothing new melodies push dreams to flight,
A heart yearning to share new days and night,
For a future sure that will be bright,
Search for a mate now sure feels so right,
A new beginning.. starts tonight.
Dated Dec 2019
TS Ray Nov 2019
Traveling through the woods,
I count one,
I count ten,
I count thousands,
they are the same, yet
they all are different.

Like an artist who
spends a year crafting
a masterpiece of colorful imagery
the picture is gone too soon
all to be carpeted back to earth.

Proud as they are
they will soon come back
in hue, no hue or varied hues
and yet looking mighty and pretty.

Happy as we are
there is always something new to
shed your inhibitions and make anew, and
become your new you;
hue or no hue
It will still be pretty.
I see you at the moon
when it is complete and renew

I see your smile at blossom
brings at spring at happy mood

I could hear your laughter at the water droplets
making the world had life present

spreading its wings
covering the love to stand

your smart face makes me great brilliance
love is the greatest and cleanest message all over the world
Rosie Jun 2019
A time for relaxing
A time for cleansing
A time for homework, no matter how little you want to do it
It is known as God's day
the holy day
A new beginning
A fresh start
The day to reset and prepare
for the long week ahead
It the worst day
of the best part of the week
Not quite as bad as Wednesday
but not quite as good as Friday
Jon-Luc Apr 2019
I stopped waiting for reciprocation that would never arrive,
I stopped leaving the doors open for you when we left,
I stopped letting others give me the purpose you
Once gifted.
Lost Soul Apr 2019
i used to do the best for you even when its not the best for me
but see, no one cared
when i didn't want to breathe
so now i do the best for me
because i need to get rid of my demons and finally be free
Suzy Hazelwood Mar 2019
Let the binding fall to the ground
those things that once were you
let them drop as late leaves
see how easy they go
no resistance
no return
that is how it is
that is how letting go can be

When all you were has passed
you will laugh wearing your new skin
proud… with sunbeams in your eye
miraculously… today
you entirely cast off your old self
I also posted this on Soundcloud as a spoken word poem.
Stephen James Mar 2019
everywhere i look
i am amazed to find things
renewing themselves
a haiku
Stephen James Mar 2019
a rose in the spring
no longer sees petals fall
time renews all things
a haiku
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