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Noelle Matthews Sep 2023
you look so much like your mother! oh, you look just like your mom when she was your age! you have your momma’s eyes, her nose, her lips! you and your mom are just like twins, aren’t you!

i look like my mom. my mom doesn’t like the way she looks.

she’s too heavy, the diets don’t work, she can’t lose weight, she doesn’t want to be in pictures, she is uncomfortable in her own skin.

if i look like her, what does that say about me? will i end up in the same boat as her, unhappy and projecting my insecurities?

i look like my mom. my mom doesn’t like the way she looks.
Francie Lynch Jun 2022
She said I was her first true love,
And one day she'd marry me.
I told her another might object to that,
For I'm not what you seem to see.
You see, there were three others,
That said the same to me;
And I married the one,
The only one,
The Mother of those three.
Ah, daughters. How a father loves them, and how they first love their Dads. I miss my young girls, and love my adult girls. Tempus fugit.
Ray Dunn Mar 2022
i see a white truck driving opposite me
they’re on the opposite side of the valley
i wonder who is driving.

i like to imagine it’s a father with a little girl strapped in
mostly because i want to imagine it’s me
in my fathers brown chevy

it smelled like cigarettes and spring.
i mostly hope it’s the same for that little girl
and her father.

i miss my father cranking the windows down,
he would pull over to do it
because neither of us could reach.

he would go to hell and back for me.
i love him and he loves me
so why can’t we say it out loud.

now i sit on the bus with an aching back
trapped inside windows that won’t open
and i look across the valley.
i love my father so much
SelinaSharday Feb 2022
Hey son
what it do!
You know how much I love you.
How did you get so far from me. Hey son between us two you've put quite some distance.  
Feels like seeing I'm mother as your growing up I'm now the resistance.  
Remember I'm not the enemy. Hey son I love you from the Earth to the Moon and the distant Sun.
Hi little Gemini.
I want to see you take your wings  to soar I want to see you fly.
I give you your time, distance and your space. But I  remember when you were a little boy who didn't mind me planting kisses on your face.
Hi son I remember June 20th the day you were born.
From every moment I've helped you grow through every storm.
Hey young Gemini.
It's like now we can't see eye-to-eye.
But you'll always be the apple of my eye.
I know that you're on your way to being a strong young man
Just don't forget I'm here with an outreached hand.
I'm your mom a go hard fan.
With you I've done the best that I can.
Your journey has begun.
Go on now son.. Enjoy Life
I get to see you live and continue to learn and to grow and grow.
@H.E.R_Poetry S.A.M
For the struggling times of growth.. Not a momma boy.. Just out to make their own way.. let them go through the phases of life.. space, prayers and time..
Ind Oct 2021
My father used to be a stranger
occupying the same four walls I sheltered in
Occasionally offering me a tea
But forgetting I don’t drink milk.

He introduced me to the feeling of rage.
A mechanical voice box goading chemical reactions,
My catalyst, if you will.

Now we drink oat lattes together
And swear to fill the silence,
But it’s comfortable.

And when he messing up acronyms,
I correct him.
Francie Lynch Jul 2021
We're kinda small,
But we can be tall,
And play with the switches
On the walls.

We can run.
Ready. Set. Go.
You'll never catch us,
Don't you know.

We can reach anything
Out of reach.
We ride our bikes on our street.
We sometimes laugh until we ***.
We get our bruises riding scooters.
We're one on our teeter-totter.
We see-saw you.
Brigid and Ophelia, my twin granddaughters.
Kenneth Gray Nov 2020
Daddy,  I heard you talking to that meany, Mr. Suicide
But I don't want you to go daddy!
I don't want you die!
What about me daddy?
What if you make me cry?
I'm gonna miss you daddy
I'm not gonna lie!

I'm so sorry, baby!
You're absolutely right!
What was I thinking, sweety
It'll all be alright
Just for you, my darling
I'm gonna win this fight

Promise me, daddy
That you're not going to lose!
Promise me, daddy
That its me who you choose!
Promise me, daddy
That you'll be tying no knoose!

I promise you, sweety
That its all in the past!
I promise you darling
That its not gonna last!
I promise you baby,
These ideas have been cast!

Goodbye, Mr. Suicide
You just cannot stay

Don't you see
For my darling,
I cast you away?

Goodbye Mr. Suicide
Now my answer is nay

Can't you see
For my sweety,
I toss you away?

I'm proud of you, daddy
Just know this to be true
You're the best, daddy
We can now start anew
Now guess what, daddy
I Love you!

Thank you, my sweety
I love you too!
I decided to rewrite Hello Suicide and say that I'm overcoming it because of the love of family.
जब सहता है जीवन रिश्तों की धूप
बेटी आती तब बनकर ठंडी बयार

घिर जाये जीवन कभी किसी व्याधि से
हर कोई देखे निराशा, शंका आदि से
धैर्य और मुस्कान से तब भी
काम लेती बेटी रूपी ठंडी बयार

जमाना हर मोड़ पर ढहाता है कहर सा
मुश्किलें खड़ी हैं मुंह बाये डायन सुरसा
लेकर नाम भगवान का तब भी
हिम्मत देती बेटी रुपी‌ ठंडी बयार

कहता है हर रिश्ता बारंबार
आपके जीवन में भी आएगी बहार
पर मैं कहता हूं वो बेटी का उल्लास
ही है मेरे जीवन की ठंडी बयार
#best wishes of daughters day to all HPians.
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