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Days like these, when she sits there bright eyed
And her constellations whirl in accordance with
Sacred geometry
And the rabbit and horse know their names
Days like these there are breezes in the mountains
Rains in the valleys
And softly, lavender scents the moon

The clarion call wakes dreamers and thieves
The night brings its own lexicon of perhaps
Useless speculation graces our table
Tears fall in disarray again
The cutlery of thought clanging and ringing in discord
Ghosts in the ivory tower
Ghosts in the ivory tower

Days like these, when the hour hands stutter
And she burrows into the sacristy of almost sleep
Angels sing lullabies
The open gates of her world welcome Summer
Days like these there are beaches in the living room
Sandcastle sofas
And tomorrows grow in the sunshine

The clarion call wakes dreamers and thieves
Stealing her away, stealing her away
Prayers and bargainings rise and fall
Sepia photographs frame us
Moments of pleasure and joy pause for remembrance
Then all fall down
Then all fall down

Days like these when fate has no excuse or alibi
Love is sole mercy...
Days like these
Fade too soon
For my mother...we are facing her Alzheimer’s together, everyday
I pray you become strong
But the world never makes you hard.
I pray you know joy
But also sadness and pain.
I pray you always speak the truth
But that you can recognize when to bite your tongue.
I pray you know how to lose
But also that you win gracefully.
I pray you have a wild soul
But always stay grounded
Finally I pray you know you are loved
Even through the storms.
To my future daughter
Two daughters,
Branch off me.
Form one child,
An image of me.

I am in them,
And they are in me.
My two daughters,
In the gaps between stars I can see.

The world is a blur but one image comes in focus,
A face they will remember as an aged version of their own.
My two daughters are staring at me.
I am a still image in a moving movie.
Legacy Jun 29
I wonder,
were those drugs that important?
So important they took you away?

I wonder,
was it all worth it in the end?
Was it worth your life?

 I wonder,
did you know how much your decisions affected me…
losing someone hurts, especially when they knew it.
Seanathon Jun 24
Listen to the sky
To her daughter as they run
And play mold the earth
With waters and stirring clay
Do her rivers run alive
Mother nature has many daughters and their names are rivers.

Fervent Series (10/10) - 06/23/19
Nigdaw Jun 21
I want to go to bed but my daughter is in the bath again; we're gonna have to pay on a meter soon, (it seems it's a privilege not a right), so I wonder how much all those drops will cost, I'll just have to cough up, baths are an essential of a girl's life and I couldn't stand the whining if I said it's showers from now on; I don't get baths, immersed in hot water, gradually turning cold, swimming in all your own sweat, (human soup), "They help you relax" she says, RELAX! she's not the one paying the bills, stressing over where the next meal is coming from; all I'd think of is the things I could be doing instead of wallowing, old people die in baths, some even drown in them, some husbands take a bath with an electrical appliance (plugged in, courtesy of the wife), John Haigh dissolved his victims in the bath in sulphuric acid, showers every time for me, wash away the dirt down the drain, with all the stress of the day; bath bombs, what's that about, not some sort of terrorist threat, it's smelly stuff that sort of explodes when put in water, impregnating the skin with smells and potions, (human potpourri), I just want to go to bed, I'm tired and have work tomorrow, what the **** does she do in there for hours on end.
Daughters and baths, I give up.
There’s something caught in my eye
It’s just this picture of you
A casual, faded thing from yesterday’s Summer
This picture of you, laughing
There’s something tight in my heart
It’s just the tug of a memory
Pulls at me like a child fearing the unknown World
I gather it up tenderly
Place it gently, here with my visions and dreams...
All the things that mean
And slowly, slowly you’re turning to shadow
Falling softly into waters of forgetting
Sleeping where treasures are guarded by
Mermaid emotions
And what matters becomes crystal clear
Like the waters and happiness and
And l wish, l wish...l wish...
Slowly your melodies are all becoming whispers
It all fractures, disintegrates, falls away
But you feel, and you love, and you know
And its breaking my heart
Because everyday I lose you just a little bit more

This cold growing inside me is frightening

I just want to hold your smile in my hands
For just a little while more...remembering
When all our yesterdays were rainbows
And your laugh was the sound of my joy
And tomorrow was a promise kept
Let me comb your hair
Let me comb your hair now
Isn’t that better...
It’s so baby soft
Baby soft slips right through my fingers
No mama I’m not crying
It’s just that cold again, that allergy
Seems l have a lot of them lately
These red, teary eyes
I just want to hold you til it goes away
Can we make it all go away now...
There’s something caught in my eye
Just this picture of you
Picture of you, laughing
For my mother, while we are fighting her Alzheimer’s together, hand in hand.
Donna Apr 18
The sun shines brightly
Tis warm beautiful and kind
Just like my daughters

:)I  love my daughters very much they inspire me so much too I’m so proud of them both  ❤️❤️
Martin Narrod Feb 13

I’m not being able to escape this, in parts, either on the slip where the drifters weigh themselves against daily chores, or to the perch, where against the millions of suns striking into the cabinets where devoted criminal ****** *** offenders aid and abet their children:

flying kites, tossing bread crumbs to water fowl, playing tag, hide and go seek, or

Cooking food, drinking cold alcoholic beverage, and listening as a friend with a guitar sings about the child born in the mountains as a man, only to find the world as a legend.

Still there is no escape. There is only the peril of night stretching 99% of our brains across the tepid sky, only to wait for the light of those suns to fade, and then only have to worry about the dross and muck on every fingerprint of every man from this place or the next. These are fingerprints that ooze the familiar green devil whose face familiar ages our futures before they can even happen. Then we succumb to the bitterness of these years on the perch, the stoop, the step, wandering around the chollas in nothing but a pair of aquamarine boy’s briefs. This is not insanity. This is the product of insanity. This is not losing, this is the product of living under a government that has been taking what it could not afford, and who trades in what hurts rather than helps what ails rather than aids.

This is the ratcheting heard inside the bruised and frail hearts of many. The pain inside their backs and legs and arms and heads is real. It smells real. It sounds real. It feels real, but no one here has ever known what it is that is happening, therefore they do not understand the great costs being played with when these oozing poison-stricken fingertips start playing at the game of life, or they start playing at the game of their neighbor’s life. There is an outcome of sunset still yet to be seen, and that is the inescapability and uncertainty of millions of children being born today, tomorrow, and hereafter. The children tomorrow should not have to worry about washing someone’s fingerprints off of the skin they have yet to be born inside. Stretching across the dusty and quiet streets, if this Wild West is closing its wildness out and isn’t doing anything but wandering west, there isn’t a committee of sanity that will prevail. Especially as we choke through the gravely heavy metals meddling with the untold stories of tomorrow’s sons and daughters.
For3ver Feb 9
Daddy lookin at his daughter
She look at him back, smilin
He dont know to react
She grown up, he start thinkin back
Back to the days
The days of hustlin
Days of mistreatment
Days of bustin
Days before he had what was important
Days of flirtin, days of smashin, days of not knowin what was passion
He snap back, she smilin
He smile back, the door got a knock
He awnser, a teenager awnser back
He nervous, he offers his service
He zips up her jacket, daddy lookin mean
He dont like him
He remembers how he used to treat daughters
He cant do nothin, she grown
It aint like when she smaller
Used to scare all of the little boys off her
Shes beautiful
Shes gorgeous
Shes everything a boy coulda wanted
Shes everything a father couldve wanted
He pray his daughter isnt flaunted
See men is changed when they havin daughters
Men that soughters, men that fiends, men that wasnt cautious
Now they got daughters, theres no lookin back, they nervous
She precious, shes golden, she glow like the sun and he pray that she stay cautious
Brothas only think with they head, or so ive been told
I try to appeal to...the life that i chose
Treatin women with respect, the way our daddys werent told
The way are mommas wasnt chose
But brothas dont think in the moment
We dive in, not knowin the path thats been chosen
now she pregnant, abortion an option?
Your momma slap you, how could you think of somethin to that caption
No disrepscept for that last line, brothas dont think when they flatline
Your baby on the way, you chokin
All of the nervousness is buildin
Nine months and you aint gone?
You already doin better than you father
Baby is born she in your arms
You aint never seen somethin so fragile
Only goal is to protect like no other
Thats a rebuttal
Brothas dont think until they faced With the fact...
of somethin to protect
Brothas is manipulators, schemers, plotters
Only thing they care about is whats in the jeans of your daughters
Or so you think?
Brothas change when they have daughters
We all need somethin to protect.
Thats how you think when you get a daughter.
Took inspiration from kanye
Also i dont have a daughter
I am 14
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