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what makes bubbles fail?
the men like to fell
and show themselves honor and they are dis illegal
i love you

said to her
she believes
she gives him hers

he vanishes
the women does
i love you

he believes
she steals and takes
what she demands

she vanishes

people say we are heroes
we will give hand to every weakness
when this asks

they polish it off
and they will be off
bubbles will be downed

downed and not be ever up
tear of orphan girl is downed
planting tree of sad over

up, up till the sky ceiling
it ascends water of answering over heads
making the justice occuring

if every one gives hand
the things will not be bad
and the weather will not be sad
the justice will be the first of the life
Barkley Layne Jan 2015
She creeps over my pillow like a
Black cat over a field mouse.

She steals my breathe as if she
Were a masked theif.

She makes me scream like a
Mother in labor.

She sends me night terrors as if she
Is a shattered mirror in my mind.

She pulls at my droopy eyes like a
Hand of terror in the darkness.

She frightens me as if she
Is certain the painful nights will never end.

She flees when the light arises like a
Prisoner escaping their cell.

She is a horrible dream that keeps
I could not fall asleep one night- I guess this is what came out of it. It is very different from what I usually write, enjoy.

— The End —