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rig f laurel Jul 19
nobody sees me,
nobody calls me,
and nobody cares.
only memories,
these sheep, keep me here.
SGP Jun 26
Where would you go?

If I were to tell you it will all end
the minute you
close your eyes
take a breath
it's gone
taken away.

Open your eyes
its not the only place

There is more out there
don't be deceived by the lies,
the map in your mind,
is all a trap.

The road ahead is an open terrain
nothing compared to what
is in your head.

They feed you the truth
but whose truth
what is true and what is false
in a world damaged by their cause.

Don't be fooled and open your eyes
Escape from the lies that they tell.
Find your own way.

All I can say is
saw a video
other day
sheep bleating
scotch air
expelled at her

it looked like

imagine i'd kissed
you in public at
the gas
station the

imagine our
tongues made
kind in
church on
sacred ground
Calleen May 19
Goverments, royalty and big corporations,
Slowly over taking every nation,
Poison in the water,
Poison in the food,
It is no wonder we wake in a foul mood.
Follow us blindly like good little sheep, we still your freedoms while you flutter and sleep,
Do not question, only repeat,
Follow our orders and gain our ****,
**** away blindly you silly little fools, you will not see us bend the nations rules.
This is our little bubble that you will not burst,
It is your freedoms that we thirst!
Parker Poole May 18
Eye look around me and all (eye) see is a brainwashed humanity...

when did we become these creatures
forgotten all of what the universe teaches?

behave little sheep lest you fall out of line
imprisoned enslaved these are the times

to rise up

to rise up to the wakeup call
that sleeps within us all
we live in a world full of sheep
and what do sheep do without a shepherd?

they make their own rules
A poem from my book
The older I get
more the reality smothers me
All the pain I've felt
nothing but the curse to stay alive.

Living in a tiresome roulette
Bending every rule that's out there.
Walking away from blind perception everyday
Alone I stand. Alone I stay.

I'll look down where you're all standing
All I see, herd of sheep!
All those lies you let it surround you
burning your lives with what you don't have.

This world rejects me
Or is it the other way around?
I don't believe what this world is about
And then this world threw me the **** away
I'm not the one to fall in line,
but this world's gonna have to pay!

Something inside of me
just screams out loud.
This thing inside of me
don't belong in your crowd.
The older I get
all your ******* lies bother me.
And all that I've felt...
the agony to watch this whole world burn!

I am what you can't see.
I am what you failed to understand.
Someone you hate to see right.
Something you won't believe.
Yet I am your burning desire,
someone important!
And you know
I am the future!
Some what damaged. Some what broken.
Yet a better whole than you!
my interpretation in how the common people feel against world leaders and their imbecile followers...
Poetic T Apr 22
Lucid eyes gaze at you deeply,
not just one, but the attention
of another. Then another,
till onyx eyes follow your
every movement, mimicking
                 your head gestures.

These little clouds of white,
    like a breeze surround you.
But what started of as a gathering
soon became a mob mentality.
As they hurry around you a
hurricane of nibbles upon your being.

As white becomes crimson, it would
look pretty if not for your blood painting
on the canvass of there appetite.
You try to scream out, but as you raise
your hand in desperation. One after another
they consume digits. And screams are
muffled out by there herd of ear piercing

­The circle of life has a funny way of coming
around, as they clean each other all that's left
is a stain, quickly dissipated with multiple
fluffiness walking over as they ***...
    What was a ink blot on the field now just
a hue on the blades no one being the wiser.

Then later another walker, brave and daring
walks unrespecting, and this one isn't as
skinny as breakfast.. Lunch is served.
As they smile sweetly, the walker says

Oh dearie me..
             this isn't going to end well me thinks..
Steve Page Mar 26
Fluffy ain't easy
Fluffy ain't weak
Fluffy is tough
a close-knit physique
Just saw a story of a sheep who got lost in the wild.  After 6 years, growing 60 pounds of wool, it had seen off wolf attacks by having a too impenetrable wool coating.  Great design.
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