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Sometimes I crave for a loving heart,
Who has not been touched or torn apart,
But it feels like this world is not meant,
For a soul full of desire compared to art.
Her gaze touched my soul

I saw beyond all futures

A life of torment
Although she was one person that touched my soul deeper than any other, she was addicted to demons from her past. She seeked the chaos of dysfunction and ever changing ups and downs, it was warm water for her mind and the abused little girl she couldn't grow apart from.
I saw your face when I heard the news

I cried too because you were so nice

I swear, I thought you were an angel.

I didn't know you, but you touched me

You sacrificed yourself for this man

That is why you are up in heaven.
I had got inspired with this story I saw in Japan. It was about a woman that saved this person on the train tracks, however, she died because of it. Her story touched me, and  I just couldn't believe someone would do something like that.
The One and Only
by Michael R. Burch

for Beth

If anyone ever loved me,
     It was you.
If anyone ever cared
beyond mere things declared;
if anyone ever knew ...
     My darling, it was you.

If anyone ever touched
     my beating heart as it flew,
it was you,
and only you.

Keywords/Tags: Love, one, only, unique, heart, touched, beating, knowing, understanding, darling
Nathalie Dec 2019
Love can move you into
spaces that you had never
quite touched before
The discovery of emotions
that had been resting still;
in wait of that perfect
still point and
glorious release.

Sophia Dec 2019
He touched me
And it felt
As if
The stars were dancing
Across my skin
Tori Danielik Dec 2019
My temple is now tainted
With pretty white roses and a new fragrance
Don’t worry dear,
It will be gone soon

Isn’t it funny how black and white it was?
And now with the sunrise comes gray foggy mornings
Holding your breath as you hold in your stories
And immediately let them spill out

Suppose it were a key to the new you
Or I am just finally free of myself?
You still miss the white roses
But you won’t say that anymore
The sequel to, “Untouched.”
Sky Dec 2019
From a distant,
Your movement,
Your grace,
Your everything has been noticed,
The way you play with the crowd,
And the way they respond back,
Has spoken the truth,
That you are amazing in every way,
It seems that nothing will ever be able to ever make this day more amazing,
Than the performance you’ve given....
Michael A Duff Oct 2019
I love because I love you, even if it's for too little time or not longer than a life.

I love because I swore to love you the day you were made my wife.

I love you because I love you truly because you so touched my heart and intertwined our souls for my life.

I love you for my life I need you to see I love simply please see me.
You never know when you will find things and when they may get lost, hold on tightly and see it from your eyes as well as the other persons.
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