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A history of sadness that had shown on my face worn like a mask that had disguised the real me and hid me for so many years from the
But the day I met Helen was the day that my mask of sadness was put away for good never to be worn again and I began to live life to the
No longer felt the need of the mask of sadness to hide behind  for Helen gave me the love that had allowed
me to open up and  become the real
Even though Helens been gone near on three years now
she left me with the strength to carry on and not to feel the need to hide behind a mask of sadness for I have my memories of
For long I hid behind a mask hiding the real ne a mask of sadness mainly through child abuse Helen freed me
You stripped my self worth,
dragged me into an ocean of fear,
left me feeling impure and touched.

I wish I could feel
innocent and pure once more.
I wish I could shed
this skin along with my past away.
the love comes
knocking all doors
all doors were opened

they saw the sun shinning
from you forehead, that is bright
the love orders

the hearts agree
they had to do
as they accept without any argue

the love is free
touching hearts at his way
making them shivered with fear

as they may be touched with cold there
the lips are closed
the minds waited
the eyes cried
even tier beloved was near
the love has his orders ands his ability to attract every one who dreams to live in happy life
Johnny walker Mar 28
Taste honey upon
her lips
I placed my hand
upon her
she took my breath with the passion of her
felt that Heaven was
Within my
for I had found true
love at
Helen to be In love with her oh so special did I feel like I was In heaven
Tony Tweedy Mar 13
How can it be that your words describe what I have seen?
How can the words you write describe the path I have trodden?
Bumps and hills, hurdles, smiles... how do you know them?
Are my thoughts, experiences all so openly seen that you have access?
Were you following, reading minds, perhaps spying or stalking?
Even my thoughts and emotions in precise framing in your words.
Are you me in some other form I have until now never seen?
How can you understand me and know me when we have never met?
You were not there when I lived these things. How can you know them?
Our pathways in different lands, at different times and yet you write me.
How can we share these footprints and yet never meet?
newpoetica Dec 2018
i was touched.

countless times, i was touched.

in between my thin legs, i was touched.




you... you touched me.

did it make you feel good?

to do that to an eight year old?


no you...

you don't deserve that title...


did it make you feel good?


and was that a good enough reason?

to touch me...

your own granddaughter...

you touched in between my thin legs.

did it make you feel good?

to touch me in such a ****** way...

you touched me countless times,

i, your grandaughter, was touched.

i was touched by you.
this poem was written because of some things that happened to me when i was younger. my grandpa molested me for about 5 years and has now been convcited for it. however, i'm still stuck with a lot of pain and fears about the future and men. i was lucky to have a family who defended me and took care of me. if you are being sexually abused, i feel deeply sorry for you. don't be afraid to ask for help from someone to help. because despite it being scary, you are the only one who can put yourself back together at the end of the day <3
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